The Next Generation of Application Performance for the Cloud

Dr. Jim Metzler, Industry Analyst with Ashton, Metzler & Assoc. and David Oliver, Sr. Product Manager, VNS
The cloud frees your company from the burdens of building IT infrastructure but not from the responsibility of ensuring it all works. You will still get the call when customers can’t buy products off your website or finance can’t close the quarter in your ERP system. What will you do next?

For years enterprises have worked with network providers based on clear physical demarcation points, segmenting responsibility. That is no longer possible in today’s virtual world. We need Virtual Demarcations and the Enterprise needs a toolset to provide overall performance visibility.

During this discussion noted industry analyst Dr. Jim Metzler will review current industry trends and best practices in managing application and network performance in a Cloud or Virtualized environments. This will be followed by an overview from Mr. Doug Roberts who will share the newest technologies that provide visibility that reaches across groups and various network infrastructure components allowing for increased IT efficiency.
Jul 11 2012
59 mins
The Next Generation of Application Performance for the Cloud
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  • Jack Madden converses with James Rendell to get the CA perspective on Enterprise Mobility Management’s (EMM) future potential. EMM must not for get BYOD but also go beyond it into Mobile App Management (MAM) and find ways to keep users personal information and employers information separated and find a way to embrace the Internet of Things.
  • Jack Madden discusses Enterprise Mobility with Arun Bhattacharya to get the CA perspective on the way it should be. This means going beyond BYOD and MDM, and embracing MAM, MEM, MCM, and IoT. For many companies, finding the balance between employers and users privacy and security has been a problematic issues.
  • In this webinar, we’ll be going back to basics to cover what DevOps is and why should you care about it, but also discuss more advanced topics like proactively analyzing business applications during the development phase, and bringing down the silos between developers, IT operations, QA, and the business.

    Sign-up for this webinar with John Jelinek, the co-founder of DevOps Live, and Matt Zanderigo of Riverbed for some expert coaching on taking the plunge to DevOps, smoothing out the interaction between development and operations, and gaining visibility into application change to help speed up application rollouts.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:
    •How to initiate a DevOps transformation, notable traits of successful DevOps cultures and how to get both Dev and Ops to work together effectively
    •How to ensure performance defects are discovered early with sufficient detail to fix the issue with Application Performance Management.
    •How companies like Michelin and National Instruments have reduced production issues up to 30%, and streamlined their application rollout process up to 6 times faster.

    Meet Our Guest Speaker
    John Jelinek is the co-founder of DevOps Live, a meetup group focused on bringing down silos between developers, IT operations, QA, and the business. John is also a Developer Evangelist for TradeStation Technologies, Inc. He helps software engineers build new innovations on the Web with the TradeStation WebAPI, a real-time source for financial market data. He lives in North Dallas with his wife and two daughters.
  • Tras crear un prototipo inicial de su aplicación para una vista previa limitada ya es hora de que el equipo pase a consolidar la arquitectura haciéndola más robusta y tolerante a los fallos antes de lanzarla oficialmente al público final.

    En este capítulo se tratan conceptos de la infraestructura de AWS tales como regiones y zonas de disponibilidad; además, se explica cómo utilizar tales características para incrementar la tolerancia de la aplicación a los fallos.

    Servicios y características tratados
    •Conceptos clave sobre infraestructura (regiones y zonas de disponibilidad)
    •Equilibro de carga elástico (Elastic Load Balancing)
    •Amazon RDS

    •Creación de una AMI basada en una instancia en ejecución
    •Creación y configuración de un equilibrador de carga elástico
    •Zonas de disponibilidad múltiples con Amazon RDS
    •Alarmas con Amazon CloudWatch
  • Una vez expandida con éxito la capacidad del centro de datos a Amazon Web Services para los entornos de desarrollo y prueba, el equipo de IT se enfrenta a un nuevo reto en cuanto a la capacidad, es decir, cómo almacenar la cada vez mayor cantidad de datos generados por las aplicaciones empresariales y mantener los costes a la baja. Además, también se enfrentan al reto de mantener copias de seguridad de esos datos de manera adecuada.

    Este capítulo aborda ambas cuestiones con servicios como Amazon S3 y Amazon Glacier.


    •AWS Storage Gateway
    •Datos de Amazon S3 a Amazon Glacier

    Servicios y características tratados:
    •Amazon S3
    •Amazon Glacier
    •AWS Storage Gateway
    •AWS Import / Export
  • Enterprises are realizing that the opportunity of data analytics is maximum when the data is fresh and represents the "current reality" of operations or customer experience. The business value of data dramatically falls with its age.

