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Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

  • Do you want to learn about new disaster recovery options from Microsoft experts? Have you been putting off trying new technology due to time pressures or not knowing where to start? Do you think your disaster recovery strategy would benefit from a refresh?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to register for this webcast. You will learn:
    •How to replicate any workloads to Microsoft's global datacenters
    •How to back up data and protect workloads with nearly infinite scalability
    •How to implement a hybrid replication using both cloud and on-premises solutions
    •How to create a backup without needing to buy more tape
    •How to back up your Windows clients (including Windows 10) to remote storage

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  • Inherent risks in web, mobile and cloud applications are keeping security practitioners up at night, according to the 2015 SANS survey on application security.

    In this webcast, learn about the growing threats against applications, why applications are so risky, why you need to include application security in your enterprise security program, and how to get started.

    Attend this webcast and be among the first to receive the associated whitepaper written by SANS Dean of Research, Johannes B. Ullrich, Ph.D.
  • Overhead power distribution in your data center offers many attractive possibilities, but is not without its challenges.

    Join Starline's Director of Marketing, Mark Swift; CPI’s Senior Data Center Consultant, Steve Bornfield; and University of Florida's Joe Keena for an exploration of the options and some of the pitfalls, supported by real-life examples from the field.
  • Peter is investigating DevOps, Bill looks at security while Max is stuck on the infrastructure level
  • The goal of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is to lower the operational costs of supporting an organization’s desktops and laptops. A VDI project should make it easier for IT to support users, keep the organization safe from viruses and better protect its data assets. The key to a successful VDI project is user adoption. But while many organizations consider using an All-Flash Array (AFA) to deliver the performance that will lead to user adoption, the problem is AFAs drive up the cost per desktop, increase the vulnerability of the architecture and encourage additional storage silos.

    Join Storage Switzerland and Cloudistics for an informative webinar that will provide an alternative approach that meets user’s performance expectations while leveraging existing – and often already paid for – storage hardware and does not introduce new silos of storage.
  • In this session we will discuss how state and local government organizations can create modern cloud applications in Microsoft Azure. Learn how you can help modernize your agency and the services you deliver to citizens using:
    •Devices that are sensors, sensor gateways or IoT devices that are publishing events to Event Hub either directly or using Microsoft IoT Hub SDK
    •Gateways - a logical component that groups processing, management of event processors
    •Event processor routes and device actors - Device Actors are chained with various other actor types that are responsible for aggregating, storing, analysis and reporting on device events

    Key takeaways:
    •Initiate a project using Visual Studio Online
    •How an IoT pattern can be used in Azure IoT Hub using a presentation and references to real tenants.
  • Corporations increasingly rely on their enterprise services bus (ESB) as the communication center to link multiple IT systems, applications and data. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong in the ESB it can have a cascading affect, impacting critical applications. Determining the root cause of the problem is a challenge for most IT organizations, since ESBs serve as a ‘black box’, offering little insight into the issue.

    Now, you can assess and resolve performance issues for applications that communicate across your ESB, before they affect your users. Join Richard Nikula, Vice President, Product Development and Support at Nastel, to learn how Nastel AutoPilot for CA Cross-Enterprise APM lets you analyze application behavior in real-time in production, test and development environments.
  • At the BCI World Conference in November, the Business Continuity Institute, supported by Zurich Insurance Group, launched their annual Supply Chain Resilience Report. This webinar is a presentation of some of the key findings of the report. This includes that nearly one in ten organizations are not aware of who their key suppliers are, leaving them open to severe disruption as they are unable to manage their supply chain effectively.
  • Learn how to protect your business against localized disaster, eliminate capital expense, and answer the cloud mandate with Quantum’s newest cloud offering – Q-Cloud Protect for AWS. This webinar will explain what this new offering is, and how it enables you to leverage the public cloud for disaster recovery with a solution that plugs into your existing backup environment.
  • Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) allows you to manage devices, applications, and access simply and securely. In this webinar, we will dive deeper into this industry-leading solution and discuss some of the newest features.

    Register for this webcast to learn about:
    •New EMS features, including Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) and Mobile Application Management (MAM)
    •How to provide remote access and single sign-on to on-premises web applications with Application Proxy
    •Azure AD auditing capabilities, and how you can easily report on security events for any Azure-AD protected application or service

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  • Joshua “Jedi Master” Stenhouse will show you how to protect your data center from the worst disasters the death star can dish out. We’re talking all of Alderaan failed over and live within seconds. Governor Tarkin can suck it! Plus, you don’t want to miss the best giveaways and network diagrams in the galaxy…register today!

    In this Star Wars themes webinar you’ll learn more about Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR), the industry’s leading hypervisor-based replication solution for VMware environments that:

    Delivers robust business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) for VMware, Hyper-V and AWS.
    Meets the hardest SLAs while being easy to use.
    Supports public, private or hybrid clouds.
    Easily migrates production workloads across different infrastructures.
  • Napkins, notepads, and multiple devices – keeping notes is a mess. Research suggests that the average employee spends roughly 76 hours a year looking for misplaced notes, items or files (Brother International Organization, 2010).

    Imagine what you could do if you could capture all your ideas and information in one versatile digital notebook. Join us for this webcast to learn how you can harness the power of digital notetaking. Start by collecting and organizing all kinds of information.

