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  • Measuring Account-Based Advertising Results
    Measuring Account-Based Advertising Results
    Rod Fuentes, VP of Product, Integrate Advertising and Co-Founder of ListenLoop and Neil Glass, GM & VP of Integrate Advertisi Recorded: Feb 24 2020 27 mins
    Future-focused B2B marketers aren’t solely relying on traditional lead gen methods to fill pipeline and generate revenue – they’re implementing ABM strategies to create long-term success. Join us to hear from Rod Fuentes, VP of Product, Integrate Advertising and Co-Founder of ListenLoop and Neil Glass, GM & VP of Integrate Advertising to learn how you can view and measure results from your account-based digital advertising strategies and increase ROI.

    Join this webinar to learn about:

    -Data-Backed Story Telling Methods
    -Leading and Lagging Indicators of Success
    -ABM strategy success timeline – strategies for the long play
  • How to Increase Facebook Lead Ads Conversions and Keep Costs Low
    How to Increase Facebook Lead Ads Conversions and Keep Costs Low
    Ruben Ugarte - Sales Director, ActiveProspect Recorded: Feb 14 2020 14 mins
    Facebook lead ads, like any lead generation platform, has its share of faults. Facebook has made it really easy for people to submit a form but it's not always great news for marketers. The conversion rates to opportunities can be low... and that's a problem.
  • Facebook Lead Ads: The Secret to Being TCPA Compliant and Increasing Conversions
    Facebook Lead Ads: The Secret to Being TCPA Compliant and Increasing Conversions
    Ruben Ugarte - Sales Director, ActiveProspect Recorded: Feb 14 2020 10 mins
    Using Facebook Lead Ads (FBLA) can be a double-edged sword. First, FBLAs are convenient to use and may provide more form fills. But, if you’re calling or texting those leads, you’re exposed to TCPA laws and are left without being able to prove consent if a lawsuit if filed.
  • What it Takes to Accurately Forecast Revenue ... conDati Shows You How
    What it Takes to Accurately Forecast Revenue ... conDati Shows You How
    Kelly McKeown, VP Revenue Marketing (conDati) & Iris Lieuw, VP Data Science (conDati) Recorded: Feb 13 2020 22 mins
    Forecasting allows companies to see into the future and strategically plan. If a formalized process is not in place companies are left to base decisions on gut or experience rather than data – leaving them at the mercy of unpredictable outcomes.

    There is a variety of ways to tackle forecasting, with machine learning and advanced statistical approaches being the most accurate. Those marketers making strategic and operational decisions based on accurately predicted performance are going to be set up for the best possible outcome.

    Join conDati’s VP of Revenue Marketing, Kelly McKeown and VP of Data Science, Iris Lieuw as they showcase forecasting using machine learning and the benefits associated with it. This includes planning and scheduling against seasonality, quick reaction to shortfalls, and forecast accuracy. A live demo of the forecasting feature of conDati RevenueLift™ will be included as part of the webinar.
  • Webcam Panel: Are you Leveraging New Technologies to Maximum Marketing Effect?
    Webcam Panel: Are you Leveraging New Technologies to Maximum Marketing Effect?
    Janice Dru, Cambridge Innovation Center | Ray Renna, IVI RMA GLOBAL | Christie Post, Hypergiant Recorded: Feb 12 2020 43 mins
    Social media, data analytics and artificial intelligence are all changing how marketers are connecting with their customers—are you ready for the revolution? This panel will explore the ways in which new technology is forcing marketing teams to rethink their practices, spanning everything from building the brand to developing new campaigns. Join us for a lively discussion that will help you drive your organization into the next decade.

    Join the Conversation to Learn:

    - How does social media affect brand/campaigns/engagement?
    - How are AI and analytics impacting campaigns?
    - What role does personalization play, and how can I make it happen?
    - What compliance requirements do I need to worry about?
    - How are internal relationships and networks affecting the marketing team?