    As IT and line-of-business executives begin to operationalize Hadoop and MPP based batch Big Data analytics, it's time to prepare for the next wave of innovation in data processing.

    Join this webinar on analytics over real-time streaming data.

    You will learn about:
    •How business value is preserved and enhanced using Real-time Streaming Analytics with numerous use-cases in different industry verticals
    •Technical considerations for IT leaders and implementation teams looking to integrate Real-time Streaming Analytics into enterprise architecture roadmap
    •Recommendations for making Real-time Streaming Analytics – real – in your enterprise
    •Impetus StreamAnalytix – an enterprise ready platform for Real-time Streaming Analytics
  • This Analyst Briefing will cover key findings from Frost & Sullivan’s suite of video technology research for 2013, as well as the Digital Media research team’s impressions and conclusions from the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, taking place April 5-10, 2014 in Las Vegas.

    Reasons to Attend:

    •Understand key technical trends in content delivery and monetization, and their impact on video encoding/transcoding offerings
    •Gain insight into worldwide market growth opportunities
    •Receive highlights related to the competitive landscape
    •Identify customer perceptions and requirements when choosing vendors and solutions
  • Many customers who want to deliver application releases quicker, find bugs earlier and eliminate testing infrastructure turn to Capgemini’s Test Environment Management (TEM) services, which leverages CA LISA® Service Virtualization. The TEM methodology incorporates automated regression testing and virtual test environments; enabling greater coverage of non-function tests. The resulting test environment expedites delivery of new application features to business users, reduces costs and ensures higher quality production systems.

    Join CA Technologies & Capgemini on April 16, 2014 at 10:00 am ET to learn how these capabilities are delivered by Capgemini, the functionality of the CA Technologies tools that make it possible, and a customer’s experience with the Capgemini TEM - CA Technologies solution.
  • Questo è il primo episodio di una serie di webinar che illustreranno le diverse modalità in cui AWS viene utilizzato dai team di sviluppo agili. Tutti gli episodi faranno riferimento a una startup impegnata nell'apertura di una nuova area di business, illustrando i vantaggi offerti dall'utilizzo di AWS. La startup puo' essere una nuova realtà o un centro di innovazione all'interno di una azienda esistente, ad esempio per seguire il lancio di un nuovo prodotto.

    In questo episodio vengono descritti i principali vantaggi di AWS per le startup e i team IT agili, soffermandosi su come il team abbia sviluppato rapidamente un prototipo funzionante utilizzando i diversi servizi offerti dalla piattaforma.
  • Join AWS for this Building Scalable Web Applications webinar where we will explain the key architectural patterns used to build applications in the AWS cloud, and how to leverage cloud fundamentals to build highly available, cost effective web-scale applications.

    You will also learn how to design for elasticity and availability within AWS using a common web architecture as a reference point and discuss strategies for scaling, security, application management and global reach. If you want to know how to make your applications truly scale then join this webinar to learn more.

    Reasons to attend:

    • Understand the architectural properties of powerful, scalable and highly available applications in the Amazon cloud
    • Learn about Amazon regions and services that operate within them that enable you to leverage cloud scaling
    • Discover how to manage data with services like Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Elastic MapReduce to remove constraints from your applications as your achieve web-scale data volumes
    • Hear about customer case studies and real-world examples of scaling from a handful of resources to many thousands in response to customer demand

    Who should attend?

    • Developers, operations, engineers and IT architects who want to learn how to get the best from their applications in AWS
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  • Five Best Practices for Application-aware Network Performance Management (AANPM) Recorded: Apr 7 2014 59 mins
    Despite the fact that organizations and the network infrastructures that support them continue to grow in size and complexity, expectations regarding application performance are not being relaxed. One effective response is to establish clear and definitive visibility of application and service activity and from the network perspective.

