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  • High-Performance Big Data Analytics in the Cloud
    High-Performance Big Data Analytics in the Cloud Peter Lasne, Cloud Solutions Architect, Microsoft; Chris Daly, Client Manager, HPE Vertica; Sanjay Baronia, PMM, HPE Vertica Recorded: Jul 6 2017 50 mins
    Join Microsoft and Vertica cloud architects for a deep dive into how data-driven organizations are applying the new Azure VM Image to optimize Vertica for high-performance analytics on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

    During this webcast, you’ll discover the wide range of use cases for Vertica’s advanced analytics. You will also learn about the new industry-leading capabilities that Azure delivers as an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform for Big Data analytics at scale with best practices for deploying and managing Vertica in the Azure cloud.
  • Advanced Analytics & Manufacturing Intelligence with Optimal+ & Vertica
    Advanced Analytics & Manufacturing Intelligence with Optimal+ & Vertica Alon Malki, Chief Architect, Optimal+ and Jeff Healey, Director of Product Marketing, HPE Vertica Recorded: Jun 28 2017 62 mins
    Continuous monitoring of machine and sensor data help equipment manufacturers and service providers predict and address maintenance issues before they occur, unlocking new value for manufacturers and customers in the form of service cost reductions, new revenue opportunities, SLA adherence, operational efficiencies, reduced downtime, and more. All of these use cases are driven by analyzing terabytes to petabytes of data collected from sensors and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications.

    Want to hear how you can unlock the full value of sensor and machine-generated data to optimize manufacturing processes and ensure quality output? Join Alon Malki, Chief Architect at Optimal+, and Jeff Healey, Director of Product Marketing at HPE Vertica, for the IoT Institute hosted webinar, Deploying Advanced Analytics & Manufacturing Intelligence with Optimal+ & HPE Vertica.

    On this free webinar you’ll learn:
    • Why HPE Vertica Analytics Platform is purpose built for IoT data
    • The challenges Optimal+ faced when developing a solution for IoT analytics, and
    • How Optimal+ leverages HPE Vertica to create an ideal big data architecture
  • Under the Hood of Vertica & Dataiku: Faster Insights from Machine Learning
    Under the Hood of Vertica & Dataiku: Faster Insights from Machine Learning Thomas Cabrol, CTO, Dataiku, Waqas Dhillon, CTO, HPE Vertica and Carlo Arioli, EMEA Marketing, HPE Vertica Recorded: Jun 28 2017 62 mins
    Designing and deploying an effective predictive analytics model that is integrated into a company’s daily business operations can be very challenging. Data scientists often use complex machine learning models to exploit large volumes of data from multiple environments and technologies to deliver analytics that the business needs.

    Join us on this webcast as we walk you through the data science journey applied to a real case and learn how you can automate the entire data science workflow.

    See how the integration of Dataiku, the collaborative data science platform, and Vertica, the ultra-fast analytics database platform with built-in machine learning, can help you speed the deployment of data-intensive predictive analytics.

    Learn how to:
    • Design connections to existing data sources with Dataiku
    • Understand your datasets with built-in charting capabilities and data pre-aggregation
    • Reduce the time it takes for the data preparation phase
    • Leverage the scalability and speed of Vertica
  • Procera: Rich & Actionable Network Intelligence for Telco Business Monetization
    Procera: Rich & Actionable Network Intelligence for Telco Business Monetization Thomas Vasen, Subscriber Experience Evangelist, Procera Networks & Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst, Interarbor Solutions Recorded: Jun 20 2017 38 mins
    Digital Service Providers need analytics to improve their operations and to exploit new revenues streams. The higher the quality of network intelligence, the more they can differentiate on their core asset to meet their subscriber’s needs and business partner expectations. Network engineering must take critical actions on very complex systems to improve the service quality for customers, while Telco marketing needs actionable, self-service, easy analytics to exploit most effective levers to increase revenues.

    Procera Networks is a 100 MUSD+ company with products serving more than 450 million subscribers in 80 tier-1 operators and 500+ enterprises around the world. Procera leverages big data and advanced analytics to build a complete service network ScoreCard with continuous measurement reports for all type of traffic from all live subscribers all the time. In this webinar, we will discuss how records are pumped into a central Vertica analytical database from a distributed Packetlogic probe setup, and aggregated up with 15 different dimensions (e.g. location, handset, customer, tier, topology, line card, VNF) to see the true impact of these dimensions on quality delivered to subscribers.

    We will also discuss how Procera helps Telco companies monetize network data enabling any “consumer industry” to deliver better-personalized marketing offers based on user habits and content consumption. Procera pushes the bar on advanced analytics using Vertica to store and mine the subscribers’ behavior gathered via a Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine detecting 2900 unique application signatures and 294 content categories. This rich fine-granular information is used to profile subscribers in relevant “marketing personas” for highly targeted offerings. We will discuss the key critical success factor to execute monetization strategies tapping from Procera experience and the requirements of the underlying analytics platform.
  • IoT: Tackling the Data Management and Analytics Challenge
    IoT: Tackling the Data Management and Analytics Challenge Alex Glaser, Director of Development and Walter Scheib, Senior Associate, Harbor Research and Ben Smith, HPE Vertica Recorded: May 9 2017 58 mins
    Data management and analytics tools will be the core enabler of new values created by the intersection of the Internet of Things (IoT), people and the physical world. However, challenges related to IoT data management and analytics are currently hindering the implementation of increasingly complex IoT applications that will drive this value.

