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Accounting and Tax

  • Managing Global Transfer Pricing Documentation Requirements Managing Global Transfer Pricing Documentation Requirements Leila Szwarc, TMF Group, Joel Cooper, DLA Piper, Reka Orban, DLA Piper, Joe Stanley-Smith, ITR/TPweek Recorded: Nov 28 2016 66 mins
    Looking at the importance of efficiently managing your global transfer pricing documentation requirements, we will look at the different types of documentation such as master file/local file and country-by-country and look at managing the requirements in practice. TMF Group's Global Head of Compliance and Strategic Regulatory Services, Leila Szwarc will welcome guest speakers from DLA Piper who will look in depth at select countries including the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Hong Kong sharing information on a few key deadlines.
  • Govtech - DocuSign Webinar Govtech - DocuSign Webinar Howard Hill, Information Technology Manager, Alameda County Teja Vora, Product Marketing Director, DocuSign Recorded: Nov 23 2016 62 mins
    Join Government Technology magazine, DocuSign and Howard Hill, IT Manager for Alameda County for an informative discussion of the latest trends in saving time and money through process modernization.

    The discussion will include:

    Improving Services to Constituents
    Data Security Considerations for Digital Transactions
    What Type of Process is a Candidate for DTM?
    And more…
  • Five Cases to Change the Way You Practice Five Cases to Change the Way You Practice Gary Kessler, Esq. Recorded: Nov 16 2016 62 mins
    Stay ahead of the game and listen as Attorney Gary Kessler shares details of five cases that will surely make you think twice about some of the practices you have in place at your firm. You will leave this webinar with an understanding of the types of claims that happen to firms like yours.
  • Internal Audit and Third Party Risk Internal Audit and Third Party Risk Tim Leitz, Regional Practice Leader for Risk Advisory Services, Experis Finance Recorded: Nov 16 2016 63 mins
    Regulators acknowledge the risks associated with vendor relationships and have demanded that business leaders monitor and take responsibility for the actions of their vendors through various laws and standards such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the FCPA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, as well as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements and CFPB guidance.

    Consequently, vendor management is currently at the forefront of organizational risk management priorities and Internal Audit needs to address vendor management and third party risk in their audit planning and execution.

    In this presentation, you will:
    - Gain an understanding of the potential risks that may arise from the use of third party service providers
    - Identify the basic elements of an effective third party risk management program
  • Top Ten Trouble Spots for Accountants Top Ten Trouble Spots for Accountants Wilhelm Dingler Recorded: Oct 27 2016 59 mins
    Wilhelm Dingler has provided legal counsel to thousands of professionals over the past 30 years. During this webinar Attorney Dingler will discuss the Top Ten Trouble Spots for Accountants.

    Bookkeeping services.
    Objectivity and personal contact with an audit client.
    Lack of an engagement letter.
    Lack of clarity of the work to be performed.
    Tax advice beyond area of expertise.
    Fiduciary duty claims.
    Lack of internal procedures for follow-up.
    Advising more than one party to a transaction.
    Lack of disclaimers in prepared financial statements.
    Failure to keep current in ones education and training.
  • Auditing Corporate Culture Auditing Corporate Culture Alec Arons, National Practice Leader, Risk Advisory Services, Experis Finance Recorded: Oct 26 2016 61 mins
    The subject of auditing Corporate Culture is gaining a higher level of visibility among board and audit committee members in response to increased concern among regulators and investors. There is a clear "Expectation Gap" that exists between management, boards and third parties as it relates to management ownership of internal controls.

    The topic goes well beyond the assessment of entity level controls and the discussion of Tone at the Top associated with review of regulatory compliance, ICFR and COSO 2013. The presenter will share his perspectives gained over a 30 year career on the topic of educating management as to its responsibilities regarding promoting an effective system of internal controls.

