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Application Management

  • 10-step plan to roll out Cloud devops
    10-step plan to roll out Cloud devops Mark Baker, OpenStack Product Manager Recorded: Nov 22 2017 57 mins
    In this webinar we will talk about practical steps that will help you:
    - Reap the benefits of hybrid cloud by adapting to cloud devops
    - Deal with the technical and operational pitfalls involved in migrating to native cloud
    - Make the right choices for your cloud architectural to achieve lean devops
  • Optimizing Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct configurations with SSDs and HDDs
    Optimizing Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct configurations with SSDs and HDDs Esther Spanjer, Director, Enterprise Business Development EMEA, HGST Recorded: Nov 22 2017 46 mins
    Join Esther Spanjer, Director, Enterprise Business Development EMEA, and Peter Plamondon, Director, Microsoft Partner Marketing for this webinar where they will discuss how HGST branded HDDs and SSDs can be used to optimize Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct environments. They will discuss the basic operations and advantages of Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct for Hyper-converged infrastructures, and how a tiered storage approach can provide the optimal configuration for your workload. They will share some sample configurations to highlight how they impact performance, capacity and TCO.
  • Organizing and Optimizing ITSM Toolsets
    Organizing and Optimizing ITSM Toolsets Manish Kalra, Director of Product Marketing, PagerDuty Recorded: Nov 22 2017 29 mins
    Service Management (ITSM) is an approach for designing, delivering, managing and improving the way IT is used within an organization. To make that approach a reality, a core requirement is having the right strategic toolset for your unique organizational needs.

    But are the right tools to choose to help you deliver optimal services and keep your application and critical infrastructure available? How do you organize all the information these tools are feeding your organization everyday?

    Join PagerDuty as they take you through what it takes to:

    ●Consolidate multiple ITSM services into one hub
    ●Support a 2-speed IT infrastructure and multiple ITSM processes within a single organization
    ●Evaluate integrations and flexibility of potential toolsets
  • Are you Ready for Australia's Privacy Act? A Gemalto Case Study
    Are you Ready for Australia's Privacy Act? A Gemalto Case Study Jean -Pierre Mistral, Legal Counsel for Data Privacy and Graeme Pyper, Regional Director of Enterprise and Cybersecurity Recorded: Nov 22 2017 61 mins
    Join us for part two of our webinar series focused on helping companies prepare for the upcoming Australian Privacy Act and global government regulations, like European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
    Data sovereignty, especially for cloud first companies, is becoming an important part of any security strategy as these data breach regulations go into effect next year. Being able to demonstrate best efforts to protect the privacy of an individual’s data will be a requirement and non-compliance will have hefty monetary ramifications.

    This follow up webinar will walk attendees through what Gemalto has already done and is doing to prepare for data privacy regulations from product management to sales operations and more. Our legal counsel for global data privacy, Jean-Pierre Mistral, will share how and what we have done, takeaways and timelines and Graeme Pyper, Regional Director for New Zealand and Australia, will cover the different technologies companies can use to mitigate the risk of non-compliance and what this means for business operations globally.

    Join us to hear more about:
    •The Mandatory Data Breaches scheme
    •Case Study: A look at how Gemalto is preparing for Australia’s NDB & GDPR
    •The implications for local businesses and technologies that can help mitigate risk around complying with data privacy regulations
  • Managing a hybrid application development environment
    Managing a hybrid application development environment John Falk, Solution Architect, Micro Focus & Collin Chau, Product Marketing, Micro Focus Recorded: Nov 21 2017 20 mins
    Let’s face it. Not all enterprise applications are born for Agile delivery. Organizations will have mission critical applications that are updated infrequently and will continue using waterfall development methodologies. “Why change when it is working well?” say customers. The question then becomes – Will your businesses be able to plan/build/test/track across an enterprise application portfolio for agile and non-agile teams?

    Join us in this webinar, as we talk about balancing the needs of legacy and digital first applications, and what true hybrid application development means to your complex application portfolio.
  • How GoDaddy Uses AIOps to Automate Incident Response
    How GoDaddy Uses AIOps to Automate Incident Response Tom Duran, Site Reliability Manager, GoDaddy Recorded: Nov 21 2017 17 mins
    Throughout rapid expansion, globalization and going public, GoDaddy was challenged to scale operational and incident response framework in new ways.

    In this detailed talk, join Tom Duran, Site Reliability Manager at GoDaddy, as he takes you through the transformation from a largely manual incident process to a fully automated lights-out incident response model.
  • Find out the do's and don'ts during an Oracle audit!
    Find out the do's and don'ts during an Oracle audit! Christian Den Boer & b.lay Director, Richard Spithoven Recorded: Nov 21 2017 60 mins
    Together with our partner b.lay we tackle the fundamental aspects our customers face during an Oracle audit.

    It is no secret that most software publishers now have software audit practices and some are aggressively pushing license compliance audits as part of their revenue model. Gartner[1] states that 68% of organizations experience two or more audits annually so it’s best to be well prepared.

    This webinar will cover key aspects of the Oracle Audit process and understanding the real deal of the cloud resolution offered in case of a non-compliance situation.
    Topics covered during the webinar are:
    - Common misunderstandings and issues
    - Oracle audit process
    - The cloud deal
    - Best solution to tackle a software audit

    [1] Competitive Landscape: Software Asset Management Tools. Published: 26 August 2016. Analyst(s): April Adams, Hank Marquis, Gary Spivak
  • Introduction to Crowd Machine
    Introduction to Crowd Machine CEO- Craig Sproule, CTO - Ben Gorlick, Network Architect - Johnny Dilley Recorded: Nov 20 2017 47 mins
    Crowd Machine is a distributed computational network powering next generation blockchain and decentralized apps.

    It leverages the principles of strong federations in a trust-less environment to deliver interoperable blockchain apps on a network of peers. The network includes an embedded code-less app development capability that allows anyone to create decentralized apps at unprecedented speeds.

