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Audit and Compliance

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Internal audit and compliance professionals are facing increasingly stringent regulatory requirements when it comes to compliance reporting and internal control procedures. Join the audit and compliance community to learn best practices from thought leaders on topics such as regulatory compliance, internal audit checklists and audit program strategies.
    • Threat and Risk Management

    • Recorded: Jun 28 2013
    • Threat and risk management is vital for a sound business strategy. Join thought leaders at this summit as they share best practices in managing threats, risk and vulnerabilities that come along with major IT trends in 2013. From big data to BYOD, you will know how to address challenges headed your way.
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    • Compliance and Regulations

    • Recorded: Jun 6 2013
    • In a global business environment, organizations are facing a tough challenge when it comes to staying compliant with regional, national and international regulations. With heavy penalties for non-compliance, effective strategy around compliance management is crucial. Join this summit to hear thought leaders go in depth on how to stay compliant in accordance with newly enforced legislations such as FATCA, as well as with the other standards including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, ISO 2700, and COBIT 5.
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    • IT Financial Management

    • Recorded: May 15 2013
    • The IT landscape is not getting any simpler and the focus on financial management is as important as ever to respond to the increasing pressure of reducing costs. No longer can IT professionals leave this strictly to the finance department - everyone must work together to articulate the value IT brings to the business. Attend this summit to hear from leading experts, analysts and end-users on how to implement, manage and maintain a financial management strategy to better measure the costs of IT.
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    • IT GRC: From Hackers to Auditors

    • Recorded: May 15 2013
    • As auditors take on a more central and strategic role within organizations, there is increasing interaction between the internal audit team and stakeholders. Join this summit and learn from top thought leaders in the field as they share best practices in audit management. Learn about the evolving role of the internal audit, how to keep the hackers away and steps to a continuous audit.
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    • Bankruptcy & Restructuring Law

    • Recorded: Oct 1 2009
    • In the midst of a deepening financial recession, businesses are looking for ways to overcome their financial woes and do something to handle debts as their situation gets out of control, while others are looking for ways to collect debt from these companies filing for bankruptcy. This online summit will feature presentations by legal experts, offering best practice advice and actionable tips on bankruptcy proceedings and corporate restructuring.
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    • Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law

    • Recorded: Mar 26 2009
    • With the increase in corporate bankruptcies, debtors and creditors alike will require an unparalleled level of representation from the leading firms in this area. This summit explores the latest developments and best practices for business and legal professionals involved in bankruptcy proceedings and corporate restructuring.
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