Agile delivery with Avnet Cloud-in-a-Box for Development & Test

Don Galles, Director, HP Software
Dramatically improve your time-to-market for new functionality and applications.

Improve your quality significantly, reducing outages due to production defects and time necessary for problem management due to application defects.

Gain valuable experience with cloud automation tools that will help you move your production environments into the private cloud.

Provision complete environments for development and testing teams 6 times faster and generate direct cost savings from increased productivity of development, testing and system administration resources.

Do all this without touching your capital expenditure budget.

Curious and want to know how? Then join this webinar and you will learn how you can achieve all of the above while implementing a private cloud for your development and testing environment. Populated with cutting-edge test management software from HP, Cloud-in-a-Box for Development and Test will do more than just save administration costs:

* Developers and testers will work together in a streamlined environment that fully supports agile methodologies without creating a testing bottleneck
* New capabilities will be delivered to the business faster and with greater assurance.

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Jul 31 2012
30 mins
Agile delivery with Avnet Cloud-in-a-Box for Development & Test
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  • Resiliency for the Financial Services Industry Recorded: Apr 10 2014 9 mins
    Recent high profile consumer outages that have affected millions of people have also brought increased pressure on the Financial Services Industry to get a clearer picture on how to avoid customer-impacting issues, and how to respond if critical services are compromised. Watch this webinar to learn how you can evaluate your ability to avoid or respond to such business outages.
  • Service Virtualisation Trends in the UK Recorded: Oct 11 2013 49 mins
    Service Virtualisation – Test Further. Test Faster. Test Better!

    Join us for a research based webinar led by Forrester, which uncovers and addresses the concerns of how to stay in step with the velocity of today’s application delivery.

    Today's applications are largely compositions representing business processes put in place to better serve the business. But as businesses rapidly change, the need to adopt more agile processes is growing, which in turn means that the supporting applications must also be flexible.

    For example did you know that:

    •close to 70% of IT leaders think that they need to increase overall automation to shorten release cycles?
    •over 58% of IT leaders see a clear need for more integration testing in 12-18 months for systems of engagement because of growing architecture complexity?
    •long testing cycles are seen as a huge impediment to shorter and more frequent releases?
  • Announcing the World Quality Report 2013-14 Recorded: Sep 24 2013 47 mins
    Announcing the World Quality Report 2013-14: An essential update on testing trends and insights to help you deliver Test Maturity

    Hewlett-Packard, Capgemini and Sogeti are pleased to announce the imminent release of the latest annual World Quality Report. Register today for this 45minute webinar to get an understanding of:

    •The current state of application quality and testing practices across different industries and geographies, with a specific focus on the UK market
    •The latest trends in application quality, methodologies, tools and processes
    •Industry benchmarks and insights that will help shape your future planning and mature your Testing function

    About the World Quality Report:
    This is the 5th edition of the World Quality Report that will present the findings from a global survey of 1,500 CIOs, IT directors, IT managers, VP of Applications, and Quality Assurance and application development professionals. It is the only major global report on application quality, outsourcing trends, tools, technology, providing industry benchmarks and insights that will help you to make better quality decisions.
  • Enterprise 2020 Video Series: Data Center Recorded: Sep 17 2013 13 mins
    The Data Center of 2020 will be the application engine in a World where applications are released into production, 30 times more frequently than they are today. It will be the information analysis engine, providing the business with real-time insights it can only dream of today and provide the intelligent back-end services for the 20 billion smart devices of 2020.

    What technologies will be used to provide this differentiation engine for the business? Will disks still exist? Will copper still be used to connect hardware components together?

    This short video discusses all these issues, giving an overview of the new Enterprise 2020 "Data Center 2020" chapter.
  • Building a civil service that is digital by default Recorded: Sep 10 2013 40 mins
    Please join us for a webinar for Public Sector IT & application development teams who are looking to respond to the Government Digital Strategy by ensuring your development, test, and operations perform in harmony and support each other.
  • Enterprise 2020 Video Series: Applications Recorded: Jul 25 2013 9 mins
    This short video focuses on how applications will evolve over the next seven years.

    It draws on research conducted for HP by IDC, and on the models for SaaS and "systems of record versus systems of engagement" laid down by Geoffrey Moore, inventor of "Crossing the Chasm" and "Inside the Tornado".
  • Enterprise 2020 Video Series: IT Recorded: Jul 25 2013 14 mins
    IT is changing rapidly. Cloud, mobility, agility, big data and social media are impinging on the traditional data center. Where should IT invest? What is more important, SaaS-ing non-core applications and business processes, or investing in agile development with a "mobile first" prioritisation of client support?