    During this webinar, we will be demonstrating the technology and providing an overview of the decentralized architecture.
  • AOC/DAC Cable Testing in Data Centers
    AOC/DAC Cable Testing in Data Centers Guylain Barlow, Viavi Recorded: Nov 20 2017 60 mins
    Data Centers vary widely in nature and can be roughly classified as hyperscale, multi-tenant, and private. A critical and common component in the operation of such data centers is the installation and maintenance of the physical cabling infrastructure. A fundamental change taking place is the evolution from cables using classic connectors on copper (RJ-45) or fiber optics (LC) to cables terminated by pluggables such as SFP or QSFP. This represents a new challenge as these cables, called Active Optical Cable (AOC) or Direct Attach Copper (DAC), are not easily validated and tested.

    Attendees will earn 1 BICSI CEC for attending.
  • Briefings Part 2 - How Government Agencies Can Harness the power of A. I.
    Briefings Part 2 - How Government Agencies Can Harness the power of A. I. Ian Doyle, Executive Security Advisor, U.S. Govt, IBM; John McCumber, Dir, Cybersecurity Advocacy, (ISC)2 (Moderator) Recorded: Nov 17 2017 39 mins
    With the eruption of connected devices and the Internet of Things, cybersecurity professionals have a lot on their plates. More connected devices equates to more traffic, more attack routes, more attempts at cybersecurity breaches, and a lot more data that needs to be analyzed. As the volume of intrusions and breaches multiple, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) may be able to provide a tool to gain defensive advantage for government agencies. Join John McCumber, (ISC)2’s Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy and Ian Doyle, IBM’s Executive Security Advisor for the U.S. Government as they discuss how to leverage these collaborative and cognitive solutions to help prevent, detect, and respond to today’s cybersecurity threats impacting your agency.
  • Briefings Part 1 - Using A.I. to Find the Needle in the Federal Haystack
    Briefings Part 1 - Using A.I. to Find the Needle in the Federal Haystack Ian Doyle, Executive Security Advisor, U.S. Govt, IBM; John McCumber, Dir, Cybersecurity Advocacy, (ISC)2 (Moderator) Recorded: Nov 17 2017 41 mins
    A recent research study conducted by Meritalk on the use of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) asked federal cybersecurity professionals to share their views on the use of AI to enhance a cybersecurity analyst’s ability to identify and understand sophisticated threats, by tapping into unstructured data and correlating it with local cybersecurity offenses. What are the cybersecurity implications within the Federal Government for the rise of A.I.? What role can A.I. play in incident response? Can it help prepare agencies for real-world cyber attack scenarios? Join John McCumber, (ISC)2’s Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy and Ian Doyle, IBM’s Executive Security Advisor for the U.S. Government for an examination of the recent study and results.
  • Virtualizing Media Broadcast: TV Transformed
    Virtualizing Media Broadcast: TV Transformed Steve Reynolds - Imagine Communications, Limor Schafman - TIA Recorded: Nov 17 2017 46 mins
    Broadcast media is undergoing wholesale change due to demands from consumers, competitors, and creative opportunity for new types of content. Virtualization at multiple points of the distribution and delivery network is recognized as the only way to meet these demands. This webcast will review in detail the technologies involved in the virtualization of broadcast media, from network, to master control centers, to edge device delivery.

    Steve Reynolds, CTO, Imagine Communications

    Steve Reynolds is Chief Technology Officer at Imagine Communications and responsible for the technical strategy and roadmap of the company, as well as managing business development, partner relationships, and M&A activity. Reynolds brings 20 years of technology leadership in the cable industry to Imagine Communications. At Comcast, he served as Senior Vice President of Premises Technology overseeing the strategy, roadmap and development of all technologies employed in service delivery to the customer premises. Prior to Comcast, Reynolds was Senior Vice President of Technology at OpenTV Incorporated, a world leader in digital and interactive television technology.

    Host: Limor Schafman, Content Development Director, TIA

    NOT BICSI accredited.
  • Software Defined Technologies: Building tomorrow’s digital infrastructure
    Software Defined Technologies: Building tomorrow’s digital infrastructure Phil Lees, Chief Technical Officer, WhiteSpider Recorded: Nov 17 2017 49 mins
    To create greater competitive advantage and better customer experience, organisations need to build their digital capabilities with innovative solutions and initiatives.

    WhiteSpider is an expert in Software Defined Technologies - the building blocks of a digital infrastructure - and one of Cisco's leading partners in designing and delivering Application Centric Infrastructure

    In this webinar we will be looking at how Software Defined Technologies are supporting organisations as they create digital capabilities through:

    1. Enabling Scalability and Agility: Be able to rapidly scale, and react quickly to the changes in business requirements.
    2. Delivering intelligence: Detailed, predictive and actionable analytics
    3. Developing automation: Solutions that enable orchestration and automation reducing the need for, and cost of, human intervention.
    4. Promoting collaboration: Simplifying and unifying the communication between IT and Business.

    We will be looking at specific examples of where WhiteSpider has enabled these capabilities through solutions we have delivered in Motor Racing, Healthcare and Manufacturing.
  • The Evolving Role of CISOs
    The Evolving Role of CISOs Ray Pompon, Michael Hamilton, Kip Boyle Recorded: Nov 16 2017 65 mins
    In every organization, the executive who leads cyber-defense efforts is becoming a key player in their long-term survival. But what do we really know about CISOs and how they operate? Join F5’s own Principal Threat Research Evangelist, Ray Pompon, and CISO guest speakers Kip Boyle and Michael Hamilton for a lively discussion about the findings of the recent F5 commissioned report, The Evolving Role of CISOs and Their Importance to the Business.