    This webinar features Alec Arons, National Practice Leader, Risk Advisory Services. He will:
    - Provide background and perspective on the underlying regulations and expectations
    - Discuss lessons learned from the implementation of COSO 2013 and the 2015 PCAOB inspection process relating to the expectation gap
    - Introduce the topic of soft controls and define indicators of good culture
    - Introduce tools to perform an assessment of corporate culture
    - Share practical recommendations to address performing an audit
    - Review the role of the Audit Committee in evaluating corporate culture
  • The Relevance of Business Continuity Management The Relevance of Business Continuity Management Jeffrey Butler, Risk Advisory Services for Experis Finance Recorded: Oct 13 2016 60 mins
    Why is Business Continuity Management (BCM) relevant to your organization? BCM is most relevant to organizations seeking to mitigate exposure to emerging global risk and trends. Learn the "value added" role of Internal Audit.

    After attending this webinar, you will be able to:
    •Understand the importance of Business Continuity Management to your organization
    •Discover the emerging global risks and trends that could impact the viability of your organization
    •Learn the "value added" role of Internal Audit as it relates to Business Continuity Management
  • Root Cause Analysis Level 1 and 2 Root Cause Analysis Level 1 and 2 Suzanne Crouch Recorded: Oct 3 2016 30 mins
    Suzanne Crouch, Director of Training at Sologic will deliver a 40 minute webinar on Root Cause Analysis combining level 1 and level 2: Senior Investigator. Suzanne will speak about the cause-effect relationship of events and the impact they have on your job role and your organisation. RCA identifies ways to stop negative events reoccurring, while examining successful events to help you replicate their positive characteristics.

    RCA Level 2; Senior Investigator: creates understanding of the critical elements needed to lead an effective investigation, produce credible results, and the steps required to protect the credibility and integrity of the investigation team, the problem owner, and any impacted parties.
  • Risk Management Loss Control - Emerging Trends Risk Management Loss Control - Emerging Trends Stephanie Sessions Perkins, Esq Recorded: Sep 29 2016 66 mins
    These days it’s not unusual for headlines to highlight matters where professionals such as CPAs are accused of malfeasance in work performed for clients. But, still many CPAs carry liability coverage as a necessary “but I will never really need it” evil that they may carry more out of habit than real risk. You may even think it—meaning lawsuits or claims—can't happen to you. After all, accounting seems like a fairly predictable industry. While that may even be true, even the best practitioners can find themselves caught unaware. In fact, this view can be lethal to a practice. Savvy CPAs know that as the profession expands the services it provides in an effort to compete in a global economy, their exposure may also increase, or at least change. The types of risk simply evolve along the way, and so professionals should be prepared. From information security to new laws and policies, it's critical to stay on top of the trends. While predicting risk trends in an uncertain future is never easy, especially with respect to a profession with such diverse talents and services, this timely and informative webcast will discuss some of the trends giving rise to risk for today's accounting professional, and will also provide you with guidance and suggestions for reducing the likelihood of an engagement problem down the road.

    This program, presented by Stephanie Perkins, a well-seasoned and experienced litigator and risk management advisory counsel to the profession], will help you face the challenge by offering practical risk-management suggestions, such as contract and engagement-letter drafting and guidance on formulating document-retention policies, and we provide consulting services on issues such as electronic documentation and expansion of scope of services. The program will also cover the risks associated with areas such as:
    -Data Protection
    -Engagement Documentation
    -Wealth Transfer
    -Business Engagements
  • Risk in the Boardroom Risk in the Boardroom Ian Beale, Carolyn Saint and Louis Cooper Recorded: Sep 6 2016 61 mins
    CEB's Ian Beale presents a 60 minute webinar on 'Risk in the Boardroom' with guest speakers: Carolyn Saint, CAE, University of Virginia and Louis Cooper, IRM approved trainer and Chief Executive of the Non-Executive Directors' Association
  • Emerging Issues and Trends in FCPA and Global Anti-Corruption Programs Emerging Issues and Trends in FCPA and Global Anti-Corruption Programs Steven Parker, Managing Director-Experis Hong Kong/AsiaPac; Ed Williams, Sr. Manager-Experis Finance Risk Advisory Services Recorded: Aug 31 2016 61 mins
    The Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) is here to stay. So, too, is the expanding landscape of anti-corruption regulations, enforcement and media scrutiny around the world. Today, more than ever, companies operating domestically and internationally should understand their corruption risks and have effective programs in place to mitigate those risks. This webinar goes beyond an overview of the FCPA to a practice discussion of what your organization can do to help provide senior leadership, the Board, investors, customers and other stakeholders assurance your company is operating ethically and corruption-free across the globe.

