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Application Management

  • Learn how asset-intensive companies standardize material names in their CMMS automatically, with greater detail, making materials easy to find, and reducing errors in material selection.
  • It's a new year, and time for a change. Are you on the right technology? Legacy CRM systems inevitably hit limitations and you need a path to modernize your technology to stay ahead in this omni-channel and fast-paced world.

    Join Mike Milburn, GM & SVP, Service Cloud, Salesforce and David Schmaier, CEO & Founder, Vlocity for an insider’s guide on making the move from legacy on-premise CRM applications to industry-specific cloud solutions using two transformation approaches.

    This webinar will dive into how your business can successfully:

    - Adopt one of two best-practices in your transition from on-premise to industry cloud
    - Focus on industry innovation with 63% faster deployment time
    - Increase customer satisfaction by 45%
    - Reduce costs by 52% and ensure the stability of back-end systems
  • The Pentagon reports 10 million cyberattacks daily. Federal, state and local government agencies need to safeguard information and maintain control when addressing internal mandates for cloud migration. Do you know how many attacks you are experiencing on a daily basis? Do you know where those attacks are coming from? How long they have been in your environment?

    While there is no silver bullet to combating either external or internal cyberattacks, there are steps you can take to build a defense strategy to protect your agency. Beyond just detecting attacks, you need to build up your defenses and take the necessary steps to protect your data and applications.

    In this session, we will discuss how you can leverage the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite to help:
    1. Monitor behavior on your internal network and detect abnormal behavior
    2. Identify authentication irregularities from your users
    3. Protect applications using two-factor authentication
    4. Restrict access to confidential data
  • With as much as 30% of total IT budgets being spent outside of IT departments, technical workarounds by the business, also known as "shadow IT", can no longer be ignored.

    In order to strike a necessary balance between IT control and business-driven efforts, many IT leaders are turning to aPaaS solutions for Citizen Development. Successful implementation of aPaaS hinges on effective change management around people, processes, and technology.

    Join Francois Tricot, CIO of Ceva as he and QuickBase Manager Angela Maglione explore:

    -Factors contributing to the rise of shadow IT
    -Rules of engagement for IT leaders and business users who both want to benefit from aPaaS
    -Real-world examples of effective IT leaders who are currently managing shadow IT
    -Actionable next steps and key questions to consider before embarking on your own Citizen Development journey
  • Join us for a live Big Data Analytics customer case study webcast featuring Dana Gardner, a leading IT industry analyst at Interarbor Solutions, as he interviews Procera Networks executive, Cam Cullen.

    Learn how Procera Networks dealt with massive data volume challenges to provide network performance benefits to its global users, powered by HPE Vertica. HPE Vertica is the industry’s first comprehensive, scalable, open, and secure platform for Big Data Analytics.
  • Microservices are critical to the evolving model of continuous deployment, particularly for cloud scale architectures. But what are microservices and how can one successfully implement them? 451 Research's Donnie Berkholz will give an overview of what microservices are and why they are critical to the future of how software gets built. You’ll then hear from Mark Rivington, Senior Strategist for Performance and Analytics at BMC Software about monitoring strategies in microservice container environments. He’ll outline how BMC’s TrueSight Pulse SaaS-based monitoring solution can provide a granular view of microservice performance through Docker.
  • Don't look now, but your legacy integration technologies have turned on you. Big data, the cloud, and the Internet of Things are disrupting the integration space in ways never seen before and legacy integration technologies such as Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) have become the Achilles' heel of many organizations.

    In this webinar, Liaison VP of Emerging Technologies Robert Fox exposes the crippling weaknesses of legacy integration technologies—and highlights how the next generation of integration technologies is addressing these weaknesses to ensure your integration operations don't turn from friend to foe.
  • You can analyze the data in your UC solution to turn up insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves. Learn how you can use your VoIP and unified communications system as a source for big data to find answers that enable:

    Better management of your communications infrastructure
    Expense, time, and resource reductions
    Improved customer experience
    Smart decision-making
  • Do you want to learn about new disaster recovery options from Microsoft experts? Have you been putting off trying new technology due to time pressures or not knowing where to start? Do you think your disaster recovery strategy would benefit from a refresh?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to register for this webcast. You will learn:
    •How to replicate any workloads to Microsoft's global datacenters
    •How to back up data and protect workloads with nearly infinite scalability
    •How to implement a hybrid replication using both cloud and on-premises solutions
    •How to create a backup without needing to buy more tape
    •How to back up your Windows clients (including Windows 10) to remote storage

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  • Developing and deploying great looking cross-platform enterprise mobile and web applications is not hard, as long as you use secure back-end services and a robust and scalable framework. Join us as Gautam Agrawal, Senior Director of Products at Sencha and Suhas Uliyar, Vice President Mobile Strategy at Oracle discuss how we’ve teamed to help you improve developer productivity and deliver sophisticated, cross-platform web applications faster.

