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  • How to Create An Agile Content Factory for Continuous Publishing
    How to Create An Agile Content Factory for Continuous Publishing Ann Rockley and Charles Cooper, The Rockley Group Recorded: Jun 22 2017 62 mins
    Agile is a rapidly growing method for the development of software. It emphasizes rapid iteration and adaptability. But Agile is no longer just about software—agile is being adopted by organizations in many industries to enable them to be lean and responsive. The traditional content process to create, review, approve, translate, and deliver simply takes too long and is unsustainable.

    Join me, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler and my special guests, Ann Rockley and Charles Cooper of The Rockley Group for this free, one-hour webinar. Ann and Charles will discuss how a new agile process is required to develop modular, nimble content, how to significantly shorten the content lifecycle, iteratively translate content, and then publish continuously.


    Ann Rockley is CEO of The Rockley Group. She has an international reputation for developing multichannel content strategies and digital publishing solutions. She has been instrumental in establishing the field in content strategy, content reuse, intelligent content strategies for multichannel delivery, and content management best practices.


    Charles Cooper is VP of The Rockley Group and has over 20 years of experience in quality assurance and over 16 years of experience in eContent, user experience, taxonomy, workflow design, composition, and digital publishing.
  • How to Get Everyone on the Same Page and Adopt a Unified Content Strategy
    How to Get Everyone on the Same Page and Adopt a Unified Content Strategy Kathleen Pierce and Lynn Carrier Recorded: Jun 22 2017 58 mins
    As companies grow, so does their content, creating a content conundrum, where there are hundreds or thousands of files but no one can find what they need. The key to overcoming this challenge is to create dynamic systems that deliver personalized content, but that is much easier said than done. CMS tools like MadCap Flare drive efficiency and reuse for professional writers, but about a third of the content in a typical ecosystem is created by “Subject Matter Expert" writers using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and even the writing groups don’t always have the time they need to be really innovative with their tools.

    Join me, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and my special guests, Lynn Carrier and Kathleen Pierce, for this free, one-hour webinar. Kathleen and Lynn came at this content problem from complementary angles—improving the content-creation and the content-delivery engines for customers and the field.

    You’ll come away from this talk with practical ideas for taking a smart approach to personalization; getting SME authors on board with best practices; using low-end tools to show the possibilities and make the case for further investment; and taking advantage of the right tools to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time, every time.
  • Customer Journey Mapping for Omnichannel Content
    Customer Journey Mapping for Omnichannel Content Noz Urbina, Global Content Strategist Recorded: Jun 22 2017 60 mins
    After over 15 years working on multichannel-friendly, personalization-friendly, and future-friendly content, Noz Urbina has latched firmly on to customer journey maps (CJMs) as today’s most vital content technique.

    A customer journey map goes beyond static personas and helps diverse content stakeholders to design content plans and models that deliver the right type and level of content to the right user when and where they need it. CJMs bring together large amounts of user information and map it out to support improved content structures, content types, and editorial plans that work across channels and siloed touchpoints.

    Join me, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and my special guest, Noz Urbina, global content strategist, for this free, one-hour webinar. Attendees will learn how to more effectively communicate with agencies, partners, subject matter experts, and other content creators; how to collaborate across teams on personalization-ready content; how to build future-friendly content models and content plans; and how to get more leverage out of your content assets over time and across devices.


    Noz Urbina is a globally recognized leader in the field of content strategy and a customer experience consultant who can effectively bridge organizational and user goals. Noz is well-known as a pioneer in customer journey mapping and adaptive content modeling for delivering personalized, contextually relevant content experiences in an omnichannel environment. He is a co-author of the book “Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits” with Rahel Anne Bailie, and a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences. Noz has coached teams, developed processes, and spearheaded solutions that have helped some of the world’s largest organizations leverage their content assets to stand out in their sectors while avoiding headcount increases and wasted costs.
  • Collaborating on Content: Overcoming the Silos
    Collaborating on Content: Overcoming the Silos Christian Gericke, CMO for smashDOCs Recorded: Jun 22 2017 55 mins
    Silos and collaboration are usually posed as contrasts against each other. But in reality, they don’t have to be. Do you know how you can harness the power of silos to create efficient collaboration? It begins with addressing the silo "frame of mind."

