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The unexpected nature of natural disasters and other disruptive events means that preparation is key to managing disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Join the business continuity and disaster recovery community for live and recorded presentations discussing best practices for business continuity planning, disaster recovery programs and business continuity management. Learn from BCDR experts to develop your critical infrastructure and gain insight into tactical solutions to your BCDR issues.
  • Learn how to take control of your data by using advanced encryption, centralized key management and cutting edge access controls and policies. In this session, Imam Sheikh, Dir. Product Management at Vormetric, and Tricia Pattee, HOSTING Product Manager will discuss how to proactively address PCI Compliance in the cloud, protect intellectual property and comply with data privacy and system integrity regulations. Join this informative webinar to learn about HOSTING and Vormetric data encryption security solutions and best practices that have helped leading Fortune 500 businesses protect their sensitive data across their private, public and hybrid cloud environments!

    What you'll learn:
    • How data encryption helps prevent data breaches
    • How to address PCI compliance requirements in the cloud
    • How to safeguard cardholder information that is stored in a variety of different databases and versions
    • The HOSTING and Vormetric approach to securing data in motion and at rest
  • Was geschieht, wenn Hacker in Ihre Systeme eindringen, und wie Sie schnell reagieren können.

    Diese Woche zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie einen potenziellen Angriff schnell und noch vor dem Verlust von Daten erkennen können. Mithilfe von ATP-Technologien können Sie schneller und flexibler auf die Situation reagieren und die folgenden drei Fragen leichter beantworten: „Wie?“, „Was?“ und „Wo?“

    Im zweiten Teil dieser dreiteiligen Webcast-Reihe erfahren Sie, wie ATP-Technologien gewährleisten können, dass Ihr Unternehmen darauf vorbereitet ist, schnell zu reagieren, sollte es Ziel eines Angriffs werden.
  • Qué sucede cuando los elementos maliciosos penetran en su infraestructura y cómo reaccionar rápidamente.

    Durante esta semana comentaremos cómo podemos detectar vulneraciones potenciales rápidamente, antes de que se pierdan los datos. La tecnología para amenazas avanzadas le proporciona una respuesta rápida y ágil, y al mismo tiempo le ayuda a responder tres sencillas preguntas: cómo, qué y dónde.

    Únase a nosotros en nuestro segundo capítulo de esta serie de tres partes, con el fin de que entienda cómo las tecnologías ATP pueden encargarse de que su empresa esté lista para reaccionar rápidamente en caso de que ocurra una vulneración.
  • Businesses of all sizes are creating incredible amounts of irreplaceable data and depend on the availability of their systems to keep their business up and running. There are no exceptions.

    Perhaps, this is why Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is growing 50% year-over-year and on pace to become a $12 billion market by 2020. DRaaS is especially appealing to midsize organizations that lack the budgets and in-house expertise to maintain recovery operations on their own.

    Discover how emerging DRaaS solutions are challenging traditional DR methods by delivering affordable, simple, and secure methods to failover business apps within 15 minutes.

    At this webcast you will:

    -Understand the trade-offs of current DR methods
    -Learn about Disaster Recovery as a Service
    -Discover the five questions you have to ask potential DRaaS solution providers
  • What happens when bad stuff gets in, how to react fast

    Even with the best intelligence sitting at your network perimeter to keep ‘bad stuff’ out, the reality is that at some point a breach will occur. Targeted attacks can hide, appearing as ‘good stuff’ until they’re inside the corporate network, able to begin impacting systems and stealing valuable data. Recognizing that an attack has started is only the first phase, understanding the level of penetration is key – and this can only be achieved with advanced threat technologies that can detect and remediate across multiple control surfaces, correlating data and able to focus down to fine-grain levels.