    In this webinar you’ll learn:

    - How to accelerate the design and development of universal web applications
    -How to visualize and analyze complex data sets
    -How you can can add enterprise security, push notifications, authentication, back-end integrations, data storage, diagnostics, and analytics to your Ext JS applications.

    About the speakers:

    Suhas Uliyar: Mr. Suhas Uliyar is a 19-year mobile industry veteran, known as an exceptional visionary, strategist and technology evangelist responsible for designing and developing enterprise mobile application, middleware and tools. Suhas was recently voted one of top 100 influencers in enterprise mobile industry. As the VP for mobile strategy, Suhas is responsible for driving Oracle’s mobile strategy and vision. Suhas is focused on integrating the distributed Oracle mobile components into a simple, cohesive and easy to consume mobile offering bringing together mobile applications, mobile platform and mobile security delivered through the Oracle Cloud.

    Gautam Agrawal: Gautam Agrawal leads product management at Sencha. He is responsible for guiding new product strategies and roadmap initiatives across the Sencha product portfolio. Additionally, Gautam works with strategic partners to establish and develop new market opportunities. Prior to joining Sencha, he held various product and engineering positions at organizations developing SaaS and Business Intelligence applications. Gautam holds a PhD and MS from State University of NY (SUNY) at Buffalo.
  • Financial advisors espouse that proper asset allocation during times of market volatility can help us sleep better. There is a parallel in the IT world. With volatility driven by technology advancement, virtual & cloud environments, and consumer demand for the newest applications and hardware, a good night’s sleep for an Asset Manager requires properly managed and optimally allocated hardware and software assets in a constantly changing environment.

    This session explores this intimidating world, common pitfalls, prescriptive actions and what the latest technology can do to make sure your assets, licenses and infrastructure are optimally aligned to drive wealth in IT…and let the Asset Manager sleep well without the fear of negative audit findings and exorbitant fines.
  • See how easy it is to access an electronic parts catalog from a CMMS or EAM system like SAP, visually choose the parts you need, and automatically add them to a work order.
  • Inherent risks in web, mobile and cloud applications are keeping security practitioners up at night, according to the 2015 SANS survey on application security.

    In this webcast, learn about the growing threats against applications, why applications are so risky, why you need to include application security in your enterprise security program, and how to get started.

    Attend this webcast and be among the first to receive the associated whitepaper written by SANS Dean of Research, Johannes B. Ullrich, Ph.D.
  • Would you like to cut complexity across all phases of app development and deployment?

    Join us for this straightforward discussion on how CA Application Lifecycle Conductor reduces risk through a single source-of-truth. CA Application Lifecycle Conductor automates and manages the software development lifecycles that span mobile-to-mainframe environments — from the initial service desk ticket to the deployment of the application in production.

    Join Rose Sakach, Sr. Principal Product Manager, and Vaughn Marshall, Director, Product Management as they outline CA Application Lifecycle Conductor’s many benefits. Discover how you can:

    • Create one view and traceability for the application development lifecycle
    • Identify the potential time savings for project managers, release managers and compliance managers
    • Determine which customer segments would benefit the most from adopting CA ALC

    Are you ready to simplify application lifecycle management—from mobile to mainframe?
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  • Everything is getting digitized - everything is becoming “software empowered”. Who is writing all this software? It is central IT or is it business IT and the third parties they employ? How can central IT ensure that it is relevant this exciting new, software empowered, world?
  • The Chef DevOps Journey Assessment or Dojo is a tool that is used to assess both the current and desired state of your organization's DevOps progress. The goal of the exercise is to expose opportunities for continuous improvement by defining a baseline of where you are on your journey and the desired state you’re trying to get to. After we compile the results, patterns will emerge and be used to visualize goals and generate custom guidelines towards success.

