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  • Dell Networking will help you Modernize and Transform your Network
    Dell Networking will help you Modernize and Transform your Network
    Dell - Clifton Funakura Moderator - Dave Carpenter Recorded: Jul 16 2014 51 mins
    -Learn more about Dell Networking’s New Super-Dense Spine Switch and Tools to help design, build and run your Data Center Fabric.

    -Understand the benefits of Dell’s Open Networking strategy, allowing 3rd party Operating Systems to run on Dell Networking hardware.

    -See how new Dell Networking Campus Solutions provide features to meet your modern network requirements while keeping costs low.
  • FusionStorm-Isilon-Pivotal Storage and Application Analytic Webinar
    FusionStorm-Isilon-Pivotal Storage and Application Analytic Webinar
    John Mallory - Isilon, Nikesh Shah - Pivotal, Dave Carpenter - Moderator Recorded: Jun 3 2014 59 mins
    Hadoop has traditionally been based on DAS storage in servers, but evolving requirements create a strong case for moving to an optimized external enterprise class scale-out storage solution—Isilon is the leading example of such a solution. Isilon optimizes Hadoop by supporting HDFS as a NAS style protocol, while preserving 100% Apache Open Source compliance. This approach brings all of Isilon’s benefits—efficiency, lower TCO at scale, operational flexibility with investment protection, enterprise data governance—to an Enterprise Hadoop Data Lake. The combination of Isilon and Pivotal offer a highly differentiated Analytics solution stack that is solving enterprise customer Analytic problems today—join us to learn how.

    Apache™ Hadoop® innovations continue to power and disrupt the data management and warehousing markets. However, leveraging Apache Hadoop for today's advanced analytics requires a steep learning curve and even more challenging mesh of additional technologies. Pivotal has been busy advancing and opening its unique enterprise Pivotal HD, HAWQ SQL query engine, and in-memory capabilities specifically to fit growing demands for advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms.

    In this webinar Pivotal will introduce its most recent advances in Pivotal's innovative Business Data Lake. We will cover recent enhancements providing more powerful and high performing analytics, leveraging GemFire in-memory technologies for real-time processing and analysis, and unlocking Pivotal's capabilities for a wide variety of analytic languages, formats, and interfaces.
  • FusionStorm Integration Center
    FusionStorm Integration Center
    FusionStorm Recorded: Apr 4 2014 4 mins
    FusionStorm's state-of-the-art Integration Center in San Jose, CA
  • EMC XtremIO All Flash Arrays - Deliver EXTREME Functionality
    EMC XtremIO All Flash Arrays - Deliver EXTREME Functionality
    Ted Basile - EMC and Joshua Walter - FusionStorm - Moderator Dave Carpenter Recorded: Mar 27 2014 62 mins
    XtremIO All Flash Arrays are quickly becoming an industry performance solution. EMC delivers XtremIO which will:
    - Measured end-to-end at the host
    - 100% random
    - All flash pages non-zero
    - Array filled to 80% – forcing overwrites
    - Any size LUNs, any LBA range
    - Mixed read/write I/O
    - Increasing thread counts
    - Extended time periods
  • FusionStorm and VMware - "Software Defined Data Center"
    FusionStorm and VMware - "Software Defined Data Center"
    VMware - George Aldrich, FusionStorm - Tom Cushing Recorded: Dec 19 2013 53 mins
    30 minute overview of the components of the SDDC to shed light on the VMware solution and how the components work together to deliver IT.
  • PowerEdge VRTX Overview : Consolidation & Simplicity
    PowerEdge VRTX Overview : Consolidation & Simplicity
    Keith Geinty - Dell and Robert Looney - Intel Recorded: Nov 19 2013 58 mins
    Benefits of a PowerEdge VRTX Solution:

    Experience greater simplicity
    Save space with servers, storage and networking converged into a deskside chassis
    Use what you know - Familiar platforms and technologies inside the box
    Deploy confidently - Integrated, pre-tested and certified
    Realize improved efficiency
    Save time and reduce potential for error with unified and simplified systems management
    Ensure more uptime with high availability features and live migration
    Reduce CapEx and OpEx with consolidation and virtualization
    Discover greater versatility
    Office power profile and deskside acoustics
    Extensive scalability within a stable platform
    Support for future PowerEdge 13G servers protects IT investment
  • The New EMC VNX2 Storage Solution
    The New EMC VNX2 Storage Solution
    Eric Herzog - EMC, Larry Anderson - FusionStorm, Tyler Baker - EMC Recorded: Oct 30 2013 57 mins
    FusionStorm presents an opportunity to explore how the performance and efficiency demands of virtualization are driving the need for the next generation of storage and how the new VNX2 meets that challenge. We will address the following:

    •The VNX MCx Multi-Core Processor Architecture and how this affects I/O to the host/Hypervisor
    •Flash as a Cache tier and its ability to absorb bursty workloads to eliminate I/O Contention
    •Flash as a Tier to accelerate “hot” blocks of data
    •Hypervisor I/O bottlenecks caused by improper load-balancing/Multi-pathing

    These technologies will be tied back to your potential TCO/ROI and business benefit. Hear from the Father of the VNX2, Eric Herzog and key VMware alliance managers as well as FusionStorm, who will share real life customer experiences and how this technology is trending. FusionStorm will also share the math behind the great TCO/ROI their customers experience when moving to the VNX2.
  • Meet the datacenter of tomorrow
    Meet the datacenter of tomorrow
    Allen Arguijo and Keith Gienty Recorded: Jun 13 2013 60 mins
    Virtualization, cloud computing, hybrid environments and BYOD are here to stay. When implemented successfully, these solutions can transform the way businesses operate and lower the OPEX and CAPEX costs of IT departments. However, these major IT trends cannot be considered separately: virtualization and cloud are often linked, and needs for anytime anywhere connectivity and mobile workforce enablement won't wait. This is why it's essential to have a holistic approach and address the business, technology and financial implications of today for tomorrow's needs.

    Dell has quickly become one of the largest and fastest growing networking providers in the world by leveraging its extensive expertise in the data center to build a complete portfolio of switches that are designed to be open, flexible, powerful and economical.
  • FusionStorm Integration Center
    FusionStorm Integration Center
    Jim Maul - CIO Kelly-Moore Paints and Joe Baker - FusionStorm Recorded: May 15 2013 41 mins
    Enterprise IT implementations and upgrades often come with business disruption, unexpected costs and lengthy delays. What if there were a way to avoid those risks?

    Please join us for an informative webinar spotlighting a unique alternative to traditional onsite technology integration. Take a look inside FusionStorm’s Integration Center and see how our expert configuration, staging and logistics services enable on-time, plug-and-play installation of multivendor solutions anywhere in the world.

    Detailed case study examples will show you how to cut deployment time and disruption for:
    •rollouts of customized technology solutions to multiple locations
    •repetitive deployments of standardized equipment

    Mark your calendar and join us for an inside look at the best practices and nimble processes that enable rapid turnaround of complex projects with less risk.
  • Transform Your Business With BIG DATA Storage from FusionStorm and EMC Isilon
    Transform Your Business With BIG DATA Storage from FusionStorm and EMC Isilon
    Robert Peglar - EMC Isilon CTO and Dave Carpenter - Moderator Recorded: Mar 7 2013 58 mins
    The worlds of Big Data and Enterprise IT are converging, creating new challenges and opportunities for businesses across all industry segments. This session will explore how scale-out storage architecture can help you manage data more effectively and accelerate your business transformation, leveraging the opportunity provided by Big Data and its analysis.

    Big Data storage needs a highly automated, scale-out architecture. Add capacity up to 20 petabytes—without adding people. Boost storage utilization and performance, while simplifying management and protecting your data. Achieve this all with EMC storage technology.

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