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HEAT Software (formerly FrontRange)

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  • Customer Service: Maximizing Service Management Beyond IT
    Customer Service: Maximizing Service Management Beyond IT
    Paul Kelsey, Kifinti Solutions Inc. & Mike Heberling, HEAT Software Recorded: Dec 8 2016 57 mins
    Customer Service: Maximizing Service Management Beyond IT

    There is a distinct need for a tech support staff with a desire for supporting customers with immediacy and social intelligence— creating a better connection in a digital world.

    Both internal and external customers are utilizing more communication channels and more devices now than ever before. The mobile workforce, remote work, consumerization, increased self-service, and emerging technologies have all played a part in creating the demand for better ways to serve customers and users.

    Join us for this Customer Service webinar & learn:

    Instant information to clients
    - Workflow to run based on known and secure criteria
    - Voice system knows everything the Service Desk knows

    Multiple communication channels
    - Integration and capabilities
    - Omni Channel
    - Single message representation

    Distributed Support/Telecommuting
    - Globalization
    - Repatriation of Call Centers

    Voice of the Customer Score
    - Personalization of Interaction and Routing
    - Custom Surveys based on Service and Category

    Auditing and Compliance
    - Reporting on actual effort for Labor Law compliance

    Who should attend?
    - VP of Support
    - IT Service Desk managers
    - Desktop Support managers
  • Manage any device, anywhere from a single console with HEAT LANrev
    Manage any device, anywhere from a single console with HEAT LANrev
    Margreet Fortune Recorded: Sep 6 2016 36 mins
    HEAT LANrev was Highly Commended in the recent Computing Vendor Excellence Awards in London - Mobile Management category.
    With the fragmentation of technology platforms and proliferation of mobile devices organisations today need a unified management approach for smart connected devices. Join this session to learn how HEAT LANrev can provide end to end multi-platform support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.
  • Windows 10 - One Year Later
    Windows 10 - One Year Later
    Andreas Fuchs, Senior Product Manager - HEAT Software | Mario Schwalm, Senior Systems Engineer - HEAT Software Recorded: Aug 16 2016 55 mins
    In the one year since the launch, Windows 10 is off to the fastest start in Windows history, with over 350 million active devices. Are organizations reaping the productivity benefits, how far along are they in their migration efforts, what best practices have distilled around how to handle apps and carry out updates with Windows 10?

    Join us on Tuesday, August 16th to find out the latest Windows 10 tips and tricks.

    In the webinar, we'll explore:
    •Windows 10 adoption rates
    •Windows 10 provisioning process best practices (hardware refresh, legacy migration, self-service)
    •Application configuration management and how to deal with Apps in the new AppStore
    •Security: configuration, remediation, patching Windows 10 and protecting personal data
  • Introducing HEAT LANrev for Unified Endpoint Management
    Introducing HEAT LANrev for Unified Endpoint Management
    Tim Williams, Director, Product Marketing Recorded: Feb 18 2016 28 mins
    Join Tim Williams, Director of Product Marketing, for a 30 minute overview of HEAT LANrev for Unified Endpoint Management.

    What exactly is HEAT LANrev? It is the industry-leading client and mobility management tool that covers in a single console:

    - Complete Asset Inventory of hardware and software data points
    - Automated patch management of Windows, Mac OS and third party applications
    -Mobile Device Management for iOS, Android and Windows
    -Software packaging and distribution to Mac and Windows devices

    And much more!

    Learn how LANrev automates and streamlines endpoint management across all form factors in your organization.
  • A 2016 Survival Guide to Providing Multi-Device Support
    A 2016 Survival Guide to Providing Multi-Device Support
    Steve Brasen - Managing Research Director, Enterprise Management Association Recorded: Dec 15 2015 60 mins
    Are You Ready to Provide Multi-Device Support in 2016?

    Enterprises are currently experiencing a major paradigm shift in how they support an increasingly mobile workforce, and 2016 is poised to be a critical year of change. Until recently, mobile device management solutions have evolved completely independent of more traditional PC lifecycle management platforms. However, as tablet and laptop form factors begin to merge and operating systems, such as Windows 10, are creating common software environments, the distinction between a PC and a mobile device is blurring. To effectively meet this rapidly changing world, IT organization must adopt management solutions that unify both PC and mobile device administration.

    In this one hour webinar Steve Brasen, Managing Research Director from industry analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), joins Tim Williams, Director Product Marketing at HEAT Software to provide a prescriptive discussion on supporting multi-device environments in 2016. The presentation will leverage EMA primary research to reveal best practices and solutions necessary for any organization to maintain a competitive edge by boosting workforce productivity.

