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As the popularity for neoteric crowd-financing methods such as P2P lending and crowdfunding continues to mount, we are witnessing the rapid disintermediation of Wall Street. As a result, traditional banking and brokerage revenue models are becoming obsolete, conventional capital raising techniques are no longer viable, and investor demand for alternative assets is escalating. The objective of this webinar channel is to ensure that both the financial community as well as the investing public are properly prepared to capitalize on this imminent market transformation.

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Creating Liquid Secondary Markets for Crowdfinance and Newly Public Small Caps Industry leaders will discuss creating liquidity for crowdfinanced offerings and newly public small caps. Key discussion points will include the new legislation to increase tick sizes, building a solid base of aftermarket support and new venture exchanges for emerging companies. Read more >
May 20 2014 5:00 pm
60 mins

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  • Join us for this timely and informative webinar as key sponsor of the JOBS Act, Congressman Patrick McHenry as well as industry influencers, David Feldman and Sam Guzik, illustrate how Reg A can play a critical role in facilitating capital formation.
    Key discussion points will include:
    Can Reg A Crowdfinanced Offerings replace the conventional small cap IPO?
    Examining Tier 1 and Tier 2 Reg A offerings
    Exempting Reg A from state blue sky laws
    Reg A Crowdfinance versus Title III Crowdfinance
    Is a JOBS Act 2.0 in our imminent future?
  • Ron Suber gave the Prosper Keynote Presentation at CrowdFinance 2013 on December 17, 2013. This informative presentation describes Prosper's Peer-to-Peer and Peer-to-Business lending and provides an overview of the latest developments in the the industry.
  • CrowdFinance 2013 was held in New York City on December 17, 2013 and was one of Wall Street's major events for the year, covering the revolutionary new methods of online funding.
    This stellar panel featured Wall Street Veterans discussing the coming trends in DPO's and IPO's and features Bruce Ryan, Vice Chairman of Source Capital, Greg Vigrass, President ofFolio Institutional, Mark Elenowitz, the CEO of Banq, Ben Miller, the Co-Founder of Fundrise, and Richard Salute, former managing partner at Cohn Reznick. The panel was moderated by Gene Massey, CEO of MediaShares. More info: and and
  • CrowdFinance 2013 was held in New York City on December 17, 2013 and was one of Wall Street's major events for the year, covering the revolutionary new methods of online funding.
    Dara Albright is the Editor-in-Chief of Nowstreet Wire, the Co-Founder of Lendit, and the Chief Communications Officer of Crowdnetic, the main event sponsor. In this 20 minute video, Dara walks us through the history of our current financing revolution and she also illustrates the future methodologies that will transform our financial markets. Crowdnetic: Nowstreet Wire:
  • With high volatility and low interest rates driving retail investors away from public stock markets and conventional banks, more and more investors are turning to their peers for investment returns. Today, crowdfinance asset classes such as p2p & p2b lending are luring investors with higher yields. Even though crowdfinance continues to gain popularity, most investors and many financial advisors are unaware that these alternative asset classes can be purchased, tax free, in retirement accounts. Join us for this informative webinar as industry leaders: Ron Suber, Head of Global Institutional Sales at Prosper Marketplace; Jim Jones, Founder of the Self-Directed IRA Investment Institute and Doug Lawson, CEO of Kingdom Trust, show investors how to maximize retirement growth with p2p investing.
  • In this video, Gene Massey from MediaShares moderates a panel of experts on the Crowdfunded IPO: David Weild former NASDAQ Vice Chairman, Bruce Ryan from Source Capital Group, Rich Salute from Cohn Resnick, and Doug Ellenoff from Ellenoff, Grossman And Schole.
  • In the same way that crowdfinance has been transforming global credit and equity markets, it is now making its way to the real estate market and forever changing the way commercial properties are funded and built. Pioneers including Fundrise, Realty Mogul and RealtyShares are taking an asset class once reserved for the financially privileged and making it available to the general public. Join us for this informative webinar where the industry pioneers will discuss how they are revolutionizing the real estate market by providing the public with the ability to invest directly in properties and help foster local economic development.
  • This Nowstreet December 2012 Conference featured MediaShares CEO, Gene Massey, giving a presentation on the history of The Women Who Shaped Wall Street, from the earliest days to present day.,
  • Since 2006, the P2P & online lending industry has been experiencing rapid proliferation. Lending Club and Prosper, America’s two largest P2P lenders have now surpassed $2B in loan origination. And the industry continues to garner immense attention from Wall Street veterans, technology giants as well as the financial media.

    This is a must-attend webinar for wealth managers, financial advisors and both institutional & retail investors looking for portfolio yield as well as investment bankers, individuals and business owners looking to raise debt financing in a hostile bank lending environment.

    This timely & informative webinar will cover:
    •Overview of the P2P & Online Lending Industry
    •The rapid growth of P2P & Online Lending
    •Capitalizing on the industry’s expansion
    •Interpreting Google’s recent investments into Lending Club & OnDeck
  • Joy Schoffler, an experienced fundraiser and principal of Leverage PR, will share her in-depth experience in community building and public relations. Prior to launching any crowdfunding campaign, startups should have a solid network of supporters from their own social networks to contribute on day 1. Starting is the hard part – but with a solid plan, any entrepreneur with a solid business plan and a great idea can use crowdfunding to make it to the next level.

    Rose Spinelli, accomplished journalist and crowdfunding consultant, will discuss how to attract media attention to a crowdfunding campaign.

    Alon Goren, CEO and co-founder of fundraising platform InvestedIn, will give advice to entrepreneurs, non-profits and anyone interested in rewards-based crowdfunding on how to make the most of their fundraising campaigns. Donations- and Rewards-based crowdfunding has exploded over the past two years, with some companies raising millions of dollars in pre-sales for their startups and creating a supportive community in the process. Alon is a strong believer in the power of social enterprise and will give insights into the best marketing and community-building tactics for organizations to be successful fundraisers online.

    This is a must-attend webinar for any business looking to raise capital via any type of crowdfunding.

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