    Application-aware Network Performance Management (AANPM) practices and products are designed specifically for such purposes, providing detailed insights into exactly who is using which resources, what quality of experience is taking place, and where to look when things go wrong. Such information can significantly improve planning, monitoring, and troubleshooting efforts.
  • End User Experience Monitoring - Real Time and Back in Time in Just a Few Clicks Recorded: Feb 12 2014 44 mins
    It’s no longer enough to understand just the health of your endpoints or even the flow of traffic across them. As the demands on IT have increased, so has the importance of understanding the true end user experience when managing and monitoring the performance of both your infrastructure and your applications. When users experience poor performance it’s crucial to have visibility into that users actual experience. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can gain insight into individual user and even the individual transaction from a passive, agentless, network perspective.
  • Mitigating the Complexity of Packet Analysis in the Data Center Recorded: Jan 15 2014 60 mins
    In this on-demand webinar, we examine the challenges faced by Network Engineers when they are tasked with troubleshooting problems in the data center. At times, applications and network servers suffer poor performance and quality, requiring root cause analysis. Due to the complexity of these systems, this often requires packet-level visibility. The intermittent behavior of many of these performance problems requires 24/7 capture. The "Big Data and growing" nature of the data center makes finding network and application problems at the packet level like looking for a needle in a haystack.
  • Tips for Tackling Bandwidth Management Recorded: Dec 11 2013 34 mins
    In this 30 min. on-demand webcast you will learn about the concepts noted below and see a live demo showing how Visual TruView tackles Capacity Planning in just a few mouse clicks:

    -Understand Bandwidth Resources and Performance Tradeoffs – Bad performance does not necessarily mean that bandwidth is not sufficient. Knowing how busy links are, and for how long,is key to gauging the correlation between bandwidth and performance.

    -Use the Right Tools for the Job – Trying to detect over-utilization of bandwidth can be difficult when the tools are not well suited to the job. The key questions to answer are, has the link been over-utilized, for how long, and by what application and what end-user?

    -Account for Business Hours – Having a combination of real-time and back-in-time views allows IT to see what is happening more quickly, solve problems faster, and move on to more strategic initiatives efficiently.

    -Determine if is Bandwidth Being Used for Business? – There are two types of traffic, business and recreational. Obviously, business has priority, so it is important to know why a busy link is busy. Is it usage of a business application? Is it the breaking news story everyone is streaming to the desktop? Even if it is a business application causing congestion, does that application really need to consume that much bandwidth?

    -Streamline the Process – With networks growing quickly, the job of understanding what links are busy, when and why, gets more complex and time consuming. The amount of time taken to perform proactive capacity planning is the main reason why the job does not get done
  • El Futuro de Certificación de Cableado Estructurado Recorded: Nov 14 2013 64 mins
    Fluke Networks realizó recientemente un estudio de mercado con encuestados en todo el mundo para ver lo que realmente está pasando en las carreras y las mentes de los profesionales de cableado estructurado. Los resultados son claros: La industria está cambiando y sin pruebas y las herramientas de gestión adecuadas, dueños de negocios, gerentes de proyecto, y los instaladores de cableado caerás detrás de los tiempos. Si usted está experimentando:

    •Diversos niveles de habilidad con sus técnicos
    •Los instaladores que utilizan varios probadores y equipos para administrar las pruebas y la certificación de los trabajos
    •Establecer crece en complejidad, y sin un experto en los riesgos de instalación cometer errores costosos
    •La falta de familiaridad con los tipos de instalaciones o las normas de cableado
    Entonces usted entiende que es necesario que haya una mejor manera. El seminario web de Fluke Networks le guiará a través de nuestra investigación de la industria y proponer una solución.
  • Taking Network Testing, Troubleshooting and Documentation to the next level Recorded: Oct 8 2013 15 mins
    Learn how to take network testing, troubleshooting and documentation to the next level with the portable OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet. See why over 157,457 people have recommended this product to their peers.
  • The Mandate for Application Awareness in Network Management Recorded: Jul 24 2013 56 mins
    For most IT organizations, the health of the network is dependent on recognizing and eliminating performance degradation. Understanding how applications are behaving on the network is critical. Often times application performance data commonly comes from disparate tools and technologies, and bringing that data together effectively is too difficult to be practical, until now. In this session we’ll focus on the needs of the network engineers, managers, and operators that must be able to recognize, characterize, troubleshoot, and communicate details of how applications and services perform as they transit the network.
  • Tired of War Room Problem Solving? Learn how to get to root cause pain free Recorded: Jun 6 2013 49 mins
    Learn how successful IT teams are gaining actionable visibility to solve network and application performance problems fast, making the “War Room” a thing of the past.

    Whether you call it a war room, tiger team or just your regular weekly meeting, IT organizations struggle to understand and agree on problem domain and root cause of application performance issues when faced with uncorrelated data, confrontation and hidden agendas. The toxic war room environment makes it difficult to solve problems quickly and efficiently and breeds long-term cooperation issues between IT teams.

