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Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

  • This week on White Space, we look back at the news from DCD Converged conference in London. We’ve also brought back a special guest - Cole Crawford, CEO of Vapor IO and purveyor of unusual rack arrangements.

    We discuss various ways to reuse server heat and discover that Coca Cola is apparently using Internet of Things to develop new flavors of the sugary drink.

    Peter looks at the reasons behind the Telecity outage in the UK - but this outage has nothing on the recent data center fire in Azerbaijan, that left almost the entire country without access to the Internet.

    Also mentioned are the news about CA Technologies getting out of the DCIM business, the reinvention of liquid cooling company Iceotope and the fact that the US government has just discovered another 2000 data centers it didn’t know it had.
  • As advanced threats rapidly increase in complexity, technology must evolve to find smarter ways of detecting and blocking attack techniques across IT control points.

    Symantec has developed 3 innovative technologies with Advanced Threat Protection that will change the game - helping customers detect, prioritise and respond to threats within minutes – from a single console, with a single click.

    Join this webinar to understand how Symantec technology can improve your advanced threat protection.
  • IT organizations today are under constant pressure to deliver better services more quickly and with lower cost. Traditional approaches are being rapidly replaced with enabling technologies such as virtualization, software-defined architectures, and cloud computing, introducing more complexity while the relentless growth of data pushes the limits of scalability. As IT undergoes this transformation, backup and recovery services must transform with it, and together can enable a greater transformation for your business.

    Join our upcoming webcast to:
    •Identify three ways NetBackup 7.7 reduces the complexity of enterprise data protection
    •Understand three ways NetBackup 7.7 helps you scale with growth
    •Realize three ways in which NetBackup 7.7 can make your organization more agile
    •Learn about the latest capabilities added in the 7.7.1 release.

    Find out how you can improve enterprise backup and recovery and ultimately move faster and take bigger risks trusting that your information is safe.
  • Hear about 5 key storage advancements in this webinar. You'll learn:
    --How to enable greater infrastructure agility
    --How to cut storage-related costs by 60% or more
    --How customers benefit from recent storage innovations
  • Modern enterprise archiving is no longer about the long-term storage of data you’re required to keep and serves limited utility to the business. New cloud architectures are transforming what once was simply a means to protect corporate data to a more valuable information resource that helps address corporate compliance and litigation support needs.

    Join analysts from Blue Hill Research for this live event and learn how progressive organizations are gaining greater value from their archive of user data, converging data availability, archiving and governance to increasingly meet their wider corporate needs. During this webinar, the panel will review real life use cases and discuss:

    • The risks of decentralized and dispersed enterprise data
    • How unifying data availability and governance is bringing increased utility to organizations
    • Key considerations for designing a modern enterprise archive strategy

    Registrants will receive a complimentary copy of the full Blue Hill Research white paper on the subject.

    David Houlihan researches enterprise risk management, compliance and policy management, and legal technology. He is an experienced advisor in legal and technology fields with a unique understanding of complex information environments and business legal needs. As an attorney, he has held roles in the United States Attorney’s Office and more.
    For more: http://bluehillresearch.com/author/david-houlihan/

    James Haight focuses on analytics and emerging enterprise technologies, including exploring the business case development and solution assessment for data warehousing, data integration, advanced analytics and business intelligence applications.
    For more: http://bluehillresearch.com/author/james-haight/
  • Come join us as we learn how to tackle and manage big data application performance. First, Taneja Group Sr. Analyst Mike Matchett will present his take on how enterprise IT is now being challenged to support big data applications in real production environments. He'll discuss why too many enterprises haven't been as successful as they should in taking advantage of their big data opportunities - in many cases losing out to competitors. He'll explore what agile IT/devops really needs to do to not only effectively host, but deliver top-notch, consistent big data performance with the smallest infrastructure cost.
    Then Sean Suchter, co-founder and CEO at Pepperdata will present their compelling approach to solving big data cluster performance challenges. He'll demonstrate how Pepperdata's dynamic run-time optimizations can guarantee consistent performance SLA's in a shared multi-tenant Hadoop cluster. Because Pepperdata delivers detailed visibility into Hadoop cluster activity , the software becomes invaluable for cluster troubleshooting, reporting/chargeback, capacity planning, and other management and optimization requirements. With Pepperdata, IT can now effectively, efficiently, and reliably support all the business-empowering big data applications of an organization. This webcast will be 45 minutes with time reserved for Q+A.
  • Server Virtualisation has rapidly become an integral part of the IT landscape for most organisations, with upsides for both the business and the IT department. But, what’s next when it comes to managing your data?
    One likely destination is the Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC). Whilst the definition of the SDDC varies, and analysts debate how close to reality they really are, the consistent theme is the need for a high degree of virtualisation and process automation, driven by software, to deliver infrastructure as a service, in order to deliver benefit to the business.