    Moderated by Melanie Turek, VP Research and Fellow - Connected Work, Frost & Sullivan

    Janice Dru, Senior Marketing Director, Cambridge Innovation Center
    Christie Post, Marketing Director, Hypergiant
    Ray Renna, US Marketing Director, IVI RMA GLOBAL
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Demand Gen Marketers
    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Demand Gen Marketers
    Mary McCoy, Demand Gen Marketing Manager, Klaviyo Recorded: Feb 12 2020 46 mins
    Every demand gen marketer knows how complex the marketing mix has become—every day you get a LI message, cold email, or ABM outreach about how X new tool can get you Y% more leads. It’s incredibly exciting, but it poses a challenge. When constrained by time, resources, and budget, how do you grow acquisition meaningfully and scalably?

    During this webinar, I'll share seven tenets I've learned in my experience leading demand generation for two high-growth SaaS companies. Whether you're just starting out or looking to deepen your marketing know-how, you'll discover how to keep yourself grounded with strategies and tactics that drive results.

    Being a successful DTC marketer isn’t about relying on a silver bullet or mastering one paid channel. I'll show you how to think holistically about the sales and marketing funnel, develop a multi-channel approach, and accelerate sales pipeline. Register now!
  • Marketing’s Digital Divide:  It’s Just Marketing
    Marketing’s Digital Divide: It’s Just Marketing
    Marianne S. Hewitt, Marketing Strategy and Technology Leader, The Growth Strategy Group Recorded: Feb 12 2020 33 mins
    Customers are demanding intelligent omni-channel engagement. Marketers are expecting satisfying and challenging work experiences and rich career opportunities. Businesses require profitable organic growth.

    Read how to achieve all of the above through cross-functional work teams in an integrated marketing ecosystem!
  • Great Campaigns Don’t Chase: Demand Generation Starts with Knowing Your Audience
    Great Campaigns Don’t Chase: Demand Generation Starts with Knowing Your Audience
    Keith Johnstone & Dennis Le, Contrast Digital Marketing Recorded: Feb 12 2020 36 mins
    Simplify your demand generation process by breaking it down and focusing on the components that matter most. Dividing the process into 4 steps, you can create an effective demand generation strategy that will drive interested leads into your sales team's open arms. Rather than chasing potential customers down and selling them on the same value propositions you and all your competitors are using, consider what it will take to make them chase you.

    · Define your audience

    o Maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns by starting with understanding the needs your product satisfies, and who will benefit most

    · Gather insights

    o Consider how and where your audience spends their time to identify what their interests, needs, or parallel pain points they may suffer from are

    · Demonstrate value

    o Create compelling content that attracts them to you and demonstrates value – something that will make your audience say thank you

    · Set the bait

    o Lastly, use your content and leverage targeted marketing channels to drive leads to you


    As General Manager of Contrast Digital, Keith directs all marketing activities and has a track record of successfully growing client revenues and lead volume quarter over quarter. He has had his insights featured in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Sales and Marketing Magazine, and HubSpot Sales to name a few.

    Specializing In digital demand generation, Dennis has been in the marketing industry for nearly a decade. He has worked on campaigns across industries including software, professional services, and construction, executing campaigns that have helped drive leads in excess of $20M in potential revenue.


    Keith Johnstone, GM, CMO, CDO, Contrast Digital Marketing

    Dennis Le, Digital Demand Generation Manager, Contrast Digital Marketing
  • LinkedIn: your best Demand building tool
    LinkedIn: your best Demand building tool
    Rod Sloane, LinkedIn Champion Recorded: Feb 12 2020 41 mins
    Whether you are in sales and marketing you will be aware of the growth and adoption of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is now the preferred platform of choice for many when it comes to lead generation.

    You may be using the platform for content sharing, advertising or brand awareness. This webinar outlines why you should consider LinkedIn for direct lead generation, too.

    Rod Sloane will be sharing

    Three key insights
    Five key questions

    that you should be asking your sales team to improve their LinkedIn cold prospecting to build your early pipeline activities.
  • Crafting Cross-Channel Campaigns in Today’s Fragmented Landscape
    Crafting Cross-Channel Campaigns in Today’s Fragmented Landscape
    Lauren Pettiglio, Director - Demand Generation, BlueConic Recorded: Feb 12 2020 1 min
    With the ever-rising audience expectations and constant changes in technology and regulations, today’s landscape can feel more like a minefield than a greenfield for marketers. But what may initially appear as challenges, can be opportunities for you and your team to change your approach to campaigns and uncover new ways to meet your department and company goals.

