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  • Xsuite: Privileged Identity Management for Modern Enterprises
    Xsuite: Privileged Identity Management for Modern Enterprises
    Dale Gardner and Shawn Hank Recorded: Jul 30 2015 64 mins
    A seemingly never-ending string of large scale data breaches across all sectors of the economy and government have had devastating affects on countless individuals — and irreparably damaged organizations of all kinds. It’s been proven that privileged users, and the accounts and credentials they use, are a crucial element in conducting a successful attack. But it’s possible to protect those users and stop data breaches in their tracks.

    In this webcast, we’ll explain how Xsuite and privileged identity management can stop attackers at multiple points in the data breach lifecycle, preventing damage and disruption. Join us to learn:

    - Who are privileged users and why are they important?
    - How do attackers exploit privileged users and their credentials to carry out breaches?
    - See a hands-on demonstration of Xsuite and how it can manage, control, and protect privileged users and credentials and your business assets.

    Register now to join us live at 1:00 pm ET Thursday, July 30, 2015 or on demand afterwards.
  • Understanding - and Stopping - Data Breaches
    Understanding - and Stopping - Data Breaches
    Ben Butler, John Suit Recorded: Jun 24 2015 62 mins
    Over a billion records were leaked last year in online cyberattacks. While the specifics of each breach vary, in-depth analysis of successful attacks reveals a common thread – the compromise of privileged users and the thousands of accounts and credentials they rely on to manage increasingly complex hybrid enterprises. In this webcast, we’ll examine several of the highest profile breaches of the last few years, reveal the steps attackers took to gain access – and how cybersecurity teams can leverage privileged identity management to defend their environment and stop breaches.

    Join us to learn:

    -Who are privileged users?
    -How attackers exploit and compromise privileged users to gain access to sensitive systems and data
    -How to prevent attacks from succeeding through privileged identity management

    Our Panelists:

    - Ben Butler, Vice President of Business Development and Solutions Architecture, Rean Cloud
    - John Suit, Chief Technology Officer, Xceedium
  • Closing Network Backdoors
    Closing Network Backdoors
    Dale Gardner Recorded: May 28 2015 56 mins
    The Top Five Best Practices for Controlling Third-Party Vendor Risks.

    Target, Home Depot, eBay — look at almost any of the seemingly never-ending string of mega-data breaches, and you’ll find a common thread. Stolen or compromised user credentials, belonging to a privileged user with wide-ranging access to sensitive systems, served as the initial attack path. Often — in as many as two-thirds of cases — those credentials belonged to a third-party; a vendor or business partner who’s been granted internal access to your network. With those credentials in hand, attackers are free to roam about your IT infrastructure, seeking out and exploiting their ultimate goals. It’s a frustrating — and dangerous — challenge. You have to provide access to vendors, contractors, and business partners — but doing so often introduces unacceptable security risks.
    But these risks are manageable. Join us to learn the top five best practices for regaining control of third-party access, and the processes and technology necessary to stop unauthorized access and damaging breaches. In this webcast, we’ll discuss:
    • The identity, access, and security governance processes needed to protect your network
    • How to ensure positive user identification to prevent credential theft and misuse
    • Techniques to limit access to only those resources required to satisfy work or business requirements
    • Preventing the unauthorized commands — and inadvertent mistakes — threatening your network
    • Establishing monitoring procedures that flag violations and speed forensic investigations
  • Mitigating Pass-The-Hash Attacks
    Mitigating Pass-The-Hash Attacks
    Mark Bouchard and Dale Gardner Recorded: Feb 26 2015 63 mins
    Pass-the-hash and similar credential theft and reuse attacks are among the greatest security threats facing organizations today. With an impact that extends well beyond Microsoft Windows and Active Directory environments — and with no definitive means of remediation — it should come as no surprise that these types of attacks have been an underlying component of just about every targeted attack disclosed in the past several years, including those perpetrated against Saudi Aramco, Target, and The Wall Street Journal — just to name few.

