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Application Management

  • Maximize Scale & Agility: Leveraging Public Cloud Best Practices & Optimization
    Maximize Scale & Agility: Leveraging Public Cloud Best Practices & Optimization Aaron Newman, CloudCheckr CEO/Co-founder Recorded: Apr 28 2017 54 mins
    Building your workloads on AWS unleashes speed and agility. To keep your foot on the pedal and stay aggressive, you need to infuse governance and best practices into your patterns.

    Join CloudCheckr Co-Founder/CEO Aaron Newman in this webcast as he walks you through best practices and strategies for successfully scaling out your AWS environment. In this webinar, learn how to

    - Stay lean and maximize spend

    - Ensure proper controls are in place

    - Apply cost optimization strategies

    - Manage right sizing services and administrative privileges
  • Inside Server Evolution and Spending: Insights from 451 Research
    Inside Server Evolution and Spending: Insights from 451 Research Christian Perry, Research Manager, Voice of the Enterprise: Servers and Converged Infrastructure Recorded: Apr 27 2017 60 mins
    As workload migration to public cloud continues, IT organizations face a wealth of challenges as they determine the most effective compute ecosystem for their needs. Server technologies are evolving quickly—from converged to hyperconverged to composable—and finding the right fit for on-premises workloads is now a critical component of infrastructure strategies. This webinar will explore the drivers behind enterprise server purchases and how they are planning for the future.

    Join Christian Perry, Research Manager, Voice of the Enterprise: Servers and Converged Infrastructure, for this interactive webinar highlighting analysis of customer spending and adoption trends from 451 Research’s latest survey of IT buyers.

    During the webinar, learn:

    -Drivers of today’s purchases of servers and converged infrastructure
    -Key customer pain points and objectives for servers and converged infrastructure
    -How cloud migration is impacting spending on servers and converged infrastructure
    -Where hyperconverged fits into new infrastructure deployments
    -How vendors are positioning themselves to win in this evolving compute market
  • Embedded Analytics: A New Approach for Getting Value From Your Data
    Embedded Analytics: A New Approach for Getting Value From Your Data Alex Woodie, Editor at Datanami, Daniel Mintz, Chief Data Evangelist at Looker Recorded: Apr 27 2017 50 mins
    Embedded analytics is not new, but the technology for integrating charts, reports, dashboards, and self-service exploration has evolved considerably in the past 5 years. Today, companies in every industry are strengthening relations with customers and suppliers by productizing their data to make it accessible where people need it, when people need it.

    In this webinar you'll learn about:

    - The evolution of embedded analytics
    - Applications and use cases for embedded analytics
    - Whether to build or buy analytics to embed in applications
    - Technology today that is making it possible to monetize data
  • Breaking L2 Barriers for Storage Clusters
    Breaking L2 Barriers for Storage Clusters Jacob Smith, SVP, Engagement at Packet and Ashok Rajagopalan, Head of Product at Datera Recorded: Apr 27 2017 40 mins
    Discover how to create flexible, API-focused scale-out storage that supports today’s demanding enterprise applications. Join the live webinar from Datera and Packet.net for an advanced customer case study and technical deep dive.

    Viewers will get insights on how elastic block storage is evolving in on-premises clouds, challenges with current storage solutions scaling beyond a rack, and data center alternatives for service providers and cloud builders. Learn about Datera’s unique solution to scale easily across the data center and hear from Packet.net on how they are operationalizing Datera Elastic Block Storage.

    This insightful webinar is designed for service providers and data center professionals chartered with providing a high performance, consistent and profitable elastic block storage.
  • Machine Learning and Malware: What You Need to Know
    Machine Learning and Malware: What You Need to Know Robert Leong, Dir, Prod Mgmt., McAfee Labs; Raf Los, Optiv; Dr. Paulo Shakarian; Brandon Dunlap (Moderator) Recorded: Apr 27 2017 59 mins
    The seismic jolt in the Threat Landscape caused by the success of threats like ransomware combined with the geometric rise of so-called zero-day malware (i.e. malware for which no AV signature defenses exist) has given rise to all manner of innovation in the Cybersecurity industry. But a lot of what is being said and presented in the market is really confusing and that’s a problem for practitioners. One of the most-frequently-used phrases in security today is “Machine Learning” or “Math-Based” and “Artificial Intelligence” or “AI”. These phrases are entering the security conversation to describe capabilities, approaches, and strategies, but in reality, they are confusing a great many people. Which begs the question: “What on Earth does it mean?” and “How can Machine Learning be used in Enterprise Security?” Join McAfee and (ISC)2 on April 27, 2017 at 1:00PM Eastern as we clear the confusion, explore the answers to these questions and discuss what this means for dealing with threats.
  • 6 Best Practices to Leverage Data as a Competitive Advantage
    6 Best Practices to Leverage Data as a Competitive Advantage Doug Bordonaro, Chief Customer Evangelist & Lisa Kant, Product Marketing Director, ThoughtSpot Recorded: Apr 27 2017 54 mins
    Data is an organization’s most valuable asset. But capturing that value is impossible if data is locked away from the frontline business users. Join ThoughtSpot’s Chief Customer Evangelist and former Director of BI at Disney, Doug Bordonaro, for an in-depth discussion of best practices, and top pitfalls, BI teams are deploying to deliver governed self-service analytics company-wide and improve their competitive advantage.

