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The software-defined data center

Virtualization is no longer a passing trend. Organization deploying it in their servers, desktops, storage and networks are experiencing increased performance and decreased costs, when implemented and managed properly. Join this channel to hear leading experts discuss this maturing technology and how you can create your own software-defined data center.

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Does Your Organisation Really Know Its True or Total IT Cost Jerry Wertelecky, CPA, Fellow HKloD & Managing Director IT spend has become one of the largest budget line items in companies today. IT organizations worldwide spent over $4 trillion dollars in 2013 alone. Despite the growth in IT spend, many IT organizations do not have the capability to clearly and easily articulate where that spend is going, how it correlates to the services they are delivering or what value the business is realizing from the services.

In order to stay competitive, businesses are seeking ways to optimize and align future IT investment decisions with the strategic direction of the company. By making all of the costs of running IT transparent, IT can change the way business units consume IT resources, drive down total enterprise IT costs and focus on IT spending that delivers real business value.

Join Jerry Wertelecky as he discusses:

• Facilitate collaboration between IT and Finance to increase visibility into the costs, utilization and operations of all IT Services

• Leverage a deep understanding of what drives IT costs and performance to improve scenario planning capabilities and make better IT decisions

• Provide IT cost and consumption data to business owners in the form of a “Bill of IT” to more effectively communicate the value of IT to the business.
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Aug 12 2015 9:00 am
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