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Application Management

  • Take a Requirements-Driven Approach to Better Software Take a Requirements-Driven Approach to Better Software Jonathon Wright, Director of Digital Assurance, CA Technologies Recorded: Sep 25 2016 60 mins
    Case studies show that the vast majority of defects creating havoc in production software are not introduced by developers or testers, but by requirements. Rather than alleviating this problem, agile development practices have introduced a new one: Testers must navigate a constant barrage of disparate user stories and change requests.

    In order for development teams to keep up with constantly changing user needs, requirements must be captured in a format that minimizes miscommunication, reacts quickly to change, and enables subsequent test assets to be derived automatically.

    Learn a requirements-driven approach that:
    - Captures user needs in a format already familiar to business analysts
    - Allows testers to automatically generate optimized test cases, test scripts, data, and expected results
    - Automatically reflects changes made to the requirements in the test assets
  • I-SOC, gérer la sécurité de manière proactive grâce à l'intelligence I-SOC, gérer la sécurité de manière proactive grâce à l'intelligence David Grout, Technical Director, Southern Europe, FireEye Recorded: Sep 23 2016 46 mins
    Les SOC D’aujourd’hui se détournent de leur métier de base en devenant des centres de gestion d’alertes. Nous vous présenterons comment l’apport de la cyberveille peut permettre aux équipes de passer d’un mode réactif qui gère des alertes à un modèle proactif axé sur la chasse aux indicateurs et aux groupes d’assaillants présents sur vos environnements IT.
  • Hacking Airwaves with Pineapples Hacking Airwaves with Pineapples Johan Hybinette, CISO at HOSTING Recorded: Sep 22 2016 39 mins
    With the widespread use of connected devices, hackers have configured new ways to access your smartphones and laptops, even without you knowing. The Pineapple is a router that stages a fake WIFI access point, compromising the security of any smart device that unknowingly connects to it. During the live webinar, Johan Hybinette, CISO at HOSTING, will be going over the following discussion points:

    - The technical makeup of the pineapple router
    - How the Pineapple hacks into connected devices
    - What personal information is at the most risk
    - What you can do to protect yourself from this malicious form of identity theft
  • Smart Storage - Virtualization Unleashed Smart Storage - Virtualization Unleashed Calvin Nieh, Virtualization Solutions Marketing Manager, Pure Storage Recorded: Sep 22 2016 36 mins
    Smart Storage for the cloud IT is effortless, efficient and evergreen. In this webinar, learn how operational simplicity, data efficiency, and predictable performance through flash will enable your business to be more competitive in the market at the same cost as traditional disk infrastructure.

    We will cover:

    - What is possible with flash?
    - What flash solutions are available today?
    - How do the costs compare?
    - Pure Storage architecture overview
    - Demonstration of storage provisioning tasks
  • Improve Lending Portfolio Performance with Data Optimization Improve Lending Portfolio Performance with Data Optimization Spencer Robinson, Head of Strategy, Kabbage Recorded: Sep 22 2016 61 mins
    The financial crisis brought about huge losses to a large number of financial institutions and exposed many of the internal inefficiencies leveraged to manage risk and data within and across divisions. Today, things have changed dramatically. Despite the many regulatory changes over the years, marketplace lenders have been extremely successful implementing predictive modeling and data aggregation to assess consumers’ and small businesses’ financial health.

    New lending technologies allow lenders to improve customer satisfaction by creating a personalized and unique customer experience. By taking into consideration personal, transactional, application, and product-selection data from financial institutions, lenders are able to leverage this data for other opportunities such as cross-selling credit products during the loan-application process. These innovations ultimately provide borrowers with an intuitive and simplified borrowing process.

    In this webinar you’ll:

    * Get insight into the trends and opportunities driving change in the lending and credit risk management industries
    * Explore more accurate predictive ratings models based on alternative data sets
    * Discover the future of commercial retail lending and credit risk management
    * Learn how to improve credit decisions, collections, and portfolio management using new technologies and data analytics

    * Spencer Robinson, Head of Strategy, Kabbage
    * Sherif Hassan, Founding CEO, Herio Capital
    * Saurabh Sharma, Founder and CEO, Indus Insights
    * Terry McKeown, Practice Manager, Credit Analytics, Envestnet | Yodlee
    * Evan Schuman, Moderator, VentureBeat

    Join us on September 22nd at 10 am PT/1 pm ET for an exciting FREE discussion on the trends and opportunities driving change in lending and credit risk management.

    This webinar is sponsored by Envestnet | Yodlee
  • Successfully Troubleshooting Skype for Business Successfully Troubleshooting Skype for Business John Hand - Global Microsoft Alliance Director | Dave Bottomley - Communications Solutions Engineer Recorded: Sep 22 2016 63 mins
    This session will give a view on how to successfully troubleshoot Skype for Business scenarios:
    - Conference Calls
    - Soft phone
    - Voice quality
  • The Blind Men and the Elephant: Reducing Risk with Hadoop Visibility The Blind Men and the Elephant: Reducing Risk with Hadoop Visibility Eric Hansleman 451 Research and Jim Waring BMC Recorded: Sep 22 2016 50 mins
    Hadoop is a wonderful framework that can drive insight into a range of problems, but administrators can be blind to performance, utilization and cost issues of cluster deployments. There’s risk in sizing initial deployments properly, as well as determining optimal capacity over time. Without sufficient visibility, job performance can suffer and costs can escalate. Keeping a critical resource running effectively and being able to plan for the future requires intelligent decision making capabilities that many Hadoop deployments lack. This webinar will look into common problems that affect clusters and ways to detect issues early and head off long term problems. We’ll dig into capacity management and ways to deal with ever increasing demands for Hadoop resources.

