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  • Panel: Active Defense: Preventing a Breach and Hacking Back
    Panel: Active Defense: Preventing a Breach and Hacking Back
    Tom Brewster, TechWeek; David Willson, Titan Infosecurity Group; Vladimir Jirasek, Cloud Security Alliance; Paul Brettle, HP Recorded: Jun 12 2013 55 mins
    How do you respond when your organisation has been breached and law enforcement is unable to help?

    More and more companies are turning from a reactive response to breaches to a proactive one: preventing a breach before it happens and hacking back. This panel session will feature 4 experts discuss these topics in-depth, from its technical to legal implications.
  • Panel: Virtual World with Virtual Risks. Can it be Cloudy and Clearly Secure?
    Panel: Virtual World with Virtual Risks. Can it be Cloudy and Clearly Secure?
    Jason Hart, SafeNet; Gargi Mitra Keeling, VMware; Jofre Palau, Vodafone; Patrick McBride, Xceedium, Leonor Martins, SafeNet Recorded: May 15 2013 64 mins
    As companies migrate to the virtual datacenter, executives must deal with security, audit, and visibility of their environment which has grown beyond their physical datacenter. Because of this, hesitancy remains and many questions are still being asked. What is a next-gen datacenter? What changes as businesses take steps toward a hybrid datacenter? When they move to a virtualized environment, how does their data remain secured and in their control? Will encrypting data in this environment achieve visibility and control of who is accessing it? Plus despite more knowledge on virtual risks, cloud services are still being purchased without authentication, adopting cloud first and then thinking about security second. So how can organisations win the struggle with authentication in the cloud?

    Join your fellow professionals for this lively and insightful discussion providing a complete vision on virtual risks in a virtual world. Then understand a way to manage risk, maintain compliance, accelerate and protect business from evolving security threats.
  • The Business of Social Business
    The Business of Social Business
    Christopher Moore & Hans Petter Dalen from IBM Recorded: Apr 25 2013 44 mins
    Social business represents a new transformational opportunity for organizations. After initial forays into external social media, many companies are now discovering the value of applying social approaches, internally as well as externally. Social business can create valued customer experiences, increase workforce productivity and effectiveness and accelerate innovation. But many companies still wrestle with the organisational and cultural challenges posed by these new ways of work.

    Join this webinar to hear the proven results from easily integrating social into your everyday tools to improve your business.

    About the speaker:
    Chris Moore is a Social Business Specialist for IBM Collaboration Solutions. He has 7 years experience and knowledge of Collaboration and Exceptional Web Experience technologies; including IBM Notes, Domino, Sametime, Connections, Docs and Web Experience Suites.
  • Designing for Resilience and Security in Public Cloud Applications
    Designing for Resilience and Security in Public Cloud Applications
    Paul Wallace, Director of Product, Stingray, Riverbed Technology Recorded: Apr 17 2013 40 mins
    Public cloud providers offer better uptime and business continuity than most organisations can achieve on their own, despite well-publicised outages. But failing to plan for an outage, means you are planning to fail. At the center of this argument is the concept of designing for resilience: organisations should not hide from failure, but rather expose themselves to it early and often, in a way that allows them to learn quickly and build the right infrastructure to build reliability in an unreliable world.

    Join Paul Wallace, Director of Product at Riverbed Technology, as he discusses strategies that will help you design for resilience and security, and learn how to:

    * Prepare for unplanned cloud outages
    * Build a globally resilient cloud application
    * Avoid some of the most common mistakes when faced with a cloud outage
  • Cyber-Resilience: the Core of Modern Risk Management
    Cyber-Resilience: the Core of Modern Risk Management
    Alan Calder, CEO, IT Governance Recorded: Apr 17 2013 49 mins
    Cyber-risk is one of today’s most high profile business risks. While good cyber-mitigation strategies can reduce this risk, it cannot be eliminated – defences will be breached. The organisation’s ability to respond to and recover from these breaches – its cyber-resilience – is fundamental to its risk management strategy. This session examines cyber risk, the pervasiveness of cyber-incidents and the key steps in building a cyber-resilience strategy.

    About the speaker:
    Alan Calder is chief executive of IT Governance, the single-source provider of books, tools, training and consultancy for IT governance, risk management and compliance.
    He is a leading author on information security and IT governance issues. Alan is the co-author (with Steve Watkins) of the definitive compliance guide, ‘IT Governance: An International Guide to Data Security and ISO27001/ISO27002’.
  • Everything We Know and Do to Secure Web Applications is Wrong
    Everything We Know and Do to Secure Web Applications is Wrong
    Eoin Keary, OWASP Global Board. CTO BCC Risk Advisory Ltd Recorded: Apr 17 2013 45 mins
    The premise behind this talk is to challenge both the technical controls we recommend to developers and also our actual approach to testing.
    We continue to rely on a “pentest” to secure our applications. Why do we think it is acceptable to perform a time-limited test of an application to help ensure security when a determined attacker may spend 10-100 times longer attempting to find a suitable vulnerability? How can we expect developers to listen to security consultants when the consultant has never written a line of code? Why are we still happy with “Testing security out” rather than the more superior “building security in”?
    This talk is sure to challenge the status quo of web security today.

    About the speaker:
    Eoin is international board member and vice chair of OWASP, The Open Web Application Security Project (owasp.org). During his time in OWASP he has lead the OWASP Testing and Security Code Review Guides and also contributed to OWASP SAMM, y and the OWASP Cheat Sheet Series.

    Eoin Keary is the CTO and founder of BCC Risk Advisory Ltd. (www.bccriskadvisory.com) an Irish company who specialise in secure application development, advisory, penetration testing, Mobile & Cloud security and training.

    Eoin has led global security engagements for some of the world’s largest financial services and consumer products companies. He is a well-known technical leader in industry in the area of software security and penetration testing.
  • Social Business for IT Departments
    Social Business for IT Departments
    David Terrar, Luis Suarez, Stuart McIntyre, Recorded: Apr 10 2013 3 mins
    Is there an opportunity for IT departments to embrace new business models that are more customer centric?

    One of six crowd-sourced questions we posed to the experts at the Unified Communications / Social Business Expo in London.
  • Extending the Enterprise Datacenter
    Extending the Enterprise Datacenter
    Stephan Hadinger, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services Recorded: Mar 19 2013 36 mins
    Understand how to create an elastic data center and connect existing networks and application assets to resources in the cloud. AWS will discuss technologies such as VPC and Direct Connect and common use cases from Enterprise customers.
  • The Transformations of Cloud Computing and Common Stepping Stones into the Cloud
    The Transformations of Cloud Computing and Common Stepping Stones into the Cloud
    Ryan Shuttleworth, Technical Specialist, Amazon Web Services Recorded: Mar 19 2013 45 mins
    In this presentation AWS will talk about some of the transformations that Cloud computing brings to the delivery of IT infrastructure and how enterprises can leverage these changes to create cost efficient, agile and customer focused systems.
  • Panel: APT Attacks: How Will You Defend Yourself?
    Panel: APT Attacks: How Will You Defend Yourself?
    Peter Wood, First Base Technologies; Giles Hogben, CSA; Christian Papathanasiou, OWASP; Jason Steer, FireEye Recorded: Mar 13 2013 58 mins
    How prepared are you to detect a breach? Advanced malware, persistent threats and zero-day targeted attacks are causing problems for organisations of all sizes, as traditional security measures have become ineffective in keeping them secure.
    This panel will explore how organisations can benefit from advanced techniques to defend themselves against APTs. These include big data analytics, real-time threat monitoring and direct exposure. There will be a case study on the recent APT1 report discovered by Mandiant.

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