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  • Troubleshooting for wireless, especially 802.11ac, requires a complete review of both the wireless and wired side of the network. In this two-part series, Mike Pennacchi, expert network analyst and troubleshooting consultant with Network Protocol Specialists, will discuss best practices and considerations for troubleshooting wireless network issues. Each session is 30 minutes long.

    Part 1 – Wireless Network issues: the basics of discovery

    Whether you have implemented 802.11ac or are dealing will general wireless issues, Mike Pennacchi will review:
    - What you need to consider
    - Discovery tools
    - Traffic capture and analysis

    Attend this session and get a good start on preparing to resolve wireless/wired issues.
  • Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Devin deep dives on how to properly design for One AP per Classroom. He has accepted the challenge of putting this highly controversial topic to bed, once and for all. But, in a shocking twist, Devin has decided to approach this topic from the opposite side of the table from his widely acclaimed white paper, co-authored with Keith Parsons. Attend this very technical webinar to learn if and how "One AP per Classroom" can be ‘done right.’ You won’t want to miss this one.

    Devin Akin is the founder of Divergent Dynamics, a Wi-Fi Systems Integrator, Value-Added Reseller (VAR), and Training organization. Akin has over 20 years in IT, with 15 years in WLAN specifically, and was recently named to the TWW Top 100 Wireless Technology Experts list for 2014.
  • Most enterprises rely on their network to deliver excellent performance for their critical revenue generating applications, but in healthcare it’s about more than just a sale. It’s about delivering excellent patient care throughout the visit. IT is a crucial part of that care cycle and any delays in medical records, imaging, or poor Wi-Fi performance can mean the difference between a quick diagnosis and having to do things the “manual” way.

    In this webinar on-demand you will learn:

    • How both enterprises and healthcare institutions are taking control of poorly performing applications, tackling slow Wi-Fi and maintaining visibility as services move to the cloud
    • Making informed bandwidth and capacity decisions to both reduce cost, and deliver that next level of care
    • Key steps to gaining the visibility you need, as well as hear real-world success stories from healthcare institutions
  • There are more than a half dozen different technologies for determining where a cable goes. Despite the myriad of tools and techniques no one method works universally. This webinar will present 7 different techniques, how each works, and the strengths and caveats of each. After this webinar you will be armed with a toolbox of techniques for cleaning up your server room or cubicle farm.

    Presenter's Bio: James is the CTO for Handheld Network Test at Netscout. He pioneered many firsts for the industry and his company, dating back to the very creation of the handheld product category. His work has included the first touch screens on test instruments, the invention of digital toning, and most recently leveraging mobility & cloud reporting in portable network testing. He has invented many of your favorite tools including OneTouch, LinkRunner AT, Intellitone, & his newest tool, LinkSprinter.
  • Enterprise Wi-Fi deployments are growing and changing at a rapid pace. Unfortunately growth and change have a third sibling: problems. Wi-Fi problems are far from uncommon, but they sometimes go unnoticed. Busy schedules, fear of embarrassment and a general lack of understanding can prevent users from reporting problems to the people who can get them fixed. And even when Wi-Fi problems do get reported, the unique nature of radio frequency technology can make it difficult for networking professionals to know where to start in solving them.

    “Top 5 Wi-Fi Problems” aims to help in both ways: we will identify common enterprise Wi-Fi problems and describe how AirMagnet’s top-class tools can help Wi-Fi professionals solve them.

    Attend this webinar to understand the tools and process required to optimize your predictive models for maximum accuracy.

    About the presenter:
    Ben Miller is a wireless specialist based out of Los Angeles, CA who offers training services for professional training centers and organizations looking to design, manage and support wireless networks. Mr. Miller also offers surveying services to organizations in need of wireless network optimization.
  • There are as many approaches to troubleshoot network issues as there are pros doing it. Lack of time and impatient users sometimes force us to skip steps and quickly band-aid network issues. In this webinar Chris Greer, Network Analyst, Love My Tool blogger, and packet analysis expert, will provide you a road map to more effectively and systematically troubleshoot and analyze your network including:

    • Where you should start
    • What to look for, starting with the OSI layers
    • How to rule out common causes
    • What tests/tools you should use
  • Migration to 802.11ac is about using optimal design techniques and network validation that achieve maximum performance and ROI. Join Devin in this live webinar to get best practices for the migration of your enterprise Wi-Fi network as he focuses on the following:

    •Details about channels widths that you didn’t know that you needed to know

    •The entire process of design, deployment, validation and remediation – in context

    •A detailed understanding of co-channel interference (CCI) and its effects on enterprise Wi-Fi networks

    Devin Akin is the founder of Divergent Dynamics, a Wi-Fi Systems Integrator, Value-Added Reseller (VAR), and Training organization. Akin has over 20 years in IT, with 15 years in WLAN specifically, and was recently named to the TWW Top 100 Wireless Technology Experts list for 2014.
  • Capacity planning just may be the most crucial element that businesses are consistently struggling with. It is easy to see why, the impacts of SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) has kept executive decision makers and IT managers on their toes. But this environment is not going to become any easier, and now is the time to make plans for the growing needs of data storage and reliable connectivity. In this live webinar we will discuss:
    •Five tips to business on the right track
    •The challenges that result from the common approaches utilized today in capacity planning
    •A better way to optimizing the bandwidth you may already have
  • SaaS, VoIP, Private/Virtualized, Public, Hybrid. There are many ‘shapes” of cloud and with each comes increasing reliance on a stable, high-performing network.

    Join Rick Blaidsell and NETSCOUT- Fluke Networks Enterprise Solutions, as we discuss the challenges of cloud networks and the solutions organizations around the world are sharing with us. You will learn:

    •Why initial intelligence gathering about your network is critical
    •How to use on-going monitoring to identify problem domains
    •What is needed to keep everything “clean” for hosted VoIP
    •When to stay with a physical environment
  • When adding new 10G infrastructure to your network it is best practice to validate performance before making it operational. Yet this step is frequently skipped - increasing the likelihood of future problems such as:
    •More time spent troubleshooting
    •Sub-optimal application delivery

    In this webinar learn how the new OneTouch AT 10G Network Assistant facilitates 10G infrastructure acceptance testing with automated, 1-button standardised testing and reporting.

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