    After attending this webinar, you will be able to:
    •Describe the ever changing landscape of anti-corruption legislation and enforcement around the globe
    •Help your organization assess the design and effectiveness of your existing FCPA and global anti-corruption programs against regulatory requirements and leading compliance practices
    •Develop a comprehensive global anti-corruption risk assessment model tailored and scaled to fit your organization
    •Learn of various tools and resources available to assist in your global anti-corruption compliance efforts
    •Understand the specific and unique risk landscape of doing business in China
  • Accelerate Sales Productivity & Close More Deals with Salesforce + DocuSign Accelerate Sales Productivity & Close More Deals with Salesforce + DocuSign Ashley Smith, SR AE, DocuSign, Harel Shaked, Technical Project Manager, Outbrain Recorded: Aug 30 2016 24 mins
    Fully integrated with Salesforce, DocuSign helps users close more deals, faster. Your customers can sign contracts within minutes from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Sending a contract for electronic signature from Salesforce is simple: just click “Send with DocuSign” from any object. You can even generate and send contracts synced with data from Salesforce. When you automate time-consuming manual workflows, you eliminate rekeying of data and increase your productivity.

    Join DocuSign and Outbrain, the global leader in content marketing, for a compelling webinar presentation and discussion.

    This webinar will feature guest speaker Harel Shaked, Technical Project Manager at Outbrain. He will review how Outbrain:
    - Improved sales productivity “with the click of a button” to send and sign contracts and agreements
    - Began closing deals within minutes from the time an order is sent
    - Lowered contract processing time by several hours

    Register now to learn how Outbrain utilized DocuSign to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales operations.
  • Close More Business with DocuSign + Box Close More Business with DocuSign + Box DocuSign and Box Recorded: Aug 25 2016 37 mins
    The need to securely share your files quickly and easily while knowing what's going on with your business is extremely important. DocuSign's integration with Box allows you to select documents from Box you want to sign or send for signature and prepare it in just a few clicks. Completed documents automatically save back to Box and can be accessed from anywhere, on any device.

    Join this webinar to learn:
    - How to securely share files quickly
    - How to be more productive regardless of what device or application you're using.
    - How Salesforce automatically creates a workflow process with Box and DocuSign

    See how the DocuSign and Box integration can help you improve contract processes, keep all documents digital and help you get business done in 2016.
  • 5 Questions Every CFO Should Expect from the CEO (And how to get the answers) 5 Questions Every CFO Should Expect from the CEO (And how to get the answers) Intacct Recorded: Aug 9 2016 53 mins
    The most savvy and successful CFOs are business partners with their CEO, providing valuable business insights and strategic recommendations that define the direction of their companies.
    They deliver value by answering business critical questions from the CEO and Board before they're asked. How do they do it?

    During this on-demand webinar, a panel of CFOs will discuss how they utilize a modern financial management solution to proactively answer the top 5 questions from their CEOs, including:

    How should we be measuring our business?
    Where would we invest the next incremental dollar?
    What are the current dynamics of our sales funnel?
  • 5 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask the Controller 5 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask the Controller Intacct Recorded: Aug 2 2016 60 mins
    In the ever-changing role of the CFO, one thing will never change—the need to lead and manage an effective finance team.
    Successful CFOs collaborate closely with their controllers in defining strategies to impact key areas including operational efficiency, enterprise-wide data visibility, leadership acumen, and internal controls.