    In this webinar we will cover:
    * Best practices for driving analytics adoption company-wide within a governed environment
    * Top analytics use cases for building your organization’s competitive advantage
    * Live demo of ThoughtSpot’s search-driven analytics
  • Cloud Migration with a Microservice Architecture: A Coca Cola Case Study
    Cloud Migration with a Microservice Architecture: A Coca Cola Case Study Danny Eng, Enterprise Integration Architect, Coca-Cola; Jag Ramaswamy, Enterprise Integration Lead, Coca-Cola Recorded: Apr 27 2017 39 mins
    Just a few years ago, The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) was completely on-premises, looking for a way to move toward their cloud-first strategy. Watch TCCC’s presentation from MuleSoft’s Atlanta Summit to learn Coke’s journey with MuleSoft starting from evaluation to how they are currently taking an API-led approach to integration. With this, Coke is now creating great customer experiences and enabling their sales force to continue to lead through innovation.

    Attendees will learn how TCCC is using MuleSoft to:

    - Implement a microservices architecture
    - Automate release management to accelerate time to production
    - Move from a COE to a Center for Enablement (C4E) to maximize reuse
  • Microsoft Audit Success: The five key failures to avoid
    Microsoft Audit Success: The five key failures to avoid Michael Krutikov, Rich Gibbons (ITAM) Recorded: Apr 27 2017 46 mins
    Three-quarters of IT and finance leaders fear a software audit by Microsoft. More than Oracle, IBM or SAP. In fact, 68% say they have been audited by the world’s largest software publisher in the last 12 months alone* and this looks set to increase.

    But software audits don’t need to be scary if you’re armed with the right information and insight.

    The key is identifying and addressing the key points of failure in a Microsoft software audit:

    •SQL connections
    •SQL virtualization
    •Managing Office editions
    •Self-Provisioning of Office 365
    •Azure sprawl

    Join Microsoft licensing guru, Rich Gibbons from ITAM Review and compliance pros from the world’s leading SAM technology provider, Snow Software, for a 45-minute masterclass in Microsoft audit readiness.

    * Snow Software research, December 2016
  • Self-Driving Expenses
    Self-Driving Expenses Unit4 Business Software Recorded: Apr 27 2017 2 mins
    Never waste a second submitting or approving expenses with self-driving Unit4 Travel and Expenses.
  • Design as Strategy: Thoughts on User Experience and Virtual Reality
    Design as Strategy: Thoughts on User Experience and Virtual Reality David Mullett, VR Thought Leader Recorded: Apr 27 2017 49 mins
    As the digital experience proliferates in everyday life and we begin to migrate into the new virtual reality medium, how do we create the most human and organic digital experience?

    Moving forward, digital devices not only grow smaller and closer to the body, but daily use time explodes. The challenge is using design strategies around user experience to mitigate consumer pain points to allow for seamless immersion in your experience or VR product.

    We will talk about how about how design must be incorporated as a process and strategy in VR builds for success.
  • EMEA Software Customer Forums 2017 – Preview
    EMEA Software Customer Forums 2017 – Preview Toby Marsden, Kevin Leslie, Danny Cavion and Gopal Ramachandra, EMEA Directors, ADM and ITOM Portfolios, HPE Recorded: Apr 27 2017 31 mins
    Join the hosts of the EMEA Software Customer Forums 2017 for a sneak peek of the exciting customer presentations and product news from our strategy and best practice-sharing event.

    The EMEA Software Customer Forums are a great opportunity for IT Operations Management and Application Delivery Management practitioners to learn how their peers are utilizing HPE solutions to successfully reach technology and business objectives. Delegates will also get a preview of some new product developments from HPE Product Management and executives.

    Don’t miss out – join us on this webinar for a preview of the great content we’ll be sharing in-depth at the EMEA Customer Forum in Dublin from 15-19 May, more info and registration at www.hpe-customerforums2017.com.
  • From Incident Response to a Continuous Monitoring & Active Threat Hunting
    From Incident Response to a Continuous Monitoring & Active Threat Hunting Stuart Davis, Director, Mandiant & David Grout, Systems Engineering Director, FireEye Recorded: Apr 27 2017 49 mins
    With over 13 years of front-line experience dealing with advanced threat actors from around the globe, our Mandiant team know how the bad guys think and can help you win the battle against cyber attackers.

    In this webinar, Stuart Davis and David Grout will cover:
    - Best practices in regards to Security as a Service
    - How organisations can move from an alert-led security to an intelligence-led security
    - How FireEye can provide the adequate tools, processes and expertise required to build a next generation security program
  • [Live Panel] How to Put the Human First When Creating for Virtual Reality
    [Live Panel] How to Put the Human First When Creating for Virtual Reality Amandine Flachs, Realities Centre; Tom Evans, Trojan VR; Komal Sable, Tengio & Doug North Cook, Decoder Recorded: Apr 27 2017 60 mins
    Join us April 27th for a panel discussion on how to put the human first while creating for Virtual Reality. Part of the VR/AR BrightTALK Summit, our panelists will exchange on how to take user and audience in consideration during the Virtual Reality creation process.

    As Virtual Reality is getting more and more exposure, it is time to highlight the right practices of designing a Virtual Reality project and see what we can do to put the human first.

    - Do Virtual Reality creators consider the audience they address before/while developing their projects? Why is this crucial? How and when to do so?

    - Are we more careful today to offer more accessible VR experiences than a year ago?