    Resister for this webinar to explore:

    The growing number of considerations for today’s landscape
    How technology can help – or hurt – your marketing campaigns
    Tips and tricks for optimizing cross-channel campaigns

    Lauren Pettiglio is a B2B marketer with nearly 10 years of marketing automation and campaign management experience. From strategy to analysis and reporting, her passion for demand generation has driven many creative solutions to challenges felt across industries. When she is not planning the next campaign or determining the best way to automate a process, you’ll likely find her singing along to a Broadway musical soundtrack.
  • B2B Demand Generation Myths DEBUNKED
    B2B Demand Generation Myths DEBUNKED
    Sowmya Moni, Marketing Director, Incture Technologies Recorded: Feb 12 2020 21 mins
    Demand generation is a critical input to the sales process, but with competition on the rise and sophistication in martech stack, B2B demand generation has never been more complex. Fortunately, along with the swell of competition, a whole host of digital marketing tools have arrived as well. This has made generating leads both more complex and if done correctly, more effective. However, myths still continue to plague the whole demand generation process—confusing even the smartest marketers. In this webinar, we’ll look at debunking myths that lead to wastage of effort and money, so you can focus your efforts on your demand generation best practices.

    About Sowmya Moni:

    Sowmya is responsible for driving marketing & communications for Incture’s (www.incture.com) portfolio, globally. She has 20 years of marketing and product management leadership experience launching brand awareness, demand generation and sales enablement programs and campaigns at both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies such as HP and Oracle.

    Sowmya holds an MBA from Management Development Institute, Gurgaon and a B.Com Honours degree from Delhi University, India. She also holds a PMP certificate from PMI.org and a certificate in Digital Marketing from Columbia Business School. She’s an active PMI global volunteer, CMO Council Member, and advocate for Gender Inclusivity in the Workplace.

    About Incture

    Incture® is a digital systems company and we deliver solutions with speed and at scale to address our customers’ complex business challenges. We are one of the largest providers of Digital Applications and Technology Solutions on SAP Cloud Platform and SAP On-Premise Platform. Incture is headquartered in Bangalore, India with offices in NA, SEA and the Middle East. We are currently serving more than 90 customers globally, many of which are on the Fortune 500 list.
  • Why influencer marketing deserves its place in today’s marketing mix
    Why influencer marketing deserves its place in today’s marketing mix
    Jeanette Okwu, Co - Founder & CMO, 1nfluencersmarketing Recorded: Feb 12 2020 33 mins
    The increasing role of digital and big data technologies in advertising has disrupted traditional ad agency business models. As advertisers consider how to confront these new challenges, a myriad of technology platforms can offer a variety of Ad/MarTech solutions.

    Approaches like content marketing, reviews & recommendations, and social or influencer marketing are all considered viable ways to drive impact. But as advertising continues to decline, it’s Influencer marketing ($10BN industry in 2020) that has shown the greatest potential to reverse the trend of ad-fatigue, use of ad-blocker technology, and changing consumer behaviours of the new digital and mobile-only generation.

    Take one look at the media landscape, and the bold new pioneer on the horizon is Influencer Marketing. But while it’s blazing new trails as the newest, boldest player in the advertising scene, it is often grossly misunderstood. Some point to its revolutionary successes. Others criticise its ineffectiveness. Leaving many with the perception that Influencer Marketing is simply a gleaming, glossy riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Real observers know the truth: this pioneer has proven to be the only marketing discipline that delivers tangible consistent results for brands. And yet significant knowledge gaps on both the brand and creator sides keep the misconceptions alive.

    Partnering with influencers is already familiar to us, but the market is undergoing constant change: Brands must continually evolve their strategies accordingly. The space is rapidly expanding as influencer types have proliferated and consequently fill every conceivable niche and sub-niche interest.

    Each of these types offers distinct benefits and trade-offs for brands. But how to create a meaningful scalable program that folds into the entire marketing stack?

