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Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

  • Scaling Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery On-Prem & in the Cloud Scaling Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery On-Prem & in the Cloud Todd Furst and Rich Ross, Technical Solutions Professionals, Microsoft Recorded: Feb 17 2017 44 mins
    Help protect your organization's data and applications. Even a minor outage can put you at a competitive disadvantage.

    Mitigate your risk and be ready with a business continuity plan that enables backup and disaster recovery if needed. Increase capacity, decrease costs, and delivery disaster recovery at cloud scale.

    Join this webcast to learn how to:
    - Implement disaster recovery for all your major IT systems
    - Unify data management, security, and protection
    - Provide protection for your data and applications, no matter where they reside
    - Extend on-premises backups storage and data archiving solutions to the cloud
  • Think beyond GDPR – Integrate your cyber defences Think beyond GDPR – Integrate your cyber defences Sunil Choudrie & Robert Arandjelovic Recorded: Feb 16 2017 64 mins
    How do you stop GDPR becoming just a burden to your business? By using it to fundamentally review your information security and data privacy plans. Why?

    As GDPR is based on the principal of good data governance, adopting that mindset will not only ease your ability to comply, but reduce other business risks. A focus on a robust, long term, data protection strategy will deliver ongoing benefits, particularly as cyber threats and data protection are cited as top risks to organisations. Encompassing information protection and security, within your GDPR plan will allow you to utilise existing infrastructure allowing to focus on the key improvement areas.

    Join our panel to hear their views on the most common hurdles organisations face, and how integrating technology can help you overcome these. The webinar will provide a basic overview of the GDPR regulations, identify an approach you can take to develop your plan and discuss the merits of different technologies in improving data protection. The panel will also identify the wider implications, particularly regarding security culture and process design to ensure successful implementation of your strategy.
  • SEP 14 Product Tour: 15 Years Running, a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant SEP 14 Product Tour: 15 Years Running, a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant Symantec Recorded: Feb 16 2017 5 mins
    Every endpoint is a launch pad for a cyber attack, no matter how it touches your network. Our multi-layered endpoint protection provides everything from file reputation and behavioral analysis to advanced machine learning AI. And Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 is our lightest and the strongest endpoint protection on the market.
  • A Deep Dive into StorNext 5.4 (APAC) A Deep Dive into StorNext 5.4 (APAC) Dave Frederick, Sr. Director of Product Marketing - Quantum and Nick Elvester, Sr. Product Manager Recorded: Feb 16 2017 28 mins
    Quantum's StorNext 5.4 brings new levels of performance, efficiency, flexibility and compatibility to media storage and data management. Enhancements include more tiering options, support for integrated applications, and even faster network connectivity.
  • StorageSwiss Podcast: Analysis, Briefings, Google vs. Amazon Cloud Storage StorageSwiss Podcast: Analysis, Briefings, Google vs. Amazon Cloud Storage Charlie Hodges, Storage Switzerland Recorded: Feb 15 2017 46 mins
    Join us for our next live podcast. We will provide analysis on the latest news like:
    * Carbonite buying DoubleTake
    * Violin Memory being bought at auction
    * StorageCraft buying Exablox
    * Datto buying OpenMesh

    Will also review our recent briefings including:
    * Talon
    * Vembu
    * Actifio
    * Zoolz
    * Bluelock
    * HubStor

    In this episode’s deep dive our analyst team will discuss the pros and cons of Amazon and Google cloud storage. NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED!
  • Best Options for Failover in Retail Best Options for Failover in Retail Landon Reese, Cradlepoint Recorded: Feb 15 2017 46 mins
    In retail, the rapid adoption of omnichannel services, automation, digitization, IoT and mobile devices, and cloud-based applications has rendered Internet and downtime unacceptable. From helping customers to handling back-office duties, retail staff need 24/7 connectivity to do their jobs effectively.
    Retail IT professionals need flexibility and numerous options for providing Internet failover, router redundancy, and business continuity in a variety of locations and circumstances.
    At 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET on Feb. 15, 2017, join Cradlepoint’s Landon Reese to explore the best options for failover in retail, as enterprises look to improve the customer experience and save time, money, and man-hours.
  • Automation for Check Point R80 & Rule Decommissioning Automation for Check Point R80 & Rule Decommissioning Amnon Even Zohar, Director of Cloud Product Management & Maya Malevich, Director, Product Marketing Tufin Recorded: Feb 15 2017 40 mins
    For many enterprises 2017 will be the year they start automating security changes for increased agility across their hybrid network.
    Tufin is ready to provide policy-based automation across legacy and next generation networks, physical FWs and cloud platforms.
    Join us to learn about the enhancements in Tufin Orchestration Suite R16-4:
    •Policy-based automation for Check Point R80
    •End-to-end automation for rule and server decommissioning
    •Built-in enforcement of cloud tag policy
    and much more.
  • FileFly and DFSR (Distributed File System Replication) Support FileFly and DFSR (Distributed File System Replication) Support Glen Olsen, Product Manager Recorded: Feb 14 2017 48 mins
    Caringo Product Manager Glen Olsen takes an in-depth look at how FileFly 2.0 supports Microsoft Distributed File System Replication and how you can protect your organization’s data with limitless tiering.
  • Data Warehouse Migration: Benefits & Best Practices for your Big Data Solutions Data Warehouse Migration: Benefits & Best Practices for your Big Data Solutions Ivan Kosyakov, Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft & Mark Lochbihler, Director of Partner Engineering, Hortonworks Recorded: Feb 14 2017 24 mins
    Is your data warehouse meeting your customers needs?

