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Win/Loss Analysis for More Successful Products

Steve Johnson, Primary Intelligence
Most product managers think of Win/Loss analysis as something that sales people do. Something that only benefits the way vendors sell. But what can be learned about the portfolio, product, and feature set?
This webinar will highlight three critical touchpoints — before, during, and after an implementation — and explore the insights we can use for make better product decisions.
Join Steve Johnson of Primary Intelligence and Jon Gettinger of Accept Software for a discussion on improving your portfolio using “voice of the buyer” interviews. This will be a highly interactive session, so bring lots of questions!
This session will three important topics in win/loss analysis.
- The three critical post-implementation touchpoints
- A framework for “voice of the buyer”
- The four buying influencers (hint: the user is one too)
May 10 2012
61 mins
Win/Loss Analysis for More Successful Products
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  • Sutter Health is a not-for-profit health system serving more than 100 communities in Northern California. Each year its 5,000 physicians care for more than 10 million outpatient visits and discharge more than 200,000 in-patients.

    As healthcare systems transition from “fee for service” to “fee for value” reimbursement models, there is an increasing focus to drive down 30-day re-admission rates, particularly for high risk patients. To this end, Sutter Health is piloting Project RED (Re-engineered Discharge) which leverages predictive analytics to identify high-risk patients and then prescribes alternative discharge workflows aimed at lowering the risk of re-admission.

    Join us as Kristen Wilson-Jones, Sutter RD&D CTO, shares how Sutter Health has leveraged MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform in an orchestrated plecosystem of technologies to power Project RED by enabling real-time patient risk scoring, clinical workflow management and bi-directional integration with Epic.

    Topics covered
    + How Sutter Health is lowering 30-day re-admission rates by re-engineeing clinical workflows
    + The need for connectivity to enable workflow re-design
    + Best practice in moving from an application-centric to a data object-centric connectivity approach
  • Modern performance tools and techniques can dramatically improve the user experience, reduce developer and ops frustration, lead to better utilization of infrastructure and allow you to smartly ship products to market faster.

    Working with many companies across all industries, we recognize the pitfalls and barriers to adopting DevOps. The Rackspace DevOps Automation team works with various tools every day to counteract these pitfalls. Join Product Manager @EricBrinkman as he shows you the technologies our DevOps Automation team uses, provide insight as to why they were chosen, and walk through a customer experience demo.

    This webinar will include:
    •Deploying Magento through UI and pushing code
    •A look into the control panel
    •Demo of New Relic and Chef
    •Simulation of Rackspace customer experience
  • Gartner has predicted 18-20% growth in SaaS market, and expects it to hit US $22.1 billion by the year 2015. They have also measured that SaaS adoption rate has increased many fold in the last few years (almost 71% of enterprises use SaaS solutions).

    SaaS has come a long way from “hype” to “norm”. The key to this change is the confidence that has been built by the cloud/SaaS community by providing enterprise class security. Since, SaaS model of delivery has become a defacto standard of delivering products it’s critical for software providers to ensure that their SaaS product meets the required industry security standards. In this webinar, we will address the security aspects related to architecture, deployment and management of SaaS solutions.

    Key Takeaways:
    • Security considerations in each of the architecture layers
    • Data isolation risks and mitigation plans
    • Overview of CWE/SANS and OWASP Security threats
    • Data retention and termination policies
    • Infrastructure and cloud related security risks and solutions
  • Modern software development practices dominated by component-based engineering and short development cycles have largely been a catalyst for rapid advancements in technology. These practices, however, have also resulted in an epidemic of known vulnerabilities baked into third-party software components of IoT applications and devices. These widespread security flaws, many of which are critical in nature, often remain unnoticed or unaddressed throughout the software or device lifecycle, posing significant risks to the people and organizations that rely on them.