    Key points:

    • Understand initial deployment challenges
    • Handling cluster growth
    • Working to meet increasing pressure on storage and job density
    • Planning for capacity growth and extension to cloud
  • Contain your risk: Deploy secure containers with trust and confidence Contain your risk: Deploy secure containers with trust and confidence Brent Baude, Principle Software Engineer, Atomic and Docker Development, Red Hat; Randy Kilmon, VP, Engineering, Black Duck Recorded: Sep 22 2016 51 mins
    Organizations are increasingly turning to container environments to meet the demand for faster, more agile software development. But a 2015 study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Red Hat revealed that 53% of IT operations and development decision makers at global enterprises reported container security concerns as a barrier to adoption.

    The challenges of managing security risk increase in scope and complexity when hundreds or even thousands of different open source software components and licenses are part of your application code base. Since 2014, more than 6,000 new open source security vulnerabilities have been reported, making it essential to have good visibility into and control over the open source in use in order to understand if any known vulnerabilities are present.

    In this webinar, experts from Red Hat and Black Duck will share the latest insights and recommendations for securing the open source in your containers, including protecting them from vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, Shellshock and Venom. You’ll learn:
    • Why container environments present new application security challenges, including those posed by ever-increasing open source use.
    • How to scan applications running in containers to identify open source in use and map known open source security vulnerabilities.
    • Best practices and methodologies for deploying secure containers with trust and confidence.
  • Bimodal Bake Off Bimodal Bake Off Jason Bloomberg of Intellyx & Rui Vaz of Deloitte Recorded: Sep 22 2016 59 mins
    Bimodal IT is putting even the most talented development teams to the test. No matter if you support or oppose the idea of two distinct speeds of IT, you’ll want to hear Jason Bloomberg from Intellyx and Deloitte’s Rui Vaz debate and discuss the realities of taking a bimodal approach.
  • Why do you need Mobile SAM? Why do you need Mobile SAM? David Foxen, SAM Evangelist - Mark Lillywhite, Pre-Sales Consultant Recorded: Sep 22 2016 43 mins
    Mobile devices have become a huge part of your employees' working life. Organisations are looking to adopt a mobile strategy to take advantage of licensing agreements that allow users to have their products installed on their mobile devices as well as their desktops and laptops.

    Mobile Software Asset Management is required to ensure you understand how your users are using mobile applications, how this affects your compliance and also ensuring that only approved mobile apps are installed on corporate devices.

    We’ll also talk about the Bring Your Own Device challenges and how mobile SAM can help manage such a policy.
  • Essential Practices on Seamless User Experience Across Platforms Essential Practices on Seamless User Experience Across Platforms George Groshkov, UX Designer Recorded: Sep 22 2016 28 mins
    We will be covering good examples of coherent UX across desktop, tablet and mobile. No matter the screen, user journeys have to be simple and work accordingly in regards of the device. In addition, we will discuss some insights of how important it is to create design manifesto in order to keep stakeholders on one page.
  • Mount Sinai Case Study: From Legacy Storage to All-Flash Storage Mount Sinai Case Study: From Legacy Storage to All-Flash Storage Rich Araujo, Mount Sinai Health System & Matthew Rund, Pure Storage Recorded: Sep 21 2016 32 mins
    View this on-demand webinar to learn why managing data is a crucial factor in the success of healthcare organizations. For this reason, it is imperative to have a storage infrastructure that is simple to manage, easily sustains growth, and aligns to application demands. Traditionally, upgrading storage infrastructures meant huge risks for the business and sacrifices for IT Departments - often only providing fractional performance improvement once completed. Hear from Pure Storage and Mount Sinai Health to see for yourself the impact Pure Storage has had on the hospital's business and infrastructure.

    During the conversation you will learn:
    -What made Mount Sinai make the transition from from legacy storage to an all flash platform from Pure Storage
    -The business impact flash has had on their Oracle ERP/SOA environment
    -Feedback from IT around the deployment and management of Pure Storage
    -Best practices for introducing new technologies into a large infrastructure

    Featured Speakers:
    Rich Araujo, Associate Director, Storage and Back up, Mount Sinai Health System
    Matthew Rund, Regional Manager, Healthcare, Pure Storage
  • How to Accelerate Large-Scale VMware Horizon Success with FlashStack from Cisco How to Accelerate Large-Scale VMware Horizon Success with FlashStack from Cisco Kyle Grossmiller, Pure Storage & Mike Brennan, Cisco Recorded: Sep 21 2016 62 mins
    Converged Infrastructure solutions sound great on paper, but what happens in real life in an enterprise deployment? Can CI designs deliver enterprise performance, resilience, scalability AND management simplicity? How can you provide awesome end-user experience without breaking the bank? Talk to Cisco and Pure architects as well as customers on how FlashStack is able to address the most critical success factors with a tested and validated 5,000 seat desktop virtualization architecture.