    - How is this evolving? Do studios and creators tend to integrate more the human in the creation process?

    The panel will be led by Amandine Flachs, Events and Communication manager at the Realities Centre. She will be joined by a variety of Virtual Reality leaders, including creators, game developers, agency and B/B professionals.



    - Amandine Flachs, Events & Comms Manager, Realities Centre

    - Tom Evans - CEO and co-founder at Trojan VR

    - Komal Sable - COO at Tengio

    - Doug North Cook - Creative director and co-founder at Decoder.
  • Accelerating NFV, SD-WAN, and SDN adoption for Telcos and Service Providers
    Accelerating NFV, SD-WAN, and SDN adoption for Telcos and Service Providers Jim Pfleger, Architect at Verizon; Pascal Joly, Director at Quali; Aaron Edwards, Dir. TME at CloudGenix Recorded: Apr 26 2017 60 mins
    This educational webinar will include:

    > Verizon’s perspectives on trends in software-defined architectures and NFV
    > CloudGenix's thoughts on SD-WAN trends
    > Quali's cloud sandboxes for NFV and SDN/SD-WAN compliance
    > Demo - NFV certification in action!
  • Virtual Reality Therapy for Pain and Anxiety during Procedures
    Virtual Reality Therapy for Pain and Anxiety during Procedures Brandon Birckhead is a physician who founded Immergence Technologies, LLC Recorded: Apr 26 2017 33 mins
    Webinar synopsis
    -Summarize the Studies on Non-immersive Virtual Reality Therapy
    -Summarize the Studies on Immersive Virtual Reality Therapy
    -Discuss Current uses of Technology
    -Discuss the Future of the Field
    -Q & A

    Brandon Birckhead is a physician who founded Immergence Technologies, LLC, a company to help dentists use virtual reality in their practice and collaborate with developers to create tailored content. He is also the coordinator of the VRARA Digital Health Committee. Current research focus has been on exploring the immersive effect of different VR applications. He graduated from Mayo Clinic Medical School in 2016.
  • Using Caching in Microservices Architectures: Session I
    Using Caching in Microservices Architectures: Session I Jagdish Mirani is a Product Marketing Manager in charge of Pivotal’s in-memory products Recorded: Apr 26 2017 54 mins
    In this 60 minute webinar, we will cover the key areas of consideration for data layer decisions in a microservices architecture, and how a caching layer, satisfies these requirements. You’ll walk away from this webinar with a better understanding of the following concepts:

    - How microservices are easy to scale up and down, so both the service layer and the data layer need to support this elasticity.
    - Why microservices simplify and accelerate the software delivery lifecycle by splitting up effort into smaller isolated pieces that autonomous teams can work on independently. Event-driven systems promote autonomy.
    - Where microservices can be distributed across availability zones and data centers for addressing performance and availability requirements. Similarly, the data layer should support this distribution of workload.
    - How microservices can be part of an evolution that includes your legacy applications. Similarly, the data layer must accommodate this graceful on-ramp to microservices.
  • API Integration - The Key Accelerator for Digital Transformation
    API Integration - The Key Accelerator for Digital Transformation Hariharan Ganesh - Head of Enterprise Integration, Aspire Systems & Sid Lasley - Global Director, Dell Boomi Recorded: Apr 26 2017 59 mins
    There is a growing realization that to succeed today and going forward, the stakes to remain competitive are directly related to the ability to be a digital business. As organizations move to modernize IT in order to become digitalized businesses for better customer experience, they realize that their traditional architecture aren’t built to support rapid change & innovation in this new digital business environment.

    Join the webinar and learn how Dell Boomi platform and Aspire's Unified Reference Architecture Solution (AURAS - Cloud) can help enterprises to accelerate business agility & achieve digital transformation.

    During the webinar you'll learn about:

    - Why Digital Transformation is challenging and time consuming
    - How API & Integration plays major role in Digital Transformation program
    - Capabilities of Dell Boomi Platform to drive Digital Transformation
    - Role of AURAS in the Digital Transformation initiative
    - How AURAS & Dell Boomi combination helps to accelerate Digital Transformation
    - Success Story of Dell Boomi and AURAS
  • Taking on Enterprise Agile with HPE
    Taking on Enterprise Agile with HPE Tye Davis, HPE Recorded: Apr 26 2017 41 mins
    One of the largest challenges that we see organizations faced with when adopting agile methodologies and practices, is to deliver fast with quality at scale. Agile and scaling Agile in the enterprise is a core part of HPE’s strategy as we continuously learn from our own R&D and HPE IT efforts, as well as our customers and partners to implement scaled Agile. This learning is applied to our software solutions that help enable Agile development, testing and scaled Agile including the Scaled Agile Framework. ALM Octane acts as the communication hub and decision support system to organize, plan, and deliver Agile projects on teams and scaled up in the enterprise. The tools empower programs and teams to manage their backlog with visibility into development and testing data, and with analytics/insights for release forecasting, tasks completion and resource allocation.

    Join Tye Davis, Product Marketing Manager for Enterprise Agile, to see enterprise agile in action and get a preview of the latest software solution for application lifecycle management. See what HPE is doing to help organizations implement scaled agile.

