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  • When the EU’s highest court invalidated the Safe Harbor protections for transferring data from the EU to the U.S., hundreds of organizations were left scrambling, including law firms, legal service providers, and corporations involved in litigation and investigations. In addition, the proposed EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may severely limit the data that can be legally transferred outside of the EU. Recently, the EC and the U.S. Department of Commerce announced an agreement to replace the Safe Harbor agreement on transatlantic data flows with a new EU to U.S. “Privacy Shield.” In this webinar, international law experts will review the Privacy Shield and GDPR, with a focus on the tensions they create for multi-national organizations trying to meet U.S. discovery and investigation obligations.

    * M. James Daley, Senior Counsel, Seyfarth Shaw LLP
    * Emily R. Fedeles, Associate, BakerHostetler
    * Kenneth J. Withers, Deputy Executive Director, The Sedona Conference
  • Cybersecurity Threats and Client Confidential Data: Navigating Risks and Ethical Obligations

    Today's digital landscape is rife with constantly-evolving cybersecurity threats. No organization is immune, and all types of corporate data may be at risk, from personal information about customers and employees to intellectual property, litigation materials, business plans - even financial forecasts. Recent high profile data leaks have put a spotlight on law firm security. As custodians of a treasure trove of confidential client data, law firms and legal service providers often are prime targets for cyber criminals seeking access to highly valuable sensitive information.

    In this fascinating webinar, we'll examine how ethical and professional obligations apply to the privacy and security of client data attorneys maintain, and discuss the types of incidents that frequently lead to significant breach events, including emerging and growing threats such as ransomware and phishing scams. We'll also use a real-world scenario to explore what typically happens when a breach occurs and consider steps lawyers and service providers may take to help safeguard their clients' data.

    * William F. Auther, Partner, Bowman and Brooke LLP
    * Melinda L. McLellan, Counsel, BakerHostetler
  • Sponsored by LexisNexis, this webinar will focus on using analytics and visualizations to gain better insight into your data:

    Big Data plays a big role in litigation for many law firms and organizations. Having the ability to cull down your data earlier in the litigation cycle enables your firm or organization to work more efficiently and competitively. Technology is increasingly playing a key role in helping firms and organizations effectively identify and manage the data most important to your litigation. This session will discuss the emerging trends around analytics in eDiscovery, and how your firm or organization can implement best practices to ensure the highest quality results at a lower cost than traditional document reviews.

    * Krista Fuller, Director of Product Management, LexisNexis
    * Ryan Bilbrey, Managing Director, OmniVere

    * George Socha, Co-Founder, EDRM
    * Tom Gelbmann, Co-Founder, EDRM
  • Discovery has moved from the time of paper, to the on-premise era, and now to the cloud age. Join our speakers as they discuss the attributes of true e-discovery cloud solutions; compare the benefits and shortcomings of cloud versus more traditional approaches; and help corporate personnel understand how to catch that waving, moving their e-discovery to true cloud solutions.


    * Eric Hibbard, CTO Security & Privacy, Hitachi Data Systems
    * Jeremy Schaper, Chief Technology Officer, BlueStar Case Solutions
    * Barry C. O’Melia, Chief Operations Officer, Digital WarRoom


    George Socha, Co-Founder, EDRM
    Tom Gelbmann, Co-Founder, EDRM
  • Discover what attorneys and litigation support managers are high-fiving about. They’re excited about Thomson Reuters’ new, and dare to say revolutionary ediscovery platform: eDiscovery Point. A new ediscovery platform that allows users simultaneously upload and process data; access that data within minutes; achieve accurate search results within seconds of performing a complex search query; as well as several other time and costs saving functionalities like advanced data analysis and predictive coding. Attend this webinar to see how eDiscovery Point will make ediscovery easier for you.

    * Keith Schrodt, JD, MBA; Marketing Manager, Legal Managed Solutions; Thomson Reuters
    * James Jarvis; Vice President, Product & Partner Management; Thomson Reuters

    Moderator: George Socha
  • It’s universally accepted that technology assisted review (TAR) speeds review and reduces costs, but many attorneys are still loathe to use it. In the eDJ Group’s recently released 2015 PC-TAR survey, nearly 40% of respondents say they are using TAR less than 5% of the time on their cases. While a majority of respondents say they have tried it, it’s clear that TAR hasn’t crossed the chasm as a go to tool for the legal community yet. Join Greg Buckles, eDJ co-founder and Tammy Doss, VP of Business Operations at Ipro, as they dig into what the survey and interview findings show for analytics and TAR usage and trends as we move into 2016.
  • Please join us on Thursday, December 3, 2015, from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Central as we present the free EDRM webinar, “Practical Options for US Litigators and Investigators Dealing with EU Data,” sponsored by EDT.

    Since early October when the Court of Justice of the European Union deemed the Safe Harbor regime for European data transfers to the US to be invalid, many organizations have struggled to evolve their information management strategies to accommodate the changing international data privacy landscape.

    While there are concerted diplomatic efforts underway to establish a robust new trans-Atlantic data transfer framework, the negotiations, are intrinsically linked to personal privacy and national security perspectives so resolution and clarity may take some time. Many litigators and investigators are, in the meantime, reeling in murky waters of uncertainty.

    How effective are the alternative data transfer mechanisms? What are their limitations and how can these be addressed? Are there any new options available? Are different strategies needed for investigations as compared with discovery for litigation?

    Join our EDRM webinar at 1pm on 3rd December 2015 to hear our international panel canvas key considerations and practical options for trans-Atlantic litigation and investigations in light of these recent developments.
  • This webinar is the final in a series of five practical sessions by the creators of the eMSAT-1. This webinar focuses on tying it all together: how to understand and act on the results obtained by completing the eMSAT.
  • Please join us on Wednesday, November 18, 2015, from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Central, as we present the free live EDRM webinar, "Away with Words: An Investigative Approach to eDiscovery,” sponsored by LexisNexis.

    In this webinar, our presenters will step you though an approach to eDiscovery that might not be so familiar to you: one grounded in data science, an investigative mindset, and a focus on the real end-game of discovery - bringing a case to a satisfactory resolution.

    ** Presenter **

    Thomas A. Barnett, Special Counsel, eDiscovery and Data Science, Paul Hastings

    ** Moderators **

    George Socha, Co-Founder, EDRM
    Tom Gelbmann, Co-Founder, EDRM
  • Join us as we demonstrate a new era in eDiscovery and a new innovation created to solve one of the industry’s most pressing and costly problems – disconnected and inefficient workflows. Currently, we batch data into containers to accommodate the limits of the processing tools we use. Breaking up data comes at signification cost, however: time. It takes time to create the batches, run each batch, and make sure that the batch ran properly without introducing errors. To eliminate the starts, stops and errors Ipro has introduced a patent-pending, continuous data streaming technology named, Automated Digital Discovery (ADD). By attending this webinar, you’ll see and in action and discuss how it unifies and simplifies the eDiscovery process.

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