    As software continues to permeate the ever-expanding Internet of Things, software vulnerabilities represent a greater and greater threat. IoT devices, like traditional computers, run on software that is susceptible to malicious attacks. As more devices become connected, understanding how to identify and manage security vulnerabilities within widely used third-party software components is critical for all stakeholders, including manufacturers and end-users.

    In this webinar, our diverse panel of security experts will:
    •Propose an expanded definition and understanding of IoT and the stakeholders at risk
    •Present research highlighting the pervasiveness of vulnerabilities in third-party software components of IoT devices
    •Draw some conclusions about the state of software security in IoT today
    •Discuss some simple approaches to addressing these problems
  • The Identity and Access Market (IAM) is undergoing exciting changes. Increased cloud adoption, cyber-threats and the speedy adoption of mobile computing is affecting how enterprises approach access security and authentication.

    Getting insight into these trends can help you prepare your organization for better and more effective Identity and Access policies during the coming year.

    Join us on for a webinar on “IAM and Authentication Trends in 2015”, on March 24, 2015, where you can hear all about Identity and Access trends and developments from an industry expert.
  • Businesses are under constant pressure to deliver apps faster and faster, without sacrificing quality. Application performance is a huge part of quality and mandatory for a great user experience. How do you achieve it? HP Performance Testing solutions bring new capabilities to accelerate application delivery while maintaining the required performance.

    In this webinar, the HP Product Management team and RnD will present the new features of version 12.20 and a demo of the new, innovative controller (Tech Preview). Join us to learn about:

    The new Performance Center user interface
    Noise generator feature
    New controller (tech preview)
    How StormRunner integrates with NewRelic
    StormRunner version for Developers – Integration with JMeter and webtest speed tools
  • L’objectif de ce webcast est de présenter comment la technologie permet d’atteindre les objectifs DevOps en éliminant les contraintes et les goulots d'étranglement qui perturbent la production de valeur pour les clients finaux

    Why DevOps is the answer to Digital Transformation
    The objective of this webcast is to show how technology allows to reach the DevOps objectives by eliminating constraints and bottlenecks that disrupt the production of value for end users
  • A lack of manpower and a dearth of resources are often major obstacles for organizations striving to achieve and maintain HIPAA and/or PCI compliance. Compliance guidelines are complex and difficult to decipher, even for the most experienced IT professionals. Recent headlines regarding unprecedented security and compliance breaches are causing companies to examine compliance-as-a-service (CaaS) solutions offered by cloud providers. But with the myriad of options available, it’s difficult for companies to discern which CaaS best fits their needs.

    Join Johan Hybinette, HOSTING Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), as he discusses the benefits and risks associated with CaaS. Drawing upon his 20+ years’ of experience in information security and compliance, Johan will also offer tips for selecting the right CaaS for your business. Bring your questions and leave with the information you need to confidently invest in a CaaS solution.
  • Greater than 80% of today’s breaches occur with application software, yet many companies continue to invest in ‘over the wire’ solutions that are not solving the problem. Runtime Application Self-Protection, or RASP, is an emerging market that promises to protect applications from the inside. Using the rich context of the application’s logic and associated core libraries, RASP identifies attacks in ‘real-time’ and stops them. Implementation is quick and requires no changes to your application’s code. Join us to learn more about what RASP can do for you.

    •Why context from inside the application matters
    •How easy it can be to use native capabilities of Java and .NET to protect your applications
    •Use cases to get you started.

    Help lead your enterprise to a stronger, more effective security program.
  • Security and Scalability in the Hybrid Cloud: How to get one without losing the other

    Traditionally, you had to design for a focus on scalability or security in the cloud, but not both. Now with services that connect virtual and real computers together, you can achieve cloud scale while satisfying the most stringent security requirements. Join Rackspace’s Matt Shover and Joseph Palumbo Thursday, March 19th to learn:

    •Top reasons why people choose the cloud
    •Top reason why people think the cloud isn’t the best fit for them
    •What is scaling?
    •How do you scale?
    •How does the hybrid cloud help scale your application?
    •How does the hybrid cloud help secure your application?
    •So how do you build a hybrid environment?