    Join Fluke Networks and Chris Greer, Network and Application Analyst at Packet Pioneer who will share how correlated performance analytics and portable instrumentation that analyzes the wired and wireless infrastructure allows organizations to minimize lost revenues from performance degradation and solve problems faster by fostering collaboration across IT silos and eliminate those pesky war room meetings once and for all.
  • Are Intermittent Network Problems Playing Peek-a-boo with You Recorded: May 21 2013 30 mins
    Get a leg up on intermittent problems, watch this webinar to learn how OptiView XG v10 can inject test traffic to measure network performance, examine the traffic's impact on infrastructure, spot ongoing problems, expose intermittent issues, and map out exactly where problems are located.
  • Who Needs CSI When You’ve Got Flow Forensics to Find Performance Issues Recorded: May 21 2013 5 mins
    When a business rolls out IT systems to run its operations, the basic foundation on which the system is built is the network that carries the traffic. To be able to solve problems in such a complex environment, it's vitally important to know what is happening on the network. Whether it's the behavior of the applications, behavior of the users or rogue elements that interfere with application delivery, knowing what is going on is half the battle of solving the problem.

    This short video will discuss why having a well-designed workflow for identifying suspect traffic patterns and finding even the smallest volume of interesting data can make the difference in finding the culprit of pesky performance problems.
  • End User Experience Monitoring - Not as hard as you might think Recorded: May 9 2013 6 mins
    From infrastructure routers/switches/firewalls to load balancers, core distribution/access layers, firewalls, and multi-tier application environments, it becomes more apparent that gaining insight into how a user performs against that of their peers seems daunting.

    This short video will introduce you to the multiple embedded technologies within TruView that provide cause and affect visibility helping you to visualize end user experience.
  • 10 Gbps Performance and usability Evaluation of Visual Truview™ Recorded: Mar 6 2013 53 mins
    Fluke Networks commissioned Tolly to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of Visual TruView performance monitoring and troubleshooting at 10Gbps full line rate as well as overall usability of the solution in real-world scenarios.

    This session will review the detail of the Tolly test and performance results and include and overview demonstrating how TruView leverages key data sets such as stream-to-disk packet storage, application response time, transactional decode, IPFIX (NetFlow), and SNMP to present analytics through a single reporting interface.

    TruView watches over your global, regional, or even local groups of sites and users 24/7 by monitoring end-user experience enterprise-wide, and then visually depicting when and where problems occur.
  • Best Practices for Converging Network and Application Performance Monitoring Recorded: Feb 27 2013 63 mins
    Join Enterprise Management Associates Managing Research Director, Jim Frey, and Fluke Networks Director of Product Strategy, Doug Roberts, for a free Webinar that will examine the driving factors, objectives, requirements, and best practices surrounding converged network and application performance management.

    You will learn:
    * Ways to leverage converged data for improved efficiency and workflows
    * How advanced analytics can be even more powerful on converged data sets
    * Using converged data for more effective cross-team communication and collaboration
    * TCO benefits of converged approaches
    * And more…
  • Maintaining visibility on saturated 10Gbps link to verify app performance Recorded: Aug 14 2012 44 mins
    VoIP, Video, New Application and Virtualization all help to drive more traffic onto the network. At the same time, users are being more dispersed with their mobile devices. To ensure today’s application is operating at high performance, it is essential to know how application transverse through the network while ensuring high ROI from tools deployed. During this session, Fluke Networks introduce to you methods to effectively gain visibility of application on your saturated 10Gbps link and other parts of your network, and how the information could help you understand root cause of application problem, VoIP, Video or data, so that you could get your application performance up to the level that you and your user expect all the time even when you need to go back in time.
  • The Next Generation of Application Performance for the Cloud Recorded: Jul 11 2012 59 mins
    The cloud frees your company from the burdens of building IT infrastructure but not from the responsibility of ensuring it all works. You will still get the call when customers can’t buy products off your website or finance can’t close the quarter in your ERP system. What will you do next?

    For years enterprises have worked with network providers based on clear physical demarcation points, segmenting responsibility. That is no longer possible in today’s virtual world. We need Virtual Demarcations and the Enterprise needs a toolset to provide overall performance visibility.

