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Dell Cloud

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  • Simplifying Desktop Virtualization: What IT Managers Need to Know
    Simplifying Desktop Virtualization: What IT Managers Need to Know
    Adam Hakimi, DaaS Services Solution Architect, Dell & Lee J. Gould, End User Computing Services Architect, Dell Recorded: Oct 23 2013 46 mins
    Find out how you can use Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to increase business continuity and staff productivity — without the usual effort and complexity. The Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution is an easy, affordable way to deploy and manage virtual desktops that are available anywhere, anytime. It even supports bring-your-own-device (BYOD) mobility.

    Register now for this informative webinar to learn more about VDI business use cases and how you can implement a desktop strategy in as little as 7 days.
  • On-Demand High Performance Computing
    On-Demand High Performance Computing
    Ram Joginpalli, Business Development Director, Cloud, Dell, Inc. and Brian Kucic, Business Principal, R Systems, NA, Inc. Recorded: Jun 6 2013 51 mins
    Cloud promises elastic, capacity on demand. But, the explosion of data, research platforms and computational challenges continues to create strain on IT resources. Cost-effectively leveraging limited resources is particularly difficult for compute-intensive industries such as Life Science, Engineering, Retailing, Manufacturing or Oil & Gas. How do you to align performance compute directly to project periods and technology refresh cycles so that you can optimize resources and take advantage of the fastest compute technology available?

    Join this webinar to see how organizations are using Dell HPC Cloud as a flexible high-performance compute solution that is faster to deploy, easier to scale, and requires less capital and operating investment.

    In this informative webinar you will:
    - Discover how customers are using HPC Cloud today
    - Learn about the discovery & solution process for High Performance Computing
    - Uncover the value HPC and how Dell solutions HPC with the customer
  • Cloud Security: Don’t Throw Caution to the Wind
    Cloud Security: Don’t Throw Caution to the Wind
    Mark Wood, Dell SecureWorks and JD Sherry, Global Director, Technology and Solutions, Trend Micro Recorded: Jun 6 2013 52 mins
    What is the cost of your proprietary data falling into the wrong hands? Did you know that today, the number one security threat in the cloud is data breach? What are your plans to secure your information the cloud? While organizations are rapidly turning to the cloud to reduce costs, provide greater flexibility and quickly ramp up support of business needs, security still remains a top concern.

    As a leading provider of information security services, Dell and its partners can provide you with expert guidance and critical security controls to protect your infrastructure, applications and data. Join us for an informative discussion that will separate fact from fiction, and help you secure your information in the cloud.

    In this webinar, security practitioners will help you:
    - Discover technological and other tools to mitigate threats in the cloud
    - Understand the types and nature of security threats
    - Learn about Dell’s unique integrated approach to cloud security, leveraging SecureWorks and Trend Micro
  • Compliance Exclusive:  What Healthcare Can Teach Business about the Cloud
    Compliance Exclusive: What Healthcare Can Teach Business about the Cloud
    Kevin Linderman, Private Cloud; Marty Edwards, Compliance; Brandon Swain, Security; Carrick Carpenter, Healthcare, Dell Recorded: Jun 6 2013 52 mins
    Few industries are exposed to the kind of regulation rigor that exists today in healthcare. HIPAA places tight regulations on electronic patient health information (ePHI), and as more data is digitally managed, providers have experience increasing costs and risks associated with ePHI management. The emergence of community clouds in the healthcare industry have provided a more sustainable and scalable model . With consumers demanding greater responsiveness and transparency from their providers and suppliers, there is much that businesses in other sectors can learn from the success of healthcare community clouds. We will showcase a case study of King’s Daughters Medical as an example of one company’s experience and the value they have realized.

    Join this webinar to:
    - Discover the risks, vulnerabilities, and challenges facing providers who must be HIPAA-compliant.
    - Learn the role that secure, cloud-based computing can play in helping healthcare organizations.
    - Understand how Dell Cloud Dedicated and community cloud strategies can help your business
  • Experience Collaboration and Sharing With Dell Cloud Service for SharePoint
    Experience Collaboration and Sharing With Dell Cloud Service for SharePoint
    Buck Avey, Director, X-as-a-Service, Dell, Inc. Recorded: Jun 6 2013 42 mins
    You understand the value in Microsoft® SharePoint® as a proven tool for sharing and collaboration. Still, you are not convinced that the resource requirements for implementation, installation, start-up and ongoing management of the SharePoint software and hardware infrastructure make it worth the effort. Cloud sounds like the perfect solution, but how can you ensure your data is safe?

    At Dell, we understand these business challenges. Join us to find out how Dell Cloud Service for SharePoint safely allows customers to experience the full capabilities of the most powerful enterprise collaboration software without having to acquire, standup and maintain the required infrastructure.

    In this webinar you will:
    - Learn how SharePoint 2013 enhances productivity while reducing operational complexity and improving time-to-market
    - Understand the key features of enterprise-class cloud security
    - Discover the benefits of deploying SharePoint in the cloud
  • How IT and Developers Can Join Forces to Innovate in the Cloud
    How IT and Developers Can Join Forces to Innovate in the Cloud
    Barton George, Director, Developer Programs and John Willis, Director, Cloud Management, Dell Inc. Recorded: Jun 6 2013 59 mins
    Developers have gained considerable power within companies and are now making key architectural decisions like the programing language(s), platform (OS), middleware as well as how data is stored. Given that it is the developer’s software that drives business advantage, it comes as no surprise that they have become the respected partners of the business, perhaps at the expense of central IT, in leading the company’s defacto cloud strategy. However, in order to really drive the scale of innovation that provides a sustainable competitive advantage – developers and business leaders cannot go it alone, they must work together with IT. While the goals of developers and IT operations often seem at odds, organizations must seek to reduce these conflicts or risk impeding the pace of innovation. Join this session to discover how understanding the needs of each side and leveraging the processes, tools and procedures that underlie “DevOps,” will enable both teams to work together to better serve the business and ultimately the customer.

    In this session you will learn about:
    - How developers rose to power
    - The key principles, tools and procedures of DevOps
    - How working together helps reduces friction, increases velocity and improves customer outcomes
    - How developers, IT and business can work together to implement and drive innovation through the Cloud
  • Is Cloud Meeting Your Expectations? Today’s Results….Tomorrow's Promises
    Is Cloud Meeting Your Expectations? Today’s Results….Tomorrow's Promises
    Roy Ritthaler, Director of Cloud Marketing and Michael Cote, Director of Software and Cloud Strategy, Dell Inc Recorded: Jun 6 2013 58 mins
    According to IDC, cloud revenue is growing at more than 25 percent a year, and will reach $55.5 billion by 2014. I think we can agree that cloud is here to stay, but is your organization seeing the results they expected? This session will show customer success in adopting cloud; time/cost savings, and improvements to the quality of life. There will also be a discussion on up-and-coming cloud trends and how Dell is addressing these and simplifying the process with Dell best practices, cloud enabled hardware, software and services.

    Join this session to:
    - Discover how organizations like yours are successfully adopting cloud and seeing real business results
    - Understand future trends that can affect your organization, and hear how Dell is addressing these with the right solutions: hardware, software and services
    - Learn 3 key steps in making cloud adoption work best for your organization

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