    What You'll Learn

    - How much experience, education and business/technical background most CISOs have
    - Who the CISO is reporting to and how the structure can affect security practices
    - How security initiatives are rolled out across organizations
  • Don't Get Stung by the OWASP Top 10 - Getting the Most from Advanced WAF
    Don't Get Stung by the OWASP Top 10 - Getting the Most from Advanced WAF Nathan McKay, Security Solutions Manager, F5 Networks; Danny Luedke, Product Marketing Manager, F5 Networks Recorded: Nov 16 2017 65 mins
    Web application security is complex, difficult, and costly – the problems are well known, but remain prevalent out in the real world. Most development teams do not have the resources to sufficiently protect against the myriad of attacks that are relevant to each vector, and the level of expertise required is difficult to come by even if your project has the time and budget for it. This is further compounded by the need to address these vulnerabilities over and over in every application that goes out the door making it a significant blocker in your path to production.

    The good news is that advanced WAF technology is more accessible and affordable than ever before. F5 has teams of researchers and engineers dedicated to this task, and their industry-leading expertise is packaged and available today to defend apps of any size and variety. With the right tools, comprehensive WAF coverage can not only reduce your exposures and give you better control over your applications but also help optimize your resources and reduce overall operating costs. F5 is committed to supporting the OWASP Top 10 and providing defenses for everything it addresses, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    - About the primary risks to your app, including those addressed by the Top 10.
    - How to make the most of development resources by using WAF to do the heavy lifting for you.
    - How F5’s unique and flexible deployment options will make WAF remediation for your app a snap.
    - How you can go beyond the Top 10 and address additional risk, such as DDoS, bot defense, intellectual property theft, or fraud.
    - How WAF can optimize and filter unwanted traffic to help you cut costs in the cloud.
  • Are You Innovating or Just Keeping the Lights On?
    Are You Innovating or Just Keeping the Lights On? Richard Hawes, Director of Product Marketing, ITBM, ServiceNow and Dave Ludwig, Senior Program Manager, Trinet Recorded: Nov 16 2017 51 mins
    Shift the balance from running the business to changing the business

    Many organizations spend 70-80% of their IT budgets just running their existing infrastructure, leaving only 20-30% for innovative projects. To shift this balance more towards innovation, companies are turning to ServiceNow Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) to improve alignment with business goals and increase the velocity of service improvement and delivery.

    Join us for this webinar, featuring Dave Ludwig, Senior Manager, at TriNet, and learn how IT powers business success to help them drive extraordinary HR services. Hear how TriNet was able to leverage the power of PPM from ServiceNow IT Business Management to:

    •Perform project characterization, including “keep-the-lights-on” (KTLO), non-discretionary, and innovation expenditures
    •Align service projects to corporate goals and roadmaps
    •Use resource planning to shape and determine their portfolio
  • Endpoint Security: The Final Frontier
    Endpoint Security: The Final Frontier Ed Metcalf, Senior Director Product Marketing, Cylance Recorded: Nov 16 2017 46 mins
    Whether it is a new ransomware campaign or stealthy targeted attack, your endpoints are being attacked and are often the last line of defense in your fight against the cybercriminals. In this webinar, you will understand how endpoints are the final frontier for security and how you must be resilient in using the latest prevention and protection technologies.

    Learn how the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the endpoint protection landscape. Gone are the days of daily signature updates, maxed out performance impact, and the lack of security effectiveness against both known and unknown threats. It is time explore the new world of endpoint security.
  • Integrating Quality into Software Development
    Integrating Quality into Software Development Edward Paulet Recorded: Nov 16 2017 29 mins
    Agile teams are beginning to test earlier than ever before in order to improve quality, shorten test cycles and reduce the possibility of releasing bugs. To successfully move fast without breaking things, teams must integrate quality assurance into their CI/CD processes.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    1. The fundamentals of automatable QA strategies
    2. How to successfully integrate quality into your CI process
    3. How to shorten the feedback loop between catching and fixing bugs
  • NVMe & Oracle Database: Making Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing Possible
    NVMe & Oracle Database: Making Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing Possible Ganesh Balabharathi, Principal Database Architect Recorded: Nov 16 2017 38 mins
    Hybrid transaction/analytical processing (HTAP) refers to capabilities to perform OLAP (online analytical processing) and OLTP (online transaction processing) at the same time on a same database system. Oracle Database has always held the edge in HTAP because its version-based concurrency model means that analytical workloads do not block transactional workloads. In this webcast, we will examine how Vexata Scalable Storage Systems utilize technologies such as NVMe Flash and Intel Optane (3D XPoint) can be used to take HTAP to the next level. This webcast will include a demonstration of HTAP running on Oracle 12c with the Vexata VX-100 Scalable Storage System.

    You will learn about:
    - Detailed explanation of Hybrid transactional/analytic environments
    - Best practices for architecting Oracle Hybrid database systems
    - How Vexata maximizes transactional and analytic workloads
  • Microservices AMA: Load Balancing and Service Discovery
    Microservices AMA: Load Balancing and Service Discovery Charles Pretzer, Technical Architect; Floyd Smith, Technical Marketing Writer Recorded: Nov 16 2017 61 mins
    Learn how NGINX Plus supports service discovery and load balancing in the NGINX Microservices Reference Architecture (MRA).

    More specifically, join this webinar to learn:

    - Get the latest answers to your questions about implementing microservices
    - Learn about the challenges others are facing in development and deployment
    - Ask questions about converting monolithic apps to microservices
    - Get an update on the NGINX Microservices Reference Architecture
  • Taking the Path to Real Time Big Data Analytics
    Taking the Path to Real Time Big Data Analytics Paul Krein, Red River; Joe Paiva, Commerce; Linda Powell, Protection Bureau; Ashok Sankar, Splunk; Nick Psak, Pure Storage Recorded: Nov 16 2017 64 mins
    The shift to the cloud is modernizing government IT, but are agencies' storage models keeping up with that transition? When it comes to big data, the proper system is necessary to avoid major data bottlenecks and accessibility challenges, allowing agencies to get the right information to the right people at the right time. Flash storage is the latest technology that improves scale, speed, and efficiency of data storage. Join us for a panel discussion on the challenge of scale, increased demand for user-focused data management tools, and security and risk reduction with sensitive data.