    During this discussion noted industry analyst Dr. Jim Metzler will review current industry trends and best practices in managing application and network performance in a Cloud or Virtualized environments. This will be followed by an overview from Mr. Doug Roberts who will share the newest technologies that provide visibility that reaches across groups and various network infrastructure components allowing for increased IT efficiency.
  • Troubleshooting "IT" Recorded: Mar 28 2012 33 mins
    Troubleshooting ‘IT’ on the network can be complex and confusing to NOC personnel. This presentation will cover the necessary steps to be checked in order to isolate the owner of ‘IT’ and provide root cause analysis with actionable data on ‘IT.’

    Identifying the owner of what the problem is half the battle. Is ‘IT’ the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC), the Service Provider, the Client, the Application, the VoIP team, the CoS settings, or are you just bursting on the network?

    Whether you are deploying VoIP, Video, a new application, virtualization, optimization, cloud, or a new network, having a real time monitoring solution on the network as a demarcation point for segmentation of problems will set your IT department apart; and accelerate new technologies while increasing end user acceptance and satisfaction. Application monitoring tools on the network that work and can be used by many NOC personnel will allow your business to do what ‘IT’ does best…. Join me and learn how to “Troubleshoot IT.”
  • Three Places to Start Improving Application Troubleshooting in Your Company Recorded: Dec 14 2011 42 mins
    The issues IT professionals face are pretty consistent, but solving them is usually anything but easy.

    Everyone’s bandwidth is stretched to the limit and adding more resources is a tough sell. So where can you start to improve your approach to application troubleshooting?

    Join us for this 45 minute webcast where David Oliver, Senior Product Manager for Visual Network Systems will share what those critical areas are to start with AND how to get started.

    During this session learn –

    - How to look at reducing your MOOSE (cost of operating and sustaining IT)
    - Best practices for delivering projects on time and budget
    - How to better align yourself with the business (and improve the perception of IT in the process)
  • NetFlow and the Right Approach to Reporting Recorded: Nov 30 2011 53 mins
    Is Bandwidth really the name of the game?

    When troubleshooting infrastructure that impacts the NRTT component of application response time, there are several factors to consider -

    - Available bandwidth being consumed
    - QOS/COS misconfigurations
    - The number of conversations on the network that impacts devices

    During this session we will look at why NetFlow is so versatile and how to use a 'best practice' reporting structure to quickly isolate root cause and speed MTTR.
  • NetFlow und die unterschiedlichen Ansatze fur das Reporting Recorded: Nov 10 2011 30 mins
    Bandbreite ist die Frage, oder? Bei der Fehlersuche in der Infrastruktur nach der Auswirkung der NRTT Komponente auf die Antwortzeit der Anwendungen sind verschiedene Faktoren zu berucksichtigen. Auch wenn die verfugbare Bandbreite haufig die Ursache ist, gibt es andere Moglichkeiten. Falsche Konfiguration der QoS/CoS Werte konnen den Anwender stark beeinflussen. Zu viele Konversationen auf dem Netzwerk konnen Router/Switches storen. Wir werden sehen, warum NetFlow so vielseitig ist und wie wir unser Reporting nutzen konnen, um schnell die Quelle von gemeldeten Performance Problemen zu identifizieren.
  • Netflow y las diferentes formas de realizar informes de tráfico Recorded: Nov 8 2011 45 mins
    Habitualmente se considera el ancho de banda un factor clave, ¿verdad? Pero cuando se trata de resolver una incidencia relacionada con la latencia de red, hay que considerar también otros elementos. Si bien el consumo de ancho de banda a menudo es la principal causa del incremento de la latencia de red, existen otras posibles causas que hay que analizar. Por ejemplo un error de configuración de la asignación de las clases de servicio QOS/COS pueden tener un más que notable impacto sobre los usuarios. También, una elevada tasa de conversaciones (que no es lo mismo que un elevado consumo de ancho de banda), puede afectar a la electrónica de red. Durante esta sesión descubriremos por qué NetFlow es tan versátil y cómo utilizar los informes para identificar rápidamente por qué los usuarios están sufriendo problemas de rendimiento.
Fluke Networks Brand support IT professionals responsible for delivering critical business services by managing end-to-end user experience of enterprise-wide application, network and VoIP performance on both wired and wireless networks.

Fluke Networks distributes our products in more than 50 countries. More information can be found by visiting Visual Network Systems web site at:
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  • Title: The Next Generation of Application Performance for the Cloud
  • Live at: Jul 11 2012 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Dr. Jim Metzler, Industry Analyst with Ashton, Metzler & Assoc. and David Oliver, Sr. Product Manager, VNS
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