    A software-defined data centre (SDDC) is a data storage facility in which all elements of the infrastructure -- networking, storage, CPU and security – are virtualized and delivered as a service. Deployment, provisioning, configuration and operation of the entire infrastructure is abstracted from hardware and implemented through software.

    Understanding the ramifications of the emergence of the SDDC, as well as the benefits, is central to gaining buy-in across an organisation. Join Commvault on the first of a series of webinars: “The Top 5 Principles of Backup Service Optimisation in a Software-Defined Data Centre”. Hosted by experts in the field of information and data management, you’ll increase your knowledge through valuable insights to aid in your transformational planning.
  • Backup is not the most fashionable of functions within the datacentre but it is one that every organisation faces. Nevertheless many firms, particularly at the mid and larger end of the scale, find it challenging to sustain high performance, service quality and control costs.

    The emergence of cloud infrastructure offerings such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Private cloud has only increased the appeal of abandoning the traditional labour-intensive, multi-vendor approach in favour of a service-led utility model.

    This raises the question – are you better off continuing with an in-house solution under your control or deploying a cloud service?

    The webinar will explore 5 challenges that need to be addressed by Enterprise customers looking to take advantage of the opportunity Cloud presents.

    You will learn about:

    * The impact on restore
    * Handling bandwidth constraints
    * Delivering to Service levels in the cloud
    * Assessing security and compliance commitments
    * The true costs and the impact of change
  • Enterprise IT and security experts are under increasing pressure to respond to complex network changes to keep up with growing business demands. Lack of network visibility hinders the ability to deliver services and applications with the security, speed and accuracy required for today’s heterogeneous IT environments. Add to this, the demand to mitigate cyber threats by reducing attack surface and improving overall security posture.
    Together, Tufin Orchestration Suite™ with Fortinet® Firewalls and FortiManager Network Security Management enable IT security teams to manage complex heterogeneous networks through a single pane of glass.
    In this session, experts from Fortinet and Tufin will show how security and network teams can achieve:
    •Visibility for the security posture and control of complex networks—from on-premise networks across hybrid cloud environments
    •Optimization of firewall policies
    •Continuous regulatory compliance and auditability with industry standards
    •Automated change design and verification
  • Hyperscale clouds get all of the press, but is it really a case of “go big or go home”? The giant cloud providers offer great prices on bulk storage but the cloud can act as much more than just a backup destination. There’s a lot of value residing within the individual cloud offerings of the data protection vendors, with an entire spectrum of services ranging from standard backup storage to Managed Archiving to Disaster Recovery as a Service. And more.

    Join us on this panel discussion to learn about what’s available and how to take full advantage of the range of cloud services offered so that you can precisely match vendors’ offerings to your business needs.

    Arun Taneja, Founder & Consulting Analyst; Taneja Group (Moderator)
    Christophe Bertrand, Vice President of Product Marketing; Arcserve
    Austin McChord, CEO & Founder; Datto
    Abhijit Dinkar, CTO, Dell Data Protection; Dell
    Mark Campbell, CTO; Unitrends
  • File storage is an ever growing costly, complex problem. Files sprawl is out of control forcing organizations to build storage environments with file servers or NAS, backup servers and media, disaster recovery sites, WAN optimization, replication, remote storage, and mobile solutions. Adding insult to injury, these solutions run out of capacity and need expensive upgrades and painful migrations.

    Cloud NAS does away with all of this by providing local NAS controllers which cache active files from a cloud based file system. This maintains the same user experience and performance, adds collaboration and mobile access, while securely eliminating separate backup, DR and remote data access solutions. Learn how cloud enables file storage with unlimited scale that saves company’s 40-60% of their storage costs and eliminates refreshes and migrations forever.
  • There are various new ways to perform data protection using the Cloud and many advantages of using the Cloud this way. However, IT managers need to carefully study all the alternative approaches and the experiences of others (good and bad) to avoid the pitfalls, especially during the transition from strictly local resources to cloud resources. In this live Webcast we will discuss:
    •Critical cloud data protection challenges
    •How to use the cloud for data protection
    •Pros and cons of various cloud data protection strategies
    •Experiences of others (good and bad) to avoid common pitfalls
    •Cloud standards in use – and why you need them

    The short presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with audience participation.
  • In an ideal world, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) acts as a central repository for security events, ingesting logs from disparate systems, identifying and correlating information, and utilizing threat intelligence against the resulting data set to identify problems.