    During this on-demand webinar, we will discuss the 5 essential questions CFOs should be asking their controllers and finance teams to establish best practices around:

    Internal controls
    Operational efficiency
    Visibility and reporting
    Financial leadership
  • The Tech Savvy CFO: Finance at a Crossroads—The Risk of Standing Still The Tech Savvy CFO: Finance at a Crossroads—The Risk of Standing Still Bruce Guptill, Senior Vice President, Saugatuck Technology Recorded: Jul 26 2016 62 mins
    The pace and complexity of business is fierce and unrelenting, and the increasing demands for speed, compliance, and insight leave many CFOs searching for new answers.

    Too often, finance is behind the curve when it comes to technology, automation, and analysis. Sooner than expected, they're facing the need to replace an outdated on-premises finance infrastructure with a contemporary cloud-based solution—because standing pat is no longer an option.
    Join Intacct and Bruce Guptill, senior vice president of Saugatuck Technology, to learn more about the three high risk areas for CFOs:

    Effectiveness—Outdated systems hold you back. Finance needs the right technology to keep up with rapid business change.
    Adaptability—Finance teams must pivot quickly as opportunities and threats threaten to overturn business strategies.
    Responsiveness—How can Finance answer the call to play a more strategic role and add value?
  • Transaction Monitoring Model Basics: Management, Selection and Security Transaction Monitoring Model Basics: Management, Selection and Security Robert Colatarci, Peter D. Wild, Rebecca Schauer Robertson, and Shannon Cox Recorded: Jul 19 2016 58 mins
    Join Experis Finance for a complimentary, virtual panel webinar focused on whether or not your AML models for transaction monitoring perform according to regulatory expectations.

    Regulatory guidance requires independent validation of models used for risk management purposes, including AML systems. Greater emphasis is being placed on institutions to identify suspicious activity and ensure that the models used are effective. This panel, which includes both community bank and large bank perspectives, will discuss the independent validation of transaction monitoring systems, examples of typical validation findings, and the development of an action plan to address the results of a validation.

    After attending this webinar,

    •You will begin to understand the necessary components of Data Management as it relates to the set-up of Transaction Monitoring Systems
    •You will understand the current rules-based systems, the newer behavioral-based systems, and how they work
    •You will understand the basics of how to select a new transaction monitoring system
    •You will understand the next generation of Cyber Threats and how they differ from traditional attacks

    Presenters include:
    - Robert Colatarci, Senior Manager, Financial Institution Services, Experis Finance
    - Peter D. Wild, Internal Audit Partner, Wild AML Services
    - Rebecca Schauer Robertson, Sr. Vice President - Director of AML Compliance, South State Bank
    - Shannon Cox, Sr. Vice President - Enterprise BSA Officer, First National Bank of Santa Fe
  • WHY NICE PEOPLE COLLECT BAD DEBT WHY NICE PEOPLE COLLECT BAD DEBT Nathan Hagge - Business Development Manager Recorded: Jul 19 2016 60 mins
    Learn how to collect from the experts! This information-packed webinar assists office management in preventing and recovering past due accounts.
  • The Tech-Savvy CFO: From Visibility to Insight The Tech-Savvy CFO: From Visibility to Insight Intacct Recorded: Jul 19 2016 60 mins
    Everyone is turning to you for answers… So, where do you turn for the technology to give you those answers?
    As the CFO, you're the go-to source for accurate information about company performance—no excuses, no delays. When the eyes of the organization—and the expectations of your board and investors—are on you, there's no time to struggle with the limitations of your outdated ERP system.

    When the stakes are high—when relevance and timeliness are mandatory—you need modern technology to transform visibility into the meaningful insights that create efficiency and shape your organization's future. View the next installment of our Tech-Savvy CFO webinar series: "From Visibility to Insight."

