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Single Sign-On Best Practices From The IAM Experts

This channel is designed for anyone who is responsible for considering, deploying or managing single sign to cloud or SaaS apps, or identity & access management solutions, whether that solution faces internally for employees or externally for customers and partners; it is also relevant for anyone who is concerned with cloud security, audit, compliance and DLP

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Understanding IAM Part 1 Securosis and Symplified Part 1 of a three-part learning series: Understanding and Selecting IAM for Cloud Services.

Get conceptual awareness of IAM terms and concepts, bring them into sharp focus. This segment will enable you to:

-Itemize features and benefits common to most cloud identity and access management systems
-Be aware of key cloud identity services issues
-Disentangle design from implementation standards by learning IAM design patterns to describe the architecture
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Sep 24 2013
59 mins
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