    About the Speakers

    Matt Shover:
    Matt Shover is the manager of RackConnect Operations at Rackspace, where he leads a passionate team of Rackers that work to seamlessly connect Rackspace's Dedicated and Cloud offerings -- turning customer challenges into awesome outcomes. He holds an MBA in finance from California State University, Hayward and has been a Racker for over eight years.

    Joseph Palumbo:
    As a founding member and architect of both the Rackspace Cloud’s Managed Operations service level and Launch Team, Joseph has spends half his time teaching customers about the cloud and the other half learning from his customers what the cloud can do. When he’s not writing blog posts, recording podcasts or making videos, he can be found discussing innovation with other Rackers and wishing paper documents had a built-in search function.
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  • Five Factors Behind Successful Products Recorded: Jun 21 2012 61 mins
    Greg Geracie, Steven Starke, David Heidt
    A recent global study of product teams found that there are five key factors that are common across high performance product teams. When these factors are effectively in place, product teams stand a 67% probability of achieving high performance. In their absence a miserable 2%!

    Join us on June 21st at 10:00AM Pacific for a cross-functional panel discussion with the study authors on each of these five factors from the perspective of product management, project management, and business analysis. Speakers include: Greg Geracie, president of Actuation Consulting and author of the global best seller Take Charge Product Management, Steven Starke, author of S.T.O.P The Project Management Survival Plan, and David Heidt, President of the IIBA Chicagoland Chapter.
  • Win/Loss Analysis for More Successful Products Recorded: May 10 2012 61 mins
    Steve Johnson, Primary Intelligence
    Most product managers think of Win/Loss analysis as something that sales people do. Something that only benefits the way vendors sell. But what can be learned about the portfolio, product, and feature set?
    This webinar will highlight three critical touchpoints — before, during, and after an implementation — and explore the insights we can use for make better product decisions.
    Join Steve Johnson of Primary Intelligence and Jon Gettinger of Accept Software for a discussion on improving your portfolio using “voice of the buyer” interviews. This will be a highly interactive session, so bring lots of questions!
    This session will three important topics in win/loss analysis.
    - The three critical post-implementation touchpoints
    - A framework for “voice of the buyer”
    - The four buying influencers (hint: the user is one too)
  • Improve Product Success with Open Innovation Recorded: Apr 26 2012 45 mins
    Jose Briones
    Open innovation is an incredibly powerful tool that companies can use to maintain market alignment with their products. However, these initiatives can be particularly difficult to incorporate into an organization’s pre-defined product planning process.

    Join innovation expert Jose Briones shares his approach to implementing open innovation in a way that will complement product planning processes and increase the chances of product success. This session will cover:

    1) Benefits of an open innovation process
    2) Use of software tools and social media for open innovation
    3) Open Innovation Case Study: How One Company has increased their ideas to market and accelerated time to market
  • Navigating the Gap Between Project and Product Management Recorded: Apr 19 2012 57 mins
    Greg Geracie, president of Actuation Consulting; Lee Lambert, CEO of the Lambert Consulting Group
    Join us on April 19th for a detailed discussion on how your organization can use project and product management to achieve better market results with your products. Speakers Greg Geracie, president of Actuation Consulting and author of the global best seller Take Charge Product Management and Lee Lambert, CEO of the Lambert Consulting Group and PMI Fellow present.

    In the recent Study of Product Team Performance, 2012, respondents cited a "collaborative partnership between project and product management" as a key factor in creating value in the product development process. However, the relationship between these functions remains poorly defined in most companies and in industry literature.

    During this session, you will learn to:
    - Clarify the leadership roles for both product and project managers in product development projects from planning to execution
    - Outline the importance of fully documenting the process used to produce your products to ensure appropriate alignment, hand-offs, and increased effectiveness
    - Introduce the 3 C's of project management and demonstrate the interrelationship between the product and project management life cycles from conception to retirement
  • Improving Product Team Performance Recorded: Mar 28 2012 60 mins
    Greg Geracie, President of Actuation Consulting
    In the recent Study of Product Team Performance, 2012, 88% of organizations report that they could be more effective in bringing products to market on time, on scope, and on budget. Come join us on March 28th and learn how your organization can become more successful at delivering products to the market.