    What we’ll answer:
    How is VDI now able to deliver virtualized desktops to nearly all users in an enterprise? How do I break through performance barriers needed to provide end-user experience better than physical desktops? Isn’t the cost of all-flash storage going to blow my budget? If I’m supporting thousands of users on VDI, how do I keep up with management and support overhead of so many users? What architecture considerations and best practices should I keep in mind for large scale VDI? Is dedicated infrastructure a requirement for VDI? Hear from not only Pure and Cisco architects, but customers who have architected successful enterprise VDI deployments.

    Featured Speakers:
    Kyle Grossmiller, VDI Solutions Architect at Pure Storage
    Mike Brennan, Manger Desktop Virtualization and Hyper-Converged Performance Solutions at Cisco
  • Live Q&A with David Leighton, President, Women in Technology Live Q&A with David Leighton, President, Women in Technology Katie Broderick, 451 Research & David Leighton, President, Women in Technology International Recorded: Sep 21 2016 23 mins
    Live from the 2016 Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit in Las Vegas, Katie Broderick of 451 Research will interview David Leighton, President of Women in Technology about a recent survey of 1,100 WITI members, which found that early STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) exposure is crucial and a variety of support mechanisms are needed to achieve women's goals in a predominantly male field.
  • Implementing Bimodal IT for Key Business Apps on All-flash Storage Implementing Bimodal IT for Key Business Apps on All-flash Storage Peter Eicher (Senior Product Marketing Manager at Catalogic) and Vaughn Stewart (VP, Enterprise Architect at Pure Storage) Recorded: Sep 21 2016 56 mins
    Copy Data Management (CDM) is being deployed to support both "mode 1" IT Operations (Data Protection), as well as ""mode 2"" IT Operations (Automation, Self-service, and DevOps). CDM provider Catalogic has teamed with All-flash storage provider Pure Storage to provide an integrated solution, enabling Bimodal IT support for applications running on all-flash storage.

    Join experts from Catalogic and Pure Storage to learn:
    - What this combined solution does to speed data protection for Oracle environments
    - How CDM and Flash provide greater agility for DBA's and Engineering Managers
    - Why agile businesses are moving away from traditional backup to CDM
    - How automation and self-service dramatically reduce IT time spent on routine tasks
  • Overcoming Common Data Challenges to Comply with the New DOL Fiduciary Rule Overcoming Common Data Challenges to Comply with the New DOL Fiduciary Rule Peter Ku, Head of Financial Services Industry Consulting. Recorded: Sep 21 2016 45 mins
    The new ruling by the Department of Labor became law this past June requiring the retirement industry to comply with the covenants by April 10, 2017, with exemptions phasing in through January 1, 2018. The rule drastically changes how financial advice is provided in the United States. It will introduce intense pressure on financial advisors to change the traditional advisory model from commission to fee-based compensation and will substantially change product fees and features.

    Unfortunately, Retirement Planning, Wealth Management, Insurance companies, 401K companies large and small that look to comply with the new rule will face more scrutiny and reporting requirements that will expose holes in existing data management processes and technologies. Learn what some of these data challenges are, why they exist and why they have been difficult to address, and finally solutions to consider for this requirement and other regulations that require Great Data!
  • How To Design a Great B2B UX Which Makes Users and Developers Happy How To Design a Great B2B UX Which Makes Users and Developers Happy Mascha van Oosterhout, User Experience Consultant, eProseed Recorded: Sep 21 2016 27 mins
    As UX consultant at eProseed, partner of Oracle, I currently design UXs of B2B apps to be used on an Oracle platform. For a B2B application to be a successful User Experience, it needs to fulfil requirements from different angles. Users want the app to be useful and usable. Developers need the app to be easy to develop and the customer wants the app to provide business value.

    Asa UX designer I'm always in the middle. I know the different requirements and of course I put the user first and foremost. At the same time I make sure that all stakeholders know the users by defining personas and usage scenarios.

    I design the app for a user to use in any required context (at home, at work, in public transport etc.) By applying the "glance, scan, commit" design philosophy, I make sure that the UX helps the user to fulfil all required work related tasks.

    At the same time i use standard (user tested) Oracle UX patterns to design the app in a way that it's easy for developers to build the UX. By applying these patterns and the Oracle guidelines, the time to develop the uX is reduced, which also makes the customer happy.

    How I do all this, I will explain in this webinar.
  • Educational Institutions:Accurate visibility of all software & hardware assets Educational Institutions:Accurate visibility of all software & hardware assets David Foxen, SAM Evangelist Recorded: Sep 21 2016 35 mins
    With a strong track record in Education, find out how Snow Software provides a consolidated view of all licenses, enabling staff to use just one interface to manage multiple software vendors, device types and locations across all platforms.