    In this webcast, you’ll learn now you can get more hours out of the day by:
    •Collecting information from multiple sources into one handy notebook. For example, grab a news clip off the web, record an inspired idea on the go and combine handwriting, spreadsheets, diagrams, even email.
    •Accessing your information from nearly any device, any time. Use familiar Microsoft Office tools to access your notebook.

    Microsoft OneNote makes it easier to collaborate, whether you want to share your notes with colleagues, add them to a meeting or work together on the same notebook. It’s the simple, more effective way of getting down to business. Join us for this webcast to learn how you can get started organizing your business today.
  • No wired connection can deliver 100% uptime. Fortunately, there are practical, convenient, and affordable ways to ensure your organization is not disrupted due to an outage.

    In this webinar, our experts will discuss network failover solutions and next generation Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) through the cloud. Next generation OOBM allows the ability to extend management capability to any primary router Out-of-Band without a static IP. Equipped with Power-over-Ethernet for flexible, unobtrusive placement anywhere to optimize cellular reception, this powerful solution reduces truck rolls, consolidates infrastructure, and maximizes uptime for businesses that require always-on connectivity.

    Join Cradlepoint and guest speaker Ken Silay, former director of technology for Chico’s FAS Inc., for a webinar to learn how businesses today are using Cradlepoint solutions for 99.999% network uptime.

    Attendees will learn:
    -How to mitigate the costs of downtime with 4G LTE
    -The advantages of next generation Out-of-Band Management
    -How Cradlepoint’s turnkey failover networking solutions seamlessly integrate with existing network infrastructure
  • Les entreprises ont besoin de travailler de manière plus flexible et cette nécessité devient source de défis. Gérer les données et les collaborateurs, où qu’ils se trouvent, avec l’émergence de nouvelles technologies, peut vous amener à penser que la protection de vos informations est un défi insurmontable.

    À partir du 22 janvier 2016, nous organisons une série de webcasts consacrés à la protection des informations. Des experts spécialisés en débattront et vous guideront pour la protection de vos informations en temps réel. Nous examinerons comment utiliser les données pour prendre de meilleures décisions et comment les actions entreprises avant, pendant et après un incident peuvent réduire l’impact subi.

    Laurent Heslault , Directeur Statégie Sécurité
    Hervé Doreau, Directeur Technique
    Stéphane Laguerre, Spécialiste DLP
    Cédric Pottier, Spécialiste User Authentication
  • As Git has grown in popularity many IT organizations are wondering if migrating from Subversion to Git is inevitable. The two have different strengths architecturally and support different models of development. This webinar will describe how to ensure you provide developers with the most appropriate tool.
  • Is your unstructured data growing rapidly? Is your budget strained? Has managing your storage become too time consuming and complicated?

    In this session, Adrian Herrera, VP of Marketing, will share Caringo’s experiences working with hundreds of customers of various sizes across a number of different industries so you can learn:

    · The differences between block, file and object storage
    · What benefits are achieved by implementing an object store
    · What common use cases are addressed by object storage
    · If object storage is right for your business
  • Your encrypted data is only as secure as your encryption keys. A strong encryption key management strategy is essential for a comprehensive security policy, as well as meeting compliance requirements. Attendees of this presentation will learn:

    - Principles and best practices for encryption key management including key management, key storage, secure key retrieval, key escrow, key mirroring, industry standards, compliance guidelines, and system audit
    - Why certifications are important for meeting compliance regulations such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA/HITECH
    - How key management systems work and how to evaluate vendor solutions.

    This is a non-technical session but will be of value to developers and implementers. Attendees will learn the core principles of effective and secure encryption key management. These principles can be used in developing in-house key management solutions or in evaluating vendor solutions.

    What you'll learn:

    - What is encryption key management and why is it important?
    - Principles of industry-standard key management
    - Industry must-haves for effective key management
    - Challenges of home grown key management solutions
    - Important certifications for meeting compliance and evaluation vendors
  • The world of backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity is being disrupted by new approaches taken from the playbook of web-scale companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Enterprises are adopting distributed systems-based, software-defined architectures that simplify management, streamline protection, increase uptime and reduce costs by as much as 60%.

    This session will provide insight on how software-defined storage (SDS) facilitates new ways to protect, manage, replicate, and recover data. Specifically, you’ll learn:

    • How a hyperscale architecture built on commodity hardware delivers better and more efficient protection for your data and applications
    • How to create a single geo or metro storage cluster that offers high-availability without the management headaches and high cost of traditional approaches
    • How to take advantage of a public cloud like AWS as a tier for older, colder data and as a DR site for a truly hybrid approach
  • Join the DCD team again this week, as they discuss AMD's ARM based efforts, waste heat, BT's EU deal and cloud for Canucks and much more! Enjoy.
  • Es cierto que las empresas necesitan mayor flexibilidad laboral, pero esto conlleva desafíos. Gestionar los datos y a los trabajadores estén donde estén, unido al uso de nuevas tecnologías, puede hacer que la protección de su información suponga un reto casi insuperable.

    A partir de enero del 20 de enero de 2016 organizaremos una serie de webcasts relacionados con la protección de la información. En ellos, varios expertos del sector darán su punto de vista y nos guiarán a través de los fundamentos de la protección de información en tiempo real. También veremos cómo emplear los datos para tomar mejores decisiones, y cómo las acciones que tomemos antes, durante y después de un incidente pueden minimizar su impacto.