    Please join Greg Geracie, President of Actuation Consulting and author of the global best seller Take Charge Product Management as he examines the factors that improve or impede product team performance. Greg will share a range of findings from the 2012 study conducted by Actuation Consulting and Enterprise Agility based on responses from product managers, project managers, program managers, business analysts and other members of the core product development team. Mark your calendars and be sure to join us!
  • The Three Steps to Lean Product Management Recorded: Mar 8 2012 63 mins
    Greg Cohen, CPM CPMM, Senior Principal Consultant, 280 Group
    When it comes to delivering successful products to market, there are as many ways to manage the planning process as there are product managers. Today phase-gate methodology seems to be the most popular. But "most popular" doesn't always make it the right choice to ensure that a product meets the needs of the market. Lean Product Management is a way to apply the right process at the planning level and make sure that your product meets market demands as quickly and as cost–effectively as possible.

    Join us and learn about the four product-market fit challenge types, how to identify the challenge type your project faces, and how to adjust your process accordingly. The talk covers key principles of Lean Product Management: dealing with uncertainty, achieving competitive separation, capturing market opportunity, and implications to the traditional project planning, phase gate, and budgeting cycle. If you are ready to challenge the wisdom of phase gate, this webinar is for you.
  • Why a Product Strategy is Essential to Drive Your Company's Revenue Growth Recorded: Feb 15 2012 58 mins
    Hector Del Castillo, AIPMM
    Companies need to build successful products to grow and maintain their competitive advantage. Many organizations, however, lack the clearly defined product strategy required to create great products.

    Guest speaker Hector Del Castillo of AIPMM will discuss the benefits of adopting the Association of Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) Product Management Framework (PMF) and the need for growing organizations to implement a formal product planning process based on the AIPMM Body of Knowledge (ProdBOK(R)). During the session on February 15, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific, you will learn to create value for your organization by aligning business and product strategy with unmet customer needs and market trends.
  • Strategies for Effective Product Roadmapping Recorded: Dec 15 2011 61 mins
    Cindy F Solomon, Founder at Global Product Management Talk
    In most companies, Product Management is responsible for building, maintaining, and presenting the product roadmap both internally and externally. The goal is to tell a compelling and comprehensive story as well as to capture and access the right data and insights to make objective, informed decisions. join us to discuss the strategic and technical roadmapping capabilities and expertise necessary to communicate product direction and strategy with the right level of detail to the right audience at the right time.

    In this session, you will learn to:
    •    Communicate an objective product roadmap to internal and external audiences
    •    Properly respond to changing market dynamics and company priorities
    •    Utilize strategic navigation skills to stay true to business strategy and market needs
    •    Use roadmaps as a strategic tool to capture and sustain customers, partners, and other stakeholders
  • Three Tips to Improve Your Effectiveness As a Product Manager Recorded: Nov 17 2011 62 mins
    Greg Geracie, President and Founder, Actuation Consulting
    The job of a product manager has become more challenging than ever before. There never seems to be enough time or resources to collect all of the necessary information and collaborate with key stakeholders in order to make mission critical decisions. We must find ways to build great products while working effectively with globally dispersed, cross-functional teams. Compounding the problem, almost every product manager enters the field from another profession and has to learn the job through trial and error.

    Join Greg Geracie, the author of global best seller Take Charge Product Management and president of Actuation Consulting, as he discusses these challenges and shares three key tips from his book along with the necessary context to apply these tips to everyday excellence in product management.
  • Bridging the Innovation-Execution Gap Recorded: Oct 27 2011 61 mins
    Paul Williams, Executive Director, American Institute for Innovation Excellence
    In many organizations, there is a gap between executive-mandated product strategy and the day-to-day operational decisions that take place as the mandate cascades down. Simply put, there is a gap between what should be done and what does get done.