    Featured Speakers:

    - Paul Krein, Chief Technology Officer, Red River
    - Joe Paiva, Chief Information Officer, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce
    - Linda Powell, Chief Data Officer, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    - Ashok Sankar, Director, Solutions Strategy, Public Sector and Education, Splunk
    - Nick Psaki, Principal, Office of the CTO, Pure Storage
  • Next Gen Apps Need Next Gen Databases
    Next Gen Apps Need Next Gen Databases James Curtis Senior Analyst of Data Platforms & Analytics at 451 Research; Leena Joshi, VP of Marketing at Redis Labs Recorded: Nov 16 2017 51 mins
    The next generation of applications being built at the rising star companies are different from the clunky software being built in traditional businesses. As traditional companies modernize their software stacks, they need to incorporate renewed expectations into their applications such as tailored user experiences, built-in analytics and decision-making while meeting response time requirements under any conditions.

    James Curtis, senior analyst at 451 group, outlines top trends in user experience requirements and the higher bar for application developers when it comes to delivering complex analytics so users can take real time action. The wide availability of new NoSQL, streaming and advanced analytics technologies are enabling state of the art functionality in applications.  Join this session for a discussion of top drivers and barriers organizations face while overhauling their applications to incorporate cutting edge functionality.

    Leena Joshi, VP Product Marketing at Redis Labs examines specific advantages of the Redis Enterprise platform that simplify the implementation of real-time analytics functionality such as probabilistic counts, time-series analysis, leaderboards, personalized recommendations, location-based calculations into modern applications.
  • Exchanging Cyber Threat Intelligence: There has to be a better way
    Exchanging Cyber Threat Intelligence: There has to be a better way Dr. Larry Ponemon, Founder, Ponemon Institute; Krupa Srivatsan, Infoblox; Tom Gorup, Rook Security; B. Dunlap (Moderator) Recorded: Nov 16 2017 62 mins
    Today’s increasingly complex and stealthy threats are causing organizations difficultly in defending against them on their own. More and more companies are using multiple threat intelligence sources and reaching out to their peers for threat intelligence data. In fact, 66% of respondents in the recent 2017 Ponemon survey, “The Third Annual Study on Exchanging Cyber Threat Intelligence: There Has to Be a Better Way”, report that threat intelligence could have prevented or minimized the consequences of a cyber attack or data breach. Join Infoblox and (ISC)2 on November 16, 2017 at 12:00pm (Noon) Eastern where our panel will discuss top trends that describe the current state of threat intelligence sharing, how threat intelligence sharing and usage has changed from previous years and best practices to using threat intelligence effectively to counter attacks.
  • DDS Technical Overview Part III - Using DDS to Secure Data Communications
    DDS Technical Overview Part III - Using DDS to Secure Data Communications Larry Johnson, OMG; Nina Tucker, Twin Oaks Computing; Gerardo Pardo-Castellote, RTI; Angelo Corsaro, PrismTech Recorded: Nov 16 2017 53 mins
    Introduced in 2004, the Data Distribution Service has developed into a mature and proven connectivity standard within the IIoT. Today, DDS is at the heart of a large number of mission- and business-critical systems such as, Air Traffic Control and Management, Train Control Systems, Energy Production Systems, Medical Devices, Autonomous Vehicles, and Smart Cities. Considering the technological trends towards data-centricity and the rate of adoption, tomorrow DDS will be at the heart of an incredible number of Industrial IoT (IIoT) systems.

    To help you become an expert in DDS and expand your skills in the growing DDS market, Object Management Group offers this DDS technical oveview webinar series covering three key areas: (1) the essence of DDS and data-centric systems, (2) how to effectively exploit DDS Quality of Service to build applications that perform and scale, and (3) securing your distributed DDS system.

    This webinar, Part III of the OMG DDS Webinar series, will take an in-depth look at the latest advances in the DDS standards to meet the demanding cyber-security requirements of today’s industrial connected systems. From authentication and access control to integrity and encryption, learn how to leverage DDS Security features to secure your connected system against cyber attacks, while maintaining a flexible, scalable architecture. Presented by Nina Tucker, Vice President of Twin Oaks Computing.

    Part I of the OMG DDS Webinar Series: Introduction to DDS and Key Abstractions presented by Angelo Corsaro, Ph.D., of ADLink Technologies and co-chair of OMG's DDS Special Interest Group, is available here: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/12231/252365

    Part II of the OMG DDS Webinar series: Applying DDS QoS to Solve Real-World Problems, presented by Gerardo Pardo-Castellote, Ph.D., CTO of RTI and Co-Chair of OMG's DDS Special Interest Group, is available here: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/12231/252387
  • Lessons from Equifax: Open Source Security & Data Privacy Compliance
    Lessons from Equifax: Open Source Security & Data Privacy Compliance Bob Canaway, CMO, Black Duck; Mike Pittenger, VP Security Strategy, Black Duck Recorded: Nov 16 2017 46 mins
    The Equifax breach provided a unique look into “how” many breaches occur. In Equifax’s case, hackers exploited an unpatched Apache Struts component, resulting in the exposure of over 140 million consumer records. The exploit of this vulnerability highlights the need for visibility to open source in custom applications and just how ineffective traditional security solutions are when it comes to open source vulnerabilities.
    Further, while class action lawsuits have already begun, Equifax faces other regulatory challenges as well. The US Federal Trade Commission started investigations into the company’s security policies and controls that will likely result in financial penalties. Since the exposed data included non-US citizens, foreign data protection and data privacy regulations also come into play.
    Join Mike Pittenger and Bob Canaway as they discuss how organizations can more effectively manage open source, the strengths and weaknesses of testing methodologies in identifying vulnerable open source components, and how data privacy standards such as PCI, Section 5 of the FTC Act, and GDPR necessitate a change in how organizations address vulnerabilities in their code.
  • Your GDPR compliance journey  – Moving from “What” to “How”
    Your GDPR compliance journey – Moving from “What” to “How” Fred Oberholzer, Gilles Gravier, Alon Rosenthal Nov 23 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    With six months before the GDPR becomes effective many organisations have a view on what needs to be done to achieve compliance. However, many more organisations are still evaluating how they are going to address the technology and process challenges. This webinar will explore:

    -Key considerations at the six month mark.
    -Approaches using innovative technologies to help address compliance challenges.
  • Measuring the return on investment from a SAM program
    Measuring the return on investment from a SAM program Allen Biehl, Director, Snow Software Nov 23 2017 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Putting a Software Asset Management program in place requires a substantial and sustained commitment on behalf of an enterprise. This involves putting in place controls and processes to assure best practices, the purchase and integration of a SAM platform for managing on-premise desktop and data center software, PCs, laptops and mobile devices, as well as Cloud and SaaS software subscriptions. Determining what the return from this investment is a key consideration for most organizations today. John Burleson will show tools in practice today to estimate the returns from this effort, and show case studies that have in real-life played out to produce demonstrable and calculable returns.
  • APTs - Cómo funcionan y cómo protegerse
    APTs - Cómo funcionan y cómo protegerse Ferran Orosola, Solutions Architect FireEye; Alvaro Culebras Sanchez & Noa Blanco Fernandez, Cybersecurity Engineers, Minsait Nov 23 2017 3:30 pm UTC 45 mins
    Crees que estas protegido frente a las APTs? Te explicamos cómo funcionan y como protegerse

    Los ataques de hoy en día se han vuelto cada vez más sofisticados, lo que ha provocado que las medidas de seguridad tradicionales ya no sean eficaces. Las organizaciones deben adoptar nuevas estrategias de Ciberseguridad que permitan una mayor protección, adaptándose a estas nuevas amenazas.

    En este webinar FireEye y Minsait, la unidad de negocio de Indra encargada de la transformación digital de las empresas, muestran qué son las Amenazas Persistentes Avanzadas (Advanced Persistent Threats), cómo funcionan y qué medidas se deben implementar en las organizaciones para protegerse ante las APTs que utilizan el correo electrónico como principal vector de ataque.
  • Teaching Elephants to Dance: Leading Digital Transformation with Microservices
    Teaching Elephants to Dance: Leading Digital Transformation with Microservices Burr Sutter, Director of Developer Experience, Red Hat Nov 28 2017 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Feeling bludgeoned by bullhorn messaging suggesting your monolithic behemoth should be put down (or sliced up) to make way for microservices? Without question, 'unicorn-style' microservices are the super-nova-hot flavor of the day, but what if teaching your tried and true monolith to be a nimble, fast-dancing elephant meant you could deploy every week versus every 6 to 9 months?

    For most enterprises, weekly deployments (or something close) would fundamentally transform not only operations and business results, but also the inherent value of developers willing to step up to lead the dance lessons.

    See beyond the hype to understand the deployment model your business case actually demands, and if weekly deployments courtesy of a dancing (or flying!) elephant fit the bill, love the one you're with as you lead the organization's journey to digital transformation!
  • Redundant DNS: What Are My Choices?
    Redundant DNS: What Are My Choices? Jonathan Lewis, VP of Product Marketing Nov 28 2017 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    If your online services are business critical, than so is your DNS. There are multiple ways to make sure DNS is not a single point of failure in your infrastructure. In this webinar we cover:

    - Determining if you need a dual provider DNS
    - Basics of how dual provider set-ups work
    - The trade-offs: Cost, manageability and features
    - NS1 Solutions

    This 30 minute webinar provides a solid grounding on how redundant DNS systems work and what to consider when choosing a solution.
  • Solving the IoT Security Challenge with AI and Machine Learning
    Solving the IoT Security Challenge with AI and Machine Learning Ryan Martin, Principal Analyst at ABI Research, and Sanat Kamal Bahl, Director of Product Marketing at Cisco IoT Cloud Nov 28 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The ability to intelligently monitor, manage, and control both IT and OT assets represent huge value drivers for companies looking to onboard IoT solutions. But the factors behind IoT strategy decisions are complex; different parties seek to scale their connected endpoint infrastructure, yet lack a common set of tools to operationalize intended efficiency improvements. In this webinar, we’ll focus on the realm of security, where IT tools (i.e. DNS security) have direct applicability to OT (IoT) applications. The challenge is implementing an integrated model at IoT scale, which requires ML/AI.

    Join Ryan Martin, Principal Analyst at ABI Research, and Sanat Kamal Bahl, Director of Product Marketing at Cisco IoT Cloud, as they examine the technologies in each domain that—when deployed successfully—improve agility and decision-making, build in security, and increase the exchange of ideas between departments. In doing so, we will explore success metrics for improving the intelligence of enterprise systems and the trends underpinning the convergence of IT and OT.
  • Delivering Leading Edge Products in Leading Edge Ways
    Delivering Leading Edge Products in Leading Edge Ways Andy Jordan, Roffensian Consulting Inc. and Jim Tisch, CA Product Marketing Nov 28 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    New product development or NPD has never been more important. In today’s technically driven corporate environment the ability to launch the right products, with the right market positioning, at the right time and at the right price point is critical. But how do organizations ensure they can do that consistently well? Join industry expert Andy Jordan and CA’s own Jim Tisch as they consider:

    •How to leverage Project Portfolio Management or PPM concepts to improve NPD
    •The importance of whole lifecycle management
    •Active pipeline management to ensure optimal alignment
    •The importance of resource and project management to drive results

    Don’t miss this engaging and thought-provoking webinar and improve the most critical aspect of your business today
  • How to Efficiently Unlock Your Data Potential
    How to Efficiently Unlock Your Data Potential Vitezslav Zak - Senior Consultant, CloverETL Nov 29 2017 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Customers around the world are embracing the CloverETL platform to eliminate clumsy hand-coded scripts and legacy data management solutions. Learn how to leverage CloverETL to simplify and automate data integration within your enterprise.