    Topics of discussion will include:

    •The unification of device platforms – what has happened and what we can expect
    •Workforce reliance on multiple device types to perform job tasks
    •Establishing centralized visibility across the entire client support stack
    •Consolidating security policies to meet compliance requirements without impacting productivity
    •Simplifying management so IT administrators are not overwhelmed in supporting the rapidly increasing number of devices
    •Reducing the cost of operations through unified asset and license management
    •Establishing a standardized user experience that ensures predictable and reliable access to enterprise resources from any device.
  • Challenges and Solutions to Windows 10 Migration
    Challenges and Solutions to Windows 10 Migration
    HEAT Software Recorded: Dec 15 2015 3 mins
    Windows 10 is here! Are you ready to deploy it in your organization or are you going to wait for any bug fixes first? Whether you are actively planning an enterprise-wide Windows 10 deployment or not, the influx of new devices onto the corporate network means you need to be able to manage them. Watch this video to learn how you can make the most of your OS migration.
  • How to Survive a Tsunami of Service Requests
    How to Survive a Tsunami of Service Requests
    David Mora, Senior Manager IT Support Services, HEAT Customer ǀ Mike Heberling, Solutions Director, HEAT Software Recorded: Dec 10 2015 58 mins
    Many service organizations are handcuffed by rigid, overly complicated systems and processes. Service teams often need to access 3 to 5 disparate applications to help customers and users, limiting their ability to improve service delivery and satisfaction. IT or business changes further magnify the challenge when it leads to potential service disruptions, prompting a flood of customer and user calls.

    In this webinar you’ll learn how this customer increased its flexibility and streamlined its operations to handle large demand spikes and improve call coverage — without increasing costs. Hear directly from David Mora, Sr. Manager, IT Support Services at the second-largest staffing company in the United States.

    Mr. Mora will share how his organization was able to:

    •Boost agent efficiency
    •Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
    •Improve service responsiveness and coverage
    •Increase focus on the goals of the IT, HR and Customer Service departments
    •Handle a greater than 6-fold increase in daily call volume with no additional staff
  • Top 3 Strategies to Future-Proof Multi-Platform Endpoint Management
    Top 3 Strategies to Future-Proof Multi-Platform Endpoint Management
    Tim Williams - Director, Product Strategy Recorded: Nov 17 2015 46 mins
    Are you ready for the next wave in endpoint computing? It’s multi-platform, multi-device, mobile, virtual, - get ready to gain control!

    Employees are no longer chained to desktops in one location, but constantly on the move, using a variety of devices, and accessing a multitude of applications. The dramatic growth of Apple technologies in the enterprise, coinciding with the growth of mobility, and the increase in employee-owned devices is making it more challenging for organizations to manage and secure their infrastructure.

    Join our webinar to learn about the top challenges and 3 strategies to manage and secure your cross-platform environment and future-proof your organization for the next wave.
  • 3 Proven Ways to Unbury Your IT Service Desk
    3 Proven Ways to Unbury Your IT Service Desk
    Randy Jessee, Director Product Management & Mike Heberling, Solutions Director Voice | HEAT Software Inc. | Recorded: Oct 21 2015 59 mins
    Managing IT services has rarely been as challenging as it is today. Many IT organizations are being called upon to improve service levels while being asked to control costs. In this webinar, you’ll learn about three approaches IT organizations can take to streamline incoming service inquiries to improve productivity, efficiency and agility to handle escalating demands without increasing costs. Join us to learn more about how to:
    • Cut the incident backlog
    • Increase first call resolution
    • Reduce mis-assigned tickets
    • Create more self-service opportunities
    • Modernize the user experience
    • Focus more on business issues and outcomes
  • Top 6 Things to Consider When Migrating to Windows 10
    Top 6 Things to Consider When Migrating to Windows 10
    Andreas Fuchs, Senior Product Manager, HEAT Software Inc. Recorded: Sep 16 2015 53 mins
    Windows 10 is here! Are you ready to deploy it in your organization? Whether you are actively planning a corporate Windows 10 deployment in 2015/2016 or not, the influx of the OS onto the corporate network with new devices means you need to be able to manage it. A smart Endpoint Management solution can help you both plan and deploy the new OS, as well as provide the capability to manage endpoints on the network that already have the new OS preinstalled.
    With HEAT Software, preparing and managing a company-wide Windows 10 rollout is easier than you think! Let us show you how you can reduce time and money on your OS deployment with our 6-step Best Practices Approach. Sign up today.

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