    Snow Software is an ideal choice for Education thanks to its multi-platform coverage and automatic software recognition of Software.
  • CA UIM per il controllo di infrastrutture IT tradizionali e ambienti cloud CA UIM per il controllo di infrastrutture IT tradizionali e ambienti cloud Luigi Benocci & Cristiana Darra, CA Technologies Recorded: Sep 21 2016 42 mins
    Oggi l’Application Economy richiede un approccio Agile anche nel controllo quotidiano delle infrastrutture IT e nel controllo delle sue performance.
    Gli ambienti IT tendono sempre di più ad essere eterogenei con la presenza di sistemi legacy e cloud sia in forma privata che pubblica (hybrid cloud). Allo stesso tempo agli operation manager viene chiesto di essere proattivi e sempre più veloci nel tenere sotto controllo lo stato dei servizi di business erogati.
    Un approccio ai tool di monitoraggio a “silos” non risponde a questi requisiti e rischia di mantenere alti i tempi di risoluzione delle criticità e dei problemi (MTTR alti).
    CA Unified Infrastructure Monitoring (UIM) consente di avere una visibilità a 360 gradi sulle applicazioni, servizi e infrastruttura (fino al mainframe) in modo moderno e ottimale unificando i vari tools di monitoraggio dipartimentali, offrendo un controllo puntuale sia sui sistemi più tradizionali che sulle nuove tecnologie cloud e micro-service.
  • Smart Business: How to Transform Your Building through Intelligence Smart Business: How to Transform Your Building through Intelligence Digital Lumens, Liberty Hardware Recorded: Sep 20 2016 34 mins
    Join us on September 20th to learn how intelligence can be used to improve your building and overall business. Hear from Procurement and IT managers at Liberty Hardware as they share their experiences on transforming their facility with networked lighting.
  • Backup into the Cloud. Has the time come? Backup into the Cloud. Has the time come? Dave Elliott, Global Product Lead, Enterprise Cloud; Randy Serafini, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Veritas Recorded: Sep 20 2016 28 mins
    We all know that data is growing at a really fast rate for a variety of reasons. At the same time, budgets for storing and protecting that growing data are not changing, or not as quickly as the data is growing. The classic ‘do-more-with-less’ drumbeat in IT continues.

    With tape as the primary backup target, companies are facing many limitations which are becoming more and more problematic in a world where data security, compliance, and availability are critical.

    Hear from Dave Elliot (Google) and Randy Serafini (Veritas) as they discuss about cloud storage, backup, and some of key aspects of making the decisions on moving to the cloud as a backup destination.
  • Stop Starting. Start Finishing. CA Technologies IT Journey to Agile Stop Starting. Start Finishing. CA Technologies IT Journey to Agile Mahendra Durai, SVP, IT Officer Recorded: Sep 20 2016 59 mins
    Are your teams building the right things, the right way? How do you know? Are they working on projects that deliver the highest value to the company? Can your company rely on you to deliver what you promised, on time? The struggle to meet these expectations is real and organizations all over the world are trying to go agile to better connect their business strategy to the execution of work.  
    Join us on Tuesday, September 20, 10am PST / 1pm ET, for a unique look into how CA Technologies GIS organization took on an agile transformation. During this webinar, you’ll learn: 
    •The obstacles faced as they embarked on this journey and how they overcame these obstacles 
    •The benefits almost two years later 
    •Their vision and roadmap for scaling agile further in their organization 
    No one can tell you agile is easy; the shift requires executive buy-in, culture or behavior change and ultimately the desire to provide your customer with what they need to be successful. Spend some time with us and ask questions. We’ll help you get to a point where your organization can stop starting and start finishing.   
  • Awesome Community Chefs Awesome Community Chefs Nathen Harvey, VP of Community Development Recorded: Sep 20 2016 52 mins
    Each year a number of awesome Chefs receive special recognition from the community for the work that they do to help the community thrive. In this webinar Nathen Harvey, VP of Community Development, will sit down with this year's Awesome Community Chefs and talk about what makes the Chef Community special and discuss the upcoming Chef Community Summits.
  • Cloud Security Standards: What to Expect and What to Negotiate V2.0 Cloud Security Standards: What to Expect and What to Negotiate V2.0 Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC) Recorded: Sep 20 2016 60 mins
    This webinar introduces the CSCC’s deliverable, Cloud Security Standards: What to Expect and What to Negotiate, which was updated in August to highlight the latest developments in cloud security standards. The speakers will provide an overview of the standards, frameworks, and certifications that exist for securing cloud computing environments. This information should help cloud customers evaluate the security support of cloud service providers.
  • Top Use Cases for Virtualization with Intelligent Management Top Use Cases for Virtualization with Intelligent Management Himanshu Singh, Senior Product Marketing Manager, VMware; Hicham Mourad, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, VMware Recorded: Sep 20 2016 61 mins
    Attend today to learn how predictive analytics, policy-based automation, and a unified management solution can give you control over the performance, capacity, and configuration of your virtualized infrastructure:

    - Customize workflows to safely automate more tasks and IT processes
    - Manage IT from a single, comprehensive view of servers, storage, and networks
    - Self-learning management tools that adapt to what's normal for your environment
  • Transform Your Agile Strategy to Deliver More Value Transform Your Agile Strategy to Deliver More Value Dan Rice Advisor, Agile Management, Americas & EMEA Sep 27 2016 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Many companies experimenting with agile development methods in their engineering and IT groups are having only mixed success.

    Unless you’re implementing agile both upstream (through your portfolio) and downstream (through testing and operations,) you’re not harnessing agile’s full power through Digital Transformation. Being faster to market doesn’t help your bottom line if you deliver the wrong things, and failing to get the right things into production fast means you’re leaving money on the table.

