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Julie L. Mohr

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  • [Expert Panel] How to "Fast Forward" ITSM to Support the Digital Enterprise
    [Expert Panel] How to "Fast Forward" ITSM to Support the Digital Enterprise
    Chris Chagnon, Julie L. Mohr, and Matt Klassen Recorded: May 30 2018 60 mins
    Digital transformation is about more than just technology. It’s about preparing your business to operate in an increasingly digital world. In order to remain competitive and attract customers, businesses must transform how they operate.

    Join us for this live panel discussion with IT service management industry experts and IT leaders as they discuss the latest trends shaping service management and share compelling stories of reinvention.

    Speakers include:
    Chris Chagnon - ITSM Application and Web Developer and PhD candidate at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Chris has produced award winning IT service management systems, was recognized as one of HDI’s Top 25 Thought Leaders in Service Management, and combines his business experience and academic research to continually innovate the field of ITSM.

    Julie L. Mohr - Julie is a dynamic, engaging change agent who brings authenticity, integrity, and passion to practitioners worldwide. Her purpose is to spark change in the world with thought-provoking dialog and interaction. Julie has a B.S. degree in computer science from The Ohio State University, a MaED from the University of Phoenix, and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Management and Organizational Leadership in Information Systems & Technology from the University of Phoenix. She is an ITIL Expert, Certified Help Desk Director, and Certified Governance IT Professional.
  • Feed the Bots: Strategies to Improve Chat Bots through Knowledge
    Feed the Bots: Strategies to Improve Chat Bots through Knowledge
    Julie L. Mohr Recorded: Apr 24 2018 62 mins
    Chatbots rely on programming known questions and answers into the system to make them more effective. The more we know about the questions our customers ask, the more information we have to feed to the Bots and increase their intelligence.

    To improve the success of capturing the proper knowledge and improving self-service, knowledge must be captured in the workflow using the context of our customer. Knowledge captured using our customer's language will improve the success of artificial intelligence and improve the success of offering a new chatbot channel for support.

    In this webinar, we will uncover strategies to improve your existing implementation of chatbots or help you to develop a successful implementation strategy. It's time to feed our bots with knowledge management interactions.
  • Your CRM Isn't a Silver Bullet: Customer Engagement Strategies That Work
    Your CRM Isn't a Silver Bullet: Customer Engagement Strategies That Work
    Julie Mohr, Marie Ruzzo, and Erica Marois (moderator) Recorded: Sep 14 2017 60 mins
    With an affinity for smartphones and messaging apps, consumers are changing the way they engage with businesses. Customers are more demanding, highly informed, and communicate with brands on a variety of platforms. As this behavior drives to an increasingly digital experience, businesses are struggling to keep pace.

    Businesses have looked to their CRM platforms to get closer their customers, but customer engagement cannot be achieved through CRM alone. Businesses need a more robust strategy to connect and keep pace with the new era of customer engagement.

    In this webinar, we discuss how to:

    * Create personalized experiences to engage customers on a new level
    * Leverage AI to deliver exceptional customer support
    * Empower agents to support more complex interactions and retain customers
  • CEM Meets ITSM: A Customer Service Week Event
    CEM Meets ITSM: A Customer Service Week Event
    Julie Mohr Recorded: Oct 7 2015 58 mins
    Gain a better understanding of the total customer experience! In this webinar, Julie Mohr will cover the core concepts of customer experience management, including the five steps of the CEM framework:

    1) Analyzing the experiential world of the customer
    2) Building the experiential platform
    3) Designing the brand experience
    4) Structuring the customer interface
    5) Engaging in continuous innovation

    After exploring the concepts of CEM, we will analyze how CEM can add value to ITSM in the areas of service desk, incident management, and problem management. Learn how to put the customer back into the service!
  • Continual Professional Development, in or out?
    Continual Professional Development, in or out?
    Eddie Vidal & Doug Tedder Recorded: Sep 22 2015 50 mins
    Continuing Professional Development can play a key role in career advancement and open you up for potential opportunities. How much time to you dedicate to it depends on various factors. Is the return on investment worth it? Does it help advance your career? Maybe you are a career learner. Join Doug Tedder and Eddie Vidal and hear their opinions on on your drive home on September 22, 5 PM Eastern. Our guest, Julie Mohr, will also discuss her own professional development roadmap. To register for this podcast click on the following link; https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/845/172483

  • The ROI of Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement Programs
    The ROI of Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement Programs
    Julie Mohr Recorded: Oct 17 2013 59 mins
    Your customers are important, and keeping them happy can be a significant challenge. How do you prove that keeping your customers happy is worth the investment? How much investment is required? To answer these questions, think about how you learn about customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Are they calling with complaints or compliments? Are they loyal customers, or are they taking their business to your competitors?