    Missed the first webcast? If a breach is inevitable, what should I do? How best to prevent attack, and keep bad stuff out - View on-demand here -

    Sign up for Webcast 3 - Piecing back the jigsaw, what can I learn? Understanding what happened, and getting back on track fast -
  • Ensure your data protection strategy is ready for the new world order of data protection, and meets the nine Rs of backup and recovery: Rebuild, Reduce risk, Restart, Restore, Resume, Roll back, Roll forward, Run your business, and in general, Recover information. IT expert Greg Schulz explains how to make that happen in this webcast.

    Everything isn’t the same when it comes to IT data centers, applications, data, organization size and data recovery needs, but there is one constant: The need for critical application recovery. Learn about industry trends, as well as common IT organization threats, risks, challenges and requirements. In addition, Dell data protection experts Kay Benaroch and Robert Amatruda will show additional ways to ensure reliability, data recovery and overall resiliency. Join us and discover:

    •Why data recovery applies to everyday scenarios as well as headline news events
    •How your organization can’t go forward if you can’t go back in time (recovery)
    •Ways the Dell data protection toolbox adapts to your environment
    •Methods to ensure business continuity through data protection appliances
  • This webinar will consider the complementary disciplines of security, crisis, business continuity and disaster response, blending theoretical and practical applications. It should interest practitioners and students of organizational resilience at advanced levels as it will bind together the various complementary disciplines necessary to become resilient into a single holistic approach. The webinar will aim to develop insights and discussion about how to match the needs of security and risk to the requirements of business continuity and impact management; and to identify the intuitive and learned skills to anticipate, respond to and recover from the many unwanted issues that can arise and threaten organizational capability.

    It will be set in the context of a dynamic, changing world where new threats such as embedded terrorism, social media risk generation, food and logistics security, environmental issues, governance and legislation (as examples) can affect resilience significantly. Many of us look at single elements – this will combine many complementary and potentially conflicting elements in a single analysis and discussion.
  • Business continuity encompasses a loosely defined set of planning, preparatory and related activities which are intended to ensure that an organization's critical business functions will either continue to operate despite serious incidents or disasters that might otherwise have interrupted them, or will be recovered to an operational state within a reasonably short period. As such, business continuity includes three key elements: 1. Resilience: critical business functions and the supporting infrastructure are designed and engineered in such a way that they are materially unaffected by most disruptions, for example through the use of redundancy and spare capacity; 2. Recovery: arrangements are made to recover or restore critical and less critical business functions that fail for some reason. 3. Contingency: the organization establishes a generalized capability and readiness to cope effectively with whatever major incidents and disasters occur, including those that were not, and perhaps could not have been, foreseen. Contingency preparations constitute a last-resort response if resilience and recovery arrangements should prove inadequate in practice.
  • Information. A single word that represents all your customer data, staff records, and source of strategic and competitive advantage. To do right by regulators, customers and shareholders you need to properly manage it, and that job is made harder by our desire to work flexibly. And with this flexibility comes the need to access data stored in the cloud using mobile devices. With these changes, many organisations are reviewing their approach to managing critical information. We believe that these three questions help you focus on the fundamentals:
    1.Where is it being stored?
    2.How is it being used?
    3.How do I protect it against loss and theft?
    Join Christian Brindley and Sunil Choudrie as they explain what is critical information; why managing it is so important; and how you can discover, monitor and protect it using Data Loss Prevention.
  • Ce qui se produit en cas d’infiltration, et comment réagir rapidement.

    Nous verrons cette semaine comment détecter une violation potentielle rapidement et avant toute perte de données. Advanced Threat Protection vous permet de réagir avec rapidité et agilité. Vous pourrez répondre aux trois questions : « Comment ? », « Quoi » et « Où ? ».

    Participez à la deuxième et avant-dernière partie du webcast pour comprendre comment les technologies ATP permettent à l’entreprise de réagir rapidement à une violation.