    But those capabilities come at a setup cost. The promise is there, but SIEM implementation projects can elicit a groan from security managers at the same time.

    Join Daniel Kennedy, Research Director for 451 Research Voice of the Enterprise: Information Security, for a 45-minute webinar and Q&A summarizing key findings from more than 900 customer responses gathered during 451 Research's Q3 Voice of the Enterprise: Information Security survey.

    This Webinar will reveal:

    • The top concerns of information security managers
    • Where budgets are heading
    • The characteristics and inhibitors of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) in the enterprise, and
    • How customers position vendors in the competitive landscape as shown by 451 Research's proprietary Vendor Window.

    Come armed with your own questions - there will be time for Q&A at the end of the session.
  • This joint presentation from Commvault and Nutanix will show how you can make the most of your current cloud infrastructure by streamlining VM management and protection processes, and introduce you to the next generation Hyper Converged infrastructure.

    The session will cover how Commvault software can help to cut the cost of protecting your large scale VM estate or Cloud, while at the same time providing you with better RTO/RPO for your critical applications. Commvault works seamlessly with your existing systems and those from Nutanix, helping you to smoothly transition to a simpler, more scalable hyper converged model. Our partners at Nutanix will explain their mission to make datacenter infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on applications and services.

    The topics that will be covered are:

    Protection at scale: leverage your existing infrastructure to make it simpler
    Effective ways to improve the RPO/RTO of applications in your cloud
    The evolution of your datacenter and simplifying your infrastructure
    Hyper convergence with web-scale Foundation
    A first look at Nutanix Acropolis & Prism

    Join us both and gain real world, practical strategies to deploy advanced datacenter solutions in you environment.
  • Enterprise IT organizations continuously need to prove their value. Operational excellence is at the core. Attending this webinar allows you to get first hand insights into a unique closed-loop process for a highly effective and fast incident response. If you are an IT Admin, on-call engineer, IT Manager, Business Continuity Manager or need to stay up-to-date on everything that is going on - this is the perfect session for you.
  • Managing Clouds - Why, What, How, Where and Who?

    With Ian Moyse,
    - 2015 Sales Director Of Year
    - Board member Eurocloud and the Cloud Industry Forum,
    - TalkinCloud Top200 Cloud Expert
    - SMBNation Top150 Channel Influencer
    - Onalytica's #1 Top 100 Cloud Influencers
  • Join Microsoft Chief Strategist James Staten and HOSTING VP of Product Sean Bruton for this eye-opening exploration into – and discussion about – the successful union of Azure with managed services to optimize your cloud (and business) performance.
  • This week on White Space, we have data centers that float, data centers inside pyramids and data centers with ridiculously low PUE.
    Peter reports on his trip to Dublin for Host in Ireland conference: there’s news about subsea cables and a change of rhetoric from Ireland’s data protection commissioner.
    Bill details (hopefully) the last chapter in the saga of a Paris data center owned by Interxion.
    We also look at Amazon’s data protection gambit in Germany – the company simply handed over the running of AWS facilities to a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, in order to earn the trust of local customers.
    The episode concludes with some music box fun, courtesy of 4D Data Centres.
  • VM replication technologies like SRM or Zerto aren’t always the best way to replicate and protect all workloads. For example, most databases have native replication that’s more context-sensitive than hypervisor-based block-level replication. Join me, Darrell Hyde, HOSTING CTO, on November 12, 2015 for DR in the Cloud: Finding the Right Tool for the Job – an interactive webinar where I’ll discuss:
    •Common use cases
    •Different approaches to DR
    •Pros and cons of each approach
    Bring your questions for a live Q&A at the end of the webinar! I’ll see you there!
  • In a landscape filled with new threats and new regulations, risk management has never been more critical to senior leaders across all sectors. The growth of data is increasing exponentially, organizations are suffering from volatility across all risk types, and need to re-think their enterprise risk strategy. At the heart of this strategy is the need for a single consistent view of the data, and a data-centric, multi-platform approach to secure valuable customer and corporate data assets, end-to-end.

    Join our experts as they discuss a new generation of risk technologies which use a holistic approach to data management and address the risks inherent when data is at rest in storage, in motion on the network, and in use in analytics and business processes.