    In this webinar, Justin Redd, Customer Engineering Lead, and Thomas Enochs, VP Customer Success, will explain:

    - Why we created the Dojo and how it can help your organization accelerate DevOps adoption
    - What the DevOps Journey Assessment is and how it’s conducted
    - Who in your organization should attend the Dojo exercise
    - How to get it
  • Despite the increasing business pressure to delivery innovative applications, the quality of those applications must be better than ever. Yet the quality of an application depends on the quality of the data used for testing. And creating the right test data, in the right place, at the right time, remains a significant challenge. CA Test Data Manager can help organizations find, create, and provision the data needed for testing — automatically and fast. Test data constraints, which routinely compromise application quality, can be eliminated, accelerating application delivery to market, on time and within budget.

    To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with CA Test Data Manager, Forrester interviewed four existing customers using the solution. The interviews revealed that CA Test Data Manager provided customers with a secure end-to-end test management solution that gave them the flexibility and efficiency required to design and develop test cases to help facilitate bringing IT projects to market faster. The results have been published in a new commissioned Total Economic Impact (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of CA Technologies that shows how CA Test Data Manager users could realize a 3-year benefit of $6.9M NPV, ROI of 287%, and a payback period of 6 months.
  • Join us for a live demo of Sencha Test Beta. With Sencha Test, you can enhance your development productivity and improve the overall quality of your Ext JS apps. In this live demo, we’ll show you how Sencha Test can help you:

    Create tests quickly and easily using an event recorder
    Author unit and functional tests using APIs specifically for Ext JS applications
    Execute tests locally and across browser farms
    Integrate with your continuous integration system
    Review and report on test results from automated and manual runs
  • The new release of Scaled Agile Framework Version 4 features extensive refinements to many elements of the framework, as well as new content and guidance that helps enterprises better organize around value delivery, develop systems that include hardware and software, and improve development, coordination, and delivery of value streams.

    In this webinar, Dean Leffingwell will highlight what’s new in SAFe 4.0:
    • SAFe now supports both software and systems development
    • a new Value Stream Level – including new roles, activities and artifacts – is provided for those building the world’s largest systems
    • Enterprise Kanban systems manage the flow of work across all systems
    • the SAFe Requirements Model has been updated to reflect additional backlog items and to clarify the expression for each
    • built-In Quality practices now support software and systems development
    • and much, much more!

    Register now to hear Dean speak about SAFe 4.0 in this exciting webinar!
  • Flash storage is transforming the data center by enabling new possibilities for big data and all workloads; not only providing performance and consolidation, but now extreme scalability and agility at no compromise. Join SanDisk to learn how flash storage is evolving to enable a new generation of services & applications for an experience never before thought possible!
  • Hear about Playtech’s story of a successful deployment of predictive analytics monitoring method. Playtech implemented the Predictive Analytics as a complementary monitoring to allow additional fault detection in places where standard monitoring can’t be applied. Using its business activity as a health indicator, problems are detected faster, sooner and even before it gets to a complete downtime.

    Join us to hear about:

    How monitoring your business metrics can provide another method of monitoring

    How Predictive Analytics can help detect faults

    Why dynamic thresholds can be better than static thresholds.

    How easy it is to implement Predictive Analytics and help reduce the MTTR in your organization
  • In this session we will discuss how state and local government organizations can create modern cloud applications in Microsoft Azure. Learn how you can help modernize your agency and the services you deliver to citizens using:
    •Devices that are sensors, sensor gateways or IoT devices that are publishing events to Event Hub either directly or using Microsoft IoT Hub SDK
    •Gateways - a logical component that groups processing, management of event processors
    •Event processor routes and device actors - Device Actors are chained with various other actor types that are responsible for aggregating, storing, analysis and reporting on device events

    Key takeaways:
    •Initiate a project using Visual Studio Online
    •How an IoT pattern can be used in Azure IoT Hub using a presentation and references to real tenants.
  • Corporations increasingly rely on their enterprise services bus (ESB) as the communication center to link multiple IT systems, applications and data. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong in the ESB it can have a cascading affect, impacting critical applications. Determining the root cause of the problem is a challenge for most IT organizations, since ESBs serve as a ‘black box’, offering little insight into the issue.

