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The Market Leader in Rotary Evaporation, BUCHI celebrates more than 75 years of innovation. We are dedicated to developing products that are reliable, automated, integrated and safe. The markets we serve are the Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Educational, and Agricultural and Food. Our products include Rotary Evaporation systems, Vacuum systems, Syncore synthesis systems, Spray Drying, Encapsulator, Spray Chilling, Melting Point systems, Flash and Preparative Chromatography, Soxhlet Extractors, automated Kjeldahl systems and FT-NIR systems as well as a range of Support Solutions from Method development, Application support and direct BUCHI Service Department. www.mybuchi.com

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Managing pet food production and quality with FT-NIR Jacqueline Russell & Ryanne Palermo NIR has proven to be a fast, flexible, and reliable method along the pet food value chain; from incoming raw material inspection to in-process and final product testing, see how BUCHI NIRSolutions® can be used to increase plant efficiency, product quality, and profit margins.
During this webinar, you will:
• Gain an understanding of basic NIR theory and the reasons this technology has been implemented by pet food manufacturers
• See how fast, qualitative NIR methods can be ensured consist quality of in-coming raw materials
• Learn how to utilize quantitative NIR measurements, from raw material analysis to finished pet food product
• Get introduced to our portfolio of NIRSolutions and learn how to integrate these technologies for ultimate process and quality control
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Nov 12 2015 5:00 pm
60 mins
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