    This is part three in a three-part DevOps webinar series. Join us also for:
    Pattern your DevOps success & avoid the anti-pattern landmines: best practices, March 1
    A look at the future of software testing: HPE vision for Continuous Testing, March 29
  • Making Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality a Profitable Endeavor
    Making Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality a Profitable Endeavor Jay Samit, Disruptor, Author (Disrupt You!), Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur & Professor Recorded: Apr 26 2017 46 mins
    Augmented, mixed, and virtual reality compose a spectrum for next-gen computing that is disrupting or accelerating the business objectives of companies across almost every industry. With an ever growing number of pilots and available solutions, it is imperative that businesses develop a strategy of where to play and how to win, while avoiding technology for technology’s sake, in order to create new value.

    Jiten Dajee is a subject matter expert on digital reality technology spanning the entire value chain of augmented, mixed, and virtual reality. Jiten has been involved with Digital Reality technology since his first joint-venture in healthcare wearables in 2011. He joined Deloitte Consulting Innovation to lead the rapid commercialization of digital reality across industrial and commercial sectors. He brings an end-to-end understanding of how optics, networks, semiconductors, platforms, products, and will interact in the next-gen computing medium. Jiten specializes in market intelligence, technology adoption, solution integration, and strategic growth planning of digital reality in enterprise.
  • Ready for Primetime: How Hyperconverged Infrastructure is Evolving to Do More
    Ready for Primetime: How Hyperconverged Infrastructure is Evolving to Do More Tim Stammers, Senior Analyst at 451 Research and George Wagner, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Pivot3 Recorded: Apr 26 2017 64 mins
    Traditionally, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has been deployed only for specific use cases. However, HCI has the potential to do so much more! With greater economics and simplicity than traditional three-tier infrastructure, HCI can support multiple mixed workloads and latency-sensitive applications, plus scale predictably and efficiently.

    Join Senior Analyst, Tim Stammers, from 451 Research and Sr. Product Marketing Manager, George Wagner, from Pivot3 as they discuss the evolution of hyperconverged infrastructure, architectural considerations for supporting workload consolidation, and how companies like Pivot3 are enabling organizations to do more with HCI with new architecture and policy-based management capabilities.
  • Technical Introduction to Ubuntu Core
    Technical Introduction to Ubuntu Core Oliver Grawert, Software Engineer (Canonical) Recorded: Apr 26 2017 61 mins
    A webinar diving in the technology inside Ubuntu Core, the version of Ubuntu dedicated to IoT Hosted by Oliver Grawert, the Engineer behind the Ubuntu Core images for Raspberry Pi and DragonBoard,

    What will you learn?
    * Ubuntu Core in depth technical coverage
    * Building an Ubuntu Core device image
    * Packaging apps as snaps for IoT deployment
  • VR/AR For Enterprise: Building a Practical Roadmap for Success
    VR/AR For Enterprise: Building a Practical Roadmap for Success Amy Peck, Founder, endeavorVR Recorded: Apr 26 2017 31 mins
    While many companies and institutions understand the need to investigate AR and VR, the path to success is a long one. Often, there are several teams at a single company looking at ways to leverage this technology, for internal processes as well as customer- and consumer-facing solutions.
    This panel will explore ways to effectively bring this vision to fruition:
    • Identifying the right use cases
    • Getting internal buy-in and budget
    • Finding development resources
    • Rolling out new AR/VR processes and products
  • Why AR/VR Will Disrupt Productivity and Collaboration in the Enterprise
    Why AR/VR Will Disrupt Productivity and Collaboration in the Enterprise John Nall, CEO, Appzion Recorded: Apr 26 2017 60 mins
    Enterprise is the best starting or entry point for AR and VR because the pain points are high, the dollars are there to make a strong ROI case for use, and the wearable form factor is much less of an issue. AR and VR technologies will be instrumental in closing the skill gap that is responsible for the shortage of skilled manufacturing workers. We are optimistic that industrial productivity will grow and that this will ultimately translate into higher wages because AR and VR will allow more workers to do high-skill jobs, and improve their performance.
  • What's new in Grafana & Sneak Peaks at vNext
    What's new in Grafana & Sneak Peaks at vNext Torkel Ödegaard, Co-founder and Creator, Grafana Labs Recorded: Apr 26 2017 60 mins
    This webinar will be focused on Grafana and the new features of Grafana 4
    - Native alerting: Alerts on thresholds and alert notifications can be added to graph panels. The addition of alerting transforms Grafana from a visualization tool into a truly mission critical monitoring tool.
    - Ad-hoc filters: This is a new and very different type of template variable, which allows you to create new key/value filters on the fly; creating new exploratory dashboards
    - UI and UX improvements: This release aimed at making the use of the software more intuitive for new users, and improving the experience for existing users.
    - Plugins and Dashboards: Learn more about official and community-built Grafana panels, data sources, apps and dashboards.
  • The New IT Operating Model: Why an Architect's Role is Key to Agile & DevOps
    The New IT Operating Model: Why an Architect's Role is Key to Agile & DevOps Richard Sey, Head of Development Operations (DevOps), Siemens Energy Management; Mark Daly, Client Architect, MuleSoft May 2 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    With their unique position at the centre of an organization, Architects can play a pivotal role to usher digital evolution and transformation in-line with business and IT objectives, including the adoption of Agile, DevOps and other disruptive paradigms.

