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Network Access Control / NAC

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  • The In’s and Out’s of Next-Gen NAC
    The In’s and Out’s of Next-Gen NAC
    Steve Piper, CEO, CyberEdge; Scott Gordon, CMO, ForeScout; Morris Altman, Director of Network Services, Queens College Recorded: Oct 21 2014 62 mins
    Do you think you know NAC? Well think again! When introduced a decade ago, Network Access Control (NAC) was all the rage – but did not live up to its promise. Not only have NAC platforms matured, but, broader adoption of wireless, mobile, and BYOD technologies, and the mass onslaught of advanced threats are driving an entire new generation of NAC solutions.
    The session is led by the book’s author Steve Piper, CEO of CyberEdge, and contributor Scott Gordon, CMO, ForeScout, who will be joined by Morris Altman, Director of Network Services, Internet Security Officer at Queens College of CUNY.

    - Learn why NAC is in resurgence and what platforms offer
    - Get a feel for selection and deployment do’s, don’t and gotcha’s
    - See how to move to a continuous monitoring and mitigation stance
  • Securing Mobile Devices with NAC and MDM
    Securing Mobile Devices with NAC and MDM
    Don Coop, Product Manager for SAP Afaria, and Jack Marsal, Director of Solution Marketing at ForeScout Recorded: Nov 18 2013 43 mins
    How can an enterprise mobilize their workforce with the latest handheld devices and mobile apps, while preserving security? The combination of mobile device management (MDM) and network access control (NAC) provides one of the most flexible approaches, combining both security and operational efficiency. Join Don Coop, Product Manager for SAP Afaria, and Jack Marsal, Director of Solution Marketing at ForeScout, to learn how to easily solve the mobile security puzzle with SAP and ForeScout:
    Mobile device implementation and control considerations
    Network Access Control 101
    How ForeScout and SAP team together to provide total mobile device visibility and control
  • Resolving IT-GRC control challenges in the frenetic enterprise
    Resolving IT-GRC control challenges in the frenetic enterprise
    David King, OMG; Ritesh Patel, BP Intl; & Scott Gordon, ForeScout Technologies Recorded: Feb 19 2013 74 mins
    Security and governance are not natural bedfellows - but they need to be drawn together to achieve best practice standards, and, of course, regulatory compliance.

    The reality is that modern network, device, user, application and access dynamics are challenge for any IT security professional.

    You've probably built-out process and controls to address these issues - you also invested heavily in network and host-based security, systems management, SIEM and other security mechanisms. But the reality is that new threats and state changes will cause you security headaches.

    This Webinar can help you...

    During this 60-minute expert session, you'll:

    Learn where Network Access Control (NAC) sits in the enterprise security mix...

    Understand how NAC can help you close real-time security and compliance gaps - and automate IT responses...

    Gain an insight into common IT Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) assumptions and exposures...

    Develop a strategy to reduce access and endpoint integrity exposures...

    Learn about real-world NAC implementations...
  • Making the GRC Grade – How to Realize Continuous Compliance
    Making the GRC Grade – How to Realize Continuous Compliance
    McAfee and ForeScout Recorded: Dec 11 2012 34 mins
    All compliance frameworks reference endpoint integrity, host defenses, and access control. You’ve invested in host-based security, systems management, and SIEM in order to reduce malware, data leakage, and other security exposures. But what innovative approaches can you use to not only improve your organization’s GRC grade but also achieve continuous compliance?

    This session shares a reference solution for continuous compliance based on smart integrations between McAfee security management and ForeScout’s automated security control platform. This expert / practitioner session will cover:

    • Common endpoint compliance gaps
    • NAC integration with host-based security and policy management systems
    • Extending correlation rules to enable endpoint remediation
    • How to create a closed-loop endpoint security and compliance program
  • NAC-as-a-Service: What, Why and How
    NAC-as-a-Service: What, Why and How
    Charles Weaver, Chris Rodriguez, Ade Omo, Kurt Buckardt, Dale Tesch, William Chitty Recorded: Oct 18 2012 62 mins
    Driven by business requirements for greater network resource accessibility, increased security automation and the demand to secure “bring your own device” (BYOD) and “choose your own device (CYOD), the next IT security service opportunity set for growth is network access control (NAC). What are the real-world reasoning, considerations and opportunity with regards to expanding security managed/hosted services with NAC. This expert/practitioner panel will discuss the value, options and impact of adding NAC to your service portfolio.
    Topics include:
    - What is NAC, why NAC, why now
    - What is the business value for the customer and service provider
    - What are common NAC service, deployment and implementation options
    - What are key SLA development and operational process considerations
    - How to package NAC, price out the service and combine with other security services
  • Getting Through the Compliance Maze with NAC
    Getting Through the Compliance Maze with NAC
    Diana Kelly, IANS Faculty Advisor and Founder of SecurityCurve; Jeff Bradberry – BrightPoint - Manager, IT Security Recorded: May 22 2012 41 mins
    Information security has undergone a sea change in the past 10 years. Compliance mandates in the form of industry standards and Federal rules like NER, FFIEC, HIPAA/HITECH and PCI-DSS are the new normal. To stay in compliance, IT teams need to be able to keep up with updates and changes to existing mandates and be prepared for new ones. To maximize efficiency, manage risk and reduce potential violations due to compliance failure, organizations need to implement tools that apply and support multiple facets across different compliance specifications. Network Access Control (NAC) supports numerous critical security and protection functions across multiple mandates.

    This interactive expert / user session, led by IANS faculty advisor Diana Kelly of Security curve with end user participant Jeff Bradberry of BrightPoint, will examine NAC and real-world compliance use cases. Using ForeScout CounterACT as an example, attendees will discover:

    - How NAC works
    - Key NAC functions that apply to compliance processes and specifications
    - Real-world use cases; considerations, controls, activities and processes; and
    - How NAC specifically maps to top commercial, regulatory and federal mandates.

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