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  • Global payroll - compliance, culture and communications
    Global payroll - compliance, culture and communications
    Jerome Smail, Christine Keily & David Leboff Recorded: Apr 26 2017 63 mins
    International payroll management can have layers of complexity due to ever changing employment law and complex tax and payroll legislation. Add to the mix different cultures, payroll calendars, language barriers and communications challenges, what practical steps can you take to keep everything on track?

    In this webinar you will hear from Jerome Smail, Editor, Payroll World, Christine Keily, Global Tax & Payroll Director at Immedis and David Leboff, Co-Chair of the American Payroll Association Global Issues Subcommittee as they discuss:

    1. Developing a global payroll strategy: where to start
    2. Compliance: interpreting payroll data in light of local country rules and regulations
    3. Culture: working with HR to understand, navigate and manage different cultural practices
    4. Communications: How to use your payroll process and technology to keep things simple so your payroll run operates without a hitch
  • How to write a winning Credit Awards entry
    How to write a winning Credit Awards entry
    Fred Crawley Recorded: Jan 18 2017 59 mins
    Consulting editor at Credit Strategy and Credit Awards judge Fred Crawley gives his top tips on writing an award winning entry.
  • Time for Payroll to take control
    Time for Payroll to take control
    Duncan Singer, Business Solutions Manager, AVIVA and Chris Deeson, CMO, Systemsync Recorded: Nov 29 2016 57 mins
    Join this free and informative webinar presented by Duncan Singer, Business Solutions Manager of AVIVA, Chris Deeson, CMO of Systemsync, and Jerome Smail, Editor at Payroll World, as they discuss the following topics:

    • CSV files are a hugely antiquated way of transferring data. Over 60% of payment data received contains an error. What changes can be made in the new auto-enrolment world?
    • API technology is changing the modus operandi, but the market is responding at different speeds. How can you get up to date?
    • With margins already tight, selection of payroll software and pension provider will directly impact bureau efficiency. Find out how a digital interface with key software providers can help.
    • Make savings via new technology.
    • How can you and your clients benefit from not only an efficient solution for auto-enrolment, but also a “one stop shop” for a wide range of insurance needs?
  • How to navigate the auto-enrolment maze
    How to navigate the auto-enrolment maze
    Griselda Williams, Mat Castle Recorded: Jun 22 2016 74 mins
    Auto-enrolment has become an integral part of every employer’s financial administration process. Many employers need their payroll bureau, accountant, bookkeeper and/or financial adviser to play a central role in ensuring they become and remain compliant with their auto-enrolment obligations.

    1. What is auto-enrolment and how does it work?
    2. How can advisers engage most effectively with their clients, select a quality scheme and manage ongoing administration?
    3. How do Smart Pension's advanced technology solutions help simplify and facilitate engagement with the auto-enrolment administration process?

    In today’s discussion, Griselda Williams and Mat Castle, Directors of Business Development at Smart Pension, will explore these questions and outline ways to help you engage with auto-enrolment in a way that is simple, time efficient and cost effective for both you and your clients.
  • How NEST can help you meet client demand for auto enrolment
    How NEST can help you meet client demand for auto enrolment
    Paul Budgen Recorded: Mar 9 2016 34 mins
    Auto enrolment will affect millions of employers by 2018. From our research we know that up to three-quarters of them will turn to their accountant or payroll professional for support.

    This free webinar will show just how easy it can be for professionals to offer the flexible auto enrolment support clients need.

    You’ll be able to hear about:
    • The kind of support you can offer to add value for clients
    • How you can use our free, user-friendly online hub, NEST Connect, to provide cost-effective services
    • How we’re leading the way in payroll integration with our brand new web service functionality
    • How professionals already using NEST have met client demand and increased new business
    • You’ll also be able to get your questions answered by the webinar host, NEST’s Paul Budgen
  • FCA and UK Cards Association to discuss market review in exclusive free webinar
    FCA and UK Cards Association to discuss market review in exclusive free webinar
    FCA director of competition Mary Starks and Richard Koch, head of policy at the UK Cards Association, will join Credit Today’ Recorded: Dec 2 2015 61 mins
    Following the publication of its interim report into the credit card market, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will be holding an exclusive webinar with Credit Today on 2 December to discuss findings and seek feedback from the market. View report: http://www.fca.org.uk/news/credit-card-market-study

    During the broadcast, FCA director of competition Mary Starks and Richard Koch, head of policy at the UK Cards Association, will join Credit Today’s managing editor Fred Crawley for an hour’s discussion on the report, with time for questions & answers from listeners.

