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Application Development

  • Demo: Introduction to CoreOS Tectonic and Quay Enterprise
    Demo: Introduction to CoreOS Tectonic and Quay Enterprise Scott Summer, Solutions Engineer Recorded: Jul 26 2017 48 mins
    CoreOS Tectonic is an enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform that provides automated operations, enables portability across private and public cloud providers, and is always upstream open source Kubernetes.

    Quay is CoreOS's enterprise-ready container and application registry. Quay makes it easy for developers to store, manage and deploy container images, and simplifies your development to production workflow for your software containers.
  • Deliver Performant & Highly Available User Session Stores for Cloud-Native Apps
    Deliver Performant & Highly Available User Session Stores for Cloud-Native Apps Kamala Dasika, Pivotal and Roshan Kumar, Redis Labs Recorded: Jul 26 2017 43 mins
    As demands on your cloud-native applications rapidly change, how can you ensure that your database is responsive and highly available? The truth is that modern applications are usually still supported by monolithic shared databases and traditional operational practices. Pivotal and Redis Labs are collaborating to bring developers more agility and autonomy with a highly available, scalable, and high performance Redis database service for their cloud-native applications.

    Join Roshan Kumar from Redis Labs and Kamala Dasika from Pivotal as they discuss:

    - How Redis Labs supports real-time use cases for the modern enterprise
    - How Redis Enterprise provides seamless high availability and disaster recovery for Redis applications
    - How full life cycle management of your apps and Redis Enterprise via Pivotal Cloud Foundry enables dynamic scale, high performance and uptime
  • Behavior-Driven Development: A Guide to Agile Practices
    Behavior-Driven Development: A Guide to Agile Practices Joshua Eastman, Test Automation Architect Recorded: Jul 26 2017 54 mins
    Behavior-Driven Development with Ruby/Cucumber automation is a practical, fail-proof, read-to-use strategy or process that improves software quality and decreases costs. 

    Ambiguity and miscommunication cause the majority of critical defects and undesirable outcomes in the software development lifecycle. Behavior Driven Development (BDD) ensures that requirements are accurate. It builds a mutual understanding of what should be developed and tested through a common vocabulary.

    This webinar introduces BDD methods that promote product quality by generating business requirements in Gherkin (Given-When-Then) format. Tool agnostic, BDD emphasizes communication between business, requirements analysts, developers, and testers to ensure quality expectations are achieved. Describing requirements in the form of system behavior eliminates scope creep and guarantees proper software functionality.
  • Modern Portals: The Digital Transformation of Enterprise Systems & Business Apps
    Modern Portals: The Digital Transformation of Enterprise Systems & Business Apps Fouad ElNaggar, CEO and Co-Founder of Sapho Recorded: Jul 26 2017 45 mins
    Enterprise systems are failing today’s employees because they are hard to use, they trap data in silos, they have a poor user experience, and they offer limited mobile support. Therefore, it is no surprise that a Forrester Research study showed that 76% of employees believe it takes too long to complete tasks in their systems and another 62% delay completing tasks that require multiple systems. In short, this means your business has delays.

    On the flip side, consumer applications keep getting better and better – these apps are simple, enable quick task completion, are accessible from anywhere, and offer a great user experience. Why can’t enterprise systems be as easy to use as consumer apps? It turns out, they can be. Modern portals are the next generation digital workplace tools that push data and key actions to employees from their systems so they can more effectively do their jobs.

    Join this webinar to learn how easy it is to:

    •Remove system bottlenecks, reduce helpdesk calls, decrease software spending, enable smart decision-making, and streamline workflows with consumer-like business apps.
    •Build smart, event-driven micro apps that sit on top of your existing systems and push actionable insights and tasks to employees on any device, intranet, or messenger.
    •Triple the productivity of your workforce with a modern portal that surfaces personalized and relevant tasks and information from all your systems.
  • Today’s Modern Business Management
    Today’s Modern Business Management James Chan and Laureen Knudsen Recorded: Jul 26 2017 48 mins
    Being an adaptive enterprise means having the ability to rapidly respond to changing conditions. As the market changes, you adapt. As customer feedback comes in, you adapt. As your competitors shift their focus, you adapt. 
    Join James Chan and Laureen Knudsen, of CA Technologies, on Wednesday, July 26, 9am PT / 12pm ET, as they dig deeper into how Modern Business Management is essential to a thriving, adaptive enterprise. During this webinar, you’ll learn:
    •How enterprise-wide business visibility provides real-time, continuous project data 
    •How to align funding for the projects agile teams are working on 
    •How financial and performance metrics connect financial models and audits to delivery practices 
    The adaptive enterprise is leveraging real-time visibility that allows it to proactively embrace changes and transform negatives into opportunities that move the business forward. It is prepared to respond to nearly every possibility with speed and agility and to take advantage of every circumstance. Are you ready?
  • Building a commercial robot with open source
    Building a commercial robot with open source Kyle Fazzari - Roboticist at Canonical Recorded: Jul 26 2017 60 mins
    Developing a new device is hard. So is taking that device to production. However, we see numerous examples of companies devoting all of their time to development, and none to answering the important questions that are raised as one approaches production, such as:

    * What is my factory process?
    * How is the base OS updated so as to remain secure?
    * How is my own software updated?
    * How is the device recovered if an update goes wrong?

    In this webinar we'll discuss:

    * The challenges of commercialising robots
    * Using ROS in your production code
    * Build security in from the get go with snaps and Ubuntu Core
    * Continuously deliver new features and updates without the cold sweat
  • From Monolith to Containers: How Verizon Containerized Legacy Apps on OpenShift
    From Monolith to Containers: How Verizon Containerized Legacy Apps on OpenShift Zohaib Khan, Practice Lead, App Modernization & Migration, Red Hat; Malik Sayed, Sr. Manager, Digital Architecture, Verizon Recorded: Jul 25 2017 44 mins
    Enterprises generally have a significant portfolio of legacy applications running in production; applications that have been developed 10-15 years ago or more. These applications stand in the critical path of revenue generation. It's not easy to just rip them out and replace them all with applications built on modern architectures, such as microservices and containers. Businesses can't afford downtime and certainly aren't willing to pay for something they can't see. We need the ability to modernize legacy applications while allowing IT to continue to deliver value—innovating from inside out. Verizon evaluated Red Hat's OpenShift Container Platform to modernize their application portfolio.

    In this session, we'll present Verizon’s journey to containerize one of their most challenging applications. We'll show the results of a 2-month long proof-of-concept, including successes, misses, and a roadmap for application modernization. You'll learn about the journey, the pitfalls, and the lessons learned of modernizing complete application portfolios.
  • Kubernetes 1.7 AMA
    Kubernetes 1.7 AMA CoreOS Recorded: Jul 25 2017 34 mins
    CoreOS is hosting a Kubernetes v1.7 “AMA” panel discussion to review major highlights and changes from the latest release.

    We will get started with a quick 1.7 release roundtable discussion and a bit of context for folks who are new to Kubernetes, before opening the discussion to include questions from the audience.

    Tune in live to join the conversation!
  • The 3 Essentials of Digital Transformation & How to Deliver Them
    The 3 Essentials of Digital Transformation & How to Deliver Them Rob Koplowitz, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and Steve Tassell, Bizagi Recorded: Jul 25 2017 40 mins
    Is your digital transformation moving in the right direction? We know that there are three essential business imperatives that organizations need to act on: delivering better customer experiences, improving operational efficiency, and managing regulatory compliance.

    Wherever you are in your journey, process automation is recognized as a foundation for meeting these digital transformation goals. So join Bizagi and guest speaker Rob Koplowitz, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, as we explore the role of ‘Digital Process Automation’ in digital transformation and discuss real-life stories of how it has helped companies to:

    •Deliver digitally-led omni-channel customer experiences
    •Improve operational excellence, efficiency and agility
    •Manage data, privacy and processes to meet regulatory compliance
    •Innovate at the speed of changing customer expectations in your industry

    Who should attend: Digital Transformation Leaders, Application Development Leaders, IT and Business Process Professionals.