    Join Richard Sey, Head of Development Operations (DevOps), Siemens Energy Management, and Mark Daly, Client Architect, MuleSoft, on January 18 at 10am (GMT) for a live webinar as they look at the key role of the Architect in achieving the new IT Operating model. It will cover:

    - A working example from Siemens Energy Management on how they have realised the new IT Operating Model from a business and Architect's perspective to drive operational efficiency, cutting development time by half
    - A view of Enterprise Architecture and DevOps from a leader in the field
    - What an organization needs to support delivery of the new IT Operating Model, including the creation of a Centre for Enablement (C4E), which has reduced dependency on Central IT in the Lines of Business at Siemens by 25%
  • Virtual Load Balancer Challenges and How to Conquer Them
    Virtual Load Balancer Challenges and How to Conquer Them Ashish Shah May 2 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    While virtual appliances for load balancing, long thought of as the answer for software-driven infrastructure, have existed since the advent of virtualization, they inherit most of the architectural challenges of legacy solutions, including limited scalability, lack of central management and orchestration, and performance limitations. Instead, what is needed is an application delivery architecture based on software-defined principles that logically separates the control plane from the data plane delivering the application services.

    Join us for this 30 minute webinar with Q&A to learn how to overcome the challenges of using virtual load balancers.
  • Knowledge17 Sneak Peek: Our Best of ServiceNow
    Knowledge17 Sneak Peek: Our Best of ServiceNow Ellen Daley, Adam Mason, Carleen Carter, Meghan Lockwood May 2 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Knowledge17, ServiceNow's biggest event of the year, is just three weeks away. Join Acorio's Leadership Team on a panel discussion of what to expect at the fastest-growing enterprise cloud company's annual conference.

    We will fill you in with highlights of our Customer's center stage presentations, new technology and innovations, key success stories since last year, and the main themes they expect ServiceNow leadership share.

    This year's K17 theme is experiencing IT, Customer Service, HR & Security at Lightspeed. Get a head start on your competition by getting the inside scoop before you even reach the plane.

    - Preview main stage presentations by Acorio and clients
    - Sneak Peek at our new demo
    - Five tips to get the most out of your K17 experience

    And be sure to visit us at Booth #419
  • Strategies on how to Overcome Security Challenges Unique to Cloud-Native Apps
    Strategies on how to Overcome Security Challenges Unique to Cloud-Native Apps Zane Lackey, Signal Sciences and Kamala Dasika, Pivotal May 3 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    As IT organizations build and release software continuously, how do security teams become enablers of this pace? How can you ensure that the higher rate of change is not leading to lesser security?

    Join our webinar to learn how Pivotal and Signal Sciences work together to make app deployments faster *and* safer in cloud-native environments.

    This webinar will cover:
    - Best practices for implementing new security programs and incentivizing their adoption
    - How to simplify application layer security deployments across a variety of apps, teams and cloud infrastructures
    - How threat visibility and real time attack telemetry brings security context into DevOps teams, and improves response times.
  • Putting Data to Work with Pure Storage
    Putting Data to Work with Pure Storage Jeff Buckley, Systems Engineer, Pure Storage May 3 2017 4:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    If you're like most organizations we work with, your IT budget is not increasing at the same rate that your data needs are expanding. With the storage industry in considerable turmoil and the rise of the cloud, it's time to consider new technologies. Pure Storage is putting data to work by delivering a data platform powered by cloud-era flash. With explosive growth in data, increasing constituent demands, and the need for real-time analysis, Pure is helping organizations across the country accelerate into the future. Join us and learn:

    · How flash is impacting state and local government organizations
    · Discovering savings: a look at the total cost of ownership
    · A data platform for the cloud era
  • Purpose-built In-Memory NoSQL Database for IoT – GridDB
    Purpose-built In-Memory NoSQL Database for IoT – GridDB Basavaraj Soppannavar, Sr. Strategist IoT, Toshiba America Research Inc. May 3 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Toshiba's GridDB is an open source specialized data store purpose-built for handling enormous amounts of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT). GridDB offers in-memory processing to boost performance, time-series functionalities for IoT data, excellent scale-out on commodity hardware for increasing data needs and great reliability for mission-critical applications.

    Toshiba has been building large scale IoT projects even before IoT was known as IoT. GridDB was conceived at Toshiba in 2013 to solve growing data needs and time-series data related problems that its customers faced. Since 2014 Toshiba’s customers in Japan spanning industries such as utilities, manufacturing, building management etc. have been harnessing the power of GridDB.

    Join us to know more about:
    1. Properties of IoT data and database requirements for handling it
    2. Overview of GridDB
    3. Technical details of GridDB including data models, performance, scalability, and reliability
    4. Real world IoT use cases powered by GridDB
    5. Programming Demo - modeling sample Wind Mill farm data using GridDB
  • Tech Talk: WAN Op on Tap
    Tech Talk: WAN Op on Tap Derek Granath and Chris Rogers May 3 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    This webinar will clear up a common misconception that SD-WANs obsolete the need for WAN optimization. All the bandwidth in the world doesn’t diminish physical distance and therefore the latency across long distances. WAN opt is all about improving application performance over distance and transporting large data sets efficiently. No longer is it necessary to have WAN opt deployed across the entire network – just selectively where and when you need it.
  • Audits of 1000 Apps: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Open Source Use
    Audits of 1000 Apps: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Open Source Use Mike Pittenger, VP Security Strategy, Black Duck Software May 4 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Open source components are the foundation of today’s applications. Ineffective security and management of open source is pervasive.
    That stark contrast marks Black Duck’s recently released 2017 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis (OSSRA), which is based on code audits of more than 1000 applications. Not surprisingly, 97% of the audited applications contained open source. Disturbingly, 67% of the applications contained known open source vulnerabilities.
    In this webinar, Black Duck VP of Security Strategy Mike Pittenger will review the audit findings in depth and discuss strategies companies can use to minimize open source security risk while maximizing the economic and productivity value open source provides.
  • What you can't see will hurt you: Track Cloud App usage & reduce overspend
    What you can't see will hurt you: Track Cloud App usage & reduce overspend Tim Jesser and Forrester Principal Analyst, Charles Betz May 4 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Better agility, faster deployment and lower IT resource demands.  With 87% of enterprises using use cloud applications the value is clear.  But along with benefits of infrastructure and maintenance cost savings comes significant financial risks.  SaaS applications such as O365 can drive overspend in the form of over-provisioning of user accounts, excessive account entitlement and duplication of on-premises licenses. 