    As this strategic mandate cascades down the management chain, busy executives focused on their own priorities, try to minimize "change panic" or force fit into existing structures and processes rather than create new operational approaches. The result: abandoning a bold new strategic vision for something safe and completely ineffectual.

    Join Paul Williams of the American Institute for Innovation Excellence as he addresses the root causes for this innovation-execution disconnect and recommends processes, tools, techniques and management approaches to bridge this gap.
  • Introducing Innovation into Product Strategy Recorded: Oct 20 2011 61 mins
    Chris Labash, Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
    Join Professor Chris Labash of Carnegie Mellon University to learn about the product innovation process and its impact on product strategy. Learn how innovation can play a key role in product development in any organization.

    Come away with knowledge of how to introduce product innovation into your organization:
    - Transform innovation from a one-time transaction into a process
    - Maintain a culture of innovation in product strategy and development
    - Involve the entire organization in the product innovation process from the CEO to managers
  • Strategies and Practical Tools for Successful Product Development Recorded: Sep 21 2011 63 mins
    Patrina Mack, Managing Partner of Vision & Execution
    It’s not enough to get a product to market, you need to get traction. How do you avoid the hidden pitfalls that cause high-risk ventures to fail so readily? Learn new processes and new skills to build a fully integrated product development process and team. Join guest Patrina Mack to find out how to address best practice research and practical approaches to apply classic market segmentation and competitive benchmarking to identify your unique value add, prioritize market opportunities and/or features, prioritize your product roadmap to balance costs/timelines with customer pain points, and course correct through major and minor upheavals caused by unplanned events.
  • The Changing Dynamics of New Product Development Recorded: Sep 8 2011 62 mins
    Tom Grant, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research Inc.
    Dive into the reasons why organizations are overturning the way they craft and execute product strategy with special guest Tom Grant, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research Inc. Learn how organizations are reacting as a result of this change, and predictions into what this means for product development & the product innovation space.
  • Making the Case: Why Product Management is Critical to Company Success Recorded: Aug 17 2011 61 mins
    Greg Geracie, President and Founder, Actuation Consulting
    Product management is one of the few organizational functions that focus on long term strategic direction, while other functions typically focus on short-term, client to client, or quarterly results. This difference in perspective creates a tight linkage between strategic business goals that senior executives are focused on and what product management is chartered to deliver. 

Without an industry-wide agreed upon standard defining the product management roles and function, senior executives often end up determining the boundaries based on their past experience which shapes their expectations. This lack of industry-wide role clarity can often inhibit organizational success. The one common denominator is that senior executives expect the product management function to perform. Learn the importance of adopting a metrics-driven approach to enhance the relationship between senior executives and the product management organization throughout the product development lifecycle.
  • Drive Successful Product Development Collaboration Recorded: Aug 10 2011 63 mins
    Therese Padilla, President AIPMM
    Learn the latest techniques to successful product development collaboration.
    n this period of innovation - transformation happens at the speed of light and geographical and access barriers are fading; successful product development is driven by global collaboration. Companies must focus on managing product lifecycles while creating substantial advancement in introducing differentiated goods and services to fuel top-line growth. This is best accomplished through global collaboration of all areas in product development.
  • Leveraging Innovation Centers of Excellence Recorded: Jul 14 2011 62 mins
    Paul R. Williams, Research Director at the American Institute for Innovation Excellence
    Organizations struggle with the deployment and incorporation of innovation management – there is no consistent, well-defined framework for creating an innovation “discipline”.