    About Rob Koplowitz

    Rob’s research focuses on business process management as well as artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. Rob returns to Forrester after leading IBM’s strategy for integrating Watson into the company’s collaboration services. Rob brings many years of experience in enterprise software consulting, product marketing, product management, and strategy
  • Accelerating Cloud Migration and SaaS Deployment with Anypoint Platform
    Accelerating Cloud Migration and SaaS Deployment with Anypoint Platform Dave Rudzinsky, SVP & CIO; Jim McDaniel, VP, Strategic Accounts; Matt Serna, Manager, Industry Marketing Manager Recorded: Jul 25 2017 48 mins
    Organizations across all industries have begun to adopt cloud and SaaS technologies as a means of increasing operational efficiencies and improving customer experience. Those who can do so quickly - and securely - stand to reap outsized rewards in the market. But how?

    Hologic, a global life-sciences company that manufactures diagnostic products, surgical equipment, and imaging systems, provides a model for how organizations can drive secure cloud technology deployments within an accelerated timeframe. In partnership with MuleSoft and Apps Associates, they were able to go live with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud within a six month period, supporting their continued investment in driving best in class customer engagement.

    Learn from Hologic CIO Dave Rudzinsky how the right combination of technology, partners, and internal operating model can help your organization to quickly and securely adopt modern cloud technologies.

    Attendees will learn:

    - How Hologic leveraged MuleSoft to triple the speed of on-premise to cloud integration
    - The strategic role that delivery partners can play in supporting cloud migration initiative
    - How Hologic increased project delivery speed by increasing connectivity asset reuse throughout their organization
  • Workloads, Data Centers & Cloud Strategy: Market & Technology Trends
    Workloads, Data Centers & Cloud Strategy: Market & Technology Trends Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst with 451 Research, and Don Davis, Technology Director for Iron Mountain’s Data Center busines Recorded: Jul 25 2017 58 mins
    IT planners have far more options as to where to run their workloads than ever before. On-premises data centers, co-location facilities and managed services providers are now joined by hybrid multi-clouds – a combination of Software-, Infrastructure- and Platform-as-a-Service (SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS) execution venues. All have unique operational, performance and economic characteristics that need to be considered when deploying workloads.

    In this Webinar Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst with 451 Research, and Don Davis, Technology Director for Iron Mountain’s Data Center business will discuss how industry leading enterprises determine the best execution venues for their workloads by addressing:

    •The market and technology trends that influence workload, data center and cloud strategy
    •How to evaluate the characteristics of various workloads and execution venues
    •How to manage workloads across on-premises and off-premises ecosystems
    Attendees will learn how to formulate an IT strategy that can be used to guide the decision criteria needed for placing workloads on their best execution venues, and enable the migration and ongoing management of workloads across a hybrid multi-cloud enterprise architecture.
  • Slack Product Lead on Excellence Under Uncertainty
    Slack Product Lead on Excellence Under Uncertainty Paul Rosania Recorded: Jul 21 2017 46 mins
    Software is hard. Getting the product right is challenging enough, and unless you're working alone, you're contending with people and process in a daily struggle to get things done. As product builders, how do we guarantee excellence when so much can go wrong? Slack product lead Paul Rosania gives an overview of the many risks that face software teams, and a recipe for building exceptional products.

    Paul Rosania leads the Core Product team at Slack, where he and his team build the interfaces millions of people use to get their work done each day. Previously, he led the Timelines Team at Twitter, where he spearheaded the transition to an algorithmically ranked feed. Paul graduated Dartmouth College with a BA in Computer Science and has spent the last decade building software he hopes brings people closer together.
  • Keys to Continuous Testing for Faster Delivery
    Keys to Continuous Testing for Faster Delivery Shane Evans, Director of Product Management and Ayal Cohen, Chief Functional Architect, HPE Recorded: Jul 21 2017 25 mins
    If you haven’t already, we recommend you listen to the first webinar in this series, the 9-minute overview by our SVP and GM Raffi Margaliot as he introduces the three core disruptions facing application delivery teams today.