    Inscrivez-vous ici

    Webcast 1: Advanced Threat: que faire en cas de violation de sécurité inévitable? -

    Webcast 3 Advanced Threat: reconstituer le cheminement d’une attaque et en tirer les leçons -
  • خلال هذا العرض سوف أقدم نظرة عامة عن دليل الممارسات المهنية الخاص بمعهد استمرارية الاعمال وذلك عن طريق توضيح ماهي استمرارية الاعمال وماهي اهميتها للافراد وللمؤسسات وللمجتمعات وماهي الممارسات المهنية الخاصة بالمعهد , وماهي العناصر الاساسية في دورة حياه ادارة استمرارية الاعمال والتي من خلالة تتحرك المؤسسة لتحسين المرونة التنظيمية الخاصة بها وكذلك سوف يتم توضيح كيفية المطابقة مع متطلبات المعيار القياسي الايزو 22301 بأستخدام الممارسات المهنية الستة الخاصة بمعهد استمرارية الاعمال .

    هذا العرض سوف يقدم في اطار السعي لزيادة المحتوي العربي المتاح في علم استمرارية الاعمال
  • Every year, retail companies are seeing more of their revenue shift to the ecommerce part of their business during the holiday season. For 2015, revenue from ecommerce sites during the holidays is forecasted to yield over $82 Billion, an increase of 14% over 2014. With this amount of retail revenue moving to ecommerce sites, companies cannot afford to have any downtime that might deter customers from accessing their site and or having a smooth customer experience. Of all the ways an ecommerce site might be affected to upset a business during a busy revenue-generating holiday season, cyber breaches are usually not thought as one of them until it’s too late.

    Security breaches are an increasingly damaging threat within the retail and ecommerce industry and can disrupt the availability and revenue of ecommerce and retail businesses. In some cases, several of the highest–profile breaches have occurred to household names, and have resulted in millions of records being released–at the cost of tens of millions of dollars–and in at least one case, costing executives their jobs. It is of course important that all retail organizations learn lessons from these breaches so as to not duplicate errors from the past.

    In preparation for one of the biggest revenue seasons of the year for ecommerce and Retail, Tricia Pattee, Security Product Manager from HOSTING and Paul Fletcher, Security Evangelist from Alert Logic will provide insight into the latest cyber security trends related to ecommerce and retail as well as the following:
    · Examine the attack vectors and the profile of the threat actors of cyber attacks
    · Provide an understanding of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that are affecting retail and ecommerce companies
    · Discuss defenses against the retail and ecommerce-related breaches to help detect and prevent copycat attackers
  • Join us for this webinar to learn how active-active replication available only through WANdisco Fusion allows you to run a single Hadoop namespace across multiple clusters located around the world.

    In this webinar, you’ll see:

    * How slower, lower bandwidth WAN connections can impact distributed Hadoop clusters and how to mitigate that impact

    * How to use 100% of your data center resources for robust disaster recovery without leaving hardware idle

    * How to keep your Hadoop clusters running during necessary maintenance and upgrades
  • You know from experience that today’s data center needs to be agile, cost-effective and secure in the face of prolific threats. Enterprises, carriers and ISPs also demand network security that can meet their massive data and capacity demands. So how can you stay ahead of burgeoning bandwidth demands while ensuring that your network (and job) is protected?

    Join security expert Ken Dang for a special live webcast, where he’ll present a network-based model for scaling a next-generation firewall (NGFW) beyond 100Gbps deep packet inspection (DPI) — all at a low cost.

    In this webcast, you’ll learn how you can:

    •Accommodate growth for 10, 40 or 100+ Gbps data centers
    •Assure availability and connectivity without compromising security
    •Achieve scalable security through inspection and prevention of intrusions, viruses, spyware and other threats
    •Visualize all applications, users and groups traversing your firewalls
    •Save up to 85%* compared to the nearest competitive solution
  • Well-known writer and presenter Nathaniel Forbes MBCI offers three simple steps to help you give more persuasive presentations.

    Whether you’re pitching business continuity management to the C-suite, pleading for your department’s headcount or reporting post-exercise successes, you can move your audience to action with these three steps to a persuasive presentation.