    The burden on IT leaders becomes even greater as an increasing amount of technology spend decisions are owned by business units.  Snow Software will show how to create complete visibility of application usage and spend across all deployment platforms regardless of technology spend ownership.  Learn the critical yet simple steps you can take to track cloud application usage and reduce financial risks.
  • Briefings Part 3: The Future of BYOD Security
    Briefings Part 3: The Future of BYOD Security Amish Kohli, Solutions Engineer, Bitglass; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator May 4 2017 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Enabling secure BYOD has long been a challenge for IT. Attempts to secure these devices with agents and device management tools like MDM have been met with widespread employee concerns about privacy and usability, and as a result, organizations see low rates of adoption. Requiring that employees use these install these cumbersome device management tools or access data solely from managed devices are solutions fraught with issues. Employees need the flexibility to work from any device, anywhere. Join Bitglass and (ISC)2 for the 3rd part of our 3-part Briefings series on May 4, 2017 at 1:00PM Eastern where n this we discuss the trends driving growth in demand for BYOD, the drawbacks of MDM, and some of alternative solutions used to secure employee-owned devices without agents.
  • How Cylance Prevents Ransomware Attacks
    How Cylance Prevents Ransomware Attacks Brian Robison, Senior Director, Technical Marketing at Cylance® May 4 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Many of our customers sought out Cylance because it is highly effective in preventing ransomware attacks. We have learned firsthand how ransomware is affecting organizations of all sizes, and across all industries. In this live demonstration, Brian Robison, Senior Director, Technical Marketing at Cylance® will show how ransomware works. He will launch several attacks on unprotected machines to deliver a real-world view into how ransomware compromises systems, and how Cylance prevents ransomware attacks.

    Brian will provide a live demonstration of CylancePROTECT® blocking attacks, and will discuss:

    •Different ransomware types
    •Delivery methods, including drive-by downloads and fileless malware
    •Why launching attacks is cheap and easy with ransomware-as-a service
    •How Cylance prevents both file-level and disk-level encryption
  • Beyond 2FA: The Smart Way to Manage Cloud Access
    Beyond 2FA: The Smart Way to Manage Cloud Access Mor Ahuvia, Authentication Product Marketing at Gemalto May 9 2017 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Cloud apps are being pulled into the enterprise hand-over-fist, with 93% of organizations using cloud-based IT services. But the efficiencies and convenience offered by cloud apps come at a price. While organizations have long been applying two-factor authentication to their network, VPN and email portals, they have failed to extend that same level of security to cloud-based applications, such as Office 365, AWS and Salesforce.

    But the need for stronger cloud access security is only part of the story. Businesses looking to scale and increase their cloud adoption find there are other issues to contend with. Visibility into cloud access events and regulatory compliance become challenging to maintain. Helpdesk staff are burdened with password resets, and the most important link in the chain—users—are plagued with password fatigue.

    This webinar explains:
    •Challenges to greater cloud adoption in the enterprise
    •What cloud access management is
    •How strong authentication complements access management
    •Why cloud access management is critical to an organization’s cloud adoption strategy
  • Production Spark Series Part 2: Connecting Your Code to Spark Internals
    Production Spark Series Part 2: Connecting Your Code to Spark Internals Sean Suchter, CTO/Co-Founder, Pepperdata May 9 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Spark is a dynamic execution engine that can take relatively simple Scala code and create complex and optimized execution plans. In this talk, we will describe how user code translates into Spark drivers, executors, stages, tasks, transformations, and shuffles. We will describe how this is critical to the design of Spark and how this tight interplay allows very efficient execution. Users and operators who are aware of the concepts will become more effective at their interactions with Spark.
  • Action GDPR: Understanding Your Data
    Action GDPR: Understanding Your Data Patrick Dewald, Senior Director - Data Governance. Giuseppe Mura, Solution Architect - Financial Services. May 10 2017 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is just over a year away, and many organisations are still trying to understand what this new regulation means to them, their organisation and their data.

    Join us for the first in a series of webinars which focus on how organisation's can begin to action GDPR - with this first short session focusing on Understanding Your Data with Informatica Axon.

    Informatica Axon Powers Informatica's Enterprise Data Governance Solution and in the context of GDPR will help organisations show how personal data is connected and used throughout the business and make it high-quality, consistent, trustworthy and secure at all levels of the organisation.

