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Faster, Reliable, Secure Applications in the Cloud or Your Data Center

The Riverbed® Stingray™ product family is application delivery software designed to make applications faster, reliable, and secure. As software, it’s designed to work within cloud environments and be easily integrated into an application stack.

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Application Services and the SDDC: 5 Things You Need to Consider Neil Abogado, Technical Evangelist, Riverbed Technology Applications and data centres are evolving to take advantage of the benefits of cloud and virtualization, including rapid deployment of resources, new licensing models and the reduction of costs. But how do application delivery services need to evolve to support the new software defined data center that is reshaping IT?

Join Neil Abogado, Technical Evangelist for Riverbed Technology as he discusses the top 5 things you need to consider when it comes to applications and the software-defined data center and the key changes to application delivery that go hand in hand with the future of the data center.
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Nov 12 2014
41 mins
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