    Here are the topics and takeaways we'll cover:

    How to move beyond outdated spreadsheets and legacy systems and embrace a modern, growth-ready technology infrastructure for finance
    Preventing fragmented information through smart controls for data capture and use
    The pros and cons of ERP, performance management, and business intelligence
    How a tech-savvy CFO uses information to move from reporting to visibility to insight

    It's simple: visibility leads to insight. And insight leads to faster business. View our free on-webinar and start seeing your business in a whole new light.
  • The Tech-Savvy CFO: Closing the Automation Gap in Finance The Tech-Savvy CFO: Closing the Automation Gap in Finance Intacct Recorded: Jul 12 2016 61 mins
    Are you about to hit the gap?
    Sooner or later, it happens. The manual data entry, tangled spreadsheets, and basic finance tools that served you well at first? Now they leave you trapped in a vicious cycle of longer closes, data inconsistencies, and slower decisions. You've reached the automation gap.

    And as your business looks to keep growing, the challenges mount: revenue recognition complexity, time and expense management, subscription billing, managing multiple entities and currencies—that's when your choice becomes starkly clear: stagnation or automation?

    Register now for the next installment of our Tech-Savvy CFO webinar series: "Closing the Automation Gap in Finance".

    Learn the right way to build a resilient infrastructure to automate finance—to build the "guardrails" that keep things on track, even as your business keeps evolving. We'll explain:

    The warning signs that you're hitting the automation gap
    How automation can fuel business growth without adding headcount
    How to take back control of your finance processes to set the stage for your next level of growth

    Automation doesn’t mean "cruise control"—but it does mean you can accelerate the pace of your business and avoid the dangers of stagnation.
  • Sales Organization Best Practices with DocuSign Sales Organization Best Practices with DocuSign Brian Driver, IT Product Owner, Salesforce, Elizabeth Guerra, Sales Process Manager, LinkedIn Recorded: Jul 1 2016 42 mins
    DocuSign helps sales organizations close deals faster — anywhere in the world. DocuSign offers greater visibility into a deal’s status, the ability to collect information so you don’t need to rekey data, and the ability to send out reminders so you can spend more time selling and less time tracking down signatures.

    In this on-demand webinar, DocuSign customers will share their best practices for shortening the sales cycle and increasing the productivity of their teams by integrating DocuSign into the sales workflow.

    Featured Speakers:
    Brian Driver, Salesforce
    Elizabeth Guerra, LinkedIn
  • SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED: Solutions & Strategies for Better Contract Management SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED: Solutions & Strategies for Better Contract Management Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer, Matthew York, Procurement Analyst Recorded: Jul 1 2016 62 mins
    Watch this on-demand webinar from Ardent Partners, DocuSign, and Safeway for a compelling webinar presentation and discussion. The focus is on the strategies and tools that modern CPOs and their procurement teams can adopt in the pursuit to become more agile, collaborative, and innovative throughout their supplier contract lifecycle.
  • Paperless Patient Care Top 10 Use Cases Paperless Patient Care Top 10 Use Cases Ellen Reilly, VP Healthcare & Life Sciences and Jennifer Royer SR. Manager, Product Marketing, DocuSign Recorded: Jul 1 2016 31 mins
    Join this webinar to learn about the top 10 use cases for going paperless with DocuSign to help save time with patient care.
  • The Digital Prescription for Life Sciences Operations The Digital Prescription for Life Sciences Operations Ellen Reilly, VP Healthcare & Life Sciences and Jennifer Roye, SR. Manager, Product Marketing, DocuSign r Recorded: Jul 1 2016 40 mins
    In an age when blockbusters are few and far between, pipeline acceleration and performance are the key to bottom-line profits. Where will you find the immediate savings you need in time and money?

    Watch this on-demand webinar to learn 10 ways to reduce cycle time and development costs with a fully digital solution. Topics covered include:

    -Top life sciences use cases
    -21 CFR Part 11 capabilities
    -Best practices for digital adoption
    -Global scalability and compliance
    -Industry and validation partners
  • Got claims? Just look at the tax side of your practice. Got claims? Just look at the tax side of your practice. Ralph G. Picardi, Esq. Recorded: Jun 23 2016 54 mins
    Tax claims are underappreciated by most practitioners.

    Tax claim statistics
    Why the CPA should use tax EL’s
    Sales Tax Claims

    45 minutes plus 15 minutes of questions