    Join this web seminar to gain insight into the benefits of a digital transformation. You’ll discover a strategic, collaborative approach to channel the power of agile and deliver more value to your customers.
  • Managing the End User Experience with GPU-Powered Insights Managing the End User Experience with GPU-Powered Insights Sumanta Chakraborty, GRID Product Manager, NVIDIA and Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO, eG Innovations Sep 27 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    GPU technology improves Citrix virtual desktops and applications, but to truly deliver an immersive user experience that scales, organizations need to manage the complete GPU deployment lifecycle – from designing the infrastructure, to managing and optimizing a production environment, to responding to user issues dynamically, in real-time.

    eG Innovations in partnership with NVIDIA is delivering comprehensive monitoring capabilities that enable IT to better manage all aspects of the user experience, tapping into new GPU-sourced insights that aid in design right-sizing, proactive infrastructure optimization and help desk issue remediation. This new joint solution integrates eG Enterprise with NVIDIA GRID software to provide actionable insights through host-level, guest-level, and application-level analytics.

    Attend this webinar to learn how to deliver complete lifecycle management of the end user experience for GPU-powered applications and desktops.
  • Taking Control: Automation for Cloud Services Taking Control: Automation for Cloud Services Christian Paulus, Vipul Shah, Nikuni Nemani, Robert Tate Sep 27 2016 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    If you’re still spending days to provision infrastructure services, or weeks to deploy applications, it’s time to turn automation on. Join us and learn how you can automate the delivery and management of shared services, infrastructure, and applications.

    What you will learn by attending this webcast:
    - Tips on managing the dynamic hybrid cloud and providing on-demand infrastructure services
    - How the California Department of General Services automated the delivery of virtualized compute, storage, and networking
    - Why hybrid cloud capabilities are key to building a unified environment
  • Quantifying the ROI of Search-Driven Analytics - Ovum Quantifying the ROI of Search-Driven Analytics - Ovum Surya Mukherjee, Senior Analyst, Ovum & Lisa Kant, Sr Director of Product Marketing, ThoughtSpot Sep 27 2016 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Data is more valuable than ever. Yet BI adoption rates hover around 22% and project costs keep skyrocketing, leaving few companies with measurable ROI from their analytics programs.

    Join analyst Surya Mukherjee, of leading global advisory firm Ovum, as we discuss best practices and common pitfalls when building an ROI business case to justify your investment in analytics. Mukherjee will cover key metrics that are often overlooked, such as faster decision making, and reduced time to value, and how to quantify them. Finally we will discuss how search-driven analytics can skyrocket BI adoption and help you achieve rapid ROI.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    1. How to build a business case for analytics
    2. Best-practices and common pitfalls for achieving ROI in a short time
    3. Examples of ROI achieved with search-driven analytics
  • Modern Cookbook Design Modern Cookbook Design Kevin Dickerson, Loom Sep 27 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    If you’re a typical Chef user, you learned cookbook design by writing recipes and then tuning functionality with node attributes—and you probably didn’t focus too much on the underlying Ruby concepts. This approach can lead to messy designs that are more difficult to verify and maintain.

    Chef’s fundamental building blocks are resources, not recipes. In this webinar, Kevin Dickerson of Loom (a Chef Certified Partner), will demonstrate a resource-centric approach to designing and verifying cookbooks that can reduce defects, increase clarity, and provide greater isolation of logic and various configuration concerns.

    Kevin will show you how to create and use resources and resource properties instead of emulating resources with recipes. He’ll also teach you how to verify cookbooks, and how verification is simplified when a resource is only concerned with the conditions that affect its behavior.

    You’ll also be introduced to some Ruby concepts that don’t seem to get a lot of attention—after all, Chef cookbooks are written in Ruby.
  • State of the Hack: Nordics State of the Hack: Nordics Jens Monrad, Senior Intelligence Account Analyst, FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence Sep 28 2016 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    The cyber threat landscape has never been more dynamic, than what we are seeing today. With an expanding surface area for attacks and a cybercriminal ecosystem worth billion of dollars on a global scale, cybercriminals are constantly pursuing new methods to obtain financial funds.

    It is no different in the Nordics – a region that is well known for its natural resources, innovations in renewable energy and healthcare, proximity to the Arctic, and emphasis on transparency in government is also a prime target for cybercriminals. These unique attributes make the region a prime target for cyber threat groups looking to capitalize on Nordic countries’ robust economies and distinct geopolitical concerns.

    Join Jens Monrad, Senior Intelligence Account Analyst at FireEye, who will discuss:

    * The Threat Landscape in the Nordics
    * Trends and Insights in Malware detections across the Nordics
    * Geopolitical situations which can influence the threat landscape in the Nordics
    * How having accurate and enriched threat intelligence can enable organisations to make tactical, operation and strategic decisions.

    Register today and learn what tools, processes and information organisations need in order to allow them to fully reconstruct the attack scenario and help make the right decisions based on the attack, as well as prepare for the next one.
  • Using App SaaSification as a key to build digital infrastructure Using App SaaSification as a key to build digital infrastructure Suresh Subramanian, Solutions Architect Sr Manager, Cloud Sep 28 2016 1:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    The greatest value the cloud offers is the ability to use technology to scale business processes quickly and make them more consumable. It enables them to run as a service, giving developers and operators more flexibility to stand up a service, sort out what works and what doesn’t, and ultimately improve the user experience. As they say in Silicon Valley, it allows developers to “fail fast” and repeat.

    The so-called “SaaSification” of business is driving innovation and smart organizations get this—they are seizing the moment, creating dynamic services on a platform, consumable by large groups of users at any time. According to some recent industry analyst estimates, 34 percent of enterprises will have 60 percent or more of their applications on a cloud platform within two years.

