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ThreatTrack Security

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  • Join us Tuesday, Jan. 19, to see how ThreatSecure Network, which detects advanced threats and anomalous network behavior to disrupt cyberattacks, integrates with Tenable’s SecurityCenter and Log Correlation Engine (LCE) to streamline threat and risk detection capabilities for your organization.
    Learn how this integration will enable teams to:

    ·Decrease the time of incident detection and reporting

    ·Analyze data and make informed decisions on threat severity via a single interface

    ·Demonstrate and determine the impact of malware across the network

    ·Recognize and respond to post-threat detection changes on critical assets

    Discover how to empower your team with enhanced continuous monitoring, compliance, vulnerability and advanced threat detection, and maximize your Tenable SecurityCenter and LCE investments.
  • You're invited to join us on Thursday, Nov. 19, to be among the first to see how ThreatSecure Network, which detects advanced threats and network anomalous behavior, is integrating with Splunk to make powerful big data capabilities a reality for your security team.

    The webinar will demonstrate how this integration will enable teams to:

    · Decrease the time of incident detection and reporting
    · Analyze data and make informed decisions on threat severity via a single interface
    · Demonstrate and determine the impact of malware across the network
  • Detecting, Analyzing, and Mitigating Advanced Threats, Presented by Charles Hesifer, Security Engineer, ThreatTrack Security
    Your traditional security solutions are not cutting it. The number of data breaches in 2015 is on a trajectory to surpass that of 2014. We need a purpose-built solution – one that works against today’s advanced and unknown attacks.
    Register now for this webinar where you will:

    - Learn why protecting at the perimeter is an on-going challenge
    - Find out the importance behind detection, visibility and mitigation across your network
    - Hear how ThreatTrack offerings can help proactively protect against unknown threats and give you visibility into attacks in progress
  • VIPRE Sales Engineer Jerry Smith discusses the top threat vectors you must address every day to keep your network secure. We’ll discuss malware entry points, how malware is spreading, exploit kits, mobile threats and more. Register now to learn why a layered defense is critical in today’s environment.

    Attend and Win!

    If only building a layered security strategy was as easy (or as AWESOME) as playing with those tiny plastic blocks. Attend this VIPREcast, and you could win 1 of 10 Build-On Bricks Mugs. Start your mornings right with some fun and a reminder to ensure you’re always building a strong, layered defense against today’s threats.
  • Osterman Research finds that security decision makers are still concerned – and rightly so – about the effectiveness of their security defenses to prevent the infiltration of malware. Email is the #1 threat vector for your organization, and phishing is the easiest way to bypass your defenses.

    Join Michael Osterman, of Osterman Research, and ThreatTrack Security to hear more about the security challenges organizations like yours face in regard to email and other threat vectors, and solutions you can implement to improve your security posture:

    We will discuss how:

    · Cybercriminals are getting better and more efficient
    · Users are sharing more information through social media and making organizations more vulnerable to phishing attacks and other threats.
    · Malware is “improving” and is harder to detect and remediate.
    · IT should implement robust and layered security solutions based on strong threat intelligence, including how the cloud should be used as part of a robust security infrastructure.
    · Decision makers should conduct a thorough analysis of the entire organization to understand where data is stored and who has access to it, as well as the tools that employees are using to access corporate data and network resources.
    · IT should establish detailed and thorough acceptable use policies for the use of every type of communication or collaboration system that is in place now or might be used in the foreseeable future.

    ThreatTrack Security will also show how it’s newest advanced malware solution, ThreatSecure, can help organizations detect and monitor malicious activity.
  • CyberEdge Group, a premier information security research firm, recently announced the results of its 2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report. Designed to complement Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report, this report provides a 360-degree view of organizations’ security threats, current defenses, and planned investments. Over 800 security decision makers and practitioners from across North America and Europe were surveyed in December 2014. Attend this insightful webinar to learn:

     How many were affected by a successful data breach in 2014
     How many think they’ll be victimized in 2015
     What portion of IT spending is dedicated to security
     Which cyberthreats concern security professionals the most
     Which security defenses are present or planned for acquisition
     Plus two dozen additional insights from security professionals just like you
  • Attack Intelligence to Power Tomorrow’s Cyber Response.

    Preparing to combat every threat and vulnerability is a war that no cybersecurity professional can win today. Speed, accuracy and visibility of threats and active attacks is critical to defending against APTs and other sophisticated attacks responsible for today’s headline-grabbing data breaches. The next generation of advanced threat prevention solutions will require a significant shift in how we incorporate threat and attack visibility into everyday security operations, enabling incident responders to identify and stop campaigns as they happen.

    Join us as IDC’s Research Vice President for Security Products Services Charles Kolodgy shares his view of the threat landscape, including how threats are evolving, how cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and what new solutions are necessary to combat APTs.
  • The biggest security vulnerability within any organization is their employees, and they are more often targeted through email than any other threat vector. VIPRE Email Security for Exchange makes life easy for IT admins while delivering comprehensive email security. Protect your enterprise with a solution that can manage all your messaging security needs with unparalleled flexibility and reliability, and at the same time consolidate anti-spam, anti-phishing, antivirus, attachment filtering, malware protection and disclaimers all in one solution.

    Attend the webinar to learn about this easy to manage, all-in-one integrated and 100% policy based email security product.
  • ThreatTrack Security will be launching it’s latest version of VIPRE Email Security for Exchange on November 6 and hosting an exclusive webinar to our valued resellers on November 5.

    VIPRE for Exchange makes life easy for IT admins while delivering comprehensive email security. Ensure your customers are well protected with a solution that can manage all messaging security needs. VIPRE for Exchange provides extra protection through:

    •Anti-spam, antivirus, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, and malware protections
    •Multiple scanning engines
    •Powerful policy-based SMART attachment filtering
    •Dedicated PDF and image-spam engine
    •Message disclaimers

    Register Now to be the first to learn about these updates.
  • Automation is the key to Advanced Threat Protection. This emerging best practice is empowering organizations, especially those with limited IT/IR resources and insufficient in-house cybersecurity expertise, to cut through the noise and confusion of constant alerts enabling them to prioritize threats based on immediate risk.

    Taking it a step further, automated advanced threat remediation can save organizations tens of thousands of dollars a year lost to wiping, re-imaging and replacing infected endpoints.

    Learn how to bolster and streamline your cyber defenses with Automated Attack Classification and Threat Remediation.

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