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  • Get Death Star Level Protection for the Alderaan Data Centers in Your Life Get Death Star Level Protection for the Alderaan Data Centers in Your Life Joshua Stenhouse, Technology Evangelist, Zerto Recorded: Jan 27 2016 63 mins
    Joshua “Jedi Master” Stenhouse will show you how to protect your data center from the worst disasters the death star can dish out. We’re talking all of Alderaan failed over and live within seconds. Governor Tarkin can suck it! Plus, you don’t want to miss the best giveaways and network diagrams in the galaxy…register today!

    In this Star Wars themes webinar you’ll learn more about Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR), the industry’s leading hypervisor-based replication solution for VMware environments that:

    Delivers robust business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) for VMware, Hyper-V and AWS.
    Meets the hardest SLAs while being easy to use.
    Supports public, private or hybrid clouds.
    Easily migrates production workloads across different infrastructures.
  • Embracing Public or Managed Cloud for Business Critical Applications Embracing Public or Managed Cloud for Business Critical Applications Naveen Chhabra, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research; Jennifer Gill, Director, Global Product Marketing at Zerto Recorded: Nov 12 2015 49 mins
    Saving time and money is a goal for every IT organization. When it comes to managing critical business applications, the public or managed can provide the best solution for dev/test and business continuity requirements. By encapsulating applications at the hypervisor level, Zerto Virtual Replication has become the secret weapon for many IT teams, making it easy for them to use any underlying infrastructure for production, test/dev, disaster recovery and more.

    On November 12th, join guest speaker Naveen Chhabra, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research serving Infrastructure & Operations professionals and Jennifer Gill, Director, Global Product Marketing at Zerto to learn about the key challenges and business drivers enterprises today have as they aim to benefit from the cloud. Zerto will discuss how companies can:

    •Mobilize workloads and leverage them in public or private cloud
    •Select infrastructure based on use case, SLA and cost
    •Manage private and public cloud assets, minimizing complexity and costs
  • Minimizing Risk with One, Automated Disaster Recovery Solution Minimizing Risk with One, Automated Disaster Recovery Solution Mike Gelhar, Systems Engineer, Long Term Care Group Recorded: Jul 22 2015 45 mins
    Many organizations have complex BC/DR plans consisting of several products, requiring multiple people to be present to execute the recovery, should disaster strike. This was the case at Long Term Care Group. They were using an orchestration tool with storage-based replication. Executing a DR test was becoming more and more difficult and confidence in their plan was fading.

    Zerto Virtual Replication provides continuous block-level replication and fully automated and orchestrated failover, recovery, failback and DR testing. Mike Gelhar, Systems Engineer at Long Term Care Group knew they had found the solution they needed to deliver robust BC/DR while greatly reducing risk.

    - Reduce risk with an automated solution that anyone can execute
    - DR Testing ensures recovery through reports and provides the opportunity to make adjustments in the plan
    - Maximize the investment with a solution that can simplify migrations and maintenance of the environment
    - Installation is complete in one hour with no configuration changes so the carefully architected production environment is not changed, further reducing risk
  • Leveraging the Hybrid Cloud for Complete Data Protection Leveraging the Hybrid Cloud for Complete Data Protection Jayme Williams, Senior Systems Engineer, TenCate Recorded: Apr 21 2015 43 mins
    Jayme Williams, Senior Systems Engineer at TenCate is protecting eight environments across the US and Canada – and each site has different storage. All sites require disaster recovery and backup across the application set. Having one solution would be ideal, but not possible – until they came across Zerto.
    Zerto Virtual Replication is storage agnostic and made it easy to integrate a new site into their disaster recovery plan. Their original business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) plan, affectionately named the “Hit by the bus” book due to its volume, has been greatly simplified and the service levels they are seeing are outstanding – single digit seconds for their recovery point objectives (RPO).

    Finally, they are incorporating public cloud into their IT plans by backing up their applications from their DR site to AWS. With one solution, they can achieve their BC/DR and backup SLA, while reducing costs and introducing public cloud into their IT strategy at a pace that supports changing business requirements.

    With Zerto Virtual Replication:
    •Manage all sites in one pane of glass with one tool for replication and automation of failover, failback and testing processes as well as backup
    •Increase efficiencies with the ability to track and manage consumption across the hybrid cloud
    •Hardware agnostic solution does not require a change in the infrastructure reducing costs
    •Consistency in the BC/DR solution dramatically reduces operational costs
    •Replicates between different types of storage and versions of VMware vSphere making it easy to add new sites to the process
    •Point-in-time recovery enables failover to a previous point to recover from any issue – logical corruption, datacenter outage, etc.
    •Leveraging a public cloud strategy with backups stored in Amazon
  • Master of Disaster: DR for VMWare, Hyper-V, and AWS Master of Disaster: DR for VMWare, Hyper-V, and AWS Chris Snell, Zerto Recorded: Mar 17 2015 41 mins
    Demand on IT disaster recovery functions to be more cost effective and efficient is increasingly pushing companies towards cloud-based solutions. This strategy can offer flexibility, convenience and simplicity, however Disaster Recovery in a virtual world can give rise to a new set of potential problems.