    By providing an offering that addresses these key IoT data challenges, the Vertica Analytics Platform goes far beyond fragmented and legacy systems that are simply not equipped to handle the challenges of IoT data. Harbor Research recently authored a white paper on the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform, which details how Vertica addresses the myriad challenges posed by IoT data.

    Join us for this latest IoT Central webinar and you will learn:
    - What is really meant by IoT data management and analytics
    - Why legacy solutions are not suited to handle IoT data
    - How Vertica’s key functionalities and ecosystem address the challenges of IoT data
    - How equipment manufacturers and IoT platform providers can act as catalysts for delivering IoT data management and analytics solutions
  • Analytics Meets Machine Learning: Next Steps to Data-Driven Decisions
    Analytics Meets Machine Learning: Next Steps to Data-Driven Decisions Doug Henschen, VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, Inc and Jeff Healey, Dir of Product Marketing, HPE Vertica Recorded: May 4 2017 61 mins
    Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is the talk of the tech industry this year, but nine times out of ten what's really under the hood is machine learning. What's behind this new generation of “predictive” and "smart" analytics and why are we hearing about it now?

    Join us for this webcast as we explore the emergence (or reemergence) of machine learning and "A.I.," and how data-management practices are evolving to keep up with the new speed and scale of business through continuous, streaming applications and real-time predictive capabilities.

    What You Will Learn:
    • How analytics are evolving from descriptive analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics.
    • Why data, compute capacity, analytic prowess and development time are crucial to machine learning success.
    • Why micro-services and APIs will be crucial enablers of embedded analytics and next-generation smart apps.
    • How leading firms are overcoming data science talent shortages through adoption of new technology and organizational structures.
  • Contactlab: easy and effective behavioral targeting for brands with Vertica
    Contactlab: easy and effective behavioral targeting for brands with Vertica Marco Zambardi, Product Manager Contactlab; Andrea Gioia, Partner, Quantyca; Carlo Arioli, HPE, EMEA Big Data Marketing Recorded: Apr 11 2017 59 mins
    Contactlab provides products and services that enable brands to get the most out of their customer engagement strategies. Effective digital communications must be both scalable and personalized with the ability to reach potential and existing customers anywhere, at any time, through multiple channels.

    Contactplan enables marketers to precisely define the best audience for their marketing campaigns exploiting, thanks to HPE Vertica, all demographic and behavioral data in real time and then applying tailored delivery plans to them, all with no technical know-how requirements for the campaign managers.

    The webinar will discuss how brands can improve campaign effectiveness with behavioral data, the benefits of real-time analytics for brand managers and the lessons learnt by Quantyca, the solution integrator partner of Contaclab, on key design principles and most performing architectures for customer analytics leveraging the speed and advanced “in-database” analytics of HPE Vertica.
  • ICC - Making SharePoint® useful again with HPE ControlPoint
    ICC - Making SharePoint® useful again with HPE ControlPoint Jones Lukose, Information Management Officer, International Criminal Court Recorded: Mar 28 2017 42 mins
    Microsoft® SharePoint sites have become a dumping ground for enterprise and customer information. This practice, compounded over time, compromises your investment in SharePoint, minimizes productivity and can even result in the risk of failing to comply with internal and external regulations (GDPR). Join us to learn how HPE
    ControlPoint can help you clean up your SharePoint sites and regain control of your data.
  • Real Time, Predictive analytics to ensure customer experience for 1B subscribers
    Real Time, Predictive analytics to ensure customer experience for 1B subscribers Emon Haque, Anritsu, Product Manager - Analytics & Big Data and Carlo Arioli, EMEA Big Data Marketing Manager, HPE Recorded: Mar 23 2017 58 mins
    In the last few years, telecommunications networks have experienced exponential increase in data volume, while the expected response time for analysis on those data volumes have experienced a similarly exponential decrease. Within half a decade or so, telecommunication networks have gone from Gigabytes of data and sub-minute response time to Exabytes of data and sub-second response time! At Anritsu, with the help of HPE Vertica, real time, predictive, multi-dimensional analytics solutions have been designed which are ensuring customer experience and service assurance for over 1 billion telecommunication subscribers world-wide. Join us to find out more about this innovative solution from Anritsu which utilizes the field proven, extensive analytics capabilities of HPE Vertica.
  • Don’t let legacy PeopleSoft apps create extra risk & cost for your organization
    Don’t let legacy PeopleSoft apps create extra risk & cost for your organization Gagan Bhatia, HPE Product Marketing Manager and Ali ElKortobi, Director, IM&G Product Management Recorded: Mar 15 2017 42 mins
    Attend this webinar to learn how HPE’s application retirement solution can help reduce the overall recurring cost of managing legacy PeopleSoft instances by up to 40%.

    The costs of licensing, operational, and skilled resources in maintaining legacy PeopleSoft environments can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. In addition to these costs, organizations expose themselves to various security and privacy risks associated with the improper management of employee data stored in these inactive systems.

    With HPE’s application retirement and archiving solution, you can retire multiple PeopleSoft instances while retaining seamless access to the historical data for compliance and reporting. Built on HPE’s market leading Structured Data Manager platform that relocates inactive data from expensive tier 1 production systems and legacy databases while preserving data integrity and access, you can be confident that the solution is scalable, flexible and secure.

    Join us to hear more about how HPE Structured Data Manager for PeopleSoft Enterprise can help you simplify the retirement of legacy PeopleSoft instances and reduce the cost, complexity and risks associated with managing legacy applications and data.

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