    Join us Thursday, February 26th at 1 pm to learn:

    - How this highly popular and devastatingly effective class of attacks works
    - The basics of the pass-the-hash kill chain
    - An approach, based on design and administrative best practices, for mitigating attacks
    - The role privileged identity management solutions, like Xsuite, can play in implementing these practices


    - Mark Bouchard, Co-Founder and VP of Research, CyberEdge Group, LLC
    - Dale Gardner, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Xceedium, Inc.
  • Breaking The Kill Chain
    Breaking The Kill Chain
    Dale Gardner and Shawn Hank Recorded: Feb 19 2015 62 mins
    Cybercrime is a $400 billion a year undertaking, exceeding the take from drug trafficking and the GDP of many countries. And, as a string of recent incidents has shown, targeted system breaches are increasingly a tool of nation-states seeking intellectual property, dossiers on sensitive individuals, and devastating disruptions of business operations.

    But for all their variety, each of these attacks share a common thread — a kill chain that exploits privileged users and their credentials to gain access to sensitive systems. It’s the fastest and most reliable means of breaching systems — and it’s easily disrupted using processes and tools available today. Privileged identity management, with the ability to both protect credentials from theft and exploit, and to tightly control access to systems through strong authentication and access controls, is the most direct means of disrupting the kill chain and stopping attackers before they ever get started.

    Join us Thursday, February 19th at 2:00 p.m. ET to:

    - Learn why risks from system breaches — and the potential for long-lasting damages — are increasing

    - Understand how attackers exploited privileged users and their credentials in an array of recent high profile breaches

    - Master the processes and tools needed to easily disrupt attackers and stop breaches

    - See a demonstration of Xsuite, Xceedium’s award-winning privileged identity management solution

    Participants will also have the opportunity to sign up for their own hands-on evaluation of Xsuite.
  • Achieving and Surpassing PCI Compliance through Privileged Identity Management
    Achieving and Surpassing PCI Compliance through Privileged Identity Management
    Mark Bouchard, Dale Gardner, Shawn Hank Recorded: Jan 15 2015 58 mins
    The deadline for compliance with version 3 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is rapidly approaching. Much has changed from version 2 to 3, with extensive additional safeguards added to better protect the Cardholder Data Environment (CDE).

    For most environments, a privileged identity management solution like Xsuite is the only way to effectively implement the principle of least privilege for administrator-level access controls, and the granular logging of administrative activities. That, and a number of other requirements, makes privileged identity management a critical component of your PCI DSS version 3 compliance strategy.

    Join us in this hour-long webcast to learn:
    • Why privileged identity management is critical to protecting the CDE.
    • What’s changed from PCI DSS version 2 to version 3
    • How Xsuite helps organizations protect the CDE and satisfy PCI DSS version 3 requirements

    • Mark Bouchard, Co-Founder and Research Vice President of Research, CyberEdge Group, LLC
    • Dale Gardner, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Xceedium, Inc.
    • Shawn Hank, Director Systems Engineering, Xceedium, Inc.
  • Unmanaged Risk: SSH Key Management for Privileged Users
    Unmanaged Risk: SSH Key Management for Privileged Users
    Dale Gardner and Shawn Hank Recorded: Jan 8 2015 62 mins
    Globally, cybercrime costs are estimated to exceed $400 Billion. A seemingly never ending string of security breaches have led to the theft of hundreds of millions of credit and debit card records, private personal information, and sensitive intellectual property. The situation has reached crisis proportions.

    Analysis of incidents reveals privileged users and their credentials are at the core of every security breach. But in responding to the threat, most organizations have overlooked a critical vulnerability – the countless number of digital SSH keys used to access and manage systems across data centers and the cloud. Largely unmanaged and uncontrolled, these keys provide unbridled access to resources and pose significant security and compliance risks.