    Now, you can assess and resolve performance issues for applications that communicate across your ESB, before they affect your users. Join Richard Nikula, Vice President, Product Development and Support at Nastel, to learn how Nastel AutoPilot for CA Cross-Enterprise APM lets you analyze application behavior in real-time in production, test and development environments.
  • All over the world, financial institutions are prioritizing omnichannel banking initiatives that will unlock new revenue streams and maximize customer banking engagement. For you forward-thinking banks and credit unions, we are pleased to offer the Banks Gone Digital webinar series.

    The focus of this first webinar will be on tracking customer interactions to gain a better understanding of the cross-channel customer experience. Leave knowing how you can:

    • Establish a single view into what services are being used and how customers are interacting across all banking channels
    • Leverage operational data, cash movement data and customer experience data to quickly fix performance issues, analyze the customer experience and identify new revenue streams
    • Determine customers’ wants and preferences through on-demand analytics
  • Windows 10 opens up innovative device experiences and enables your business to take advantage of new hardware enabled security features.

    Every business has potential. Given the right tools, it's the people within that can take big ideas from brainstorms to results.

    Buying a Windows 10 device means you'll have the tools for transforming ideas, and your business, into something greater. When you accelerate a PC refresh* from Windows 7 to Windows 10 you are getting extra hardware enabled security features giving you the most secure Windows platform yet.

    Plus, newer devices and form factors light up new user experiences like Cortana, Inking, Touch and Continuum**.

    With enhanced security, productivity, performance and mobility you really can’t do better than accelerating to Windows 10 today.

    Watch this webcast to:
    •Discover new features that are enabled in the latest devices with Windows 10
    •Understand why the 6th generation Intel processor helps deliver better security and manageability
    •Learn more about the latest Intel Skylake devices announced in January 2016
    •Get additional resources to evaluate what device is right for you
  • In this 30-minute webcast, you will learn how federal, state and local government organizations are using modern productivity applications to helps drive efficiency by enabling seamless experiences for government employees and citizens – across a number of areas including procurement, human resources, and permitting and licensing.

    In this webcast, you will learn how Office 365 and DocuSign for Microsoft allows government organizations to:
    - Increase Efficiency – accelerate the procurement contracting process and gain complete visibility into the contract approval workflow
    - Reduce Costs – eliminate printing, mailing, faxing, and filing from common human resource processes, like on-boarding paperwork and benefits enrollment
    - Improve Constituent Services – shorten approval times for permitting and through digital transactions.
  • Your organization must grow to survive and is dependent upon its IT infrastructure to do that. However, that very growth can lead to proliferation of multiple redundant and/or incompatible IT and business resources.

    Today’s enterprises need the ability to identify all duplicated IT resources, business applications, and services – and then consolidate those worth keeping, migrate those worth updating, and retire the rest. With the right practices, policies, and technology platforms, your enterprise can accomplish these goals.
    Join this webinar and learn how you can:

    · Adopt an enterprise cloud-first strategy

    · Consolidate legacy and redundant IT systems

    · Increase user productivity, cut costs and remove management complexities
  • The migration of applications to cloud computing must be done in a strategic and methodical manner. Existing enterprise applications must be thoroughly assessed to determine which workloads can benefit most from early migration to the cloud. Key considerations including costs of migration, application redesign, application performance and availability, security and privacy requirements, and regulatory requirements must be taken into account. The aim of this presentation from the Cloud Standards Customer Council is to provide a practical reference to help enterprise IT and business decision makers analyze and consider application migration to cloud computing. The presentation focuses primarily on the migration of applications to public cloud services. It includes a list of steps, along with guidance and strategies, that takes into consideration both business and technical requirements.
  • Technology Business Management (TBM) is more relevant than ever. With its integrated framework that includes Application Portfolio Management, IT Service Management, IT Financial Management, and Project Portfolio Management, it provides a foundation for continuous improvement and real-time visibility in an age where customers are ever more demanding and expect constant innovation.

    Attend this webinar to learn more about TBM and how companies have used TBM principles as the basis for TBM improvements.
  • Engineering no longer happens in one building. Whether you are building software, hardware or widgets, Engineers and Designers in different locations need access to shared files to collaborate. Unfortunately, this data is growing at an astronomical rate making storing, protecting and providing access to it too costly and complex to sustain. Join this session to learn how Cloud NAS can change the game providing global access and collaboration while saving IT up to 65% on storage costs.
  • Are you struggling to consume, derive insight from, and act on the increasing volume of data generated from millions of connected devices and emerging applications? Join us for this Webinar to learn how HPE Vertica “Excavator,” the new release of the industry’s leading Big Data analytics platform, integrates with Kafka to quickly ingest and analyze high-speed streaming data, from various sources, including Internet of Things applications, and provides enhanced SQL analytics and performance to Hadoop.