    During this webcast you will learn:
    -How App SaaSification allows companies to use their new found IT “assets” in ways they haven’t before
    - How App Saasification saves the companies from having to buy any additional infrastructure or expensive platforms. Instead, they were able to scale up and down cost-effectively to offer an additional, value-added product that enhanced customers’ viewing experience
  • S/4HANA - There's never been a better time to negotiate with SAP S/4HANA - There's never been a better time to negotiate with SAP Brian Skiba, SAP Expert, Snow Software Sep 28 2016 2:30 pm UTC 30 mins
    YOUR ONCE IN A LIFETIME CHANCE TO DRIVE A BETTER DEAL WITH SAP - Leverage current licenses to get a better S4/Hana Deal

    SAP’s end of year is approaching fast and it is aggressively pushing customers to transition over to its next generation SAP technologies. This is a unique opportunity for you to strike a hard bargain over your move to S/4HANA by leveraging your current licensing position and annual maintenance costs.

    Snow’s SAP Expert Brian Skiba explains how to take advantage of the cost-saving opportunities available and will explore how to gain visibility of the complete SAP portfolio and empower you with all of the data you need to successfully negotiate. Learn how to:
    •Understand what you’ve got
    •Is it fit for purpose?
    •Leverage your current position towards future needs

    Get the inside line on why SAP is driving S4/Hana so hard and turn it to your advantage.
  • Enterprise Mobile Journey–The 3 keys to digital transformation success (Part 3) Enterprise Mobile Journey–The 3 keys to digital transformation success (Part 3) Tom Ku, VP Enterprise Mobility Sep 28 2016 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Digital transformation is a top business priority and it includes embracing consumer trends around mobility. However, recent stats on the state of mobile app development in the enterprise are dismal. Gartner has also concluded that the enterprise mobile app journey is a complicated one for IT.

    All too often mobile apps fail before they’re off the ground because companies try to do too much, too quickly. The road to digital transformation – and mobile – is a journey, not a race.

    Join Tom Ku, VP Enterprise Mobility and hear him share our recommendation around breaking this journey down into digestible, easy to rollout and test steps before achieving ultimate mobile nirvana!
  • The Proven Formula for Retaining App Users The Proven Formula for Retaining App Users SC Moatti, bestselling author and technology visionary Sep 28 2016 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Getting users to download your app is hard and expensive. Engaging them is even harder. This is why retention is increasingly critical, yet there are powerful strategies that help apps solve this challenge. In this webinar, we'll examine some of these proven strategies to help you increase retention and revenue.

    Our special guest, SC Moatti, a technology visionary, venture capital investor, and bestselling author of "mobilized" will share her expert insights on mobile engagement and retention.

    We will also unveil findings from our newest data science report focused on mobile app retention. You will walk away with powerful strategies from this groundbreaking mobile study, including:

    Real-life examples of how retention translates to revenue
    Why a retention strategy is necessary to preserve your acquisition investments
    How personalizing push notification send times can increase retention 7x
  • Introduction to Riak TS, a database optimized for time series data Introduction to Riak TS, a database optimized for time series data Susan Lee, Technical Marketing Director Sep 28 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Get an introduction to Riak TS where you will learn how Riak TS is architected for high availability, scalability, and performance, making it easy to do real-time analysis so you can make smarter business decisions for your organization.. We will start promptly at 10am.
  • Contact center compliance and call recording assurance (EMEA Timezone) Contact center compliance and call recording assurance (EMEA Timezone) Travis Polland Senior Product Manager IR Sep 29 2016 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    In the wake of financial regulation such as MiFID II or the "Dodd-Frank" Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, many banks and providers of independent financial advice in the US, Europe and Asia have been looking at how best to monitor and control the activities of their traders, wealth brokers and contact centers.

    The cost of compliance can considerable, however, the risks associated with non-compliance can result in even more substantial costs to the business.

    Hear emerging trends in compliance for contact centers and traders.
  • The 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Down the Agile Path - 1 PDU The 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Down the Agile Path - 1 PDU Andy Jordan, ProjectManagement.com Sep 29 2016 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Every organization’s Agile transformation is different, however there are key landmines that can cause an organization’s Agile transformation to struggle. Join Andy Jordan, ProjectManagement.com as he discusses how you can avoid seven common Agile transformation mistakes and put your organization on the right path with Agile.

    This session is approved for 1 Project Management Institute (PMI) PMP PDU Credit.
  • Digital Roadmap Realities Digital Roadmap Realities Paulo Rosado, CEO, OutSystems & Customer Panel Sep 29 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Digital transformation is moving at lightning speed. Join OutSystems CEO Paulo Rosado and a panel of battle-proven experts from PWC, HaelthTech, and Thrivent as they dish out best practices for planning, launching, and expanding your digital transformation journey without crashing.
  • 6 Basics of Successful AV Deployment with HDBaseT Over Category Cabling 6 Basics of Successful AV Deployment with HDBaseT Over Category Cabling Todd Harpel, Berk-Tek and Bill Lauby, Leviton Sep 29 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    High Definition Video is prevalent in our everyday lives. From the board room to the classroom, the sports bar to the sports stadium, the demand for dynamic audio-visual content is rapidly increasing. Traditional methods of transporting content to displays are a thing of the past. This presentation explores technologies and methods for connecting A/V sources to HD displays using twisted pair cabling and provides guidance for successful deployment.

