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HPE Enterprise Operations Management

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  • New Containerization Capabilities for HPE Universal Discovery and CMDB New Containerization Capabilities for HPE Universal Discovery and CMDB Jon Furner, Results Positive and Ron Bocken, HPE Recorded: Jan 19 2017 42 mins
    Looking to reduce deployment costs and increase time to value? Don’t miss this opportunity to see and hear about the new container capabilities of HPE Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB solutions. In this webinar, you will receive an overview from Results Positive on how you can utilize the HPE Configuration Management System with new capabilities to discover containers and configuration items in your data center and simplify solution deployment time from days to minutes. Additionally, HPE will provide an overview of the HPE IT Operations Management Suite framework and how containers can be used to benefit overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

    Key takeaways from attending this webinar include:
    • How you can utilize new HPE UD/UCMDB Container capabilities
    • Common use cases for containerization with HPE UD/UCMDB
    • Understand the business benefits of containerization
    • Become aware of HPE ITOM Suite Framework

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn the new containerization capabilities available for HPE UD/UCMDB.
  • Building an autonomous IT Operations using HPE Operations Bridge Building an autonomous IT Operations using HPE Operations Bridge Ian Bromehead, Harald Burose HPE Recorded: Dec 13 2016 60 mins
    Your business requires a solution that constantly evolves and provides your operations teams with coverage of various technologies and hybrid IT environments. Let us describe the strategy, roadmap and vision of HPE Software Operations Bridge. We’ll include information about using HPE Operations Agent to manage public and private cloud, and Docker containers and how to optimize allocated resources, examine 300+ metrics in real time and provide executive stakeholders with actionable intelligence.
  • From ITIL to Value From ITIL to Value Scott Knox and Chuck Darst, HPE Recorded: Nov 17 2016 47 mins
    Join this webinar to learn how your service desk organization can provide more value in light of the changing directions of IT and service management. While ITIL continues to be the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world, where and how to best adopt these industry best practices is widely debated. Overlaid on this are significant industry shifts including the broad digital transformation, agile and lean approaches, service management outside of IT, and complementary approaches for maximizing value across all of IT.

    We’ll discuss IT4IT for managing the business of IT and provide recommendations to help you maximize the value provided by your service desk.
  • Discover the Spin-Merge Benefits to our ITOM Software Portfolio Discover the Spin-Merge Benefits to our ITOM Software Portfolio Chris Hsu, EVP, GM & COO, Tony Sumpster, SVP & GM ITOM, Roy Ritthaler, VP, Product Marketing, ITOM Recorded: Nov 3 2016 61 mins
    On September 7, Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced plans for a spin-off and merger of our Software business unit with Micro Focus, a global software company dedicated to delivering and supporting enterprise software solutions. The combination of HPE’s software assets with Micro Focus will create one of the world’s largest pure-play enterprise software companies. We will remain focused on helping you get the most out of the software that runs your business.

    Join the HPE IT Operations Management Executive team to hear firsthand about the recently announced HPE Software and Micro Focus spin-merge. What does it mean for us, what does it mean for you, and most importantly how it strengthens HPE’s ability to help transform traditional IT environment into a digital enterprise with automation, orchestration and ultimately, transformation solutions. Hear about the ITOM strategy and commitments to the roadmap including upcoming. These solutions help IT organizations automate tasks to drive efficiency across the virtualized data center, orchestrate processes with speed and agility to evolve to a “cloud inspired” IT service model, and transform the support & delivery of services to modernize the customer experience, leveraging the full power of the hybrid cloud
    Bring your questions and join us on this new journey to success.
  • Digital Transformation with HPE Cloud Management Digital Transformation with HPE Cloud Management Marc Bernis, Danny Cavion HPE Recorded: Oct 26 2016 57 mins
    Your IT plays a key competitive role: embracing the digital economy and bringing the business, optimizing applications, data, developers and infrastructure together as one is core. To compete in today’s digital world, customers need a 100% programmable IT.

    Cloud has brought to companies better user satisfaction, faster application release, new business ideas. But where do you start? How can your IT department become value creator while bridging traditional and new applications.

    Join us to learn about how HPE has built out software cloud capabilities across private & public cloud to automate applications, middleware and infrastructure.