    You need this information to decide when, where, and how to allocate resources. In this webcast, Julie Mohr will explain how you can quantify return on investment for customer satisfaction and use that data to drive continuous improvement.
  • The Five C's of Service Catalog Management
    The Five C's of Service Catalog Management
    Julie L. Mohr, International Speaker and Author Recorded: Apr 10 2013 45 mins
    The Five C's of Service Catalog Management: Customer, Communication, Commitment, Change, and Culture

    While the Service Catalog is one of the most important tools to understanding the value of a service provider, many implementations fail to tackle the important aspects of adoption. This session uncovers the critical role that the service catalog plays in organizational change. We will explore the important and often overlooked five C's of Service Catalog Management:

    * Developing a stronger understanding of the customer
    * Communication strategies
    * Establishing commitment from all stakeholders
    * Integrating the catalog into the change management process
    * Moving to a service-based culture
  • Manage Service Investments in the Professional Service Organization
    Manage Service Investments in the Professional Service Organization
    Julie L. Mohr, International Speaker and Author Recorded: Dec 5 2012 47 mins
    Does your company provide IT services to external customers? Are you making the right decisions on what services you invest in to run, grow and transform your business? In this session, we will discuss the importance of the service catalog to the external service provider and the importance of integrating the catalog into strategic decisions on how to better serve your customers and maximize your capabilities in the market.
  • The Service Desk: Open for Business
    The Service Desk: Open for Business
    Julie L. Mohr, International Speaker & Author and Mark Galligan, itSMF USA Recorded: Aug 7 2012 47 mins
    After nearly half a decade of economic turbulence the Service Desk remains the center piece of the “way in” and often the “way out” of today’s IT Operations. With staffing cuts, freezes, an increasing volume of work and a need to improve operating effectiveness while increasing operating efficiencies, how can today’s Service Desk survive and even thrive?

    Please join Julie Mohr and Mark Galligan in an open presentation and discussion of how Service Desk’s are rising to today’s business challenges.

    Topics of conversation:
    - Today’s IT Service market place
    - Open for Business
    - Being passionate about Service Desk services (‘cause the sane ones quit)
    - Your IT Store Front – (Self Service)
    - Investing in technology simplification
    - Recursive issues
    - Share your experiences

    About Julie and Mark
    Julie is passionate about service & support management providing imaginative insight & dynamic leadership to transform service & support organizations into best practice, customer-focused environments. She is an expert instructor, a certified Helpdesk Director and certified ITIL® Service Manager/Expert. Julie is the author of Mapping Support Processes: Blueprint for Success, The Help Desk Audit: Blueprint for Success, The Help Desk Toolkit: Companion CD & The Help Desk Dictionary.

    Mark is a dedicated IT professional and is passionate about improving IT operations and the services it offers. He has over 25 years of leadership, management and technology experience improving technology operations, IT services and customer satisfaction while reducing operating expense for Fortune 500 companies. Mark is an active member of the Information Technology Service Management Forum and the Help Desk Institute, and is currently serving as the communication chair for both organizations local chapters.
  • A Holistic Approach to Change Management
    A Holistic Approach to Change Management
    Julie L. Mohr, International Speaker and Author Recorded: Jun 14 2012 48 mins
    Are you tired of hearing about how to implement Change Management and yet when you try it something is still missing? In this session, instead of talking about the perfect implementation of Change Management we take it back to the basics and figure out what is really needed to make Change Management successful. Using a whole-earth approach we will cover the basics, why they are important and what you have to do to make Change Management work. This is a session not to be missed by all Change Managers.

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