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  • Panel: Windows XP is Dead - A Hacker's Field Day for SMEs?
    Panel: Windows XP is Dead - A Hacker's Field Day for SMEs?
    Sean Cody, BSD/Open Systems Guru; Ian Trump, CEO, Octopi Managed Services; Theo Baschak; ISP Network Operations Enthusiast Recorded: Feb 19 2014 35 mins
    The Windows XP Era started on October 25, 2001 and 13 years later there are many questions about Windows XP in a post Microsoft support world. These questions remain unanswered and the deadline is quickly approaching. Will stopping XP support lead to a hacker field day? Will embedded systems become more vulnerable to attack?

    Join this expert panel to discover the answers to all these questions.Join the discussion and find out whats lurking in your business doorway as Open Systems Guru Sean Brody and CEO of Octopi Managed Services, Ian Trump paint a fresh picture in the wake of Windows XP's imminent retirement.
  • Thwart the Bad Guys with Advice from the Security Experts!
    Thwart the Bad Guys with Advice from the Security Experts!
    Sean Cody BSD/Open systems Guru; Kevin Lund Citrix & Hosted services architect; Ian Trump CEO Octopi Managed Services Recorded: Dec 4 2013 45 mins
    The technological landscape has never been more diverse. Join our panel of IT experts to learn how cyber security professionals defend small and medium businesses from a host of increasingly sophisticated threats. The panel will discuss how you can protect your business from these threats and answer your questions around cyber security.
  • IT Security: The Coming Cloud Wars
    IT Security: The Coming Cloud Wars
    Frank J. Ohlhorst, IT Journalist Recorded: Oct 8 2013 43 mins
    Security threats are on the rise and end points are now the targets of complex attacks. Can you make the cloud an effective ally for defending endpoints and networks from the latest blended threats?

    Today’s cloud based solutions combine patch management, antivirus and content filtering to insulate systems from the most complex threats around. Join this webcast to find out the best practices for making the cloud your security ally.

    About the speaker:
    Frank J. Ohlhorst is an Author, Analyst, Journalist and IT Consultant with extensive experience with enterprise IT technologies. Frank is a regular contributor to industry leading publications, such as eWeek, CRN, Infoworld, Various TechTarget publications and many other B2B magazines. Frank is also an Analyst for GigaOM, and writes white papers, case studies and technology tips for multiple IT technology vendors.
  • Don’t be an easy target! Multi-layer your IT security
    Don’t be an easy target! Multi-layer your IT security
    Ian Trump, Chief Technical Officer for Octopi Managed Services Inc Recorded: Sep 19 2013 28 mins
    With the growth of targeted phishing attacks, Advanced Persistent Threats and even Malware as a Service how can small and mid-sized companies keep up? With tight budgets and IT professionals stretched, to cover more with less, what level of confidence do you have in your IT security? Infiltrating a bigger company takes much more effort, but a smaller business, with vulnerable defenses can make an easier target.

    In this webcast we will review and examine the threats facing networks today; including internal threats, malware, Internet-based and cyber-attacks. The basic methodology of each threat and how to mount effective counter measures, with a multi-layered approach to security.
  • Don’t let the bad guys win! Addressing the IT security challenge
    Don’t let the bad guys win! Addressing the IT security challenge
    Travis Homi, Barclay Rae Recorded: Aug 27 2013 34 mins
    Security is paramount at Central Bank & Trust; more so, since a virus got in and did some damage. Travis Homi, IT Manager at the bank shares his experiences around keeping the network secure; the challenges he faced, the cloud-based solution he put in place and what he learned along the way. Join Travis, in our live webcast, hosted by Barclay Rae, an independent ITSM consultant and put your own questions to Travis during the live Q&A.
  • Don’t get stuck in the technology trap
    Don’t get stuck in the technology trap
    Barclay Rae, Brett Lipensky Recorded: Jul 18 2013 27 mins
    Learn how you can take control of your technology and business strategy with cloud-based software services. In this webcast we will discuss the challenges of technology, experts, costs and upgrades that are not just time-consuming, but which impact and limit business development and strategy. We will look at the advantages of SaaS and how GFI has solved the problem with GFI Cloud.

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