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  • Real-time Streaming Analytics: Value, Use cases and Architectural considerations
    Real-time Streaming Analytics: Value, Use cases and Architectural considerations
    Anand Venugopal, Senior Director - Big Data and Analytics Solutions Recorded: Apr 16 2014 48 mins
    Enterprises are realizing that the opportunity of data analytics is maximum when the data is fresh and represents the "current reality" of operations or customer experience. The business value of data dramatically falls with its age.

    As IT and line-of-business executives begin to operationalize Hadoop and MPP based batch Big Data analytics, it's time to prepare for the next wave of innovation in data processing.

    Join this webinar on analytics over real-time streaming data.

    You will learn about:
    •How business value is preserved and enhanced using Real-time Streaming Analytics with numerous use-cases in different industry verticals
    •Technical considerations for IT leaders and implementation teams looking to integrate Real-time Streaming Analytics into enterprise architecture roadmap
    •Recommendations for making Real-time Streaming Analytics – real – in your enterprise
    •Impetus StreamAnalytix – an enterprise ready platform for Real-time Streaming Analytics
  • Leveraging NoSQL to Implement Real-time Data Architectures
    Leveraging NoSQL to Implement Real-time Data Architectures
    Vineet Tyagi, Impetus and Robert Greene, Oracle Recorded: Mar 26 2014 48 mins
    Real-time architectures have been changing as new technologies emerge and network bandwidth request latencies improve.

    Caching solutions, once table stakes in the real-time architecture, are giving way to newer NoSQL database technologies.

    Join this webinar by Oracle NoSQL product team and Impetus

    During this session we will:
    •Present trade-offs of using different approaches to achieve a real-time architecture
    •Closely examine an implementation of a NoSQL based real-time architecture
    •Share specific capabilities offered by NoSQL Databases that enable cost and reliability advantages over other techniques
  • Maturity of Mobile Test Automation: Approaches and Future Trends
    Maturity of Mobile Test Automation: Approaches and Future Trends
    Amitabh Srivastava, Head of Mobile R&D - Impetus and Larry Pearson, VP of Marketing - Impetus Recorded: Mar 12 2014 48 mins
    It is no secret, comprehensive mobile application testing is the business-critical last mile on the road to success.

    However the testing for multi-platform application presents businesses with a number of serious challenges that can affect product quality, time-to-market, and profitability.

    Various mobile test automation approaches have evolved recently - from unit, image, instruments, object based test automation to hybrid.

    Join this webinar to get current view and future trends in mobile test automation.

    We will talk about:

    •Mobile test automation challenges
    •Evolution of test automation challenges from unit tests to image based and object comparison methods
    •What next?
    •Impetus solution approach for comprehensive mobile testing automation
  • Resolving the Big Data ROI Dilemma - "Exploring the Unknown Vs Executing a Plan"
    Resolving the Big Data ROI Dilemma - "Exploring the Unknown Vs Executing a Plan"
    Anand Venugopal, Senior Director of Business Development, Big Data (Impetus Technologies) Recorded: Jan 24 2014 47 mins
    Businesses today are struggling to resolve the Big Data dilemma - "Exploring the Unknown for Hidden Insights Vs. Executing a Well Defined Plan with Clear ROI"

    One view point presents the opportunity of Big Data in the (unpredictable) journey of exploratory analytics to uncover hidden insights; and on the other side, the demands of fiscal prudence require justifying the value and ROI upfront, for securing the budget.

    This webinar for CIOs and IT leaders will explore potential approaches for a Big Data rollout plan for all stakeholders, based on real life experience at several Fortune 500 and market leading companies.

    You will receive:

    - A low risk adoption pathway for Big Data Analytics, balancing exploration and execution
    - Key factors involved in producing a Big Data Business case
    - Best practices in executing a proof-of-value project
    - An approach to solve the business, IT and corporate ownership dilemma
    - A plan for on-going and long term data innovation program

    ---------------- Celebrating the Data Innovation Day 2014-----------------
  • Real-time Predictive Analytics for Manufacturing
    Real-time Predictive Analytics for Manufacturing
    Vivek Ganesan, Sr Architect at Impetus Labs and Yue Cathy Chang, Sr Director of Business Development Recorded: Dec 6 2013 48 mins
    What is powering the shift in the role and responsibility of the CIO at manufacturing companies? From bringing efficiencies and being a business enabler, the CIO’s office can now help to reshape production, products and services to better meet customer needs through the use of real-time predictive analytics.

    Real-time predictive analytic solutions have the potential to significantly reduce manufacturing defects, improve process yield and asset performance. It can also help in predicting and reducing down-time of field deployed products.

    Join this Impetus webinar to learn:
    •The business value of predictive analytics
    •How real-time analytics is enabling ‘intelligent-data’ driven manufacturing
    •A Reference Architecture and real world examples based on the experiences of Impetus Big Data architects
    •A step-by-step guide for successfully implementing a predictive analytics solution
  • Webinar - Performance Testing Approach for Big Data Applications
    Webinar - Performance Testing Approach for Big Data Applications
    Mustafa Batterywala - Performance Architect at Impetus Technologies Recorded: Dec 4 2013 49 mins
    Ensuring that a Big Data application is reliable and scalable is a critical business consideration. The ROI that a Big Data project delivers is often the direct result of meeting performance requirements at scale.

    During this webinar, Impetus experts will share their experiences with performance testing of Big Data applications. This is the result of their work with several Fortune 500 and market leading enterprises.

    By attending this webinar, you will receive:

    •A solution approach to measure performance and throughput of Big Data applications
    •Insights into areas to focus for increasing the effectiveness of Big Data performance testing
    •Tools available to address Big Data specific performance related challenges
  • Addressing Performance Testing Challenges in Agile : Process and Tools
    Addressing Performance Testing Challenges in Agile : Process and Tools
    Siddhartha Tungare, Lead Performance Engineer, Impetus Technologies Recorded: Jul 3 2013 46 mins
    Application stakeholders, programmers and testers are now treating performance as a primary consideration at every stage of SDLC.

    With more and more organizations moving to Agile software development, performance testing needs to start as early as analysis and designing. Application performance depends on the system design and should be taken up during sprints for quality deliverables.

    To remain efficient in an Agile environment, you will need to change the way you are used to managing your performance testing.

    Join us for this webinar where we will present the approach, tools and solutions that can help in integrating performance testing with Sprints.

    The audience will get introduced to:
    •How to plan performance testing in agile projects?
    •How to automate end-to-end performance testing cycle?
    •How to identify bottlenecks during core development?

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