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Information Technology Security

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  • 2017 Webroot Threat Brief 2017 Webroot Threat Brief Tyler Moffitt | Senior Threat Research Analyst Recorded: Feb 23 2017 36 mins
    Get insights into the threat landscape.

    Presented by Tyler Moffitt, senior threat research analyst at Webroot, this webinar is based on data derived from the Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform, Webroot’s machine learning and contextual analysis engine.

    Comprised of millions of connected sensors and endpoints, in 2016 the Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform observed:

    •94% of malware and PUAs were seen only once
    •Approximately 1/3 of URLs were high risk
    •Zero-day phishing URLs doubled
    •And more…

    Get the insights you need to stay ahead of the malware curve in 2017.

    We hope you can join us for this live, educational session!
  • 2016 Malware Review and Top Threat Predictions for 2017 2016 Malware Review and Top Threat Predictions for 2017 Tyler Moffitt | Senior Threat Research Analyst Recorded: Jan 24 2017 48 mins
    This presentation provides an overview of the threats against a wide range of organizations and individuals during 2016. This overview is based on research and analysis conducted by the Webroot Threat Research team. The report includes analysis of top ransomware variants, details on the changes to exploit kits, phishing detection statistics, insights into file reputation and encounter rates with malware and new information on the IoT environment. All data presented comes from Webroot’s Intelligence Network and was observed during 2016. We will also be looking forward into 2017 and making our predictions regarding the evolving threat landscape.
  • Smarter Cybersecurity™ solutions start with next-gen protection Smarter Cybersecurity™ solutions start with next-gen protection Shane Cooper | Senior Sales Engineer Recorded: Dec 8 2016 44 mins
    Discover the smarter way to protect endpoints.

    Today’s threats evolve at an alarming pace. That means cybersecurity and threat intelligence have to move even faster to help businesses stay secure against modern cyberattacks. Join us for in-depth technical demonstration of Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint Protection to learn how Webroot works to safeguard your employees, clients, and data without adding complexity or slowing users down.
  • The 2016 Malware Awards The 2016 Malware Awards Tyler Moffitt | Senior Threat Research Analyst Recorded: Nov 22 2016 48 mins
    This webinar will provide expert insights on the latest cybercriminal activity and recognize the year's most innovative, dangerous, and pervasive malware. Specifically, we will be covering the latest developments and providing updates on Angler, Neutrino, CryptXXX, TeslaCrypt, Locky, Cerber, CryptoMix, and RaaS. Come learn about these developments and strategies to help secure your organization from ransomware and next-generation cyberthreats.
  • Defeating Polymorphic Phishing Defeating Polymorphic Phishing George Anderson | Director of Product Marketing Recorded: Oct 26 2016 41 mins
    Phishing has long been one on the most successful ways of compromising users and also organizations’ networks. This webinar looks at the state of Phishing today, recommends what people, processes and technology can do to minimize the risks. And discusses a new Real-Time Anti-Phishing solution that is defeating this highly effective compromise.
  • Ransomware (R)evolution Ransomware (R)evolution Tyler Moffitt | Senior Threat Research Analyst Recorded: Sep 22 2016 49 mins
    Over the past few years, malware authors have developed increasingly sophisticated and creative ways to infect endpoints. Encrypting ransomware is no longer merely an annoyance. It's a highly persistent and organized criminal activity in full deployment, with Ransomware-as-a-Service at its core. The damage from becoming a ransomware victim is considerable, and can even put organizations out of business.

    At Webroot, we believe it's possible to effectively protect enterprises and users, but only by understanding your adversary and the techniques they use for their attacks. In this webinar, Webroot's own Senior Threat Research Analyst, Tyler Moffitt, will offer expert insights into the past, current, and emerging encrypting ransomware variants--and how businesses can stay ahead.
  • 2016 Webroot Quarterly Threat Update 2016 Webroot Quarterly Threat Update Tyler Moffitt | Security Threat Research Analyst Recorded: Aug 22 2016 48 mins
    According to the latest annual Webroot Threat Brief, 97% of malware is unique to a specific endpoint, rendering static, signature-database security virtually useless. In fact, many attacks are staged, delivered, and terminated within a matter of hours, or even minutes, having harvested user credentials and other sensitive information. With the rising popularity of polymorphism and other trends, it is more crucial than ever that organizations strengthen their security postures with next-generation endpoint protection and real-time, highly accurate threat intelligence. Join this webinar for an in-depth discussion of the most recent quarter’s malware stats and trends, and how businesses can leverage this data to keep themselves, their users, and their customers safe from advanced attacks.
  • Cloud security best practices for defending against APTs Cloud security best practices for defending against APTs Tyler Moffitt | Senior Threat Research Analyst Recorded: May 31 2016 43 mins
    Year over year, newer and more inventive social-engineering techniques, such as watering hole attacks and spear phishing, are combined with malware attacks to trick users into handing over their personal information. Traditional security solutions are unable to keep up with these new threats and provide effective solutions. By using big data analytics and security intelligence, a Security-as-a-Service platform provides real-time protection to millions of end users daily. This will define the next generation of cloud-based threat identification and advanced persistent threat prevention by leveraging collective cloud-hosted intelligence to offer up-to-the-minute protection—both on the web and across all device platforms.

    Attendees will leave this presentation with:
    • An overview of the common threats and methods used to perform attacks.
    • A summary of the impact such threats bring to both users and businesses.
    • A better understanding of the challenges and benefits of deploying a cloud-based security solution.
  • The Threat Landscape of Today and Tomorrow The Threat Landscape of Today and Tomorrow Tyler Moffitt, Sr Threat Research Analyst at Webroot, Inc. Recorded: Apr 12 2016 48 mins
    Today's advanced malware is increasingly difficult to remove and often even harder to detect in the first place. In this presentation, we examine the modern threat landscape and discuss the shortcomings of traditional antivirus; as well as how organizations can stay ahead of the malware curve. Malware authors aren't too concerned about what your traditional AV is capable of blocking since they've formed reliable tactics to circumvent that protection. Either through social engineering or advanced evasive tactics, traditional antivirus technology is fighting an uphill battle to defend against it. Learn about highlights and revelations from Blackhat 2015; specifically about the 1.4 million Chrysler vehicle hack, how windows software update services can be hacked, the future of biometrics, and the progress encrypting ransomware. We also will talk about updates on law enforcement's attempts to catch cybercriminals. We will also discuss the startling trends we've seen from phishing attacks and mobile malware and what it means for an end user.

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