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The CA Technologies IT Security solutions help CSOs and security professionals move the business forward by facilitating growth, innovation and collaboration, and driving IT operational excellence, all while managing risk and compliance. CA Technologies will show you how businesses can gain the control they need over physical, virtual, and cloud IT environments—so they can protect the business and the information on which it relies.

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A Great User Experience – Why it’s Critical for Successful Identity Management John Hawley; VP of Security Strategy at CA Technologies & Hila Gvir; Senior Principal Product Manager at CA Technologies A successful Consumer-Scale Identity Management Deployment is far more than just adding more users. The user experience becomes critical in the success of the deployment as a new type of user begins to interact directly with the identity infrastructure. This webcast will show how to sell these projects to the business and how to create a user experience that will help ensure its success. Read more >
Aug 19 2015
61 mins
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