    The webinar will address:

    •The findings of the report, which reviewed 34 million accounts and surveyed 40 million consumers

    •The FCA’s concerns regarding 2 million consumers in persistent debt, and a further 1.6 million regularly making minimum payments

    •What remedies are possible to make the market work better for the “significant minority” of consumers experiencing problem debt

    •What firms can do to work with consumers struggling to repay credit card debt

    The FCA will also use the webinar as a chance to seek feedback from financial services and collections businesses familiar with credit card debt

    Register for this FREE webinar now and join the discussion on how to tackle indebtedness in the UK cards market.
  • IFRS 9: moving the credit industry towards account-level provisioning
    IFRS 9: moving the credit industry towards account-level provisioning
    Fred Crawley – Credit Today, Damian Riley - HML, Dan Ray - Deloitte, Jason Benton - Deloitte Recorded: Sep 3 2015 74 mins
    In this webinar, experts from Deloitte and HML will:

    Review major differences between current provisioning practice (UK GAAP and IAS 39) and IFRS 9

    Examine the modelling and data challenges posed by the implementation of IFRS 9

    Examine the wider business impacts associated with IFRS 9 including the impact on provisioning operating models

    Look at what credit providers will need to do as soon as possible as provisioning moves from an incurred loss to an expected loss model

    Participants will be provided with:

    Guidance on modelling expected losses on performing mortgage accounts

    Expert analysis of what loss provisioning models will look like across a range of asset classes, in property and beyond, drawn from unrivalled industry insight

    The governance, controls and reporting capabilities that need to be considered must be in place for the transition

    How to organise a successful IFRS 9 programme and common pitfalls
  • Overseas expansion: Reducing the administrative headache for payroll
    Overseas expansion: Reducing the administrative headache for payroll
    Andy Brown Recorded: May 20 2015 48 mins
    At 12:00 on 20 May, join Payroll World and Equiniti International Payments to learn what a payroll manager should be thinking about when their business expands overseas. Andy Brown, operations director of international payment specialists, Equiniti International Payments, will identify the most common pitfalls faced by payroll professionals in such a situation and explain how to mitigate the financial risk of having an international payroll.
  • How to make auto-enrolment a success for your clients
    How to make auto-enrolment a success for your clients
    Michelle Ginnelly, bureau manager at Carval Recorded: Apr 29 2015 35 mins
    At 12:00 on April 29, Payroll World editor Martin Kornacki will be joined by Carval’s payroll bureau manager Michelle Ginnelly to learn how organisations running third party payrolls can make pension reform a success for their business.

    This webinar is aimed directly at those running third party payroll services, such as accountants or bureaux.

    Tune in to the webinar to:

    1.Learn how to effectively provide data in the different formats required by various pension providers
    2.Ensure your payroll software is up to the job, along with tips on what to look for
    3.Hear directly from Carval on the lessons they have learnt helping hundreds of clients through the auto-enrolment process

    Take this opportunity to learn more about this topic, register for the webinar today!
  • How fraudsters steal identities
    How fraudsters steal identities
    Credit Today and Jumio Recorded: Dec 3 2014 53 mins
    * How fraudsters steal identities and how you can stop them whilst increasing transaction completion rates

    * Five ways in which fraudsters steal identities: the coffee shop wifi hack, the local government census, social media techniques, the offer you can't refuse, the catchers supermarkets.

    * What Jumio’s team of researchers heard first hand when they spoke to convicted ex-fraudsters, professional criminologists, law enforcement practitioners and fraud managers to uncover some of the exploits that fraudsters use.

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