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Smart Thinking Data Centric Security

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  • Security Policy and Key Management
    Security Policy and Key Management
    Vormetric Recorded: Dec 5 2012 4 mins
    Centrally Manage Encryption Keys - Oracle TDE, SQL Sever TDE, and Vormetric
  • PKWARE: An Overview
    PKWARE: An Overview
    Dave Gouveia Recorded: Nov 1 2012 9 mins
    The PKWARE Solution is the only complete solution for reducing, securing, moving and storing data across the extended enterprise, both internally and externally, from mainframes to servers to desktops and into the cloud. PKWARE offers software solutions to critical IT problems, namely the explosive growth of data, the need to secure data, and the emergence of data in the cloud. PKWARE offers the only total solution for reducing and securing data in motion or at rest, so data can be securely moved or stored anywhere. The PKWARE Solution is used billions of times each day to manage risks associated with data security breaches while avoiding increased storage costs with data reduction of up to 95% and improving service delivery.
  • Vormetric : Data Architecture
    Vormetric : Data Architecture
    N/A Recorded: Oct 19 2012 3 mins
    Gain an understanding of the architectural underpinning of Vormetric Data Security, a comprehensive solution for enterprise encryption, enterprise key management, and access control for data at rest across distributed systems.
  • Defend the Core - Protecting Critical Business Data
    Defend the Core - Protecting Critical Business Data
    Jon Penney - Managing Director, Intellect. Todd Thiemann - Director Product Marketing, Vormetric Recorded: Aug 22 2012 31 mins
    96% of records breached in 2011 involved theft from server platforms. Take away 6 key considerations for developing a strategy to protect critical business data.

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