    Your business needs to deliver faster. To accommodate, Development needs to introduce fewer changes but in a much more frequent cadence. This creates a challenge for test teams to keep up with the rapid pace of change without compromising on quality. Automation is paramount to the success or failure of Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Testing enables early and frequent quality feedback throughout the CI/CD pipeline. In this webinar, we will explore how to implement Continuous Testing to ensure high quality releases in a Continuous Delivery environment; including what to test and when to automate new functionality in order to optimize your efforts.
  • ASO or GTFO: App store optimization that works
    ASO or GTFO: App store optimization that works Trey Stout, CTO and co-founder, ScribbleChat and Handwriting.io Recorded: Jul 20 2017 61 mins
    For LTV, engagement, and life­cycle, organic installs blow paid install campaigns out of the water—and they're a lot cheaper. VB Insight analysts report that if you want to boost organic downloads by at least 20 percent—or in some cases double or even triple that rate—you need to get in the ASO game.

    ASO basics have been buried alive in the avalanche of new apps, flawed app search, and rapid-fire algorithm changes that aren't always developer friendly. To get the most out of your entire marketing funnel, not just your app store presence, you need to step up your ASO game with these key takeaways from our latest in-depth, Godzilla-sized ASO report.

    For report highlights, key best practices and can't-miss ASO insights from super-analyst Stewart Rogers, join our latest interactive VB Live event!

    In this webinar you'll:
    * Learn why ASO is fundamental to the success of any app
    * Familiarize yourself with the pillars of solid ASO strategy
    * Leverage technology to increase your lifetime user value
    * Think beyond keywords for your search strategies

    * Trey Stout, CTO and Co-founder, ScribbleChat and Handwriting.io
    * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
    * Peggy Anne Salz, Chief Analyst, MobileGroove
    * Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

    Don't miss out, register today!
  • The Open Innovation Labs Experience: Redefining DevOps Culture
    The Open Innovation Labs Experience: Redefining DevOps Culture Justin Holmes, App Dev Architect, Red Hat; Øystein Bedin, PaaS Infrastructure Architect, Open Innovation Labs, Red Hat Recorded: Jul 20 2017 45 mins
    DevOps is foundational to the world’s highest-performing information technology organizations. But more than anything else, DevOps is about culture, and culture can be elusive. To help our customers experience how a DevOps culture can accelerate their innovative ideas, Red Hat launched it's Open Innovation Labs. In this session, Justin Holmes and Øystein Bedin from Open Innovation Labs will share their story building a DevOps culture for the Labs' core team.

    In this session, you'll learn about:

    - Behaviors and processes to enable collaboration between development and operations.
    - How tools like Ansible by Red Hat and Red Hat OpenShift can help facilitate communication between team members.
    - How Open Innovation Labs provide an environment for Red Hat customers to experience the unique advantages of a DevOps culture.
  • Continuous Deployment and Monitoring with Tectonic, Prometheus, and Jenkins
    Continuous Deployment and Monitoring with Tectonic, Prometheus, and Jenkins Chris Ricci & Duffie Cooley, Solutions Engineers Recorded: Jul 20 2017 60 mins
    Developers are facing mounting demands to deliver software quickly. Development and operations teams need to think about new tools and processes that allow them to respond with speed and agility, while also keeping costs and risks low.