    1.Develop a ‘story’.
    The human brain has been wired for story since our ancestors drew on cave walls. Every disaster, every invocation, every successful recovery reveals stories of sacrifice, personal resilience and individual initiative. Behind the facts, there’s a story in your presentation, too – one your audience will remember.

    2.Make an emotional connection.
    People may forget what you said, they may forget what you did, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. To move people to action - to make them care about business continuity - you must reach for their feelings. Gently…but intentionally.

    3.Use pictures.
    It’s impossible for anyone to read and listen at the same time. Speaking over text bullets on a screen behind you is distracting and confusing to the audience. Instead, choose powerful images that make your point and support your story. The best ones are often the photographs you take yourself.
  • Securing your data is your number one priority, but it’s at risk because of the very things that help make your organization successful - cloud and mobile. Did you know 80% of breaches could be eliminated with two-factor authentication?

    For IT departments, the challenge is supporting the explosion of devices with access from anywhere, and cloud-based apps that contain your data, but are not within your visibility or control.

    Many times the only thing between your data in the cloud and attackers is a password – and passwords alone are vulnerable, costly and complex.

    Tune in live on September 23, 2015 to learn:

    - How your organization can confidently embrace cloud and mobile with
    secure access from any device.

    - Why eliminating the password improves the security and convenience
    of two-factor authentication.
  • Securing your data is your number one priority, but it’s at risk because of the very things that help make your organisation successful - cloud and mobile. Did you know 80% of breaches could be eliminated with two-factor authentication?

    For IT departments, the challenge is supporting the explosion of devices with access from anywhere, and cloud-based apps that contain your data, but are not within your visibility or control.

    Many times the only thing between your data in the cloud and attackers is a password – and passwords alone are vulnerable, costly and complex.

    Tune in live on September 23, 2015 to learn:
    - How your organisation can confidently embrace cloud and mobile with secure access from any device.
    - Why eliminating the password improves the security and convenience of two-factor authentication.
  • Did you know that Google protects all of its Gmail and Google Apps data in the cloud with tape? Did you know that the National Center for Supercomputing stores over 300 PB’s of near-line data on tape? If not, then you should attend this important new webcast. In this presentation, Arcserve will describe how tape continues to evolve and improve and how tape media continues to play an important role in your data center.
  • HP Connected was a great desktop era backup solution, but no longer meets the needs of the mobile world. Typically as much as 20% of HP Connected’s backups fail, leaving vital corporate data not only unprotected, but also at risk for IP loss, damaged reputation, and millions in fines.

    Join Julio Hernandez, Senior Consultant and Endpoint Engineer from one of the world’s leading global management consulting firms, to learn how they overcame legacy software limitations by switching from HP Connected to Druva inSync in less than 30 days.

    Register for this webcast to learn how to:

    * Reduce backup failure rates; realize comprehensive data protection while maximizing end-user productivity

    * Leverage your backed up data for improved governance and vastly simplified, cost-efficient data collection and preservation for legal holds and eDiscovery

    * Quickly and cost effectively migrate your existing HP Connected environment with specific steps and details for what such entails
  • In today’s enterprise landscape, you have to be on 24x7. And because any downtime can be disastrous, the need for a robust cloud-based continuity solution has never been greater. Learn how the unique continuity as-a-service solution from HP and Veritas keeps you up and running.

    Attend this session and learn how:
    •Meet recovery requirements of your organization and departments while providing a strong ROI
    •Allow workloads to be easily migrated between HP Helion OpenStack eco systems
    •To recover large number of hosts within the cloud
  • Dealing with what most businesses would classify as emergencies or serious incidents on a regular basis, the Armed Forces and emergency services have a high degree of built-in resilience, being primarily structured for contingencies. Having moved into business continuity after serving 10 years in the British Army Intelligence Corps, Laura Mazzara shares some of the key lessons she has identified from her Army experiences, and how they can be applied to business continuity. Charlie Maclean-Bristol will consider these lessons from a training perspective and how they can be practically applied to BC training.
  • The idea of data deduplication is commonly tossed around in today’s IT world, especially within data protection circles. But while the concept might be simple, how it gets executed varies greatly and how deduplication is implemented can have a serious impact on production processes and cost.