    Join our upcoming webinar to learn how HPE Vertica “Excavator” offers the most advanced analytics with enhanced security and enterprise-class performance reliability for the most demanding data-driven organizations.
  • Managing the vast array of software licenses that are required to run the business can tie up significant organizational resources.

    How can IT leverage a successful software asset management strategy (SAM) to help the business reduce cost, reduce risk and optimize IT spend?

    Join us for a discussion on how CA is helping customers achieve these strategic objectives with CA SAM.
  • Modern teams require modern tools. And modern tools require intelligent design to get your teams to focus on the things that matter, your business goals.

    In this session you get a glimpse into what Microsoft sees as the future of modern work in a mobile, cloud first world and how your teams can get the most out of it. Also, you will get ideas of how to best leverage the latest and greatest in Skype for business and how to reinvent the way your teams collaborate. You will also see how we have elegantly designed complementary tools like Groups, connected ideas in OneNote, and simplified work management in Planner as integral pieces of the modern meeting experience.
  • Please join Nikolay Yamakawa, Senior Analyst, Voice of the Enterprise: Servers/Converged Infrastructure for a deep dive into our 2016 outlook for customer spending across servers and converged infrastructure. During this interactive webinar we will also discuss adoption patterns and operational processes as gleaned from over 780 online surveys and dozens of interviews with senior IT buyers as a part of 451 Research’s Q4 2015 Voice of the Enterprise: Servers and Converged Infrastructure study.
  • In December 2015, Moody's claimed a prolonged period of oversupply that will continue to keep oil and gas prices sharply low*. That means, oil and gas companies are faced with an enormous pressure to grow and stay profitable.
    There is a great opportunity to increase your process efficiency by utilizing technologies in Dell’s SAP solutions for the oil and gas portfolio, such as the liberation of remote locations using SAP Transaction Availability for Remote Sites (TARS) and Predictive Maintenance on SAP HANA integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) functionality and infrastructure.
    Join experts from SAP and Dell's SAP Practice for a free 45-minute webinar to learn how you can extend the use of SAP in remote, high-latency environments as a critical new piece in your ability to keep remote SAP users productive regardless of the connectivity issues or bandwidth of the environment.
    We hope you’ll join us to find out how Dell can help you innovate your business processes with cutting-edge SAP solutions for oil and gas.

    This webcast is interesting for all industries with remote locations, such as Utilities, Retail, Mining, Transportation, Farming, Forestry, Aerospace and Defense - and Oil and Gas will be used in this webinar as an example to explain how you can benefit from the integration of remote locations.
  • One of the biggest challenges you will face as you move to the cloud is keeping your users productive while protecting your agency data. Your users' identities will live in your datacenter as well as in the cloud, so how you protect that and maintain your security processes is vitally important. The way people access applications and resources is changing. This is why the user's identity is crucial to protecting your data and applications.

    Our discussion of hybrid identity will cover:
    1. Options for synchronizing identities to the cloud
    2. Self-service capabilities for your users, including password management, group management and single sign-on
    3. How to configure single sign-on to SaaS applications
    4. Automating identity management across different repositories in your datacenter
  • You’ve decided to evaluate Skype for Business [and/or O365], Now What?
    a. You’ve read about Skype for Business/Office 365 and are ready to make an evaluation what are the next steps?
    b. Who do you talk to?
    c. What are the considerations to an evaluation plan?
    d. What is the difference between Skype for Business and Office 365?
  • Hear how companies in highly regulated industries like financial services are becoming apps companies using Heroku Enterprise. In this webinar you’ll learn how you can build real-time, multi-device, pixel perfect apps using the cloud and have the same level of security, network isolation and control of the most established on-premise systems.