    Your business users are demanding analytics over unstructured data, and to fully realize the value of data, you need a complete platform that can manage both structured and unstructured data with security, consistency, and credibility.

    Is your data warehouse up to the task? When does it make sense to augment your data warehouse or completely migrate to an alternative?

    Data warehouse and big data solutions from Microsoft provide a trusted infrastructure that can handle all types of data, and scale from terabytes to petabytes, with real-time performance.

    Join this webcast to:
    - Learn about the process, tools, and reference architectures for data warehouse migration
    - Understand when it's time to augment your data warehouse or migrate to an alternative
    - Get to know the benefits of migrating off of insufficient solutions with a specific use case from Hortonworks
  • ETL and big data: Building simpler data pipelines ETL and big data: Building simpler data pipelines Paul Scott-Murphy Recorded: Feb 14 2017 61 mins
    In the traditional world of EDW, ETL pipelines are a troublesome bottleneck when preparing data for use in the data warehouse. ETL pipelines are notoriously expensive and brittle, so as companies move to Hadoop they look forward to getting rid of the ETL infrastructure.

    But is it that simple? Some companies are finding that in order to move data between clusters for backup or aggregation purposes, whether on-premises or to the cloud, they are building systems that look an awful lot like ETL.
  • Tech Demo - Simplify SecOps with Single-Dashboard Monitoring Tech Demo - Simplify SecOps with Single-Dashboard Monitoring Cheryl O'Neil - Dir. Prod. Mktg.; Kedar Dhuru - Sr. Prod. Mgr.; Ido Tzang - System Architect Recorded: Feb 14 2017 39 mins
    Managing data security across a distributed enterprise – deployed on-prem or in the cloud – is a daunting task. Imperva has powerful centralized management and reporting solutions that unify and streamline security operations to simplify distributed management. This webinar will provide an overview of SecureSphere MoM, providing visibility into system wide performance and problem areas by aggregating performance and status metrics for individual MX Management Servers, Gateways and Agents in a single dashboard view.
  • Battling Unknown Malware With Machine Learning Battling Unknown Malware With Machine Learning Dr. Sven Krasser, Chief Scientist, CrowdStrike Recorded: Feb 13 2017 58 mins
    Learn about the first signature-less engine to be integrated into VirusTotal

    CrowdStrike recently made headlines by announcing that it is the first machine learning-based engine to be integrated into VirusTotal. VirusTotal is the premier nexus where all reputable AV vendors transparently publicize their detection results and share malware data for the greater good. The addition of CrowdStrike’s advanced machine learning engine to this anti-malware industry staple is a major leap forward for users who rely on VirusTotal capabilities to help defend their endpoints.

    In this live CrowdCast, CrowdStrike’s Chief Scientist Dr. Sven Krasser offers an exclusive look “under the hood” of this unique machine learning engine, revealing how it works, how it differs from all other signature-based engines integrated into VirusTotal to date, and how it fits into the larger ecosystem of techniques used by CrowdStrike Falcon to keep endpoints and environments safe.