    This short video jumps to the year 2020 to examine how applications, cloud, security, information collection and analysis will evolve in the next seven years. It then plots a "road to 2020" for each of these technology areas.
  • Enterprise 2020 Video Series: Mobility Recorded: Jul 25 2013 8 mins
    The future of mobility will be as much about connected smart devices as it will be about smart phones and tablets. But more than that, mobile devices of 2020 will use advanced information analysis techniques to improve our lives - they will know our habits, preferences, our current state and what we are trying to achieve.

    This short video lays out HP's vision for the future of mobility.
  • Effective Mobile Testing Recorded: Jun 27 2013 45 mins
    SQS has participated in many mobile Testing projects and through this it has been important for SQS to evaluate the leading mobile solutions globally, of which there are many, on behalf of its’ customers.

    SQS has much experience in the use of varying Mobile testing toolsets not only in implementing them but also using them when participating as a service delivery partner.

    SQS will review the different Mobile solutions available on the market and provide an unbiased opinion as the strengths and weaknesses of the offerings.

    SQS will give examples of differing implementations and give guidance as to which solutions best meet your needs
  • Ditch the post-it notes: How Agile Changes the PPM World Recorded: Jun 25 2013 22 mins
    The PMO world has been turned upside down by the move to Agile. The tool of choice is often Post-It Notes. The traditional PPM vendors are struggling. Agile PM’s need a tool that is built for them, on-demand, and integrated to ALM. In this webinar HP will discuss how the PMO needs all Projects to be governed, the challenges and solutions available.
  • Agile Development in Today's World Recorded: Jun 14 2013 42 mins
    SQS is the world’s leading specialist in software quality. This position stems from 30 years of successful consultancy operations with over 5,000 successfully completed projects. SQS consultants provide solutions for all aspects of quality throughout the whole software product lifecycle driven by a standardised methodology and deep experience in various industries.

    SQS has gained much experience in the use of varying Agile development methodologies in order to support its’ clients preferred environments not only in implementing them but also participating within them as a service delivery partner.
    SQS will review the different Agile solutions available on the market and provide an unbiased opinion as to the strengths and weaknesses of the various offerings.

    Specsavers and SQS will give examples of differing implementations and give guidance as to which solutions best meet your needs.
  • Fast Start Video Series; Basic Consumer Scenario in CSA Recorded: Apr 29 2013 8 mins
    Fast Start Video Series; Basic Consumer Scenario in CSA
  • Fast Start Video Series; Advanced Consumer Scenario in CSA Recorded: Apr 29 2013 8 mins
    Fast Start Video Series; Advanced Consumer Scenario in CSA
  • Fast Start Video Series; Overview of HP Application Performance Management Recorded: Apr 19 2013 6 mins
    Live demonstration of Application Performance Management with HP Business Service Management.

    This video forms part of the Fast Start Video Series from HP Software UK; this short set of videos is designed to give a cohesively branded introduction to key compoents of the IT Performance Suite.
  • On-demand IT compliance reporting flows at Yorkshire Water IT Recorded: Feb 27 2013 38 mins
    Yorkshire Water IT has become a world class IT department with the ability to provide highly available IT services, meeting regulatory and legislative initiatives in a 24 x 7 operation

    Yorkshire Water Services Limited (YWS) is the 9th largest Water Utility in the world with a group turnover of more than £725 million. It manages the collection, treatment and distribution of water, serving a population of approximately 4.9 million people as well as around 130,000 businesses.

    HP Software and Innovise ESM invite you to join this Webinar briefing to hear how Yorkshire Water IT introduced automation to:

    •Implement early detection environment and become more proactive
    •Implement best practice network management processes
    •Move network infrastructure to known compliant state

    During the session you will also discover the key benefits that Yorkshire Water IT gained from implementing automation:

    •Centralised management of the IT Infrastructure
    •On-demand compliance reporting and analysis
    •Reduced network and service downtime

    •Introductions and Innovise ESM Overview
    •Business Issues around performance and compliance management
    •Yorkshire Water case study
    •Wrap up and Q&A
  • Making the Case #5 - Information Management Recorded: Jan 18 2013 7 mins
    A short webinar on how to build a business case for information management solutions.
  • Making the Case #4 Application Lifecycle Management Recorded: Jan 17 2013 7 mins
    A short webinar on how to build a business case for ALM solutions.
  • Making the Case #3 - Security Recorded: Jan 17 2013 7 mins
    A short webinar on how to build a business case for security solutions.
  • Making the Case #2 - Business Service Management Recorded: Jan 17 2013 7 mins
    A short webinar on how to build a business case for Business Service Management.
  • Creating a business case Recorded: Dec 21 2012 9 mins
    The first webinar in the 'Making the Case' series. How to create a software business case, in less then 10 minutes.
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