    By attending this presentation, you will learn:
    - Cabling system requirements needed to support a high density digital AV distribution environment
    - Alternative methods and equipment that can be used to extend the reach of an HDMI connection

    * One BICSI CEC will be provided after viewing this presentation up until April 15, 2017*
  • Driving PPM Excellence–Insights from CA Services with Application Managed Svcs Driving PPM Excellence–Insights from CA Services with Application Managed Svcs George Starr, Sr. Director Practice Services Adam Frary, Services Marketing Sep 29 2016 3:15 pm UTC 60 mins
    Every one of our PPM customers is pursuing the same end goal – how to deliver the highest value to the organization. Working with hundreds of customers, we have learned that the answer requires a comprehensive approach across multiple disciplines. To drive bigger results and achieve greater PPM maturity, organizations need to improve PPM leadership, governance, change management, product management, development, support and other disciplines.

    Please join us for this presentation that discusses how to achieve PPM excellence by building competencies across disciplines in-house with the option of augmenting that approach with Application Managed Services for CA PPM.
  • GamesBeat: How to get gamers to love your games and love your brand GamesBeat: How to get gamers to love your games and love your brand Matt Marshall, CEO, VentureBeat Sep 29 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Building brand affection is one of the best things you can do for any product. Think about it -- do you ask for a tissue or do you ask for a Kleenex? Do you look for a plastic bandage or do you ask for a Band-Aid? Do you "use a search engine to find out information about your blind date" or do you Google them?

    This is more than performance marketing -- which evolved solely to drive transactions and downloads -- this is awareness marketing. And for the games community, it's about getting people to remember and associate an emotion with your game, so they seek it out now -- and later. But brand awareness is hard to measure -- and hard to get your arms around. Many games teams spend little to no budget, favoring the results-focused performance marketing. We're going to show you how to be better than them -- and get the advantage for your mobile game, starting today.

    GamesBeat's own Dean Takahashi will sit down with execs from the gaming industry such as Seriously's VP of marketing and Eli Danziger, product manager for YouTube Ads. Together, we'll discuss storytelling and brand awareness marketing tips tailored to mobile games today.

    In this third installment of our Building Games Communities series, you will:

    * Learn how to use YouTube and other channels to drive brand awareness for mobile games;
    * Find the right time to invest in brand awareness marketing in your mobile game lifecycle; and
    * Understand the right KPIs to measure ROI on awareness marketing.

    Our esteemed panel for this rockstar discussion includes:

    * Matt Marshall, CEO, VentureBeat
    * Phil Hickey, VP Marketing and Communications; Seriously
    * Eli Danziger, product manager, YouTube
    * Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, GamesBeat

    Don't miss out. Register today and attend live for this interactive mobile gaming panel.
  • SOC Operations: Orchestrating for Optimization SOC Operations: Orchestrating for Optimization Victor Lee, CISSP, Intel Security; Mat Gangwer, Rook Security; Brandon Dunlap, Brightfly Sep 29 2016 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    As a wise person once said, a man with one watch knows what time it is, a man with two isn't so sure. Despite the myriad of tools at our disposal in the SOC, how do you accurately identify and triage security Events, escalate those that need it to the status of Incident, and mange them through remediation or response effectively? Join Intel and (ISC)2 on September 29, 2016 at 1:00PM Eastern as we bring a panel of SOC operational experts to discuss strategies and opportunities to orchestrate SOC operations for peak performance.
  • Data Center Agility with Software-defined Load Balancing and NFV Data Center Agility with Software-defined Load Balancing and NFV Guru Chahal – VP of Product Management, Avi Networks and Gunnar Anderson – Product Manager, Cisco CNSG Sep 29 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Load balancing and what load balancers can do are undergoing significant changes as enterprises seek to deploy cloud-native applications in data centers and public clouds. According to Gartner, “Application-centric personnel are driving a return to lightweight, disaggregated load balancers, creating challenges and opportunities for I&O leaders.”

    Simultaneously, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is now reaching mainstream enterprises with the Cisco Cloud Services Platform (CSP) 2100. Avi Networks and Cisco CSP integrate to provide a turn-key solution for the rapid deployment of application services such as load balancing, analytics, and autoscaling on an elastic NFV platform, without requiring any additional expertise. The joint solution ensures that administrators can efficiently roll out elastic, high-performance, load balancing and application monitoring capabilities.

    Join Avi Networks and Cisco guest speaker, Gunnar Anderson to learn how enterprises now have an opportunity to take advantage of software-defined load balancing and NFV quickly and easily using:

    • Standard x86 servers
    • Virtualized/software-based functions
    • API-driven approach
    • Elastic scaling to millions of SSL TPS
  • How to Optimize Security Controls for DevOps How to Optimize Security Controls for DevOps Adrian Sanabria, Senior Analyst at 451 Research, & Sami Laine, Principal Technologist at CloudPassage Sep 29 2016 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The widespread adoption of DevOps and agile IT delivery systems presents new security challenges. Developers need security tools that are integrated with their build processes so they can test the integrity and security of their applications within minutes. Similarly, infosec managers need security tools that automatically discover and protect new applications as they are delivered via rapid automation and elastic processes. But traditional security tools don’t do either of these things. Thus, security is increasingly viewed as a blocker to agile software development and DevOps deployment. To solve this problem, security has to fundamentally evolve from a production-time concept to something that is much more automated and embedded into the dev-test-build cycle itself,

    Attend this webinar to learn:
    •Why trying to use traditional security tools in DevOps environments will slow down both developers and security operations
    •Key attributes you should be thinking about to make your security plan future-proof
    •Where can security automation be applied to better align security with DevOps delivery models
  • Digital Businesses of the Future Digital Businesses of the Future Ross Mason, Founder and VP of Product Strategy, MuleSoft; Bill Briggs, CTO, Deloitte Digital LLP Sep 29 2016 8:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Every company today is a technology company. This trend has opened up new possibilities for every organization in any industry. Imagine if media companies let consumers experience scenes from their favorite TV show with augmented reality. Imagine if IT played an active role in retooling high-cost training and simulation environments with virtual reality.