    Topics will include:

    •What CrowdStrike Falcon machine learning is and how it works
    •How to interpret results of machine learning-based threat detection
    •How users can benefit from the CrowdStrike Falcon machine learning engine
    •How this cutting-edge technology fits into the CrowdStrike Falcon breach prevention platform

    Featured Speaker:

    Dr. Sven Krasser
    Chief Scientist, CrowdStrike

    Dr. Sven Krasser is a recognized authority on network and host security. He currently serves as Chief Scientist for CrowdStrike, where he oversees the development of endhost and cloud-based Big Data technologies. Previously, Dr. Krasser was at McAfee where he led the data analysis and classification efforts for TrustedSource. He is the lead inventor of numerous key patented and patent-pending network and host security technologies and is the author of numerous publications on networking and security technologies.
  • Is your SAN All Flash Storage Array Ready? Is your SAN All Flash Storage Array Ready? Bill Sleck, Systems Engineer Recorded: Feb 9 2017 36 mins
    Join this webinar to learn about the Dell EMC Storage Network Assessment and other free tools like Dell EMC SAN Health with Mitrend.
  • Podcast - What is DRaaS? Podcast - What is DRaaS? Charlie Hodges, Storage Switzerland Recorded: Feb 9 2017 17 mins
    Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a recovery option that is getting a lot of attention right now. In this live podcast, Storage Switzerland and Carbonite cover exactly what DRaaS is and whether or not your organization should consider it? Join us as we cover all things DRaaS. We’ll even answer all your DRaaS related questions.
  • Oracle Optimized Deduplication Deep Dive Oracle Optimized Deduplication Deep Dive Mel Shum, Dell EMC Global Technology Office Recorded: Feb 9 2017 31 mins
    Dell EMC’s Data Domain deduplication engine is data agnostic.  This means the engine will attempt to find duplicate segments in the backup stream and deduplicate it by referencing the existing segment already on the Data Domain.  Normally, if the data has not changed, the backup stream should be theoretically identical.  In this webcast, we discover how RMAN modifies the Oracle database backup stream making it difficult to deduplicate and how an mtree option enables the deduplication engine via a more sophisticated algorithm to handle the modifications made by RMAN.
  • Effective Patch Strategies for Windows 10 and Office 365 Effective Patch Strategies for Windows 10 and Office 365 Damon Covey, Director of Product Management, Symantec Recorded: Feb 9 2017 50 mins
    Are you aware of the changes Microsoft introduced for providing updates to Windows 10 and Office 365? These changes for feature and cumulative updates and roll-ups have caused confusion and additional complexity for many enterprises.

    Join our webinar to learn:
    - What these changes are
    - How these changes can impact managing your environment, especially for patch management
    - How IT Management Suite will simplify keeping Windows 10 and Office 365 up to date
  • Verizon: Retail & Finance - Lessons Learned from Managed SD WAN Deployments Verizon: Retail & Finance - Lessons Learned from Managed SD WAN Deployments Scot Allen, Dir. Services, Verizon & Brian Promes, Sr. Dir. Prod. Mktg, SevOne & Ramesh Prabagaran, VP Prod Mgmt., Viptela Recorded: Feb 7 2017 57 mins
    Join us and our strategic partner Verizon, for an on-demand webinar discussing our Managed SD WAN solution. This session will explain how Managed SD WAN can help increase bandwidth, agility and reliability while maintaining security through real life use cases and in-field deployment scenarios in the Retail & Finance sectors.
  • Introducing FileFly 2.0 Introducing FileFly 2.0 Glen Olsen, Product Manager Recorded: Feb 7 2017 41 mins
    Do you have one or two Windows file servers filling up too quickly? Would you like to store near unlimited data and improve performance while avoiding expensive additions or upgrades? Tune in to hear Glen Olsen, Caringo Product Manager, explain how you can accomplish this feat with FileFly for Swarm—a complete, automated file lifecycle management for limitless tiering of storage. In addition, Glen will discuss the powerful tiering data protection enhancements in FileFly 2.0.
  • Meet DataCore: Data Infrastructure for Next-Generation Data Centers Meet DataCore: Data Infrastructure for Next-Generation Data Centers Carlos Nieves, Director Marketing, DataCore Software Recorded: Feb 7 2017 34 mins
    We think differently. We innovate through software and challenge the IT status quo.

    We pioneered software-based storage virtualization. Now, we are leading the Software-defined and Parallel Processing revolution. Our Application-adaptive software exploits the full potential of servers and storage to solve data infrastructure challenges and elevate IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business.

    DataCore parallel I/O and virtualization technologies deliver the advantages of next generation enterprise data centers – today – by harnessing the untapped power of multicore servers. DataCore software solutions revolutionize performance, cost-savings, and productivity gains businesses can achieve from their servers and data storage.

