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The Market Leader in Rotary Evaporation, Buchi® celebrates more than 50 years of innovation. We are dedicated to developing products that are reliable, automated, integrated and safe. The markets we serve are the Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Educational, and Agricultural and Food. Our products include Rotary Evaporation systems, Vacuum systems, Syncore synthesis systems, Spray Drying, Encapsulator, Spray Chilling, Melting Point systems, Flash and Preparative Chromatography, Soxhlet Extractors, automated Kjeldahl systems and FT-NIR systems as well as a range of Support Solutions from Method development, Application support and direct Buchi Service Department.

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Profit on recovered solvent from concentrating environmental samples Jeff Reid Your environmental testing laboratory is facing harsher EPA emission regulations and competitive sample prices, making is essential to keep up on new technology. The BUCHI Syncore® Parallel Concentrator not only recovers > 95% of solvent but it also provides a crucial competitive advantage. Join this webinar to learn how today’s top environmental testing laboratories are staying ahead of their competition with the implementation of the Syncore® Analyst. Read more >
Apr 15 2015
27 mins
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