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Business Intelligence and Analytics

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  • Venture Investing and Entrepreneurship with David Siegel
    Venture Investing and Entrepreneurship with David Siegel David Siegel, Angel Investor and Serial Entrepreneur Recorded: May 24 2017 59 mins
    David has been an angel investor for 20 years and has worked with Steve Jobs, Ed Catmul, and others in Silicon Valley. He played a significant role in the development of the Worldwide Web, has written five books, and coaches startups. Last year he was a candidate to be the next dean of Stanford business school. This year, he’s starting his 22nd company.

    In this 60-minute webinar, you'll learn what really causes startups to fail, why you shouldn't build an MVP, explore how you can use Kanban to improve team coordination, why understanding your market is more important than understanding your product, raising money from crazy investors, why you shouldn't go to business school, and building an agile culture. Here are some of his writings:




    This webinar is for both early-stage investors and entrepreneurs at all levels.
  • IT Relevance in the Self-Service Analytics Era
    IT Relevance in the Self-Service Analytics Era Kevin McFaul and Roberta Wakerell (IBM Cognos Analytics) Recorded: May 23 2017 61 mins
    There’s no denying the impact of self-service. IT professionals must cope with the explosive demand for analytics while ensuring a trusted data foundation for their organization. Business users want freedom to blend data, and create their own dashboards and stories with complete confidence. Join IBM in this session and see how IT can lead the creation of an analytics environment where everyone is empowered and equipped to use data more effectively.

    Join this webinar to learn how to:

    · Support the analytic requirements of all types of users from casual users to power users
    · Deliver visual data discovery and managed reporting in one unified environment
    · Operationalize insights and share them instantly across your team, department or entire organization
    · Ensure the delivery of insights that are based on trusted data
    · Provide a range of deployment options on cloud or on premises while maintaining data security
  • Makeover Monday: improving the way we visualize data, one chart at a time
    Makeover Monday: improving the way we visualize data, one chart at a time Andy Kriebel, Head Coach at The Data School, Tableau Zen Master & Eva Murray Tableau Evangelist at EXASOL, Tableau Trainer Recorded: May 15 2017 63 mins
    Join Andy Kriebel and Eva Murray to hear about #MakeoverMonday, the popular social data project linking hundreds of members from the global data visualization community in an effort to create better charts and more useful data stories.

    In this webinar Andy and Eva will share how Makeover Monday not only results in thousands of better data visualizations, but also helps people find their 'voice' in the community and land their dream jobs all while becoming better analysts and story tellers.

    They will also discuss the challenge for week 20, present their own makeovers, and the design and thought process that went into them.
  • Fighting Fraud with Graph Databases
    Fighting Fraud with Graph Databases Kaush Kotak, Project Manager Cambridge Intelligence; Gehirg Kunz, Project Manager, Datastax Recorded: May 10 2017 55 mins
    The need to combat fraud can make or break a company. Threats are at an all-time high, but thankfully so are the availability of tools to help us combat them. Modern fraud detection has significant engineering challenges. From managing the ingestion and scale, to the analysis of those patterns in real-time.

    ✓ How companies are fighting fraud using systems with graph technologies at their core.

    ✓ Tools, workflows, and techniques that drive critical tasks like fraud detection and regulatory compliance.

    ✓ A live demo of Cambridge Intelligence’s KeyLines technology, showing a visual approach to transforming data from DSE Graph into valuable intelligence that helps to detect, predict and prevent fraud.
  • Power BI Data Analytics and Visualization
    Power BI Data Analytics and Visualization Priyanka Mane, Technology Consultant at Saviant Consulting Recorded: May 8 2017 47 mins
    Join this webinar to learn:

    1. What is Power BI?
    a. More power to Business Inteligence

    2. Why Power BI?
    a. Analytics
    b. Visualization

    3. How?
    a. Which data sources we can connect and analyse with Power BI?
    b. How to connect those data sources to Power BI?
    c. What is the role of R as a data source?
    d. How to visualise and Analyse?
    i. Design skills
    ii. Tips and tricks
    iii. Analytics patterns
    1. Custom visuals
    2. R Custom visuals (Predictive Analytics)

    4. What about Backend Management?
    a. Excel / Azure SQL / Azure Storage or Other
    b. Custom Tables / Columns / Measures
    i. What / Why / How?

