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Application Delivery Management

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  • Managing a hybrid application development environment
    Managing a hybrid application development environment John Falk, Solution Architect, Micro Focus & Collin Chau, Product Marketing, Micro Focus Recorded: Nov 21 2017 20 mins
    Let’s face it. Not all enterprise applications are born for Agile delivery. Organizations will have mission critical applications that are updated infrequently and will continue using waterfall development methodologies. “Why change when it is working well?” say customers. The question then becomes – Will your businesses be able to plan/build/test/track across an enterprise application portfolio for agile and non-agile teams?

    Join us in this webinar, as we talk about balancing the needs of legacy and digital first applications, and what true hybrid application development means to your complex application portfolio.
  • Managing Complexity and Scalability in the Agile Enterprise
    Managing Complexity and Scalability in the Agile Enterprise Malcolm Isaacs, Micro Focus Recorded: Nov 16 2017 32 mins
    Businesses today are under pressure to deliver software quicker than ever before, without compromising on quality. As they strive for increased agility, parts of the organization are moving to agile development methodologies, and continuous delivery with DevOps.

    This webinar will explore the challenges that enterprises face as they juggle legacy applications, tools, and methodologies with ultra-modern architectures, technologies and delivery models. We will look at how HPE Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) and ALM Octane work together with modern and legacy toolsets to provide all of the information that executives need in order to make the strategic decisions that will keep their business ahead of the competition.
  • Accelerate Application Success With Operational Efficiency
    Accelerate Application Success With Operational Efficiency Amy DeMartine, Principal Analyst, Forrester and Ashish Kuthiala, Sr. Director, Micro Focus Recorded: Nov 15 2017 39 mins
    The race is on to attract fickle customers and what we have learned from digital disruptors is that the company that delivers the great customer experience first usually wins. Application developers are developing code at ever faster speeds to create these digital experiences that have ever rising expectations.

    But these new release speeds often leave the infrastructure and operations teams scrambling to adjust. This presentation discusses the findings of a January 2017 study commissioned by HPE and conducted by Forrester Consulting on the obstacles organizations face in delivering high-quality solutions at speed, and how they are overcoming them.
  • 10 Tips to Start Scaling DevOps
    10 Tips to Start Scaling DevOps Alan Schimel, Editor-in-Chief, DevOps.com & Ashish Kuthiala, Sr. Director, Micro Focus Recorded: Nov 14 2017 59 mins
    Many organizations have started on their DevOps transformation journey today, but only 10% have fully embraced DevOps. Is it still so new that organizations are struggling to understand it?

    Change is hard, and the transformation to DevOps is hard. It flies in the face of the traditional silos:

    (1) Applications departments for the majority of the larger enterprises were in place to support their business; today they are expected to be revenue-generating, and expected to be the main way to engage with their users, including customer support; and

    (2) There were a lot of teams, processes, and infrastructure that were all set up to support the original models.

    Learn how to engage with your organization to move towards a more optimal DevOps model.
  • Discover the New: Application Development, Test and Delivery
    Discover the New: Application Development, Test and Delivery Raffi Margaliot, SVP and GM, Application Delivery Management, Micro Focus Recorded: Oct 5 2017 33 mins
    As organizations rapidly adapt to the volume and velocity of evolving business requirements, application teams are under greater pressure to deliver at speed and with confidence. The combination of HPE and Micro Focus creates an unprecedented portfolio that gives teams a competitive edge in their DevOps and Agile transformation.

    Join Raffi Margaliot, SVP and GM, on this webinar as he talks about the new Application Development, Test and Delivery portfolio, its combined synergies, and what to expect from an innovation, delivery and product perspective going forward.

    Join us and Discover the New Application Development, Test and Delivery!
  • What’s New in ALM – Enhancing your team’s efforts to deliver amazing Apps
    What’s New in ALM – Enhancing your team’s efforts to deliver amazing Apps Oren Ziv, Sr. Product Manager, Collin Chau and Esther Balestrieri, Sr Prod Marketing Managers, Micro Focus Recorded: Oct 3 2017 57 mins
    ALM QC 12.55 was released in August, providing enhanced features and benefits for Application teams, end users and ALM admins working together to deliver high quality applications with confidence.