    This session will cover:
    - Key GDPR documentation requirements, and how companies need to be able to respond & action
    - Bringing visibility of end-to-end data flows across and beyond organisational boundaries
    - Capturing GDPR policies, rule & requirements and linking back to the data concepts & processes
    - Live Demo of Informatica Axon – visualising how data is interconnected & how information flows through the business
  • Real World Deployments of the oneM2M Standard
    Real World Deployments of the oneM2M Standard Ken Figueredo, Sookhun Jeon, JaeSeung Song, David Wollman May 10 2017 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    As a partner in the oneM2M global IoT standards development Partnership, TIA supports its deployment around the world. oneM2M is designed as an architecture and standards platform for IoT deployments in many industry sectors including Smart Cities, Industrial Automation, Home Automation and eHealth and Telemedicine, among others.

    Now in its second published release, it is being deployed in a number of projects.

    Now in its second published release, it is being tested for resilience as an IoT standard in a number of projects. This webcast will focus on:

    • 3 projects such as Korean Smart Cities(Busan, Ilsan) and Wise-IoT which is the Joint European-Korean project.
    • In England, U.K.’s oneTRANSPORT intelligent system trial which serves four U.K. counties. This trial involves England’s highways transportation agency and two private sector sensor-network owners over a single, interoperable IoT platform powered by the oneM2M™ standard.
    • Overview of oneM2M certification(including background of the need for oneM2M certification program).
    • Introduction of Certified Product (Target service and use cases are included per each company).
    • An update from the National Institute for Science and Technology (NIST) on its IoT-enabled Smart City Framework and oneM2M smart city collaboration.

    -- Ken Figueredo, IoT Strategy Industry Advisor, InterDigital
    -- Sookhun Jeon, Telecommunications Technology Association (TTC)
    -- JaeSeung Song, Assistant Professor, Software Engineering and Security group (SESlab), Computer and Information Security Department, Sejong University
    -- Dr. David Wollman, Deputy Director, Smart Grid and Cyber-Physical Systems Program Office NIST

    To speak to TIA about oneM2M for further information, contact: Victoria Mitchell, Director, Global Standards Programs, at vmitchell@tiaonline.org.

    To learn more about oneM2M, visit: http://www.onem2m.org/
    To learn more about oneM2M certification by TTA, visit: http://www.onem2mcert.com/main/main.php
  • Monitoring Hybrid Environments: Best Practices and New Services
    Monitoring Hybrid Environments: Best Practices and New Services Dan Waymire, Senior Manager of UCSL Feature Development at HOSTING May 10 2017 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Join Dan Waymire, Senior Manager of UCSL Feature Development at HOSTING, as he dives into hybrid cloud best practices and how companies can align business and IT objectives to achieve organization goals. During the webcast, he will go over the following:

    - Utilizing hybrid environments to drive better business outcomes
    - Aligning IT and business goals to deliver solutions
    - Case Study: A look into how HOSTING built a brand new service to resolve a real-life company need
    - An introduction to HOSTING’s Monitoring Insights Service, a first-to-market solution that provides a single-pane view of all of your hybrid IT tools
  • The API Economy in Banking what is the impact of GDPR
    The API Economy in Banking what is the impact of GDPR David Harvey, Senior Principal Banking Practice, NTT DATA Services, Richard Price Sales Director, FSI UK & Ireland, TIBCO May 11 2017 1:00 pm UTC 210 mins
    Regulatory conditions are preventing many banks from consolidating in the market, and there is evidence to support those financial institutions will need to re-engineer their own businesses, and customer propositions, and transform current models to remain relevant, nurture and grow their customer bases.

    As part of this process, developing differentiating capabilities will be key in highly competitive markets and innovation through the adoption of the new ‘Fintech ecosystem’ or “fintegration” (i.e. the marrying up of banks and Fintechs) will be pivotal in the banking industry’s fight to maintain their current business and grow. Join David Harvey, Senior Principal Banking Practice, NTT Data Services, and guest speaker Richard Price Sales Director – FSI UK & Ireland, TIBCO
    Banking Sector to be announced to learn about:
    Trends, Implications, Challenges and Proposed Solutions

    - The drive to open up APIs in the new Digital banking Economy
    - Approaches on how to better leverage new technologies through Open APIs
    - Best Practice in how to go about partnering
    - How to achieve Data Governance and Security whilst opening up
    APIs to third parties
    - What technologies can we leveraged (Robotics, Machine Based learning, Big Data Analytics and the Digital sixth sense)
  • Data Residency: Challenges and the Need for Standards
    Data Residency: Challenges and the Need for Standards Andrew Watson, Vice President and Technical Director, OMG; Claude Baudoin, owner, cébé IT & Knowledge Management May 11 2017 2:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    As data is increasingly accessed and shared across geographic boundaries, a growing web of conflicting laws and regulations dictate where data can be transferred, stored, and shared, and how it is protected. The Object Management Group® (OMG®) and the Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC) recently completed a significant effort to analyze and document the challenges posed by data residency.
    Data residency issues result from the storage and movement of data and metadata across geographies and jurisdictions. Attend this webinar to learn more about data residency:

    •How it may impact users and providers of IT services (including but not limited to the cloud)
    •The complex web of laws and regulations that govern this area
    •The relevant aspects – and limitations -- of current standards and potential areas of improvement
    •How to contribute to future work
  • Leveraging Reporting Improvements and Docker Scanning using Hub 3.6
    Leveraging Reporting Improvements and Docker Scanning using Hub 3.6 Pat Durante, Senior Director Education Services; John Beaudoin, Senior Instructional Designer May 11 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Please join us for the next Black Duck Customer Success Webinar and learn about the features and enhancements in the latest Hub release – version 3.6. It includes new usability and project management improvements as well as administration and integration enhancements.