    Learn how fintech innovator Moneytree is transforming the global personal finance market with high performance apps that deliver real-time insights and a Mint like user experience. Their solution lets them deepen consumer engagement while meeting the highest levels of trust and enterprise control. We’ll cover:

    - AppDev best practices including containerization, continuous delivery, microservices and more
    - Enhanced security and network isolation techniques using Heroku Private Spaces
    - Connecting consumer digital experiences to Salesforce Sales, Service and Marketing Clouds
  • How can global organizations transform their IT to meet the demands of the cloud age? During this webinar, 451 Research will outline how two enterprises changed the way their IT was designed, developed and delivered to adopt a truly digital infrastructure - and demonstrate how it can be applied in your organization.
  • Organic installs are hugely important for mobile app marketers. For the average app, they comprise 70-80% of all your installs, and they can be among your most valuable installs in terms of life-time value, user engagement, and customer life-cycle. While they’re seldom “free” -- everything you do to incentivize, encourage, and promote organic installs has a cost -- they can be significantly cheaper than paid install campaigns.

    App publishers can realistically expect a 20% lift in organic downloads via app store optimization, and can in some cases double or even triple their organic downloads.

    In this webinar, you'll:

    * Learn how to position your app on the top of app store lists
    * Help your customers find your hot mobile properties
    * Gain new methods for generating demand for your mobile content.

    Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
    Amanda Bradford, CEO, The League
    Japheth Dillman, CCO, Yetizen
    Aaron Kardell, CEO, Homespotter
    Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

    Check out VB Insight to access VB Insight's App Store Optimization report, and to access the latest research on Marketing Technology: http://insight.venturebeat.com

    This editorial Insight webinar is sponsored by NativeX. The sponsor has no input on the report findings or panel discussion.

    Sponsored by NativeX who specialize in helping developers meet their ASO (chart and keyword ranking) goals
  • Secure media content delivery and consumption is rapidly changing. Today's producers need a platform to securely deliver their media and understand how their customers consume it. Join me, Michael McCracken, Director of Professional Services at HOSTING, Bradley Brown, Founder and President at Intelivideo, and William Krasner, Sales & Business Development at Intelivideo Thursday, February 18th at 3:00pm ET for Content Delivery in an On-Demand Age -- an interactive, one-hour live discussion where we will answer questions like:

    •How are your customers consuming media?
    •What devices do they watch it on?
    •How long do they stick around?
    •Are they streaming the content or downloading and watching it later?
    •How is the content protected?

    The webinar will be followed by a Q&A, so come prepared with your questions for our strategy and security experts.
  • We already know the smartphone has taken over the entire planet -- most of us are never more than three feet away from our devices. Same goes for your customers. But with that proximity comes a lot of competition. We get that. We’re going into 2016 with a rock solid foundation to make major innovative leaps forward. And we’ve got a bunch of great advice from game shakers at major organizations who are revolutionizing their industries, one device at a time.

    In the second part of this CMO Roundtable discussion, we’ll talk with Robin Zucker of Playboy and Jason Allen of Gamestop about their best strategies in the mobile landscape.

    You’ll leave this webinar with at least five great ideas to put into practice in your role immediately. It’s time to learn from the best.

    In this webinar, you’ll:

    * Get five key tips to move the needle in your existing digital strategy
    * Learn what Gamestop and Playboy are doing to keep ahead of the competition
    * Discover new ways to engage with mobile customers (and some of them are surprisingly simple).


    Robin Zucker, SVP Marketing, Digital Media, Playboy
    Jason Allen, VP of Digital, Gamestop
    John Koetsier, Mobile Economist, Tune
    Wendy Schuchart, analyst, VentureBeat

    Register today for this free and interactive CMO roundtable discussion.

    Sponsored by TUNE
  • Perhaps one of the greatest challenges we currently face in terms of securing our customer and corporate sensitive data, is actually developing the capability to track its movement through our organization, and understanding who and how the data is being used. This is becoming a major focus for Audit teams right now, as how can we demonstrate that we have effective security controls in place, if we don’t have any mechanism for tracing where the sensitive data is residing, or how it is moving through our IT Landscape.

    In this discussion and demonstration we will take a look at how Informatica’s Secure@Source is breaking new ground, as the first effective Data Security Intelligence tool in this space. Providing clients know with real time consolidated dashboards, which capture and display the proliferation, security and usage profile of all the sensitive data held, across hundreds of corporate data stores.

    The webinar will be hosted by Paul Garstang, Steve Holyer and Robert Boden, from Informatica’s Data Security Technology Group.
  • Please join 451 Research’s ‘Voice of the Enterprise’ leadership team as they share highlights from our on-going surveys of 27,000+ mid to senior enterprise buyers. With over a million data points gathered in 2015 alone, our fact based analysis provides exceptional insight into how the enterprise IT market will be shifting in 2016 and beyond.