    Join Chris Snell from Zerto, as he discusses the benefits of a cloud based disaster recovery strategy and how to avoid some of these issues. He will also explore the benefits of using a technology that is hardware-agnostic, storage-agnositc and hypervisor-agnostic.

    You'll also learn:

    - The importance of continuous data protection to minimise the impact on the production environment
    - How to use advanced KPIs and reporting more effectively
    - How you can operate effectively within VMWare, AWS or Hyper-V
  • Can it be? Simple Disaster Recovery? Can it be? Simple Disaster Recovery? Matt Compeau, Senior Network Architect Recorded: Feb 12 2015 47 mins
    Matt Compeau is Senior Network Architect at a large financial institution in Boston, MA. With significant dollars being transacted on an hourly basis, business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) are critical. When they had a few virtual machines, their very manual process was ok. However, as their environment grew, all the moving parts and procedures that had to be executed across all their VMs was a concern. They would not be able to meet their SLA with their legacy BC/DR plan.

    Matt found Zerto Virtual Replication and is able to easily replicate from Waltham to London and protect the company’s monetary assets. The replication mechanism does not use snapshots which is critical for their environment. Matt was looking for actual continuous data replication, not replication that was “continuous” based on the frequency of a snapshot.

    Matt will tell you how Zerto Virtual Replication:

    - Delivers RPOs of seconds and RPOs of minutes
    - Automates failover, failback and DR testing with the push of a button
    - Provides true continuous data protection
    - Greatly simplifies management of their disaster recovery strategy
  • One Disaster Recovery Strategy – ANY CLOUD One Disaster Recovery Strategy – ANY CLOUD Shannon Snowden, Technical Marketing Architect, Zerto Recorded: Dec 3 2014 43 mins
    Many companies have a heterogeneous infrastructure – they use different hypervisors, storage and clouds. Ensuring the availability of applications and data across this environment can be really complex and challenging as each silo will have its own tool. This creates inconsistencies in the disaster recovery plan, making it more difficult to execute.

    Zerto Virtual Replications delivers effective data protection across VMware vSphere and vCloud environments, Microsoft Hyper-V and Amazon Web Services. One, consistent solution enables companies to select their infrastructure based on performance and price while meeting their service levels effectively. Join Shannon Snowden, Senior Technical Marketing Architect to learn more.
  • Do you need backup or disaster recovery? The 5 Key Attributes Do you need backup or disaster recovery? The 5 Key Attributes Chris Snell, Solutions Engineer, EMEA, Zerto Recorded: Sep 17 2014 19 mins
    Many organizations apply a data protection label to their processes not understanding if they are really disaster recovery, backup, archiving or something else. This session will help clarify the key differences between backup and disaster recovery and help you understand what level of protection you need for your production applications. Join Chris Snell as he compares the 5 key attributes of backup and disaster recovery:
    · Service Levels
    · Impact on production applications
    · Retention time
    · Management and orchestration
    · Reverse protection
  • VMworld 2014 Recap: Latest Trends in Disaster Recovery VMworld 2014 Recap: Latest Trends in Disaster Recovery Shannon Snowden, Senior Technical Marketing Architect at Zerto; Alastair Cooke, Consultant, Trainer, vBrownbag Crew Member Recorded: Sep 16 2014 48 mins
    VMworld is the largest virtualization show of the year. There are so many sessions, panel discussions, events and parties that people can’t attend everything. Even if you were an attendee, there’s a good chance you missed some really cool stuff.

    Join Shannon Snowden, Senior Technical Marketing Architect at Zerto and Alastair Cooke, Consultant, Trainer, Geek and vBrownbag Crew member, to learn about top disaster recovery trends from VMworld 2014. These industry experts will discuss things they saw at VMworld of interest - and not just at the parties.
  • Benchmarks For Choosing the Right Disaster Recovery Solution Benchmarks For Choosing the Right Disaster Recovery Solution Rich Kocielko, Senior VMware Administrator, Lippert Components; Jennifer Gill, Director, Global Product Marketing, Zerto Recorded: Jun 19 2014 38 mins
    Rich Kocielko, is the Senior VMware Adminstrator at Lippert, a leading supplier to the recreational vehicle; manufactured housing; trailer; and bus industries which has reached $1 billion in annual revenues. With over 200 VMs that need to be protected, Rich was looking for a simple solution. Every other disaster recovery solution seemed to be a hassle to use between coordinating snapshots or configuring the failover process - nothing just worked.

    With Zerto Virtual Replication, Rich found a simple solution that delivered aggressive service levels, did not impact his production applications. Additionally, with a storage agnostic replication solution, they can more easily try out new products as the requirement for a production and target array is eliminated, helping them innovative.

    At this session you will learn how to:
    •Deliver aggressive service levels to a $1 billion business
    •Simply ensure production and BC/DR processes are always in alignment
    •Leverage new and innovative products
    •Ensure there is always a good point for recovery
    •Deliver robust replication and recovery for critical applications such as Microsoft DNS, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Lync 2010/2013, DHCP and a large Citrix XenServer Farm

    Join Rich Kocielko and Zerto to learn more!

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