    In our 20 minute high-level overview, discover how to efficiently develop, orchestrate and automate data transformations, from file-to-database loads to automating complex data movement between databases, files and Web Service APIs. See real-life examples of how some of our customers deploy CloverETL for reporting, migration, warehousing and BI and how your organisation could too.

    Finally, we end with a live Q&A session, offering advice on your challenges and how to deliver your use case using CloverETL.

    The live session will close with a Q&A session, where we can walk through your specific concerns and use cases.
  • Webinar in italiano - The Next Level of Smarter Endpoint Protection
    Webinar in italiano - The Next Level of Smarter Endpoint Protection Marco Rottigni, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, FireEye Nov 29 2017 1:30 pm UTC 45 mins
    Per decenni, la protezione antivirus (AV) è stata la base per la sicurezza degli endpoint, nonostante tutti i suoi limiti. Per affrontare le minacce sempre piu evolute, le organizzazioni devono dotarsi di una soluzione integrata di endpoint che possa migliorare le loro difese.
    Il 29 novembre, Marco Rottigni, Senior Manager, Product Marketing di FireEye, offrirà una panoramica di dettaglio sui seguenti punti:
    • Perché i prodotti per la sicurezza degli endpoint non sono sufficienti a fornire una protezione efficace
    • Le funzionalità necessarie per dotarsi di una soluzione completa per la protezione degli endpoint:
    -AV con Threat Intelligence
    -Detection e Response
    -Behaviour e Exploit
    -Visibilità e automazione
    • Come la soluzione FireEye Endpoint Security consente di passare rapidamente dall'individuazione all'indagine e alla remediation, tutto con un solo agente
    Partecipa a questo webinar come primo passo verso un approccio più intelligente e flessibile alla sicurezza degli endpoint.
  • Choosing The Right Data Architecture For Your Business
    Choosing The Right Data Architecture For Your Business Pavel Najvar - Chief Technology Evangelist, CloverETL Nov 29 2017 4:30 pm UTC 45 mins
    When it comes to choosing data storage solutions outside of your primary application, a maze of options exists out there, but how do you choose which type is right for your needs? Should you go for a data lake, or a data warehouse? And which methodology should you apply?

    Register for our upcoming webinar, “Choosing the right Enterprise Data Architectures for your business”, where we will discuss:

    The motivation for replicating operational data into various “stores”, as well as the implications;
    A high-level overview of the various options available, including data warehouses, data vaults, data hubs, data marts and data lakes;
    Commonly used practices for building these architectures;
    Advantages and disadvantages of different practices and methodologies.

    Finally, the webinar will end end with the way in which CloverETL can help you along the way.
  • Otimize o valor do seu investimento SAP
    Otimize o valor do seu investimento SAP Elvis Martins & Marcelo Lira Nov 29 2017 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    O licenciamento SAP é complexo e as definições contratuais são difíceis de interpretar. Além da complexidade, falta de visibilidade e atividade dos usuários no sistema SAP, faz com que seja um desafio para alocar o tipo de licença correta.

    A Snow convida você a participar do webinar para entender como um gerenciamento eficaz de Ativos de Software SAP, oferece enormes benefícios para o seu negócio em termos de optimização de custos e conformidade.

    O Elvis Martins, palestrante do webex pela parte da Snow, é um auditor de licenciamento SAP. Mais recentemente ele tem vindo a aconselhar os clientes em como otimizar os seus ativos. Também contaremos com a presença do Marcelo Lira, responsável pela área de Contract Compliance Services & Risk Consulting na KPMG.
  • Adapting the 12-Factor Application for Microservices
    Adapting the 12-Factor Application for Microservices Eduard Borges, Software Developer, NGINX; Floyd Smith, Director of Content Marketing, NGINX Nov 29 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Learn how to adapt the core ideas in the classic 12-factor application model to a modern microservices architecture optimized for continuous delivery.

    More specifically, join this webinar to learn:

    - The history of the 12-factor app and the problems it solves
    - Industry changes that have happened since the 12-factor app was introduced
    - What each of the current 12 factors are
    - How each of the 12 factors needs to be updated to fit microservice needs
  • Network Teams, Need A Wingman? Why ExtraHop Addy won the EMA Innovator’s Award
    Network Teams, Need A Wingman? Why ExtraHop Addy won the EMA Innovator’s Award Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst at EMA Research and Isaac Roybal, Product Director at ExtraHop Networks Nov 29 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Network administrators and engineers function as “human middleware” for their monitoring tools, according to Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst at EMA Research. Skilled humans still need to do much of the heavy lifting in terms of analyzing data.

    That’s the problem holding back many network operations teams from achieving greater productivity. But there’s hope! EMA recently bestowed its Innovator’s Award on ExtraHop’s Addy machine learning offering for its ability to remove much of the burden from human operators. Join this webinar to learn how machine learning can help under-resourced network teams do more with less.
  • Navigating Complex Data Models with Relational Search
    Navigating Complex Data Models with Relational Search Amit Prakash, CTO & Co-Founder, ThoughtSpot Nov 29 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Enterprise data is complex, but asking ad-hoc questions of your data shouldn’t be. That’s why we built the world’s most advanced analytical search engine to make it easy for any business person to query complex data models and get 100% accurate results - all in seconds.

    Join CTO and co-founder Amit Prakash in a live webinar for a look at how ThoughtSpot’s Relational Search Engine enables true self-service analytics by translating simple searches into complex queries on some of the most complex database schemas.