    Join Bill Briggs, CTO at Deloitte, and Ross Mason, Founder and VP of Product Strategy at MuleSoft, to learn what organizations and your business can look like in the future and how you can start today to make the imaginative possibilities into a reality.

    Attendees will learn:

    – How virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, microservices, and the Internet of Things will disrupt businesses in the next 18-24 months
    – How the digital future of businesses will impact the way IT plays a role within enterprises
    – How companies can leverage API-led connectivity to build application networks that set the foundation for making the future into a reality sooner
  • The API Economy in Banking what is the impact of PSD 2 The API Economy in Banking what is the impact of PSD 2 Anju Tiwari, Enterprise Architect, Dell Services Oct 3 2016 1:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Regulatory conditions are preventing many banks from consolidating in the market, and there is evidence to support those financial institutions will need to re-engineer their own businesses, and customer propositions, and transform current models to remain relevant, nurture and grow their customer bases.

    As part of this process, developing differentiating capabilities will be key in highly competitive markets and innovation through the adoption of the new ‘Fintech ecosystem’ or “fintegration” (i.e. the marrying up of banks and Fintechs) will be pivotal in the banking industry’s fight to maintain their current business and grow. Join Anju Tiwari,Senior Enterprise Architect, Dell Services, guest speakers from the Banking Sector to be announced to learn about:

    - The drive to open up APIs in the new Digital banking Economy
    - Approaches on how to better leverage new technologies through Open APIs
    - Best Practice in how to go about partnering
    - How to achieve Data Governance and Security whilst opening up
    APIs to third parties
    - What technologies can we leveraged (Robotics, Machine Based learning, Big Data Analytics and the Digital sixth sense)
  • Innovations & Transformation in Quality Assurance in Banking Innovations & Transformation in Quality Assurance in Banking Paul Steel, SVP, Operations & Technology, Mastercard Prepaid Management & Sourhab Dixit,EMEA Practice Leader Dell Svcs Oct 4 2016 1:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    With the growth of smart phones, tablets and new operating systems requiring constant updates daily, Quality Assurance and Testing are more critical than ever before important within the IT life cycle of a bank.

    There is increasingly high focus on the Customer, the Business & the User Experience & not just the Defects. As the word implies, digital is all about code - application code, business logic, customer data and user interfaces. While every disruptive digital business relies on back-office transactional and analytics systems, the public face of these companies is code in the form of websites, social media posts and mobile apps.

    Older legacy systems and applications need to be tested for security, resilience and scalability, in addition digital testing for mobility& cloud & analytics is paramount if adopting new digital business models. As the business paradigm shifts to new DevOps style development models and new IT environments implemented, IT life cycles are moving, & implementing Development and Testing cannot be done in isolation. The time consuming models from the past are long over and as everyone comes together, there is a strong need and focus on automation. In today’s new environments, Applications can be Tested and released every two weeks instead of once a quarter as was in the past. In Dell Services there has been significant experimenting with these new models with a lot of success.

    From Omni channel optimisation to managing risk & regulatory compliance, industry leaders need to work smarter to remain competitive. Whether it's driving innovation or delivering new efficiencies & cost reduction.
  • Cloud Customer Architecture for e-Commerce Cloud Customer Architecture for e-Commerce Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC) Oct 4 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The Cloud Standards Customer Council has published a new reference architecture that details how to support e-Commerce solutions using cloud computing. The architecture describes the flows and relationships between business capabilities and architectural components for e-Commerce applications that use cloud computing infrastructure, platforms and/or services. This presentation will outline key considerations for building out advanced e-Commerce capabilities and determining how best to instantiate an e-Commerce system using private, public or hybrid cloud deployment models.
  • Creating the next generation of DevOps Creating the next generation of DevOps Aaron Kalin, Caffeine Powered Server Fox, dnsimple.com Oct 4 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    It can be difficult to hire people with the exact skills you want or need for your DevOps team. Just look at the job boards! There’s tons of competition and not nearly enough people to meet the demand. With a total size of 8 employees, DNSimple decided to take a different approach by starting an apprenticeship program to train people with little to no experience in DevOps.

    In this webinar, Aaron Kalin of DNSimple goes over the lessons learned in budgeting, hiring, and onboarding their first ever apprentice along with why and how you might want to start a similar program at your company. Aaron will conclude with an update of where their apprentice is now and answer any questions you might have.

    Join us to learn:

    - Ways to change your hiring practices to be more inclusive and increase diversity
    - How to go about starting an apprenticeship program at your company and who is currently running programs
    - The benefits of having a DevOps apprenticeship program at your company