    Join Chris Ricci & Duffie Cooley for a webinar on how using cloud-native systems like Tectonic, Prometheus, and Jenkins enables advanced DevOps patterns, like Canary releases, and can give teams the confidence they need to shift software delivery into a higher gear.
  • The Economics of Serverless Computing
    The Economics of Serverless Computing Owen Rogers Recorded: Jul 20 2017 32 mins
    Serverless is more than just hype; it has the potential to revolutionize the way we develop, build and operate applications in the cloud. Understanding the economics of serverless technology is vital to understanding its role in the world and its longer-term potential to disrupt the industry. In this webinar, we review these economics, pit the TCO of serverless against traditional virtual machines and containers, and compare pricing across the big four providers, namely AWS, Google, IBM and Microsoft.
  • Law Enforcement Data On the Move: Don’t make CJI a Crime
    Law Enforcement Data On the Move: Don’t make CJI a Crime Stan Mesceda, Encryption Expert at Gemalto Recorded: Jul 20 2017 57 mins
    Law enforcement and defense organizations need secure access to sensitive data, and to provide services and to collaborate with others, while protecting the public, and any confidential information. Faced with these challenges, meeting compliance regulations such as Criminal Justice Information Services Security Policy (CJIS-SP) , is a priority for most organizations, especially as audits draw near.
    Did you know that the Criminal Justice Information Services Security Policy (CJIS-SP) requires that data be encrypted when it is transmitted outside a secure facility, even within the same agency
    “When CJI is transmitted outside the boundary of the physically secure location, the data shall be immediately protected via cryptographic mechanisms (encryption)”

    Join us for an informative webinar where you will learn how to secure your data in transit as it moves across your internal and external network, to help ensure compliance with the FBI mandate.
    Attendee takeaways:
    •Overview of CJIS-SP mandate
    Network vulnerabilities and how Ethernet encryption can help secure data in motion
    •Use cases – hear how various agencies have successfully deployed network encryption to secure their data and meet audit requirements
    •Mapping solutions to the needs of your organization

    For more information on dealing with multi-factor authentication in the CJIS audit, check our part one in the series: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/2037/258091
  • Shedding a Light on the Unique Requirements of PoE Lighting
    Shedding a Light on the Unique Requirements of PoE Lighting Brian Simmons, Copper Product Manager Recorded: Jul 20 2017 29 mins
    PoE lighting is increasing in popularity due to is cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency and control capabilities, but what is the best way to deploy this technology and what is the best cabling to use? This webinar will explore the details of PoE and PoE Lighting and how Berk-Tek can help you Topics to be discussed include:

    - A high-level overview of PoE
    - How PoE lighting can benefit your organization
    - Details about a new Berk-Tek solution to help you efficiently install and run PoE Lighting
  • Build user-friendly cloud apps more productively with SAP Cloud Platform
    Build user-friendly cloud apps more productively with SAP Cloud Platform Christian Baader, Platform Partner Ecosystem, SAP Global Channels and Platform GTM / Keith Fischer, SAP Design - Build Recorded: Jul 20 2017 62 mins
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    In today’s world of digitization there is an increasing dependence on sophisticated business software to rapidly evolve and deliver an intuitive user experience – not just to keep training and support cost low but – most importantly – to keep employee motivation up.   

    If you are interested in driving down application development costs and time by up to 50% while vastly improving user adoption and relevancy, join us for this exciting webinar opportunity July 20 2017!

    Find out how, as an SAP partner in the Build engagement model, you can rapidly prototype, build, and monetize functionally rich applications for the integrated business processes of SAP’s 350,000 customers - based on SAP Cloud Platform.

    SAP Cloud Platform is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that enables you to:

    • Rapidly build and deploy business applications in the cloud for faster time to value.
    • Securely integrate with your SAP and third-party (non-SAP) cloud and on-premise systems for greater agility and productivity.
    • Embed advanced analytics into your solutions to gain real-time insight and drive customer satisfaction.
    • Leverage our digital channels and flexible license options to market your packaged solution to 350,000 SAP customers.

    Join us on this webcast and learn about the partner experience and how you can benefit from the features of SAP Cloud Platform and the Build engagement within the SAP PartnerEdge program.
    Webcast Details:
    Date: Thursday, July 20, 2017
    Time: 10 a.m.to 11 a.m. EST (60 minutes)