    In this webinar, we’ll cover:

    * Introductory data modeling concepts and best practices
    * Data modeling challenges and barriers to self-service analytics adoption
    * How Relational Search makes querying complex data easy for anyone
  • From Monolith to Containers: How Verizon Containerized Legacy Apps on OpenShift
    From Monolith to Containers: How Verizon Containerized Legacy Apps on OpenShift Zohaib Khan, Practice Lead, App Modernization & Migration, Red Hat; Malik Sayed, Sr. Manager, Digital Architecture, Verizon Nov 30 2017 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Enterprises generally have a significant portfolio of legacy applications running in production; applications that have been developed 10-15 years ago or more. These applications stand in the critical path of revenue generation. It's not easy to just rip them out and replace them all with applications built on modern architectures, such as microservices and containers. Businesses can't afford downtime and certainly aren't willing to pay for something they can't see. We need the ability to modernize legacy applications while allowing IT to continue to deliver value—innovating from inside out. Verizon evaluated Red Hat's OpenShift Container Platform to modernize their application portfolio.

    In this session, we'll present Verizon’s journey to containerize one of their most challenging applications. We'll show the results of a 2-month long proof-of-concept, including successes, misses, and a roadmap for application modernization. You'll learn about the journey, the pitfalls, and the lessons learned of modernizing complete application portfolios.
  • Protection des Endpoint, dotez-vous de l'expertise nécessaire
    Protection des Endpoint, dotez-vous de l'expertise nécessaire Lluis Coma, Systems Engineer, FireEye Nov 30 2017 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    La protection Antivirus a été l’une des fondations de la sécurité des Endpoints depuis des années, on sait aujourd’hui que celle-ci est nécessaire mais non suffisante.
    L’évolution de la menace oblige à repenser la sécurisation des Endpoints en mettant en place différents moteurs de protections capables de répondre à différents types de menaces.
    Cette évolution force aussi le constat « que 100% de sécurité n’existe pas » et qu’il faut donc se doter de solution d’investigations et de réponses à incidents aux niveaux des Endpoints en support de ces moteurs de protections.

    Jeudi 30 Novembre, Lluis Coma, Ingénieur FireEye, détaillera :

    - Les enjeux sur les Endpoints aujourd’hui
    - Les fonctionnalités de protections nécessaires pour une améioration de sa posture de sécurité
    - Les fonctionnalités d’investigations et d’analyses permettant une réaction rapide et une limitation des impacts
    - Les modifications de processus et d’organisations pour mettre en place une approche de « Hunting » proactive.

    Un webinar vous permettant de béneficier de l’experience FireEye appliquée au Endpoint.
  • Rethinking Application Delivery in the Cloud Era
    Rethinking Application Delivery in the Cloud Era Brad Casemore, Research Director, Datacenter Networks, IDC & George McGregor, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Citrix Nov 30 2017 3:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Today, multi-cloud is the new norm for cloud adopting organizations. The organizations that thrive will be those that can adapt their multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud architecture to simply and reliably deliver applications. According to IDC, 94% of organizations are already reassessing, modifying, or overhauling their network to facilitate app delivery for a cloud-first world. Wanting to dive deeper, Citrix commissioned IDC to conduct a custom survey of 900 organizations to uncover how enterprises were meeting the network requirements for cloud adaptation.

    Join guest speaker Brad Casemore, IDC’s Research Director, Datacenter Networks and George McGregor, Citrix Senior Director of Product Marketing, as we present the results of this unique survey, which delves into the infrastructure required to deliver applications and what changes are needed from the traditional datacenter approach as apps move to the cloud.

    Attend this on-demand webinar and discover: 

    •How your peers adapt application delivery network and infrastructure for cloud
    •Data to support what’s working and not working
    •The top concerns preventing successful cloud adoption
  • 5 Questions your CIO must Face: The New “Normal” in Modern Enterprise Operations
    5 Questions your CIO must Face: The New “Normal” in Modern Enterprise Operations Marty Jackson, Director, Product Evangelist, xMatters & Sahil Khanna, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Moogsoft Nov 30 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    IT Ops and DevOps for the modern enterprise offers many benefits — increased agility and productivity, leaner operations, and hybridized hosting options — but digital transformation isn’t easy, especially if you’re not asking the right questions, addressing the right issues.

    Creating a culture that embraces modern operations is still a challenge, especially when maintaining reliability and security is a paramount requirement for decentralized business IT models. Not to mention justifying the costs of transformation to your CIO.

    Dive into the “new normal” for enterprise Modern Ops with this informative Moogsoft / xMatters webinar event, and find out the 5 questions that every CIO needs to ask in 2018.
  • Transforming the Student Experience: A One-Stop Solution for Digital Natives
    Transforming the Student Experience: A One-Stop Solution for Digital Natives Adam Mason, Sheila Pickett, Meghan Lockwood Nov 30 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The mandate to drive digital transformation has finally hit the realm of Higher Education, specifically targeting the “Ed Tech” universe. From the application process up until graduation, colleges and universities are dealing with a student body who have needs and demands that are very different from those of students who graduated even a decade ago. Think about it: the freshmen walking onto campus today have all grown up as consumers within an online community. They don’t just appreciate an intuitive, well-organized web experience, they expect one.