    Join this webinar to meet DataCore, learn about what we do and how we can help your business.
  • INFORMS - Associate Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®) Overview INFORMS - Associate Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®) Overview Polly Guthrie-Mitchell, Laura Ladrie Recorded: Feb 7 2017 58 mins
    On Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 10:30am PT/1:30 pm ET, join us for this special webinar, hosted by Polly Mitchell-Guthrie, SAS, and Laura Ladrie, North Carolina State University, to learn how the aCAP can help distinguish your analytics program. 
  • The Future of Machine-Based Penetration Testing The Future of Machine-Based Penetration Testing Sion Retzkin - Cronus Cyber Technologies Recorded: Feb 7 2017 34 mins
    The majority of internal and external cyber-attacks begin with exploiting vulnerabilities in the network and targeted applications. Over 99% of actual attacks exploit known vulnerabilities listed as known Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs). The traditional defence is to probe the system using manual or automatic vulnerability scanning techniques; but this produces a lot of redundant and irrelevant information that does not shed any light as to whether a hacker can use the vulnerability to reach a critical asset. The only solution today is human penetration testing, but infrequent testing does not reflect the network's dynamic nature, especially in today's virtual and cloud based environments.
    A fresh approach to support manual penetration testing and enhance cyber resilience is to continuously and automatically test the network, applications and databases by using penetration testing techniques to expose vulnerabilities, establish complex attack path scenarios in real time and provide security and business insights to act on.
    This presentation will look at the technology and role of machine-based penetration testing.
  • Securing Industrial Control System (ICS) - What you need to know Securing Industrial Control System (ICS) - What you need to know Rob Caldwell, Manager, Mandiant Consulting Recorded: Feb 6 2017 45 mins
    Our Mandiant Industrial Control Systems (ICS) practice will discuss findings which have been captured over recent ICS security engagements which highlight critical security areas for customers. The discussion will focus on the Mandiant methodology that is used in ICS related engagements and examples of findings which are relevant to ICS customers; with specific focus on the relevant security challenges facing these ICS customers. At the end of this discussion, the Mandiant practice will open up for Q&A on the topic.
  • Todo lo que necesita saber de la protección de cargas de trabajo sobre OpenStack Todo lo que necesita saber de la protección de cargas de trabajo sobre OpenStack Cesar Funes - Commvault Technical Partner Enablement Manager Recorded: Feb 3 2017 51 mins
    A medida que evoluciona la virtualización, una nueva generación de nubes privadas se vislumbra en el horizonte. Probablemente se plantea usted mismo reducir costes derivados de la nube mediante el aprovechamiento de la tecnología Open Source, para proporcionar un entorno web escalable y desarrollar una nueva generación de aplicaciones.

    Conozca en este webinar de la mano de Cesar Funes, Technical Partner Enablement Manager South Region, cómo asegurarse de que cuenta con una estrategia efectiva de protección y recuperación de servicios desplegados sobre instancias de OpenStack, y de las tecnologías que le permiten afrontar la construcción de su nube privada sin perder seguridad, granularidad y control sobre las copias de sus datos.
  • Top Deployed SD-WAN Use Cases (Part Two) Top Deployed SD-WAN Use Cases (Part Two) David Klebanov, Director Technical Product, Viptela Recorded: Feb 2 2017 40 mins
    This live demo will cover the major use cases of SD-WAN that are applicable to both large and small enterprise scenarios.
    These include:
    - Distributed media streaming with multicast
    - Enabling cloud-security capabilities with Zscaler
    - Segmentation and per-segment topologies
    - Service insertion and service chaining
    - Virtualized elements for Cloud (IaaS+PaaS)
    - Zero touch provisioning
  • BBC | Cinegy | Quantum Webinar BBC | Cinegy | Quantum Webinar Roland Rodgers - BBC, Andrew Ward - Cinegy and Janet Lafleur - Quantum Recorded: Feb 2 2017 59 mins
    How BBC Northern Ireland Turned Decades Of Content Into A Secure, Accessible Petascale Archive

    As the national branch of the BBC, BBC Northern Ireland produces a complete schedule of news and current affairs programming that it distributes over two television channels, two radio stations, and multiple online platforms.

    BBC NI also delivers content from other BBC production centers to Northern Ireland audiences. In addition, its facilities also serve as a central digital archive for the Rewind Projects, hosting thousands of hours of existing content from all of the BBC’s different national sites.

    To meet their challenge of storing, protecting, and making the content available for reuse, they turned to a workflow management solution from Cinegy built on the Quantum StorNext storage platform.

    Attend this webinar and learn more about key elements of the BBC NI solution:

    • Unified asset management environment spans multiple, discrete storage tiers for storing video and audio essences together with metadata

    • Teams of users and applications in all areas have fast, simultaneous access to all media content on disk and tape

    • Automated movement of data between disk and tape tiers for backup and archive

    • High-speed, multi-stream transcoding delivers content quickly for accelerated production because data is visible on any computer

    • Dual-redundant systems supports around-the-clock operations and provides back-end storage support to ensure DR protection

    • A scalable solution that can grow as storage demands increase in the future