    Shrinking your storage footprint exponentially or not so much depends on the decisions you make. Find out about the challenges and benefits you may come across when applying deduplication to your backups in this can’t miss webcast!
  • Healthcare organizations cite “willingness to sign a BAA” as their top consideration when evaluating cloud service providers (CSPs). But what are you really signing up for when you execute your CSP’s BAA? Are you getting the protection your organization needs? Join Steve Yoost, General Counsel of HOSTING, for a discussion on how to ensure your BAA safeguards your PHI and meets your HIPAA compliance needs.
  • Companies everywhere are drowning in data. They are collecting more of it, and at an accelerated pace, while at the same time depending on it more than they have before. Data centers are being constructed around the world to house all this information, but research shows that more than two-thirds of what is being kept is worthless.

    That’s where Veritas comes in.

    The demand for our information management services has never been higher, as there will be more than 44 zettabytes of data in the world by 2020. Using current approaches, IT organizations will be incapable of managing that data – they don’t have the financial or human resources. At Veritas, our business is structured on addressing this issue. We are focused on helping companies harness the power of their information – wherever it resides – by driving availability and revealing insights across heterogeneous environments.

    Join this webcast to learn more about the Veritas vision, where an information-centric approach is taken over infrastructure-centric and we explain our three core beliefs;
    • More data does not deliver more value
    • Infrastructure availability does not mean application availability
    • Not all data is created equal
  • Migrating your Hadoop cluster between versions or distributions is difficult. It is a critical process that if done incorrectly can lead to the loss of data, system downtime, and disruption of business activities.

    In this webinar, learn how you can mitigate the risk in a migration through the development of a comprehensive migration strategy and leveraging tools like those from WANdisco to simplify and automate your migration.
  • Конвергенция используемых Вами традиционных инфраструктур резервного копирования с устройствами Veritas NetBackup ─ это оптимальная стратегия для Вашего бизнеса. Это самый эффективный способ существенно упростить резервное копирование и восстановление данных.
    Одно усовершенствованное решение позволит Вашей компании масштабировать среду любого размера и типа — физическую, виртуальную или облачную. А увеличение производительности и эффективности поможет сэкономить время и деньги. У Ваших сотрудников будет достаточно времени, чтобы сосредоточиться на работе с клиентами и деятельности, которая увеличивает Ваш доход. А увеличение дохода обеспечит Вам больше возможностей для внедрения инновационных решений.
    Сколько же денег можно сэкономить с помощью Veritas NetBackup, особенно в виртуализированной среде?
  • Die Konvergenz herkömmlicher Backup-Infrastrukturen mit Veritas NetBackup-Appliances ist die richtige Strategie für Ihr Unternehmen. Es ist die effizienteste Methode, um Ihr Backup und Ihre Wiederherstellung deutlich zu vereinfachen.
    Mit einer einzigen optimierten Lösung kann Ihr Unternehmen sein Backup für Umgebungen jeder Größe skalieren – ob physisch, virtuell oder cloudbasiert. Leistung und Effizienz werden erhöht und Sie sparen Zeit und Kosten ein. So haben Ihre Teams mehr Zeit, sich auf Ihre Kunden und gewinnbringende Projekte zu konzentrieren. Denn höhere Gewinne bedeuten, dass Sie mehr in Innovation investieren können.
    Wie viel Kosten können Sie also mit Veritas NetBackup einsparen, insbesondere in einer virtualisierten Umgebung?
  • La convergence des infrastructures de sauvegardes personnalisées avec les appliances Veritas NetBackup est la stratégie adaptée à votre entreprise. Il s'agit de la manière la plus efficace de simplifier considérablement votre sauvegarde et votre récupération.
    Grâce à une solution rationalisée, votre entreprise peut évoluer vers n'importe quelle taille et n'importe quel type d'environnement (physique, virtuel ou cloud). Grâce à l'amélioration des performances et de l'efficacité, vous économiserez du temps et de l'argent. Vos équipes auront alors le temps de se concentrer sur vos clients et sur les activités génératrices de revenus. Et grâce à cette augmentation de revenus, vous pourrez innover.
    Alors, combien pouvez-vous économiser avec Veritas NetBackup, en particulier dans un environnement virtualisé ?
    Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant à notre Webcast diffusé le 7 octobre
  • Veritas NetBackup appliance è la soluzione efficace e innovativa che semplifica e ottimizza le procedure di backup e recovery.
    Una soluzione pratica che garantisce la scalabilità necessaria per adattare il tuo business ad ambienti, fisici, virtuali e cloud. Performance ed efficienza cresceranno insieme ai profitti: i tuoi team potranno dedicarsi ai clienti e alle attività di business, promuovendo al meglio l'innovazione!
    Che benefici puoi ottenere con le appliance NetBackup di Veritas?
    Scoprilo partecipando al nostro Webcast del 7 ottobre.
  • Don’t stay behind. Embrace convergence
    Staggering complexity. Relentless growth. Bare metal, Virtual, Private Cloud? Sound like your data center and the daily challenges you face in your backup infrastructure?