    Join us for an interactive, hour-long webcast on Thursday, January 8th at 1 p.m. ET in which we'll reveal the risks SSH keys can pose to your organization – and how to regain control. In the webcast, you'll learn:

    • How keys are used to enable secure access to resources across the data center and in the cloud.
    • The risks unmanaged keys can pose to an organization’s sensitive resources.
    • The role of key management in demonstrating compliance with mandates like PCI DSS.
    • How Xsuite helps get control of, and protect, privileged user SSH keys.

    Register now to attend the live presentation on Thursday, January 8th at 1 p.m. ET, including a demonstration of Xsuite's key management capabilities.
  • Securing Privileged Access to the Software Defined Data Center
    Securing Privileged Access to the Software Defined Data Center
    Rob Randell, John Suit, Shawn Hank Recorded: Nov 18 2014 62 mins
    Join VMware and Xceedium for a hands-on demonstration of the latest in privileged identity management technology. The software-defined data center is inevitable, and is a proven model for running highly agile, secure, and cost-effective data centers. VMware NSX is a major new technology platform in the migration to software-defined infrastructure. NSX builds fine-grained and dynamic security controls right into the OS fabric. Now you can learn more about how Xceedium and VMware have collaborated to extend Xceedium’s Xsuite Privileged Identity Management solution to support the NSX network virtualization platform. Join us in this one-hour webcast to learn more about VMware NSX and how it enables enhanced security, and to watch demonstrations of how Xceedium’s Xsuite helps extend NSX with:

    • Centrally Managed Roles and Policy-Based Privileged User Access Control
    • Password and Access Key Management
    • Privileged User Single Sign On
    • Full Audit Trail and Session Recording
    • NSX Management API Protection and Logging

    • Rob Randell, Director of Systems Engineering/Principal Architect, VMware
    • John Suit, Chief Technology Officer, Xceedium
    • Shawn Hank, Director, Systems Engineering, Xceedium
  • Privileged Identity - The Core Of The Kill Chain
    Privileged Identity - The Core Of The Kill Chain
    Shawn Hank, Director Systems Engineering Group Recorded: Aug 18 2014 58 mins
    In the past 12 months, 110 million Americans have been impacted and 432 million accounts compromised in data breaches. We see the same thing in breach after breach – the compromise and exploit of privileged user credentials. It's not surprising, then, that gaining access to those credentials is a critical element of successful attacks. Join Xceedium's Shawn Hank to learn:

    - The central role privileged identity and credentials play in the intrusion kill chain.
    - How privileged identity was compromised in several well known breaches, and the results that followed.
    - How to protect privileged identities with technology and best practices.
  • High Assurance Security for Privileged User Management
    High Assurance Security for Privileged User Management
    Ken Ammon, Daniel Turissini, and Sander Temme Recorded: May 22 2014 59 mins
    It’s long past time cloud-based applications transition away from shared secrets for authentication. The risks are just too high, especially when it comes to protecting sensitive privileged user credentials, and powerful management consoles and APIs. But the same infrastructure that allows for the distribution of SSL certificates is also widely available to issue strong digital signature credentials. And those powerful credentials would dramatically reduce the impact of vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, and coordinated attacks such as the Target breach. Stolen and mis-used credentials, like userids and passwords, were the Number One way to gain access to unauthorized access to information and systems, according to the 2014 Verizon Data Breach Report.

    Join us for this live webcast, Thursday, May 22 at 11 am ET, when our expert panel will discuss:

    •The risks stolen and misused credentials pose to organizations of all kinds.
    •Growing compliance and audit requirements driving a more secure approach
    •The solution, widely available today, that eliminates many of the vulnerabilities that plague traditional authentication approaches.
    •An approach that enables logical PIV/CAC access across the enterprise – data center and the cloud.

    Register here.

    Our Panelists include:

    •Ken Ammon, Chief Strategy Officer, Xceedium
    •Daniel Turissini, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, WidePoint Corporation
    •Sander Temme, Senior Product Line Manager, Thales e-Security

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