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Watch free webinars and videos in the Webrecruit IT Channel for the latest news, best practices and analysis from the IT world. From cloud computing to data centres, information security to IT service management, these webinars will be presented by industry experts from leading organisations. Tune in live to participate in polls and ask your questions to the speakers, or watch immediately afterwards on demand.

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Panel: Active Defense: Preventing a Breach and Hacking Back Tom Brewster, TechWeek; David Willson, Titan Infosecurity Group; Vladimir Jirasek, Cloud Security Alliance; Paul Brettle, HP How do you respond when your organisation has been breached and law enforcement is unable to help?

More and more companies are turning from a reactive response to breaches to a proactive one: preventing a breach before it happens and hacking back. This panel session will feature 4 experts discuss these topics in-depth, from its technical to legal implications.
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Jun 12 2013
55 mins
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