    Register for this webcast and get straight answers on simplifying enterprise data protection, scaling for growth, and increasing agility. You’ll learn how Veritas NetBackup reduces complexity through comprehensive integration, a converged platform, and efficiencies through automation and self-service operation.

    Attend the webcast and learn how to:
    •Reduce the increasing complexity of protecting a modern enterprise IT environment
    •Scale with the relentless growth of the modern enterprise data center
    •Adapt your backup infrastructure to challenge your traditional backup model?
    •Ensure you understand how your can modernize your backup with converged backup appliances

    Learn how to you can focus your team on activities that drive revenue.
  • For years, most endpoint security strategies have revolved around endpoint anti-virus, but this approach is clearly unable to keep pace with modern threats. To mitigate their risks, IT organizations need to rethink their current endpoint security strategies and move past these reactive security technologies. In order to set organizations down the right path, we will present Forrester’s five design principles of an effective endpoint security strategy, helping security professionals to place attack surface reduction and tool integration as their central focus points within their own strategies. Ultimately, this will allow organizations to better deal with the influx of new device types and data access requirements while reducing the likelihood of data breaches.
  • Migrating your Hadoop cluster between versions or distributions is difficult. It is a critical process that if done incorrectly can lead to the loss of data, system downtime, and disruption of business activities.

    In this webinar, learn how you can mitigate the risk in a migration through the development of a comprehensive migration strategy and leveraging tools like those from WANdisco to simplify and automate your migration.
  • Learn how data encryption and encryption key management address compliance for healthcare providers and payers. Join Derek Tumulak, VP Product Management at Vormetric, and Tricia Pattee, HOSTING Product Manager as they discuss how HIPAA/HITECH regulations impact electronic protected health information (PHI) and best practices to safeguard sensitive patient data.

    Discover how:
    • HIPAA and HITECH regulatory mandates impact data security for healthcare institutions
    • Strong encryption and policy-based access controls provide a separation of duties between data security and system administrators
    • Secure key management and policy management ensure consistency in applying policies and encryption keys to both structured and unstructured data
    • Rapid implementation is achieved because encryption is transparent to users, applications, databases and storage systems
    • The HOSTING and Vormetric cloud solution can satisfy HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirements in the cloud
  • Comprenez ce qui s’est passé et rétablissez l’activité rapidement

    Au cours des deux premiers webcasts, nous avons vu pourquoi les violations sont inévitables et comment détecter rapidement un menace avancée. Dans ce dernier épisode, nous allons voir comment Advanced Threat Protection peut efficacement résoudre le problème et supprimer les malwares de vos systèmes. Rétablir l’activité, cependant, ne suffit pas : il faut aussi améliorer sa préparation pour l’avenir. Nous y viendrons également

    Inscrivez-vous ici.

