Audit and Compliance

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Internal audit and compliance professionals are facing increasingly stringent regulatory requirements when it comes to compliance reporting and internal control procedures. Join the audit and compliance community to learn best practices from thought leaders on topics such as regulatory compliance, internal audit checklists and audit program strategies.
  • We are experiencing a growing "clicks to bricks" phenomenon, where pure e-commerce leaders are opening physical stores in an attempt to get closer to their customers and foster loyalty. During this webinar, Elena Martínez, Retail Specialist at Openbravo, will explore this concept and the challenges faced while highlighting the benefits of this strategy that is being followed by leading online retailers.

    What Will You Learn?
    - The motivations of pure online retailers to invest in physical stores.
    - Technologies that offer the highest impact on physical stores.
    - The main challenges faced in the attempt to bridge the offline with the online.

    Who Should Attend?
    - Business Areas Directors
    - CIOs
    - IT Administrators
    - Consultants
  • Health plans push for their members to visit their primary care provider for a checkup. It improves health outcomes and reduces the medical spend from costs related to illness and disease. Like their members, health plans also need checkups that will identify the challenges to which they are increasingly exposed, such as issues around information security, revenue maximization, and staffing needs. In this webinar, we will discuss how to specifically deal with key issues related to each of these areas.
  • Efficient billing, collections and payment for hotels and travel industry suppliers. Dell’s sophisticated data analytics empower travel agents with high-value reports—e.g., no-show bookings and paid commission records—that help streamline their business operations and enable travel and hospitality sales teams to identify their most loyal agents.

    Other benefits include:• 100 percent of commission funds paid to travel intermediaries• No upfront memberships or contracts required; customer service available for all suppliers• Electronic data file sharing• TACS Automated Helpdesk provides instant answers to agencies• One-point billing convenience for all commissions• Electronic payment capabilities in 140 currencies worldwide• Accurate recordkeeping and fast payments at twice-monthly intervals• Back-office reconciliation• No fees for agencies to receive payments via check or access their data online
  • Business requirements and technology trends are constantly on a change. Organizations are looking for partners who can provide solutions that are scalable and built on extensible architectures to support global needs with faster time-to-market and lower costs. Dell Application Development Maintenance and Support (ADMS) services cut across industries and verticals with expertise and capability in a host of technology platforms Microsoft, Java, Open source, Mainframe and other legacy platforms. We have partnered with niche players as well as leading vendors like Oracle, IBM and SAP in their database and platform solutions.

    Attend this webinar to learn how Dell Application Development and Maintenance services can help build a scalable and growth-focussed enterprise.