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ThreatTrack Security specializes in helping organizations identify and stop Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), targeted attacks and other sophisticated malware designed to evade the traditional cyber-defenses deployed by enterprises and government agencies around the world. The company develops advanced cybersecurity solutions that Expose, Analyze and Eliminate the latest malicious threats, including its ThreatSecure advanced threat detection and remediation platform, ThreatAnalyzer malware behavioral analysis sandbox, ThreatIQ real-time threat intelligence service, and VIPRE business antivirus endpoint protection. Learn more at

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Best Practices for Dealing with Phishing and Next-Generation Malware Michael Osterman, Osterman Research, and ThreatTrack Security Osterman Research finds that security decision makers are still concerned – and rightly so – about the effectiveness of their security defenses to prevent the infiltration of malware. Email is the #1 threat vector for your organization, and phishing is the easiest way to bypass your defenses.

Join Michael Osterman, of Osterman Research, and ThreatTrack Security to hear more about the security challenges organizations like yours face in regard to email and other threat vectors, and solutions you can implement to improve your security posture:

We will discuss how:

· Cybercriminals are getting better and more efficient
· Users are sharing more information through social media and making organizations more vulnerable to phishing attacks and other threats.
· Malware is “improving” and is harder to detect and remediate.
· IT should implement robust and layered security solutions based on strong threat intelligence, including how the cloud should be used as part of a robust security infrastructure.
· Decision makers should conduct a thorough analysis of the entire organization to understand where data is stored and who has access to it, as well as the tools that employees are using to access corporate data and network resources.
· IT should establish detailed and thorough acceptable use policies for the use of every type of communication or collaboration system that is in place now or might be used in the foreseeable future.

ThreatTrack Security will also show how it’s newest advanced malware solution, ThreatSecure, can help organizations detect and monitor malicious activity.
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Jun 18 2015 4:00 pm
45 mins
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