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Faster, Reliable, Secure Applications in the Cloud or Your Data Center

The Riverbed® Stingray™ product family is application delivery software designed to make applications faster, reliable, and secure. As software, it’s designed to work within cloud environments and be easily integrated into an application stack.

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Location-Independent Computing: Three ways to extend the reach of your cloud Hybrid cloud technologies are transforming the way we deliver applications to customers and employees, but organisations continue to have challenges connecting customers to applications and content. Global customers suffer from network latencies and bottlenecks which impact the user experience. Furthermore, in the race to build out high-performance applications, enterprises often buy more compute capacity than they need, because it is difficult to predict the rate of customer adoption, leading to high costs and inflexible infrastructure.

Join Paul Wallace of Riverbed Technology, and learn how to:
* Right-size your cloud resources and keep control of your costs
* Turn distance and location into a competitive advantage
* Mobilise your cloud with the industry's first ADC-as-a-Service solution
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Mar 12 2014
38 mins

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