    Learn how we integrate and work with environments like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and VMWare, as well as new open source and cloud native tools like Docker, Chef, - enabling developers and IT operations to be more productive and to automate tasks.
  • Discovery in the Cloud: The Future of Configuration Management Discovery in the Cloud: The Future of Configuration Management Doron Orbach, Bill Dyck, Nick Rendall, HPE Recorded: Oct 20 2016 66 mins
    With the constantly evolving IT landscape, migration to a cloud or hybrid-cloud based infrastructure is becoming the new normal for companies around the world. Is your company prepared for the future of configuration management, mapping business services and applications within the cloud environment?

    This webinar will review how configuration management dynamics change in the cloud and how you can best prepare yourself for success in discovery and CMDB practices there:

    Cloud infrastructure trends and implications for configuration management
    Strategies for successful configuration management in the cloud
    HPE CMS real-time event-based cloud discovery capabilities
    Live Q&A with our CMS experts
  • Multiplying IT Ops Efficiency with HPE OpsBridge - Customer Successes at Beiersd Multiplying IT Ops Efficiency with HPE OpsBridge - Customer Successes at Beiersd Thomas Kresalek, Beiersdorf, Daniel Boschbach, Swiss Mobiliar Recorded: Oct 19 2016 59 mins
    Chances are that your IT operations is challenged by ever growing business demand. Better user satisfaction, doing more with less, and positioning IT operations to accelerate business agility are common themes. When event storms, downtime, resource starvation and new application rollouts are happening at the same time, something has to change in IT. Both Beiersdorf and Swiss Mobilair have succeeded in changing their IT Operations to drastically reduce event volumes and gain faster MTTR focusing all the while on impact full issues and not symptoms. Join us to learn about their experiences, and get a heads up on what’s new with HPE Operations Bridge
  • Become a Cloud Master with the HPE Helion Cloud Suite - Part 2 Become a Cloud Master with the HPE Helion Cloud Suite - Part 2 Neil Miles, Kiran Makarla, HPE Recorded: Sep 28 2016 59 mins
    In our first Helion Cloud Suite webinar, we introduced you to the new software suite from HPE that brings together a full range of hybrid cloud capabilities, enabling you to deliver and manage the full spectrum of applications and technologies -- from traditional, virtualized, cloud native and containers -- across a broad range of infrastructure environments. In the second webinar, you got to see the new suite in action for a few key use cases: hybrid, multi-cloud and container management, cloud-native deployment, and cloud analytics.

    This webinar will focus on application use cases.

    Transform traditional applications to offer them as cloud services
    Bridge traditional and cloud-native applications
    Automate the application release pipeline
    Helion Cloud Suite software is a DevOps-driven cloud management solution that enables you to provide what your development and testing teams need to accelerate application release.
  • 5 Ways Digital Learning Helps Build Amazing IT Organizations 5 Ways Digital Learning Helps Build Amazing IT Organizations Jeanette Jacobs, HPE Recorded: Sep 27 2016 48 mins
    Success in the idea economy requires technological agility. You have to act quickly to seize opportunity, respond to threats, turn great ideas into reality and stay ahead of the competition – and these capabilities rely on having an amazing IT organization.

    Amazing IT teams are competent, aligned to the business, highly collaborative and constantly adapting to change. These attributes just don’t happen. You need talent, you need a continuous education strategy and you need the tools to make it happen. Join this webinar to learn how implementing a continuous education strategy using the new HPE ART Enterprise Learning Edition (ELE) will help your journey to amazing.
  • What’s New in HPE Service Anywhere August 2016 Release What’s New in HPE Service Anywhere August 2016 Release Steven Anderson, Tonya Scherba, Julie Azoulai HPE Recorded: Sep 8 2016 60 mins
    HPE Service Anywhere is a comprehensive, Big Data SaaS service desk based on industry best practices and built on a modern, scalable platform.

    August 2016 brings a new, feature-packed HPE Service Anywhere release. This webinar will present the release highlights and the benefits they will bring to your service desk.

    Highlights include:

    New mobile application that enables employees to self-solve issues and request services
    ChatOps-style integration with Slack and Hubot for collaboration and fast incident resolution
    On-call schedules for automatic routing of tickets to on-duty agents
    Project and portfolio management and asset management enhancements
    Security and performance features

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