    5. Power BI Updates
    a.Monthly Updates
    b. Power BI Community for queries and request/issues updates
    i. How to use this?
  • Blockchain and Identity Rights: GDPR and Passwordless Authentication
    Blockchain and Identity Rights: GDPR and Passwordless Authentication Ben Matthews (BCS Consulting), Taylor Gerring (Ethereum), Greg Jendroszczyk (Piwik PRO), George Wilson (Tallysticks) Recorded: May 4 2017 60 mins
    The discussion of data and identity rights is not a new one. However, with the upcoming GDPR in May 2018, the questions on the future of self-sovereignty are on the rise.

    Blockchain technology has been predicted to become a major gamechanger to how we address security concerns with data protection and authentication. With banks and other financial institutions holding some very precious data, it has never been more apt than now, to discuss the challenges head-on.

    Join this panel where experts will tackle:

    -How is Blockchain securing the Internet?
    -Biometrics vs password authentication
    -Should users have full control of their identity?
    -How can Blockchain help with KYC/AML challenges?
    -The Impact of GDPR on the Financial Services community: How do banks and FinTech start-ups prepare?
  • Video Interview: Rethinking BI in the era of AI and Machine Learning
    Video Interview: Rethinking BI in the era of AI and Machine Learning Naveen Miglani, CEO and co-founder of SplashBI & Ina Yulo, Senior Content Strategist, BrightTALK Recorded: Apr 27 2017 15 mins
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    BrightTALK discussed with Naveen Miglani, CEO and co-founder of SplashBI, the relationship between BI and digital transformation.

    Among topics covered:

    1. What is the future of BI?
    2. What are the implications of AI and machine learning on BI?
    3. What's the impact of digital transformation in the BI sector and vice versa?
    4. What can organisations do today to best prepare for all the changes?
    5. What are the key challenges for businesses in adopting and implementing a BI solution?
    6. What's the role of IT now in a self-service BI environment?
    7. Where are we seeing the most ROI when purchasing a BI reporting tool?

    About the speaker:
    Naveen Miglani is the CEO and Founder of Splash Business Intelligence and EiS Technologies. Naveen has more than 25 years of industry experience, including corporate strategy, service offerings, and business intelligence. Prior to joining EiS Technologies, Naveen held leadership roles at GE Energy and Oracle Corporation, as well as worked across many departments, including IT, Management, Business Development, Marketing, and Finance. Naveen holds a BS in Engineering and an MBA with a major in Information Systems and International Business from Mercer University.
  • Introduction to Pretotyping: Cutting-edge innovation with David Siegel
    Introduction to Pretotyping: Cutting-edge innovation with David Siegel David Siegel, Innovator, Investor, and Strategist Recorded: Apr 26 2017 54 mins
    Pretotyping is a growing technique for fast innovation, faster than developing an MVP. Pretotying is about doing the hardest part first, and the hardest part is almost always getting people to change their habits and try something new. Pretotyping allows you to experiment cheaply and look for market signals that you can then build into.

    In this one-hour webinar, you'll learn what pretotyping is, the six main forms, how to iterate quickly, and much more. You'll learn why pretotyping is usually better than building a prototype or an MVP, and how several of today's successful products came out of a pretotyping experiment. Applies equally to physical and digital products and services.

    This is for anyone interested in fast innovation: start-ups, marketers, intrapreneurs, product managers, and more. Pretotyping is a powerful tool that should be in every innovator's toolkit.

    David Siegel is a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur living in Switzerland. He played a significant role in the development of the Worldwide Web, has written five books, and coaches startups. He is now leading an open-innovation company focused on blockchain and the decentralized economy.
  • Using 3D, Virtual Reality and Social Virtual Worlds for Data Visualisation
    Using 3D, Virtual Reality and Social Virtual Worlds for Data Visualisation David Burden - CEO, Daden Limited, An Immersive Learning and Visualisation Company Recorded: Apr 26 2017 44 mins
    This presentation will look at the new opportunities being opened up for the visualisation of data within both personal and collaborative 3D spaces, delivered to mobile, browser, desktop, virtual reality and social virtual world/social virtual reality environments. The pros and cons of both 3D and VR environments for the creation and sharing of data visualisations will be considered, tools which let you do dataviz in 3D and VR today presented, and future development pathways discussed.
  • Tensorflow: Architecture and use case
    Tensorflow: Architecture and use case Gema Parreño Piqueras. AI product developer Recorded: Apr 21 2017 49 mins
    The webinar drives into the introduction of the architecture of Tensorflow and the designing of use case.

    You will learn:
    -What is an artificial neuron?
    -What is Tensorflow? What are its advantages? What's it used for?
    -Designing graphs in Tensorflow
    -Tips & tricks for designing neural nets
    -Use case

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