    Webcast 1: Advanced Threat: que faire en cas de violation de sécurité inévitable? -

    Webcast 2 - Advanced Threat Protection : j’ai subi une violation de sécurité, que s’est-il passé ? -
  • Entienda qué ha ocurrido y cómo restablecer sus operaciones rápidamente

    En este último capítulo hablaremos sobre cómo la tecnología para las amenazas avanzadas puede también solucionar y eliminar de forma efectiva el malware de sus sistemas. Pero sabemos que no quiere simplemente reanudar sus operaciones, sino que también prefiere estar mejor preparado de cara al futuro. Por ello también describiremos un enfoque concreto para ayudarle a conseguirlo.

    En los dos primeros webcasts hemos comentado por qué una vulneración puede ser inevitable y cómo puede detectar rápidamente una amenaza avanzada.

    1) Inscríbase ahora -
    2) Inscríbase ahora -
  • Every day, your organization is creating more data that is critical to the operational success of your company. Making sure that you have a proper backup solution to recover data is not only important, it’s vital to the long term success of your business.

    Even though users are creating more mission critical data than we have ever seen in the past, that doesn’t mean your backup solution has to be expensive. In this webinar we cover a wide range of options about how you can effectively backup your content without breaking the bank.

    The solutions we will cover will take into account being highly fault-tolerant, mindful of high performance, and assurance that your data will be available when you need it.
  • Come capire cosa è accaduto e ripristinare rapidamente l'operatività

    Nei primi due Webcast abbiamo parlato del perché una violazione sia un problema inevitabile e come rilevare rapidamente una minaccia avanzata. Nell'ultimo appuntamento, illustreremo come la tecnologia Advanced Threat Protection può rimediare al problema rimuovendo con efficacia il malware dai tuoi sistemi. Ma il tuo obiettivo non è solo ripristinare l'operatività, è soprattutto evitare che il problema si ripeta in futuro. Quindi ti proporremo un approccio utile anche per approfondire questo aspetto.

    Hai perso i primi due Webcast della serie? Puoi guardarli on-demand adesso.

  • There’s little doubt that DDoS attacks continue to rise in size, frequency and complexity. It’s also true that DDoS attacks impact organizations of all types – from service providers to cloud/hosting providers to enterprises in all verticals and regions of the world. In this session, Arbor’s Carlos Morales, VP of Sales Engineering, along with a panel of Arbor Service Provider and Enterprise customers, will discuss their experiences with DDoS attacks and best practices for DDoS attack defense.
    The panel will discuss:
    -Their DDoS attacks trends and top challenges.
    -Their recommended best practices in DDoS defense.
    -The importance of threat intelligence.
    -The future of DDoS and role of Arbor products and services.

    Steve Bendall
    Head of Network Security DDoS
    BT Security

    Roman Lara
    Network Engineer II

    Alexander Miranda
    Director of Security

    J. Marc Hopkins
    Network Services Manager
    SouthWest Ohio Computer Association
  • The 2015 Alert Logic Cloud Security Report (CSR) has been released! This year’s CSR provides new insights that can prove valuable to organizations who are in the process of building out their security framework. Join Johan Hybinette, HOSTING CISO, and Stephen Coty, Chief Security Evangelist at Alert Logic, for a discussion on the latest industry research findings, trends and best practices on protecting your organization’s IT infrastructure. We’ll discuss these three trends and their impact on the industry:

    •Cloud adoption remains strong as cloud attacks grow.
    •Industries and customers drive threat profile.
    •Examining the kill chain construct drives understanding
  • Understand what happened, and get back on track fast

    Identifying and neutering a breach is only half of the work that needs to be done – now the business needs to know what systems were impacted, clean up the damage and get things back to normal. Advanced threat technology has visibility from the cloud into network and onto endpoints. This means unparalleled visibility into not only what happened, but also what was affected and how best to clean up after a breach. A complex attack will not be simple, and it will have spread fast, but being able to understand the route taken into the network makes it simpler, and faster, to deploy a security response, and use what has been learned to ensure better preparation for the future.

