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Take pre-emptive action against vulnerabilities and security breaches

Secunia is recognised industry-wide as a pioneer and global player within the IT security ecosystem, in the niche of Vulnerability Management. Our award-winning portfolio equips corporate and private customers worldwide with Vulnerability Intelligence, Vulnerability Assessment, and automated Patch Management tools to manage and control vulnerabilities across their networks and endpoints.

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Reducing the Risk of Targeted Attacks with Intelligence If your intuitive response to the risk of targeted attacks is to run and get some Advanced Threat

Protection, do yourself a favour and take a step back. The reality is that, while the number of advanced

attacks has been increasing, the vast majority of cases still use fairly simple techniques and exploit

publically known vulnerabilities that can be solved by regular patching or other mitigation actions.

In this webinar we will talk about how you should use vulnerability intelligence to reduce the attack

surface for hackers and strengthen resilience before you think of implementing ATP solutions.

Key takeaways:

- An overview of a multi-layered security approach

- How to leverage vulnerability intelligence to reduce risk
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Mar 17 2015 3:00 pm
45 mins
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