    To find out more about the SAP PartnerEdge program and SAP Cloud Platform, visit our Application Development Partner Center. 
  • [Demo] CloudShell Cloud Sandboxing Overview
    [Demo] CloudShell Cloud Sandboxing Overview Hans Ashlock, Director of Technical Marketing, Quali Recorded: Jul 19 2017 4 mins
    Quali’s Cloud Sandbox Software allows you to create and publish sandboxes that are replicas of infrastructure and application configurations and use them for development, testing, demos, training and support. Model, orchestrate, and deploy on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments and accelerate DevOps Automation.
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.11—CredHub, Container Networking & Spring Boot Actuator
    Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.11—CredHub, Container Networking & Spring Boot Actuator Jared Ruckle, Mukesh Gadiya and Pieter Humphrey, Pivotal Recorded: Jul 19 2017 75 mins
    Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.11 is now generally available. Join Jared Ruckle and Pieter Humphrey for a deeper look at new capabilities, along with a Q&A about many of the new product features, including:

    CredHub Bootstrapping
    - A new way to manage and secure credentials for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

    Container Networking
    - Create app-level security policies and run modern apps in a "zero trust" environment

    Volume Services
    - Bring stateful apps to Pivotal Cloud Foundry

    New Spring Boot Actuator
    - Integrations with Apps Manager to ease troubleshooting

    PCF Metrics 1.4
    - New custom metrics tracking as a result of a tighter integration with Spring Boot

    Attend this webinar and learn how to get the most from the enhancements to Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.11, the leading multi-cloud app development platform.
  • 5 Best Practices for Governing Your Content in the Cloud
    5 Best Practices for Governing Your Content in the Cloud Paul Falor, CIO & VP of Strategic Alliances, North Highland Company & Josh Rosenberg, Sr. PMM, Information Governance, Box Recorded: Jul 19 2017 46 mins
    The way we work as an organization is no longer changing.  It has already changed.  People access content from all kinds of devices, across different locations.  Business content is being created and viewed both inside and outside of your organization.  But how do you effectively protect the way it's shared and managed while meeting your compliance needs?  Especially as every business is under increasing scrutiny in the face of new regulations, like GDPR, and constantly evolving security threats. 
    Join Paul Falor, Chief Information Officer & Head of Strategic Alliances, North Highland and Josh Rosenberg, Sr. PMM Information Governance, Box to see how your organization can effectively govern content while keeping its people productive.  
    Learn about:
    ·  Key considerations for a cloud-first data governance strategy
    ·  Leveraging the big 3 of Information Governance (Retention, Defensible Discovery, and Security Classification) to reduce business risk
    ·  How to use SaaS technology to empower your users while effectively governing their content
  • Why your VR game is virtually useless without data
    Why your VR game is virtually useless without data Kiyoto Tamura, VP Marketing, Treasure Data Recorded: Jul 19 2017 60 mins
    The reality is virtual, but successful VR games still require cold, hard data. For wildly popular games like Survios’ Raw Data, the first VR-exclusive game to reach #1 on Steam’s Global Top Sellers list, data and analytics are the key to success.

    And now online gaming companies have the full-stack analytics infrastructure and tools to measure every aspect of a virtual reality game and its ecosystem in real time. You can keep tabs on lag, which ruins a VR experience, improve gameplay and identify issues before they become showstoppers, and create fully personalized, completely immersive experiences that blow minds and boost adoption, and more. All with the right tools.

    Make success a reality: Register now for our latest interactive VB Live event, where we’ll tap top experts in the industry to share insights into turning data into winning VR games.

    Attendees will:
    * Understand the role of VR in online gaming
    * Find out how VR company Survios successfully leverages the Exostatic analytics infrastructure for commercial and gaming success
    * Discover how to deploy full-stack analytics infrastructure and tools

    Nicolas Nadeau, President, Exostatic
    Kiyoto Tamura, VP Marketing, Treasure Data
    Ben Solganik, Producer, Survios
    Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
    Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

    Sponsored by Treasure Data
  • Demo: Introduction to Quay Enterprise
    Demo: Introduction to Quay Enterprise Saurabh Malhotra, Solutions Engineer Recorded: Jul 19 2017 24 mins
    Quay is CoreOS's enterprise-ready container and application registry. Quay makes it easy for developers to store, manage and deploy container images, and simplifies your development to production workflow for your software containers.