    Join us as we review the key newly released capabilities of ALM/QC 12.55 and walk through a live demo.

    ALM/QC 12.55 Highlights include:
    • Test board enhancements providing improved user experience for test management and execution
    • Support for Quality of Things (QoT) – ALM client for offline/online Internet of Things (IoT) & device manual testing
    • Improved collaboration through integration of Skype for business
    • Upgraded administration with ability to back up large files
    • Synchronization tools connecting ALM to other management tools such as JIRA, TFS and RTC

    We will also discuss the benefits of ALM Octane – our next-generation ALM product with Agile and DevOps capabilities built in, and how you can get started today!
  • Discover the New: Application Modernization & Connectivity
    Discover the New: Application Modernization & Connectivity Chris Livesey, Sr VP & GM, Application Modernization & Connectivity solutions, Micro Focus and Russell Shelton, Micro Focus Recorded: Oct 3 2017 38 mins
    Large enterprise businesses must manage hybrid IT environments and adapt to the new digital economy – delivering fast development cycles, modern user experiences and secure user access – all underpinned by the freedom to deploy applications and data across mainframe, distributed, mobile or cloud platforms. Tune in to hear Chris Livesey, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Application Modernization & Connectivity solutions at Micro Focus explain how the team’s customer-centered innovation enables businesses to realize the best possible balance of cost, risk and speed.

    Join us to Discover the New Modernized, Connected Mainframe!
  • Discover the New: HPE Software joins forces with Micro Focus
    Discover the New: HPE Software joins forces with Micro Focus Micro Focus executives Recorded: Sep 27 2017 38 mins
    With the close of the spin-merge of HPE Software with Micro Focus, the two organizations have joined forces to become the seventh-largest pure-play software company in the world.

    With a long, solid foundation of innovation, Micro Focus and HPE are bringing 70 years of leadership to a new, focused operating model with deep intellectual capital. Our new company's global scale, software portfolio breadth and depth and strong operational expertise will enable IT to innovate faster, more securely and more intelligently.

    Join us on this webinar to hear Micro Focus executives discuss how the new combined company is built with global scale, a deep portfolio and a strong operational foundation that is designed to deliver customer centered innovation for its customers, partners and shareholders.

    And after hearing from our executives about the company overall, don’t miss the deep-dive sessions we’ll be giving in the following weeks on each of the separate areas of focus: Analytics and Big Data; Application Development, Test and Delivery; IT Operations Management; Security; Application Modernization and Connectivity; Business Continuity; and Information Management and Governance.

    Join us and Discover the New!
  • Master the Mobile App Lifecycle
    Master the Mobile App Lifecycle John Wargo, Product Manager, Mobile Center Recorded: Sep 26 2017 15 mins
    User experience is everything today. A lot of work goes into ensuring mobile apps are easy to use and are great engagement platforms for these brands. You need to deliver on this user experience that they are demanding. Great design, good performance and security are required, and it makes testing mobile applications really complicated. Learn how to approach the mobile application lifecycle from a UX mindset, and the tools we provide to help you do that.
  • Managing Complexity in the World of Predictive
    Managing Complexity in the World of Predictive Dr. Megan Sheehan and Vandan Nayak, HPE Recorded: Aug 22 2017 32 mins
    If you haven’t already, we recommend you listen to the first webinar in this series, the 9-minute overview by our SVP and GM Raffi Margaliot as he introduces the three core disruptions facing application delivery teams today.

    Software development teams are under pressure to release faster while maintaining the same level of quality—or ideally increasing it. This has significantly increased application lifecycle complexity to the point of chaos. Join us, as we discuss how application development teams can leverage HPE’s ALM Octane, an integrated lifecycle management solution, along with advanced analytics to mitigate the risks in application delivery and optimize their resource investments. Learn how to scale Agile and DevOps processes with data driven insights and prescriptive guidance.

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