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42 Rules

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  • 42 Rules for Building a High Velocity Inside Sales Team
    42 Rules for Building a High Velocity Inside Sales Team
    Lori Harmon, Laura Lowell Recorded: Jan 13 2014 14 mins
    Author and inside sales expert Lori Harmon will discuss the rules from her new book. Learn how to create Inside Sales Teams that deliver quantum
    results. Topics include Strategy & Planning, Getting Started, Leading, Managing, and Optimizing resources for optimum results.
  • Build A Business With A Book
    Build A Business With A Book
    Mitchell Levy and Laura Lowell Recorded: Aug 26 2013 29 mins
    A book is the best marketing investment you can make. It gives you a platform to grow your business. Everyone who reads your book is a potential customer and there is nothing more effective as a marketing giveaway than a book.

    Many people dream of writing a book but most people never put pen to paper. Discover the the depth of value a book (or series of books) can create for your business.

    Attendees will learn how a book:

    *Can make you an instant expert.

    *Can help you build a brand.

    *Can drive lead generation.

    *Can increase revenue with both new and old clients.

    *Can help you get speaking engagements.

    *Can be repurposed into many different types of content.

    Whether you write the book yourself, have your clients or partners provide content, or have it ghostwritten, you will be informed and inspired by the stories and lessons of others who have had success with books.

    About Your Presenter:

    Mitchell Levy, CEO, Thought Leader Creator, and Publisher at THiNKaha®, has started and run fifteen firms and partnerships since 1997. He and his teams focus is to help turn corporate experts into thought leaders. He is a physical and eBook publisher (225+ titles) and an Amazon best-selling author with eighteen business books including “42 Rules for Driving Success with Books (2nd Edition)”. Mr. Levy is a frequent media guest and a popular speaker. In addition to the companies/joint ventures he's started, Mr. Levy has provided strategic consulting to over 100 companies, has advised over 500 CEOs on critical business issues through the CEO networking groups he's run, and has been Chairman of the Board of a NASDAQ listed company.
  • Social media has changed the game for marketing professionals.
    Social media has changed the game for marketing professionals.
    Michael Procopio, Peter Spielvogel and Natascha Thomson Recorded: Jan 9 2013 32 mins
    Have you changed yours? In this recorded webinar, the authors of “42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing” will discuss the latest trends in social media and how to use it to advance your company’s goals -- and your career. With over 20 years of combined experience in social media, the authors will share success stories and best practices for mixing social media into your marketing plan, leveraging the top social media channels, and generating leads.
  • We're counting on YOU: Taking over a failing project & pulling off a big win
    We're counting on YOU: Taking over a failing project & pulling off a big win
    Pam Fox Rollin, Author "42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role" Recorded: Oct 17 2012 29 mins
    You've said yes to taking over a big complex and failing project for your company. You have to herd cats who don't actually work for you, separate the smoke from the fire and figure out what really needs doing, make frustrated people cooperate with each other, build the support of skeptics and slackers, and somehow achieve a win while you still have executive support, team attention, budget to burn, and a market opportunity worthy of all this hard work.

    What you'll learn:

    * Simplify and sharpen outcomes
    * Craft the compelling story in words and metrics
    * Honor agendas to gain doers and champions
    * Monitor risks and model healthy paranoia
    * Celebrate mini-wins and sprint to DONE
  • A Look At The Latest Features In The New Version of Google Analytics
    A Look At The Latest Features In The New Version of Google Analytics
    Rob Sanders Recorded: Jun 21 2012 31 mins
    Are you curious, lost, confused or naive about the latest changes with Google Analytics? Look no further. This 42 Rules webinar will focus on the latest features found in the new Version of Google Analytics. You will come away with a better understanding of the tools and features most valuable for your business.
  • Publishing 2.0 and the Rise of the E-book
    Publishing 2.0 and the Rise of the E-book
    Laura Lowell and Mitchell Levy Recorded: Mar 14 2012 33 mins
    The Publishing industry has undergone some significant changes. Join us for the 30 minute webcast with Publisher Mitchell Levy to learn the reasons behind the shift and what it means to both readers and authors.

    Mr. Levy will discuss:

    - The changing face of the publishing industry - traditional, self-published and new Hybrid model (Pub 2.0)
    - The impact of technology - on writing, publishing, distributing and marketing
    - Why everyone seems to be turning to e-books

    Attendees will receive a free 42Rules e-book of their choice.
  • The Mechanics of Your Personal Brand
    The Mechanics of Your Personal Brand
    Laura Lowell Recorded: Jan 31 2012 28 mins
    Do you need a tagline? What about a new logo? Photos or illustrations? Building a brand isn't as easy as it looks. A well designed brand is like a well designed car – lovely to look at, lots of power, and can really take you places. The power of a brand is based on how well it can convince people to buy your stuff. There are countless definitions of what a brand is, and regardless of your definition, if the brand doesn’t help you sell more stuff then it isn’t doing its job. All brands are built with three essential elements: Personality, Message and Identity. Join Laura Lowell as she discusses the specific elements required to develop and communicate your personal brand - Personality, Message and Identity.
  • Actions Drive Revenue - How To Create a Call To Action that Drives Action
    Actions Drive Revenue - How To Create a Call To Action that Drives Action
    Laura Lowell Recorded: Jan 10 2012 32 mins
    The call to action on a website or other marketing materials is a critical factor in making the sale. In this webcast Laura Lowell will cover the following steps to making your call to action as productive as possible:

    1. Asking Permission: getting the customer to give us permission to communicate with them.
    2. Addressing Objections: helping the customer overcome their immediate objections to your solution.
    3. Building Relationships: supporting the customer's decision making process until the sale is made.
  • 5 Things You MUST Do To Make 2012 Your Most Profitable Year Ever!
    5 Things You MUST Do To Make 2012 Your Most Profitable Year Ever!
    Laura Lowell Recorded: Dec 6 2011 29 mins
    Have you achieved your business goals this year? How about your personal goals? If you're like most people you have made progress on some, and left others unrealized. It doesn't take much to get yourself start off on the right track.

    Join us to learn the top 5 Things you can do immediately to set your business up for your most profitable year ever. In this webcast, you will learn:

    1. How to nail down objectives that really matter
    2. Which audience is your most profitable
    3. What messages does your audience really care about
    4. Which marketing tools work best for your audience
    5. How to make progress every day

    This webcast is for you if you have a business and haven't been meeting your yearly goals. Join me and let's work together towards a successful 2012!
  • 42 Rules for Outsourcing your Call Center
    42 Rules for Outsourcing your Call Center
    Geoffrey A. Best Recorded: Dec 5 2011 26 mins
    In this economy businesses continue to search for ways to reduce spending and increase profits while still providing excellent service to their customers. Outsourcing their call center is one solution they can and should consider says author Geoffrey A. Best.

    Attendees to this free webcast will hear Geoffrey share some of the rules that will include practical approaches for planning, implementing, and outsourcing call center operations.

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