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  • Improved Cluster Performance: Proactive Support with SmartSense 1.3 Improved Cluster Performance: Proactive Support with SmartSense 1.3 Paul Codding, Sr. Product Manager, Hortonworks Recorded: Oct 20 2016 49 mins
    Hortonworks launched SmartSense to help customers quickly collect cluster configuration, metrics, and logs to proactively detect issues, and expedite support case resolution. In this webinar, Paul Codding, Senior Product Manager for SmartSense will walk the audience through the new functionality that has been launched as part of SmartSense 1.3. Learn how SmartSense 1.3 changes the game for HDP operators and help them make better business decisions to manage their clusters.
  • How to manage Hortonworks HDB resources with YARN How to manage Hortonworks HDB resources with YARN Hortonworks; Pivotal Recorded: Oct 19 2016 49 mins
    Part three in a five-part series, this webcast will be a demonstration of the integration of Hortonworks HDB and Apache Hadoop YARN. YARN provides the global resource management for HDB for cluster-level hardware efficiency, while the in-database resource queues and operators provide the database and query-level resource management for workload prioritization and query optimization. This webinar will focus on demonstrating the installation process as well as discuss the various YARN and HDB parameters and best practice settings.
  • The Power of Data Achieved The Power of Data Achieved Saama and Hortonworks Recorded: Oct 18 2016 56 mins
    Fueled by ever-changing customer behaviors and an increasing number of industry disruptions, the modern enterprise requires analytics to stay ahead of the game. Today’s data warehouse needs continuous enhancements to address new requirements for advanced analytics, real-time streaming data, Big Data, and unstructured data. The focus should be on developing a forward-looking, future-proof view and holistically addressing the combination of forces that are impacting the existing operational model. Join Hortonwork’s Eric Thorsen and Saama’s Karim Damji on Tuesday, October 18th at 10 am PT to learn about:

    Trends that are driving the need for analytics modernization
    Business outcomes and ROI on modernization projects
    Leading edge data platforms and tools for analytics.
  • A Paradigm Shift to Business as Usual: Real-Time DataFlows in Record Time A Paradigm Shift to Business as Usual: Real-Time DataFlows in Record Time Anna Yong, Haimo Liu; Hortonworks Recorded: Oct 18 2016 57 mins
    How real-world enterprises leverage Hortonworks DataFlow to enable new business opportunities, improve customer retention, accelerate big data projects from months to minutes through increased efficiency and reduced costs.
  • Getting to the Goal of Big Data Faster: Enterprise Readiness for Data in Motion Getting to the Goal of Big Data Faster: Enterprise Readiness for Data in Motion Ali Bajwa, Hortonworks Recorded: Oct 13 2016 55 mins
    Big data projects are only as valuable as their results - and the path it takes to get there isn't always easy. Join us to learn about enterprise readiness features of Hortonworks DataFlow 2.0 with Ambari and Ranger for integrated installation, deployment and operations of data in motion components for streaming analytics of Apache NiFi, Kafka and Storm.
  • HPE and Hortonworks Partner to Transform Manufacturing Operations HPE and Hortonworks Partner to Transform Manufacturing Operations Dave Russell, Hortonworks; Gilles Noisette, HPE Recorded: Oct 13 2016 63 mins
    Optimizing manufacturing processes ultimately revolves around increasing output at reduced cost and improved quality. Manufacturers try to minimize inventory levels by scheduling just-in-time delivery of raw materials, but even the smallest miscalculation can cause stock-outs that lead to production delays. Sensors andRFID tags can capture supply chain data, but this creates a large, ongoing flow data. Hadoop can cost-effectively store this unstructured data, providing manufacturers with greater visibility into their supply chain history, and greater insight into longer term supply chain patterns. This gives manufacturers more lead time to adjust to supply chain disruptions, as well as helps reduce costs and improve margins on finished products.

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Hortonworks have a strategic partnership to help manufacturers realize their modern data architecture. Join us for this webinar on Thursday,October 13 at 10:00 AM BST and learn how Hortonworks leading enterprise-ready open data platform in combination with HPE’s leadership position in the worldwide x86 server market provides manufacturing organizations with proven solutions to help transform manufacturing processes.
  • Make Your Big Data Ecosystem Work Better for You Make Your Big Data Ecosystem Work Better for You Mark Lochbiler, Hortonworks Recorded: Oct 12 2016 48 mins
    HDF Webinar Series: Part 2 of 7

    Learn how Hortonworks DataFlow and the HDF Certification Program make it easier and faster to integrate different systems together, with highlights on the latest processors added to Apache NiFi for Kafka, IoT, Slack, and more, all designed to accelerate your big data project and free-up resources for innovation.
  • Solving Credit Card Fraud Challenges with Hadoop Solving Credit Card Fraud Challenges with Hadoop Vamsi Chemitiganti, Hortonworks & Choudhury Arindam, Capgemini Recorded: Oct 11 2016 62 mins
    The Global Credit Card industry is rapidly changing and the participants are increasingly facing new challenges with exploding volumes, regulatory pressures and new entrants competing for the market share. The industry has responded to these challenges by looking at avenues to cut costs, increase efficiencies and provide better, safer products and services to attract new and retain existing customers. To help our customers address this challenge, Hortonworks and Capgemini are collaborating to create a suite of Credit Card Analytics solutions designed to enhance decision making by leveraging all of the data available including customer data, transactions, third party data, open data, government data, location data, social data, etc. The first solution in this suite of solutions is focused on Credit Card fraud.

    Fraudulent behaviours evolve and so must the solutions that are used to detect them. Traditional rules based anti-fraud systems are no longer equipped to handle large volumes of data that is required to adapt to and detect the evolving fraud patterns. Identifying fraudulent behaviors is increasingly becoming more complicated and validating all transactions based on traditional technologies represent scaling challenges.

    Join Hortonworks and Capgemini as they discuss:
    – How the joint anti-fraud solution can support your business throughout the entire credit card transaction life cycle
    – How we can help increase fraud detection accuracy using Predictive analytics and run it real time
    – Why leading organizations are choosing Hortonworks Data Platform as the platform of choice for fraud detection
  • Learn Hadoop with Hortonworks Sandbox Learn Hadoop with Hortonworks Sandbox Rafael Coss; Robert Molina Recorded: Oct 10 2016 61 mins
    Hortonworks recently released the Hortonworks HDP 2.5 Sandbox, a free, comprehensive, easy-to-use, hands-on learning environment that provides the fastest onramp for anyone interested in learning, evaluating or using Apache Hadoop™ and the extended ecosystem in an enterprise.

    Join us in this interactive webinar as we discuss and demo features of the Hortonworks Sandbox, including:

    -How to download and use the Sandbox tutorials.
    -How to upload your own datasets to test and validate the use of Apache Hadoop.
    -Demos of features and use cases for your very own Hortonworks Sandbox.
  • Introduction to Hortonworks DataFlow Introduction to Hortonworks DataFlow Haimo Liu, Aldrin Piri; Hortonworks Recorded: Oct 6 2016 59 mins
    HDF Webinar Series: Part 1 of 7

    Learn about Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) and how you can easily augment your existing data systems - Hadoop and otherwise. Learn what Dataflow is all about and how Apache NiFi, MiNiFi, Kafka and Storm work together for streaming analytics.

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