    We’ll discuss:

    - Leveraging the new Hub Reporting Database to programmatically access project, project version, component version, and component license data for custom data reporting and analysis.
    - Taking advantage of the new Print View option which displays the Bill of Materials in a format suitable for easy printing or exporting.
    - Adding subprojects to your Bill of Materials. For example, if you have projects used by other applications, you can add them to a BOM so that the BOM accurately reflects the elements in your application.
    - Using the updated Hub 3.6 Scan Client to scan Docker Images. We’ve introduced a new script, bundled with the Hub Scanner, to scan your Docker images for open source.
  • Between a ROC and a Hard Place with PCI?
    Between a ROC and a Hard Place with PCI? Jennifer Pesci-Anderson, Jeff Avery May 11 2017 4:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Learn how to conquer and manage the PCI process. Businesses are challenged with attempting to continuously monitor their PCI environment, responding when something changes and managing all the information to gather evidence and generate the report on compliance (ROC) or attestation on compliance (AOC). Verterim is providing a 3 part, educational PCI series to address some of these business challenges and provide our tips on how you can take advantage of technology you may already have in house. The first 30 minute BrightTalk will look at the PCI process at a higher level and provide a view into a standard RSA Archer use case to help solve the problem. Join our GRC practitioners, Jennifer Pesci-Anderson, National Practice Lead and Jeff Avery, Engineer on May 11 from 12-12:30 to see how you can address your PCI business challenges.
  • AthenaHealth “Unbreaks” Health Care by Modernizing their Data Stack
    AthenaHealth “Unbreaks” Health Care by Modernizing their Data Stack Greg Joondeph-Breidbart, Data Engineer, AthenaHealth, Saqib Mustafa, Marketing, Snowflake, Nouras Haddad, Technology, Looker May 11 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Athenahealth is on a mission to ‘unbreak’ the US health care provider experience, and they are using data to do it. With a new Snowflake data warehouse and Looker data platform on top, data analysts at Athenahealth are delivering data to more people in their organization, and improving patient experience in the US healthcare system.

    In this webinar, you'll hear from Greg Joondeph-Breidbart, Senior Manager of Data Engineering at Athenahealth, on why they moved from legacy systems to the cloud. They now have:

    - Iterative product analytics which allow them to continually update, analyze and tweak their product without fear of adjusting their schema or redefining business logic

    - Row-level details so the people closest to the data can drill into the why behind every report and take action on any inconsistencies immediately

    - Feature-rich reporting that leverages Snowflake’s unique concurrency functionality and simplicity with the power and flexibility of Looker’s modeling layer
  • Why Software Composition Analysis is Critical to Secure DevOps
    Why Software Composition Analysis is Critical to Secure DevOps Amy DeMartine, Forrester Principal Analyst; Patrick Carey, Black Duck May 16 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Open source software is the lifeblood of today’s enterprise applications, comprising 80%-90% of the code. However, open source use comes with significant security and IP risks that both enterprise and smaller organizations are ill-prepared to address.

    As development teams increasingly automate the software development lifecycle (SDLC) through the use of agile DevOps tools and practices, the need to mitigate these risks through integration of Software Composition Analysis (SCA) into the DevOps tool chain has become critical.

    In this 60-minute webinar, guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst Amy DeMartine, and Black Duck Director of Product Marketing Patrick Carey, will discuss findings from the recent report: The Forrester Wave™: Software Composition Analysis, Q1 2017 and why SCA should be a key part of your Secure DevOps strategy.

    The discussion topics will include:
    - Why you need a software composition analysis (SCA) solution
    - How SCA solutions help you manage open source vulnerability, compliance, and component quality risks
    - Criteria to consider when selecting an SCA solution
    - Why it's important to integrate SCA into your automated DevOps environment
  • Journey to Cloud-Native: Making Sense of Your Service Interactions
    Journey to Cloud-Native: Making Sense of Your Service Interactions Kamala Dasika, Pivotal and Mike Villiger, Dynatrace May 16 2017 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Environments running microservices are highly dynamic and could present a level of complexity in their operational data that makes root cause analysis particularly challenging and time consuming. Join Kamala Dasika from Pivotal and Michael Villiger from Dynatrace, to learn about how teams are overcoming this to manage services at scale by taking advantage of:
    - Automatic application-environment discovery
    - Service and process flows integrated with platform visibility, and
    - Self healing platforms

    This is the third webinar in the series presented by Pivotal and Dynatrace on modernizing your application portfolio to cloud-native.

    Webinars in this series are searchable by title:
    - Journey to Cloud-Native: Where to start in your app modernization process
    - Journey to Cloud-Native: Continuous Delivery with Artificial Intelligence
    - Journey to Cloud-Native: Making Sense of Your Service Interactions
    - Journey to Cloud-Native: Reducing Production Risks at Scale

    Thank you in advance for joining us.

    About the Speakers:
    Kamala Dasika has been working on the Cloud Foundry product team since its inception in 2011 and previously held various product or engineering positions at VMware, Tibco, SAP and Applied Biosystems.

    Mike Villiger helps Dynatrace customers implement Application Performance Management technologies and processes in the worlds of Public/Private Cloud, DevOps, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and NoSQL.