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BMC Data Center and Cloud Automation

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  • Eliminate Risk and Reduce Your Attack Surface
    Eliminate Risk and Reduce Your Attack Surface
    Mitch Sherfey, Principal Product Manager, Data Center Automation Recorded: Apr 19 2016 42 mins
    Join us for an exclusive preview of the new BMC product developed to address your security needs! Watch and see how you can eliminate risks and reduce your attack surface by providing Operations teams with actionable data combined with automation. Help your Security and Operations teams address threats and vulnerabilities based on impact and priority.

    Watch as Principal Product Manager Mitch Sherfey demonstrates how the tool:

    - Provides a customized “to do” list to address threats based on policy and impact – ensuring the most critical issues are fixed first
    - Offers Security teams a first-time ever view into operational plans – providing visibility into planned actions, predictive SLAs, and burndown views
    - Creates an automated and standard process for Security and Operations teams to enable the relentless pursuit of threats
  • Get Complete IT Compliance: Reduce Risk and Cost
    Get Complete IT Compliance: Reduce Risk and Cost
    Jonathan Trull, Chief Information Security Officer, Qualys; Dominic Wellington, Compliance Marketing Manager, BMC Software Recorded: Mar 10 2015 63 mins
    Reacting to threats and remediating breaches can’t wait. Your compliance plan may be in place – but can you execute fast?

    Join BMC Software and Qualys to see how to get complete IT compliance and reduce the risk and cost in your organization. Hear how to reduce the window of exposure to vulnerabilities and be more proactive in preventing aggressive threats. In this webinar, you will learn to:

    ·Break down the SecOps gap and internal silo’s
    ·Easily detect security issues with new automated, online technology
    ·Quickly analyze operational dependencies and the potential impact of proposed fixes
    ·Enforce governance policies and change approval requirements
    ·Execute validated remediation actions rapidly
    ·Document actions and results in real time

    Plus, learn how to improve communications between security and operations to ensure a speedy resolution to compliance issues.
  • Essentials for Cloud Management Maturity
    Essentials for Cloud Management Maturity
    Monica Brink, Lead Solutions Marketing Manager; Brian Emerson,Senior Director, Cloud Management, BMC Software Recorded: Jan 27 2015 60 mins
    Is your cloud architecture taking advantage of the latest trends in governance and automation? Learn how to improve business compliance, agility and ROI with a cloud maturity strategy.

    During this webinar, findings of the IDC Technology Spotlight, sponsored by BMC, on Cloud Maturity will be reviewed and new strategies in cloud management will be discussed. Find out how to:

    · Implement policy-based automation
    · Ensure compliance and governance
    · Increase agility and innovation in your cloud

    Plus, hear about lessons learned from maturing cloud users and discover how to transform your traditional static, hard-to-manage datacenters into dynamic, automated, flexible clouds.
  • New Strategies to Close the Security and Operations Compliance Gap
    New Strategies to Close the Security and Operations Compliance Gap
    Dominic Wellington, Compliance Marketing Manager, BMC Software; Renee Murphy, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research Recorded: Oct 28 2014 61 mins
    Is your compliance strategy working for you? Or, are you still a bundle of nerves wondering if your organization is the next target for a highly visible breach?

    Join BMC and guest Forrester Research in this webinar and learn about the Security and Operations (SecOps) gap and how it affects your compliance strategy. Find out how to:

    · Achieve your security and compliance goals without disrupting business users and operations

    · Make security and compliance routine, safe and comprehensive

    · Ensure that end-to-end governance is applied to the entire process by connecting detection and remediation activities

    Register now and discover how to close the SecOps gap in your organization.
  • Best Practices for Data Center Automation
    Best Practices for Data Center Automation
    Thom Bailey, Senior Director Solutions Marketing; Akbar Aziz, Lead Product Manager; Brian Downey, Senior Director of Product Recorded: Sep 17 2014 60 mins
    Is your IT Automation strategy saving you money or just becoming more complex and costly? With the right unified strategy, IT Automation can pay for itself and deliver far more business value. Register for this webinar and learn how to integrate your IT Automation strategy today.
  • The Three C’s of Cloud Management: Choice, Compliance and Cost
    The Three C’s of Cloud Management: Choice, Compliance and Cost
    Pete Chargin, Sr. Dir Solutions Mktg & Brian Emerson, Sr. Dir Prod Mgmt, BMC Software Recorded: Sep 4 2014 59 mins
    The enterprise cloud computing market is evolving fast. Trends in the marketplace show that multiple hypervisors are becoming the norm in the data center and so your private cloud needs to have choice. Other trends indicate a growing need for compliance and more choices to reduce costs and see a better ROI on your cloud investment.

    Join BMC cloud management professionals as they discuss new cloud trends - how to build and manage the best cloud for your business environment. Learn about:

    · Growing hybrid infrastructures and advantages of platform flexibility across private clouds
    · Strategies to address increasing compliance requirements in the cloud
    · Achieving the promise of cost reduction
    · New solutions and use cases
  • Take the Pain and Cost out of IT Compliance
    Take the Pain and Cost out of IT Compliance
    Dominic Wellington, Compliance Marketing Manager, BMC Software Recorded: Jul 16 2014 45 mins
    How secure is your data center? How painful is your compliance process? It only takes one breach and the cost to your organization can spiral out of control.

    Watch this webinar and learn how to:
    · Continuously assess risk and compliance

    · Proactively prevent problems from recurring

    · Cost-effectively automate remediation, including exceptions

    · Establish a hassle-free governance and compliance strategy

    Plus, hear success stories about organizations that caught vulnerabilities and compliance issues early – and saved millions.
  • Master the Complexity of Hybrid Cloud Computing
    Master the Complexity of Hybrid Cloud Computing
    Alan Chhabra, AVP of Cloud and Data Center Automation, and George Chen, Director of Cloud Consulting Services, BMC Software Recorded: May 22 2014 49 mins
    Enterprise cloud use is growing rapidly. However, to achieve the significant benefits advertised for cloud computing, enterprises need to get serious about cloud management to avoid making cloud false starts.

    Because of the complexity of modern IT environments, enterprise cloud computing must be able to deliver extremely advanced systems– from private to public and across all infrastructures. Further, deploying mission-critical workloads in the cloud requires a mature approach to management, governance and compliance – so enterprise cloud management needs to integrate with existing IT processes.

    Attend this webinar to learn how to overcome the key challenges faced in deploying industrial grade cloud systems. From private to hybrid cloud management and across cloud governance and optimization, you’ll learn what market-leading enterprises are doing to ensure a robust, industrial-strength cloud computing strategy for the long term.

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