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CA Application Performance Management: Succeed in the App Economy

Applications are rewriting the world in which we live. They are the very heart and soul of your business. They are how employees connect, how consumers share, learn and make purchases; how partners and suppliers interact; how we separate our business from our competitors. Every business, every industry, is becoming a software business.

In today’s application economy, you can’t afford to have problems that bring that app down. And in our world of socially connected users, cloud and mobile technologies, and complex composite applications, the pressure to ensure a positive end-user experience with mission-critical applications, and to identify, diagnose, and fix applications issues quickly is at a boiling point.

Learn how to demand the absolute best in processes and technology for monitoring the applications you rely upon to drive revenue and strengthen your brand reputation. Build, deploy, and manage applications so every user transaction becomes a loyalty-building interaction.

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Increase Agility and Collaboration with CA APM - “Catch Early, Fix Early” Speaker: Srikant Noorani – Sr Engineering Architect, CA Technologies In the application economy, applications are the face of your business. Poorly performing applications and outages cost time and money. Just as importantly, bad applications can negatively impact user satisfaction and hurt an organization’s brand image. It is more important than ever to address performance and availability issues early in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). CA Application Performance Management (APM) can uniquely go wide (end to end) and at the same time provide deep visibility with low overhead. By making CA APM part of every phase of the SDLC organizations can achieve the goal of “Catch Early and Fix Early” and avoid bad applications from going into production.

In this webcast you will learn:
• Why it is important to catch and fix performance problems early
• How teams can leverage CA APM to enhance team productivity
• How CA APM enables collaboration that breaks down barriers between dev and ops
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Jul 9 2015 4:00 pm
60 mins
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