    Here’s how: with date, insights, and a human touch.
  • What’s next in B2B Marketing: Looking beyond Inbound and ABM
    What’s next in B2B Marketing: Looking beyond Inbound and ABM
    Karthik Nair, Director of Demand Generation, JOOR Recorded: Feb 12 2020 40 mins
    For every B2B marketer who ever wondered 'why should B2C marketers have all the fun?', the 2010’s had all the answers. We got to learn frameworks such as inbound, ABM, conversational marketing, talk triggers and had access to technologies that helped us achieve those goals.

    So, what’s next? Evoking strong emotions among your users/prospects for your product is the future for B2B companies, and the Product Led Growth (PLG) framework, combined with building communities is how you get there. Marketers should look at adopting specific elements of PLG’s framework whether you sell to SMBs, Mid-market or Enterprise businesses. PLG will soon become a basic expectation, like Inbound became a few years ago.

    At the heart of PLG is the approach of giving users the ability to easily experience the product before the paywall and equip them to appreciate the value in the trial period or trial version. While companies have begun finding their stride with successful sales-marketing alignment, the stakes how now increased, the future is going to be about sales-marketing-product alignment.

    Join this session for:

    1. A quick introduction to PLG and how it will take you further along in the journey to higher personalization and higher organizational alignment

    2. An approach to generating demand with traditional approaches, with some creative nuances, as you set yourself up for PLG

    3. Build alignment with technology/product teams to structure data to move to PLG

    4. A guide to building ‘tribes’ by connecting audiences with each other and with your company around theme of the problem you are solving for them

    5. A recommended approach to structuring your team

    6. Metrics you should track to measure performance
  • 5 Keys to Successful Financial Content
    5 Keys to Successful Financial Content
    Joe Lasauskas Recorded: Feb 6 2020 3 mins
    Find out what's working in financial services with these content marketing benchmarks, tips, and tactics.
  • 6 Integrated ABM Campaign Considerations for 2020
    6 Integrated ABM Campaign Considerations for 2020
    Leanne Chescoe, Sr. Manager, Marketing, Demandbase and Tenessa Lochner, Sr. Manager ABM Education, Manager, Demandbase Recorded: Feb 5 2020 52 mins
    Calling all Marketers!

    It is officially the year 2020, so what’s your vision?
    No seriously — no pun intended. What is your 2020 vision?
    When it comes to kicking off the new year with a full-funnel ABM campaign, there are quite a few things to consider.

    - Consideration 1. What programs should you stand up to support business objectives?

    - Consideration 2. How do you enable sales with kick-ass field marketing events that meet key accounts where they’re at?

    - Consideration 3. Does your content strategy ladder up to key themes, objectives, personas and pipeline goals?

    - Consideration 4. What about direct mail?

    - Consideration 5. You know you should leverage webinars, but how much is too much?

    - Consideration 6. ABM is better with friends, so when and how should you leverage strategic partnerships every step of the way in your ABM journey?

    Register today so that you can get real-deal, actionable insights on this marketer-to-marketer style webinar. During the session, Leanne and Tenessa will layout a best-in-class framework for full-funnel ABM along with recommendations on how your team can turn these considerations into action.
  • Content Marketing 2020: 7 Trends That'll Help You Create Content People Love
    Content Marketing 2020: 7 Trends That'll Help You Create Content People Love
    Joe Lazauskas, VP of Marketing, Contently; Jordan Tiecher, Editor - Chief, Contently Recorded: Feb 4 2020 47 mins
    The temptation with any “2020” webinar is to pack it with jargon and talk about the AI-powered revolution that'll revolutionize digital transformation across the enterprise. But we're not going to do that.

    We're focused on guiding people in the present. That's why we designed an end-of-year webinar to help you create high-performing content right away. Join Contently head of marketing Joe Lazauskas and editor-in-chief Jordan on December 11 for an insightful presentation and Q&A.

    You'll learn:

    - Visual content data and trends that'll help you create more engaging content
    - How to rethink your goals and KPIs to track meaningful relationships instead of vanity metrics
    - New frameworks for measuring ROI
    - How to tell original, data-driven stories
    - Keys to effective content distribution
    - Tips for getting creative with compliance
    - How to start thinking like a teacher to educate your buyers
  • Making the most of customer data platforms
    Making the most of customer data platforms
    David M. Raab - CEO at Customer Data Platform Institute Recorded: Jan 29 2020 33 mins
    Using CDPs to get the most value from your customer data.