    ServiceNow aids schools in two ways: the platform makes it cheaper, faster, and easier for students to navigate their student portals, and for universities to integrate and consolidate all of their disparate systems. With its intuitive interface, ServiceNow helps higher ed institutions to step away from the dark ages of spreadsheets and un-trackable requests, and instead provide their students and alums with an organized and pleasant web experience.
  • Cutting Through the FUD Factor – The Reality of Machine Learning
    Cutting Through the FUD Factor – The Reality of Machine Learning Seth Geftic, Dir Product Mgmt, Sophos; Dr. Paulo Shakarian, ASU; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator Nov 30 2017 6:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Machine learning (aka Artificial Intelligence) can be found in the marketing literature of a number of new solutions and offerings in the marketplace. But what exactly is it? FUD? Magic Dust? The “Next Big Thing”? There’s a lot of confusion and a lot of questions around this topic. What’s the false positive detection rate? How often does it need to be updated? Does it scale well? Join Sophos and (ISC)2 to explore these questions and more on November 30, 2017 at 1:00PM Eastern in our next ThinkTank webcast.
  • How Much Do I Need to Test? Creating a Custom QA Strategy
    How Much Do I Need to Test? Creating a Custom QA Strategy Russ Smith, CTO & Co-founder, Rainforest QA & Maddie Blumenthal, Director of Customer Success, Rainforest QA Nov 30 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    It’s easy to get into the mindset of testing-all-the-things. But aiming for quantity over quality will still leave you with coverage gaps, while also dragging down the speed of your QA cycle. In this webinar, we’ll talk about how to determine how much you should be testing, and how to design your QA strategy to fit the needs of your team and product.

    In this webinar, learn how to...
    1. Balance the number of tests against your assurance
    2. Build test suites strategically to maximize impact.
    3. Cover all your bases without compromising time & resources.
  • Buyer and Seller Perspectives on Open Source in Tech Contracts
    Buyer and Seller Perspectives on Open Source in Tech Contracts Phil Odence, Black Duck Software and David Tollen, Tech Contracts Acacdemy Nov 30 2017 8:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join Black Duck and Tech Contracts Academy as they discuss the implications of open source software in tech contracts. The topic of open source has been at the forefront of the technology industry for many years, but as the use of open source in commercial applications explodes, so do concerns about addressing license and ownership issues in contract negotiations.

    David Tollen is the founder of Tech Contracts Academy (www.TechContracts.com) and of Sycamore Legal P.C., in San Francisco. He’s the author of The Tech Contracts Handbook: Cloud Computing Agreements, Software Licenses, and Other IT Contracts for Lawyers and Businesspeople. He will dive into these topics from the perspective of both buyers and sellers and will aim to educate participants on Intellectual Property (IP) protection and other terms and how they should work during contract negotiations.
  • Ultimate Guide for Apple Management
    Ultimate Guide for Apple Management Nick Thompson, Product Manager, Jamf Nov 30 2017 8:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mac and iOS devices are popping up everywhere, including your organization. Why? Executives and creative groups are demanding to use Mac at work. Interns are asking how to get email on their iPhones. What’s an IT admin to do?

    In our webinar, Ultimate Guide for Apple Management, we’ll put your mind at ease and show you how to develop and apply a simple, yet successful strategy for managing Mac, iPhone, iPad, and even Apple TV devices in your organization.

    You’ll learn:

    * Deployment and provisioning tactics for Apple devices
    * Configuration management options and software delivery methods
    * Security considerations for Apple and ways to empower end users
  • The API Economy in Banking Part 1, Preparing internal environments for PSD2
    The API Economy in Banking Part 1, Preparing internal environments for PSD2 David Harvey, Senior Principal Banking Practice, NTT DATA Services, Richard Price Sales Director, FSI UK & Ireland, TIBCO Dec 4 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Regulatory conditions are preventing many banks from consolidating in the market, and there is evidence to support those financial institutions will need to re-engineer their own businesses and internal environments, transform current models to remain relevant, nurture and grow their customer bases.
    As part of this process, preparing internal IT environments and developing differentiating capabilities will be key in highly competitive markets and innovation before the adoption of the new ‘Fintech ecosystems’ or “fintegration” (i.e. the marrying up of banks and Fintechs) will be pivotal in the banking industry’s fight to maintain their current business and grow. Join David Harvey, Senior Principal, Banking Practice, NTT Data Services, and guest speaker Richard Price, Sales Director – FSI UK & Ireland, TIBCO.
    You will learn:
    - Trends, Implications, Challenges and Proposed Solutions
    - Internal preparation of your IT Environment for the new Digital banking Economy
    - Approaches on how to better prepare for new technologies through Open APIs
    - How to set up infrastructure and workflows to align Data Governance and Security in preparation for Open Banking.
  • Der GDPR Emergency Kit
    Der GDPR Emergency Kit Dr. Ljuba Kerschhofer-Wallner, Senior Manager, Deloitte Germany & Markus A. Götz, Manager, Snow Software Dec 5 2017 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Bis zum 25. Mai 2018 werden weniger als 50% aller Organisationen die GDPR der EU vollständig einhalten, sagt Gartner[1].

    Snow Software und Deloitte unterstützen Sie gerne gemeinsam auf Ihrem Weg zur Einhaltung der EU-Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO, engl. GDPR).

    In nur 30 Minuten erläutern wir, auf welche wesentlichen Inhalte der DSGVO Sie Ihre Aufmerksamkeit richten sollten, um rechtzeitig compliant zu werden. Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie die Risiken ihrer Verarbeitungstätigkeiten mit personenbezogenen Daten erkennen und präsentieren Ihnen den GDPR Emergency Kit, mit u.a. folgendem Inhalt:

    •Wie erhalten Sie Transparenz über die Geschäftsprozesse und IT-Applikationen mit personenbezogenen Daten (On Premise, Cloud-basiert oder mobile Apps)?
    •Wie können Sie wesentliche zusätzliche Informationen über diese IT-Applikationen nutzen, um eine der Kernanforderungen der DSGVO, die Erstellung eines Verzeichnisses der Verarbeitungstätigkeiten, zu erfüllen?
    •Wie können Sie Reports nutzen, um weitere Kernanforderungen aus der DSGVO zu belegen, v.a. die technischen und organisatorischen Schutzmaßnahmen (TOMs) für ein angemessenes Schutzniveau für personenbezogene Daten?

    [1] Gartner Research: Adapt Your Cloud Hosting Proposition Now for Imminent GDPR European Privacy Regulations. 29 March 2017