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, Christian Gericke, Chief Marketing Officer at smashDOCs as he reveals the key methods of helping companies in every industry become more effective in their cross-team creation process.

    You will not only learn the cautionary tales about silos but also how they are essential to a company’s health and how to "use tech" rather than simply "have tech." Collaboration occurs when embracing the challenges of silos and moving with their power, rather than fighting against them.


    —Silos may be dangerous, but they are also essential, and when their power is harnessed, it leads to collaboration and accountability
    —It's a mistake to assume "having" tech is the same as it using tech effectively
    —Speedy collaboration is a competitive edge in achieving long-term business success


    Christian Gericke is the CMO for smashDOCs and a volunteer for Translators without Borders who manages this challenge both online and offline. Christian spent the last 25 years in various management positions in the document and information management industry for companies such as Acrolinx, HP, and Exstream Software.
  • Making It So: The Hard Work of Developing a Unified Content Strategy
    Making It So: The Hard Work of Developing a Unified Content Strategy Toni Mantych Recorded: Jun 21 2017 58 mins
    Knowing what needs to be done and achieving it are dramatically different things. While there’s consensus that carefully and deliberately establishing and articulating a content strategy for a product, an organization, or an enterprise is a good thing, execution remains an elusive holy grail.

    Join me, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and my special guest, Toni Mantych for this free, one-hour webinar. In this session, we’ll take a look at real challenges—logistic, political, and technical—faced as one Fortune 300 company undertook to develop a “unified content strategy” across functional groups (documentation, training, knowledge management) and divergent content.

    We will discuss techniques and strategies such as emphasizing common goal of client/user satisfaction to unite groups with different historical foci; employing data-driven decision-making to ensure good decisions but also to relieve organizational bias, and using charters and other project management tools to identify, celebrate, and effectively make use of the unique skills, perspectives, and assets of each participating group.


    Toni Mantych solves client problems with content, and content problems with technology. She is currently Director, Technical Project and Portfolio Management at ADP. In that role, she oversees content strategy and architecture projects and leads the Information Architecture and Content Strategy team for the Information Development Services group (IDS). Over the last five years, Toni has spearheaded the adoption of the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) and component content management within IDS and ADP.
  • Adopting a Unified Content Strategy at Morgan Stanley
    Adopting a Unified Content Strategy at Morgan Stanley Ena Gordon, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Recorded: Jun 21 2017 48 mins
    Would you like to know how to break down content silos, why content that is cross-functional benefits end-users, and when to produce content by segment?

    Join me, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and my special guest, Ena Gordon, Vice President for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management for this free, one-hour webinar. Ena's presentation will demystify the steps needed to move a large organization away from traditional siloed content production approaches and toward a unified content strategy. She will examine how Morgan Stanley adopted a unified content strategy and she will share best practices and lessons learned along the way.


    Ena Gordon is content strategist that specializes in transforming content strategies built for paper into dynamic webified experiences.
  • Mapping Content to the Customer Journey: 5 Keys to Success
    Mapping Content to the Customer Journey: 5 Keys to Success Adam Helweh and Kevin P. Nichols Recorded: Jun 21 2017 64 mins
    Every interaction with prospects and customers is an opportunity to delight and inform. Content plays one of the biggest roles in creating outstanding customer experiences. Connecting customer and content can be a challenge. All organizations, whether B2C or B2B, should develop customer journeys with the intent of building a relationship with the customer. Doing so will allow you to leverage these journeys within your content planning and creation processes.

    Join me, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and my guests, Adam Helweh and Kevin P. Nichols for this free, one-hour webinar designed to describe and define the modern customer journey and explore the role content plays in fueling how prospects and customers interact with your brand at each stage.

    Attendees will learn what a modern customer journey actually looks like; why relying on a linear or funnel approach isn't as helpful as you might think and what is the impact of providing the right content at the right time to prospects and customers alike. In addition, Adam and Kevin will talk about the role content plays in shaping customer experience, how to use a customer journey map for effective content planning and creation, and what you need to create a customer-journey content map.