    Learn how a Customer Data Platform works, what it makes possible, how to find the right CDP, and how to deploy successfully.

    In this webinar we'll cover:

    - learn steps in building a strong customer data foundation

    - understand the benefits of using a Customer Data Platform

    - define key use cases supported by a CDP

    - know how to find the right CDP for your business

    - prepare for a successful CDP deployment
  • 10 content marketing growth hacks
    10 content marketing growth hacks
    Annette Obermeier - VP of Marketing at Smartling Recorded: Jan 29 2020 38 mins
    Curated tips and tricks to get the most out of your content in 2020.

    With such an interconnected world, full of rich content and amazing user experiences, the opportunity to reach new customers is more tantalising than ever before. But how will you reach them all? If you're ready to revolutionise your global content strategy and kick off the decade with all the right tricks up your sleeve, then this webinar is for you. Join Smartling's VP of Marketing, Annette Obermeier, as she unveils her top 10 hacks for Global Content that can improve your content right now.

    - Annette’s absolute hacks to supercharge your global content in 2020

    - Surefire methods to maximise your reach with actionable content promotion

    - How to position your source content for success with an agile localisation strategy

    - Proven, real-world stories from brands just like yours that have revolutionised their global content strategy for success
  • 6 steps to create a data-driven content strategy
    6 steps to create a data-driven content strategy
    Lisiane Ndong - Client Success Manager at Searchmetrics Recorded: Jan 29 2020 30 mins
    Learn how to include search data into content creation and optimization.
    “Online content should win hearts and machines.”

    In this practical webinar, we’ll look at:

    - How to create content that meets the expectations of your target audience

    - How to use search intent to know what users want

    - Learn how to identify relevant topics

    - How to select the right type of content
  • Top social media trends for 2020 with Matt Navarra
    Top social media trends for 2020 with Matt Navarra
    Matt Sarson - Marketing Manager, UK & Nordics at Talkwalker Recorded: Jan 29 2020 49 mins
    We will be joined by Matt Navarra for an hour-long deep dive into the latest social media & martech trends.

    Social media trends can be fleeting, but some stick around and become pillars of the social media world.

    We spoke to over 50 industry experts to find out which trends they thought would be the most crucial for social media teams to act on in 2020.

    Here's what will be covered:

    - 3 key trends for 2020

    - Discover the next generation of social, technology, and marketing

    - Campaign inspiration from leading brands
  • How to maintain vibrancy in your marketing workforce
    How to maintain vibrancy in your marketing workforce
    Lyndon Baker - Digital Learning Manager at Smart Insights Recorded: Jan 29 2020 34 mins
    Personalization of a learning journey can make the difference between engagement and disengagement for employees.

    In this practical webinar, we’ll look at:

    - Training, performance and employee engagement
    - Workplace learning trends
    - Learning as a continuous UX
    - Mapping the learning journey
  • Email marketing trends for 2020
    Email marketing trends for 2020
    Komal Helyer - VP of Marketing at Pure 360 Recorded: Jan 29 2020 31 mins
    Discover the trends that will make an impact on your business at the start of the new decade.

    Understand what consumers want from brand emails, the current email marketing trends and which ones will help you deliver on your business goals for 2020. Komal will take you on a journey of technology, psychology and creativity that will help you to create a powerful future-proofed email marketing strategy for this year and into the roaring twenties!

    Pure360’s mission is to help marketers be the best they can be. With our webinar we will help you understand:-

    - Technology advances that you should be focussed on and those that you can afford to avoid.. for now...

    - How to be human

    - The importance of back to basics
  • Top tips for driving leads and optimising conversions in 2020
    Top tips for driving leads and optimising conversions in 2020
    Phil McGuin - Demand Generation Director and Will Garbutt - CRO & UX Manager at Stickyeyes Recorded: Jan 29 2020 48 mins
    Do you struggle to get customers to your site? Are you unsure where you should focus your time and resource when people actually start engaging with your content? Confused about where you should be collecting data and how to showcase success to your stakeholders?

    Join Phil McGuin, Demand Generation Director and Will Garbutt, CRO and UX Manager from digital agency Stickyeyes as they show you how to maximise your end-to-end customer journey to create an amazing user experience that converts prospects and drives commercial success.