    Missed the first 2 webcasts?

    Webcast 1: If a breach is inevitable, what should I do? How best to prevent attack, and keep bad stuff out -

    Webcast 2 - I’ve been breached, what happened? What happens when bad stuff gets in, how to react fast -
  • Verstehen, was geschehen ist, und schnelle Wiederherstellung des normalen Betriebs

    Im letzten Beitrag dieser Reihe beschäftigen wir uns damit, wie ATP-Technologie außerdem die Folgen eines Angriffs effektiv beheben und Malware aus Ihren Systemen entfernen kann. Es geht jedoch nicht allein darum, den normalen Betrieb wiederherzustellen, sondern auch um Maßnahmen, die Sie ergreifen können, um in Zukunft besser vorbereitet zu sein. Daher beschreiben wir hier einen Ansatz, der Sie dabei unterstützen soll.

    Sie haben die ersten beiden Webcasts verpasst? Sehen Sie sich die beiden Teile auf Abruf an.

  • This webinar is presented by Eddie Potts, Senior Service Management Consultant, who recently completed an MBA achieving a Distinction. His study included a research project concerning the "implementation of service management”.

    Eddie previously delivered a successful webinar about “Implementing Service Management” in which he compared and contrasted the real life practice to the academic theory concerning service management implementations which can be found on our BrightTALK channel. This follow up webinar builds upon this theme and discusses “at what point have we implemented service management” and “how do we maintain the momentum".
  • Energy costs rising, manpower resources falling – managing a data center is getting more stressful by the day. One cold night could be all it takes to tip your power supply over the edge. And let's not forget the never-ending demands from IT for additional space.

    More information on its own is not the answer. Join Rittal's webinar to understand how to:

    • Lower your power consumption and OPEX charges, with 'smart' power distribution
    • Identify issues before they become problems, with intelligent PDUs' monitoring capabilities
    • Expand your DC as your business grows, with modular PDUs
    • Profile your power requirements to help you plan and make better-informed decisions


    Note: All attendees will receive a free copy of the latest White Paper from Rittal.
  • Reputational risk, often called reputation risk, is a risk of loss resulting from damages to a firm's reputation, in lost revenue; increased operating, capital or regulatory costs; or destruction of shareholder value, consequent to an adverse or potentially criminal event even if the company is not found guilty. Adverse events typically associated with reputation risk include ethics, safety, security, sustainability, quality, and innovation. Reputational risk can be a matter of corporate trust.
  • Veritas, azienda Leader nella protezione delle informazioni e VMware, azienda leader nella virtualizzazione, ti spiegano come le Piccole e Medie Imprese possono ridurre i costi e migliorare le performance con la virtualizzazione delle infrastrutture.
    Le Piccole e Medie Imprese devono proteggere le informazioni e sapere dove esse risiedono per ottimizzare le operations.
    Con la combinazione delle soluzioni Backup Exec e vSphere with Operations Manager tutto questo è possibile.

    Partecipa a questo webcast tecnico e avrai l'opportunità di interagire con i nostri esperti.
  • How long can you afford to be without data?

    45% of businesses surveyed said that they had experienced a data loss in 2014. Downtime can come from any direction, in any form, at any time. Astonishingly, three-quarters of IT professionals say that they have never calculated the hourly cost of downtime.

    Join David Beeler as he explores how you can reduce the impact of downtime on your business to near zero, whilst making it easier for you to manage your systems.