    Adam Helweh is the CEO and founder of Secret Sushi Creative. He specializes in and is deeply passionate about, the convergence of design, social and technology to provide businesses with more intelligent and human ways to connect with customers to grow sales.


    Kevin P. Nichols is an award-winning thought leader, digital industry enthusiast, and author with more than twenty-two years of professional experience. As a team leader at SapientNitro Kevin grew of one of the oldest global content strategy teams into one of the largest and most successful in the world. Currently, Kevin is Executive Director of Experience at AvenueCX, a consultancy specializing in enterprise content strategy.
  • Overcoming Content Delivery Challenges
    Overcoming Content Delivery Challenges Scott Abel, Noel McDonagh, Lawrence Orin, and Joe Gelb Recorded: Jun 21 2017 61 mins
    Join me, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, for a panel discussion designed to help you identify—and overcome—typical challenges associated with product content delivery. I'll chat with Noel McDonagh (Dell EMC), Lawrence Orin (Riverbed), and Joe Gelb (Zoomin Software) about the lessons they have learned that you can use to develop a streamlined content delivery process that takes advantage of modern content creation and management practices, standards, tools and technologies.

    Attendees will learn:

    *the practical challenges of moving to a delivery platform
    *the main drivers for adoption of dynamic content delivery (and the problems
    associated with implementing it)
    *strategies for getting management buy-in
    *tips on building an implementation team
    *metrics you collect
    *potential organizational pitfalls and risks
  • The Holy Trifecta of Global Content Success
    The Holy Trifecta of Global Content Success Val Swisher, Global Content Strategist Recorded: Jun 20 2017 57 mins
    The Holy Trifecta of Content is the intersection of managed terminology, structured authoring, and translation memory. If you have these three components of content under control, your content will be easier to read in every language, easier to translate, easier to locate, and easier to create.

    Join me, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, for this presentation with Val Swisher, CEO of Content Rules. Val will focus on the Holy Trifecta of Global Content Success, how the components work together, and why they are critical factors for successful global content. You’ll leave with an understanding of how terminology, structure, and translation memory work and how paying attention to all three factors will help your customers provide better content in any language.


    Val Swisher is the Founder and CEO of Content Rules, an end-to-end content services provider who helps customers plan and execute their global content strategy, create content in structured and non-structured environments, and prepare content for translation.

    Val is a global content strategy thought leader and an expert in making source English content global-ready. In addition to running Content Rules, Val is on the Executive Board for Translators without Borders, where she is responsible for creating and running the Simplified English program. Translators without Borders works with non-governmental organizations to provide critical, life-saving translations for humanitarian causes around the globe.

    Val is also the co-producer of Information Development World and a featured presenter at many online and in-person events. Val’s third book, “Global Content Strategy: A Primer,” was published by XML Press in 2014.
  • Global Content Management Simplified – 5 Steps to Success
    Global Content Management Simplified – 5 Steps to Success Matt Grotenstein, VP of Client Development, Acclaro Recorded: Jun 20 2017 52 mins
    Managing global content across your organization and across multiple languages, locales, and platforms can get complex. In this session, we’ll discuss five steps you can take to simplify and automate this process while increasing speed-to-market and international brand exposure. With global expansion comes complexity in managing multilingual, digital content across locales. This session provides insights into what solutions can be put in place to ease that complexity, across the organization, while setting up for brand success across cultures

    Join me, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and my special guest, Matt Grotenstein, VP of Client Development at Acclaro, for this presentation. Matt will show you how to prioritize content for localization, how to implement automated workflows for faster time-to-market, successfully speak in your brand's voice across cultures, and how to measure impact across the organization.


    Matt Grotenstein, Acclaro’s VP of Client Development, has co-founded several industry-leading software and finance companies. He currently leads a team of seasoned sales professionals to understand client challenges and provide smart solutions, drawing insight from an extensive background in international communication. Being an expert in global business communication, translation technology, and software localization, he sits on the Board of the translation industry non-profit Red-T, while offering guest lectures at the Baruch College School of Communication.

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