    With experience in both B2B and B2C markets across a range of industries, they’ll draw on real-world case studies to show you:

    - How you can engage customers with your website and proposition;

    - The importance of acquisition mapping and capturing the right customer information;

    - How to navigate your customers through their lifecycle stages to encourage conversion and advocacy; and

    - Examples of the tools you can use and the data you should be collecting to measure and optimise success.
  • Futureproofing your digital marketing
    Futureproofing your digital marketing
    Dr Dave Chaffey - Co-founder at Smart Insights Recorded: Jan 29 2020 49 mins
    Smart Insights co-founder Dr Dave Chaffey will step you through our latest member research suggesting practical steps that you can take to make your business more competitive in its use of digital marketing. Dave will also cover the skills needed to develop your personal career.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    - A framework to benchmark your digital capabilities and review future investments

    - Examples of how early adopters are using the latest AI-based technologies

    - Recommended tools to improve digital results

    - Key skills that are important for future success
  • Squeeze More Revenue Out of Your Brand Campaigns ... conDati Shows You How
    Squeeze More Revenue Out of Your Brand Campaigns ... conDati Shows You How
    Ken Gardner, CEO and Founder - conDati Recorded: Jan 15 2020 29 mins
    At first glance it appears your brand digital ad campaigns are saturated. Throwing additional spend at them is not producing the revenue lift you hoped for. It seems you have hit the point of diminishing returns… but have you?

    Campaigns can appear saturated, especially if you limit analysis for bid optimization decisions to the confines of your ad platforms, but with the right tools in hand you could get 10%+ lift from those campaigns. In today’s complex marketing environment, an AI-based revenue optimization process that is continuous and sequential is needed. Sophisticated algorithms that identify high potential micro segments and can adapt to changes in market and competitive conditions are required to lift the return.

    Join conDati’s CEO Ken Gardner as he showcases how an online retailer leveraged conDati RevenueLift™ (an AI-driven marketing platform for campaign decisioning and predictive analytics) to drive an impressive 13% lift in e-commerce revenue over a historically low holiday period.
  • From Capture to Close: Connecting events and trade shows with Sales & Marketing
    From Capture to Close: Connecting events and trade shows with Sales & Marketing
    Chris Wickson, GM of Events, Integrate Feb 27 2020 5:00 pm UTC 37 mins
    The modern world of B2B marketing is fast-paced, marketing teams are under pressure to deliver growth and create revenue opportunities.

    In-person events including trade shows, conferences and exhibitions offer the unique opportunity to align product, sales and marketing, and get valuable face-to-face time with prospects.

    Join to learn how game changing marketing teams have changed their approach to exhibiting, focusing on qualified leads, accelerated revenue and accurate reporting.
  • This is How You ABM with RingCentral
    This is How You ABM with RingCentral
    Sam O'Brien, Senior Website Optimisation & UX Manager and Sunny Dhami, Senior Director of Product Marketing, RingCentral Mar 12 2020 10:00 am UTC 58 mins
    Are you tasked to "do ABM" in 2020? Are you wondering how your specific role and responsibilities will shift as your organisation implements and scales their Account-Based strategy? Well then Listen Up, This Is How You ABM.

    Hear from RingCentral as they share their trials, tribulations, tips, tricks, successes and most importantly how ABM has impacted their role.

    They will share their experiences and how their lessons learned can be applied to specific roles within the organisation.
  • Why You Need to Connect the Upstream and Downstream for Growth
    Why You Need to Connect the Upstream and Downstream for Growth
    Laura Patterson, Presidenet VisionEdge Marketing Moderated by Shawn Elledge, Founder of Lead Generation Institute Mar 26 2020 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    For many business leaders growth is the number one mandate. But growth doesn’t just occur – it takes intent and deliberate action. Join this program if you are looking for a practical customer-centric framework that provides a systematic process for navigating and accelerating a sustainable path to organic growth.

    During this program, Laura Patterson, author of the new Fast-Track Your Business and thought leader on using data-derived insights, operational excellence, and performance management to accelerate growth will cover:

    • Making customer-centric more than a buzzword

    • Using upstream Marketing to drive growth

    • Applying a framework to accelerate traction in the market