Five Areas Every Oracle E-Business Suite Customer Should Automate

Grant Chen, UC4 Oracle Solutions Director
Watch RK Nageswaran, IT DBA Manager at VeriFone, and Grant Chen, UC4 Oracle Solutions Director, as they discusses how a single unified automation platform can automate five key areas of your organization including:

1.Oracle and Non-Oracle applications
2.Financial period close process
3.Payroll Processing
4.Customer Invoicing
5.Manufacturing replenishments
Jun 27 2012
50 mins
Five Areas Every Oracle E-Business Suite Customer Should Automate
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    Ted Wallace is the Vice President of Data Delivery at BlueKai. Prior to joining BlueKai, Ted was an Amazon veteran where he held several roles over more than a decade: building Amazon's core website technologies, expanding Amazon's teams into Ireland, leading teams in Amazon's Personalization group, and finally as the Senior Manager of Amazon's Networking team at Amazon Web Services.
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    - Understand how visualisations can transform messages into meaningful insights
    - Learn how analytic visualisations need to be an integral part of workflow involving exploration of data, discovery of hidden relationships and analysis to determine actionable intelligence
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  • Best Practices in Automating SAP and Non-SAP Processes Recorded: Nov 1 2012 34 mins
    Managing the SAP portion of your IT infrastructure has become a major challenge for many IT groups. SAP users struggle with manual interactions and custom scripts when trying to integrate SAP applications with other applications in their enterprise.

    Join Ralf Paschen, Sr. Product Manager at UC4, as he discuss how UC4’s One Automation for SAP solutions provides process-oriented integration of all SAP and non-SAP applications throughout the enterprise. Scale your business operations without adding additional staff.

    Register for this webcast and learn:

    - How you can handle aggressive growth and manage an ever increasing workload without additional staff
    - How to run multiple SAP instances and processes in sequence and in parallel, reducing job execution times.
    - Save thousands of dollars per year in licensing fees, maintenance, administrative costs, invoicing and IT time savings
    - Increase measurable ROI for all mass data processes by up to 80%.
  • Automate Ellucians Higher Education Banner with UC4 Recorded: Oct 22 2012 60 mins
    Ellucian's Banner Higher Education applications are helpful for aligning IT operations with your academic institutions’ requirements, but they can also create major challenges for your IT staff, including manual interventions for report generation, financial aid processing, and lack of visibility across your IT environment.

    Join John Sundet, Sr. Systems Analyst/Programmer at College of St. Benedict /St. John's University and Matt Busch , UC4 Sr. Product Manager; as they discuss how a unified automation platform can turn manual cross-functional Banner activities, into well-orchestrated, automated and predictable process.

    Attend this webcast and learn how an automation platform can improve your Banner applications including:

    - Streamlining finance, payroll, student, financial aid, and alumni file processing
    - Automate Banner ODS processing
    - Automating batch processes and report generation
    - Preventing server overload
    - Managing complex interdependencies across heterogeneous IT infrastructure
  • Automate your Open Solutions DNA processes Recorded: Oct 22 2012 42 mins
    If your community-based financial institution is like most, your daily business batch cycle in DNA consists of manually entering 30, 40, 50, or more jobs that must be run in the correct sequence. This process is inefficient, time consuming, and susceptible to errors.

    Join Eric Gauthier, Senior IT Systems Administrator at BECU, and Mark Romeo, UC4 Sales Engineer, as they discuss how a single unified automation solution can integrate existing applications and automate financial processes.

    Attend this webinar and learn:

    - How BECU was able to automate approximately 80 percent of their batch processing jobs
    - How to streamline Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction processing
    - How to run DNA and non-DNA applications together
    - How an automation solution can eliminate data entry errors
  • Cut Your System Copy Time Up To 90% Recorded: Oct 1 2012 58 mins
    Join Scott Rohrbach, Deployment and Automation Engineer at Air Products and Chemicals, and Ralf Paschen, Senior Product Manager at UC4, to discover how Air Products and Chemicals optimized their SAP System Copy processes, to achieve 100% automated weekly system copy.

    In 60 minutes attendees will learn:

    - How to automate up to 90% of the system copy process
    - Why pre and post-processing is the stumbling block that trips up most IT departments — and how to dramatically improve the time
    - How a template library with predefined process flows can speed up the system copy process from your production environment to your non-production environment
  • Five Areas Every Oracle Retail Customer Should Automate Recorded: Jul 25 2012 34 mins
    As a retailer, you depend on Oracle’s sophisticated retail solution to ensure a continuous stream of revenue and good customer service. However, implementing it can be time-consuming, requiring several months or more.

    Join Jeff Suellentrop, Director of Enterprise Architecture at PETCO, and Matt Busch, Sr. Product Manager at UC4, as they discuss how a single unified automation platform can automate five key areas of your Oracle Retail suite including:

    1.Running multiple Oracle Retail and non-Oracle application processes
    2.Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management
    3.Managing Point-of-Sale Processing
    4.Oracle Retail Merchandising Analytics
    5.The Oracle Retail Template

    As an added bonus all attendees will receive the complementary white paper “Optimize Performance, Reduce TCO for Oracle Retail”.
  • SAP System Copy: Reduce Time, Effort, and Costs By Up to 90% Recorded: Jun 27 2012 5 mins
    In under 5-minutes we'll walk you through the steps it takes to complete a totally automatic SAP system copy, with no pre- and post-processing to chew up time and money, and no needless mistakes.
  • Five Areas Every Oracle E-Business Suite Customer Should Automate Recorded: Jun 27 2012 50 mins
    Watch RK Nageswaran, IT DBA Manager at VeriFone, and Grant Chen, UC4 Oracle Solutions Director, as they discusses how a single unified automation platform can automate five key areas of your organization including:

    1.Oracle and Non-Oracle applications
    2.Financial period close process
    3.Payroll Processing
    4.Customer Invoicing
    5.Manufacturing replenishments
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