    During the webinar, we will explore six key technology markets: Cloud, Security, Storage, Datacenters, Servers & Converged Infrastructure, and Software Defined Infrastructure and you will learn:
    • What spending changes to expect across each market
    • The top enterprise buyer priorities and pain points
    • What major trends we will be watching in 2016
  • PowerShell is like nuclear fission—it’s powerful, and it can be used for good and evil. The bad guys love to exploit PowerShell for at least three reasons:

    1. It’s already installed on most versions of Windows.

    2. It’s powerful. You really can do just about anything in PowerShell—even call into the Win32 API if enabled.

    3.There are no EXEs or DLLs to upload.

    Lee Holmes (Microsoft’s PowerShell extraordinaire) will be joining me to show you how to catch intruders exploiting PowerShell to their own ends.

    First, we will provide a brief overview of PowerShell security capabilities especially enhancements in PowerShell 5.0t. There are some really good preventive steps you can take to limit your exposure to PowerShell-related risks. And PowerShell 5.0 is available on Windows 2008 R2 SP1 and Windows 7 SP1 and up, so this isn’t vaporware.

    Then we will zero in on the auditing capabilities in PowerShell. We’ll show you how to enable PowerShell logging so that you get events for every script block executed. We’ll show you sample events and discuss how to interpret them, how to filter the noise and more.

    I’ll also briefly point out some less powerful, but easy-to-implement techniques for just detecting the use of PowerShell itself using Process Tracking events. This can be useful for highly controlled endpoints where use of PowerShell at all is very limited and easy to recognize if PowerShell is being used in an unusual way.

    Of course producing valuable audit data is one thing. Collecting, analyzing and alerting on it is another. And that’s where our sponsor, LogRhythm, comes in. The security experts at LogRhythm have been following the increased exploitation of PowerShell by the bad guys and been publishing their own tips on how to combat. Greg Foss will briefly demonstrate LogRhythm’s built-in knowledge of PowerShell and its ability to correlate PowerShell events with all the other security intelligence LogRhythm collects from your enterprise.
  • The contact center is a critical touch point for your customers and how you manage the interaction can affect customer satisfaction, sales opportunities, and overall profitability.

    You don't want performance issues derailing revenue and getting escalated to the C-Suite. But how do you get to a proactive state when the network, the carrier, and other vendors can all impact your user experience?

    Please join us for a 45-minute webinar on February 23rd at 8:30AM PT to learn best practices for:

    - Validate the network and carrier are ready
    - StressTest to ensure you go live with confidence
    - Proactively alert to customer impacting issues
    - Quickly troubleshoot recurring issues like one-way audio and voice quality
    - Be the hero - report on outages averted, systems optimized, and SLAs

    During the webinar we'll review real-world examples of how we have helped FORTUNE 1000 Contact Center customers go from fire-fighting to proactive in a matter of weeks.

    PS - if the time is not suitable, still register to be notified when the presentation is available to view on-demand.
  • Once the domain of early adopters, more organizations are buying into mobile apps and seeking ways to monetize their investments. More players adds up to more expensive ads, and mobile ad revenue is expected to have a 26.5% CAGR by 2020, according to BI Intelligence's "US Digital Media Ad Spend Report." In addition, mobile ad search is predicted to increase 25.2%, while traditional ad spend basically stays flat.
    Programmatic transactions – where marketers purchase ads via computerized algorithms – also grew fast, making up most U.S. digital ad spending this year, BI Intelligence says.
    As a marketing pro who's increasingly pay more for a tool your competitors are probably using to reach prospects and customers, it's really critical you've got the best, most accurate mobile ad strategy and that your investment is working optimally. That's why we've gathered some top experts for this webinar, during which they'll share insight into how you can:

    * Determine the ROI of your mobile app investments
    * Partner with software developers to create innovative, multi-platform apps
    * Leverage programmatic transactions with analytics
    * Incorporate insight from social media, public data, and in-house information to create more complete customer profiles
    *Expand into mobile ad search.

    * John Koetsier, Mobile Economist, Tune
    * Scott Monty, Principal and Author, former head of global social media, Ford Motor Corporation
    * Andrew Paradise, CEO, Skillz
    * Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

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