    Join Paul R. Williams, Research Director at the American Institute for Innovation Excellence, as he shares his research on how best to implement a formal innovation management approach. Learn what these key “must-haves” are, and how this “Center of Excellence” approach will create a well-defined framework for innovation success.
    Learn about:
    •Executive engagement
    •Business discipline
  • Beyond Phase-Gate: An Innovation Portfolio Management Model Recorded: Jun 30 2011 61 mins
    Paul Williams, Executive Director, American Institute for Innovation Excellence
    Successful innovation management extends past an enhanced "value chain" rooted in portfolio management concepts; it needs to also focus on strategic priorities balanced with execution discipline. In essence, the goal of any portfolio-based approach is to maximize the value of the overall portfolio and to balance the strategic fit, timing and sequencing, investment risk, operational capability and resource capacity.

    Based on recent research conducted by the American Institute for Innovation Excellence, what's missing is a way to resolve pain points (and main points of failure) experienced by organizations when seeking growth via an innovation management strategy.

    Join us to learn how to:
    • Align your innovation approach to the overall organizational strategy
    • Efficiently and effectively review, select and manage multiple promising ideas at once
    • Ensure successful and repeatable execution and delivery of individual idea-based initiatives
  • Real World Product Prioritization Strategies You Can Use Today Recorded: Jun 15 2011 62 mins
    Greg Cohen CPM CPMM, Senior Principal Consultant, 280 Group
    Prioritization is a major responsibility of product management, and we are given rough guidance to prioritize by business value. But assessing value is easier said than done given today’s rapidly changing conditions. Maximizing business value means focusing not just on obvious ROI, but deciding where to invest now for maximum value later and with minimum risk. How do we maximize value while reducing risks and managing costs? In this session, we will discuss “real world” strategies and practices for portfolio prioritization.

    Areas covered will include:

    1. What is “business value”
    2. Determining ROI
    3. Research techniques to assess value
    4. Prioritization when data is not available
    5. Strategies for mitigating risk & managing costs
    6. Understanding how value changes over time

    Join us at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time/1:00 p.m. Eastern Time with Greg Cohen, author of “Agile Excellence for Product Managers” and “42 Rules of Product Management” as he shares tried and proven methods for easily assessing value and balancing risk in the product portfolio planning and development process.
  • Make Product Innovation Work for You Recorded: Jun 1 2011 60 mins
    Chris Labash, Professor at Carnegie Mellon University
    Innovation today is very hard and complex. Multiple ideas from multiple stakeholders and multiple objectives requires multiple teams to execute in unison towards a common goal.

    The question is how to balance all this creativity with discipline? How can organizations shift from treating innovation as a one-time ‘invention’ event to an ongoing, real-time process that aligns execution dynamically with the ever changing corporate strategy?

    This type of strategic agility is no small feat and requires companies to undergo a fundamental change that drives dynamic decision making across the organization.

    Join us on June 1 for a special webinar as Carnegie Mellon University professor Chris Labash reveals how to make innovation doable, actionable, and sustainable.

    Learn why Next Generation Portfolio Management is the key to successful Product Innovation management in today’s complex economy.

    You will learn how companies can:

    - Do a better job of aligning execution with corporate strategies

    - Adapt quickly to changing market conditions

    - Institutionalize creative thinking

    - Balance creativity with a disciplined process

    - Advance good ideas and kill bad ones fast

    Make Innovation Work for You. Start the journey with Accept today.
  • The State of Innovation Portfolio Planning Recorded: May 25 2011 61 mins
    Accept Corporation and AIPMM
    In today's hyper-competitive marketplace, a unified approach to portfolio management is critical for selecting the right product investments with the greatest commercial potential. However, there is a big difference between portfolio management theory and how it is typically practiced in leading corporations today. Join us as we discuss the findings from a joint study conducted by Accept Corporation & AIPMM as we share current portfolio challenges, practices and strategies of over 175 Product and Portfolio executives.

    Walk away with benchmarks, best practices and recommendations on how to make Innovation Portfolio Planning your key competitive weapon.
Accept Software. Product Planning for a Complex World
A uniquely collaborative approach to product planning that makes life easier for product professionals while transforming product outcomes.

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