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Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

  • HPC Comes of Age: Handling Large Data Sets with Object Storage
    HPC Comes of Age: Handling Large Data Sets with Object Storage Glen Olsen, Product Manager Recorded: Sep 26 2017 61 mins
    High-Performance Computing (HPC) has come of age, and object storage is a key enabler as we have access to larger and larger data sets. Join Caringo Product Manager Glen Olsen to learn how object storage can be used to manage massive pools of data and how Caringo's multi-protocol ingest capabilities, elimination of storage silos and advanced search capabilities are enabling organizations in the 21st century.
  • Improve application response times with Software-defined Storage?
    Improve application response times with Software-defined Storage? Sushant Rao,Sr. Director of Product Marketing, DataCore & Bill Hansen, Sr. Product Manager & Product Planner, Lenovo Recorded: Sep 26 2017 31 mins
    Surveys show that 61% of companies have experienced slow applications after server virtualization, with 77% pointing to I/O problems as the culprit. Companies are desperately trying to improve their I/O performance to speed-up applications and increase VM density.

    The most common performance measurement is IOPS, but is this the best metric?

    IOPS depends on a number of variables, including the type of workload being simulated, read/write percentages, sequent/random percentages and block size. Most importantly, IOPS doesn’t indicate the response time.

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss better ways to measure response times as I/O increases. These metrics will help you understand why some storage products can claim high number of IOPS but still perform poorly when they are used for critical applications in production.

    We will also show how a software-defined storage appliance (the Lenovo DX8200D Powered by DataCore) can speed up your applications.
  • Hitting Your Data Protection Sweet Spot
    Hitting Your Data Protection Sweet Spot Storage Switzerland, Carbonite Recorded: Sep 26 2017 58 mins
    The data protection process sometimes has objectives that seem to be in opposition to one another. On one side, the organization needs rapid and frequent data captures so that RPOs and RTOs are met. On the other side, there is a need for cost effective long term retention so that the organization is protected from ransomware. Finding the right balance between these extremes is called hitting the data protection sweet spot. In this live webinar, experts from Storage Switzerland and Carbonite will help you get there.
  • Making the Digital Transformation a Reality
    Making the Digital Transformation a Reality Laura DuBois, IDC & Ashvin Naik, Dell EMC Recorded: Sep 26 2017 57 mins
    Making Digital transformation real is a tough challenge for most businesses. A successful strategy is to start with a data platform that simplifies data collection, consolidation, protection and preservation which further drives insights, and services at scale. Laura Dubois, Group Vice President of Storage, Servers, and Infrastructure at IDC joins us to discuss why organizations should be prioritizing the data platform as they embark on their digital transformation journey.
    In this webinar you will learn about industry trends that are reshaping how IT is used as a strategic asset extracting the value of your data effectively. You will also learn about how Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) can build on insights to modernize and build cloud native applications accelerating your move to the third platform and beyond.
  • Risk in the Cloud: Measuring and Mitigating with an Expert
    Risk in the Cloud: Measuring and Mitigating with an Expert Maurice Stebila, CISO, Harmon International, Dan Rheault, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Tufin Recorded: Sep 26 2017 45 mins
    The public cloud is a critical asset for enabling business agility, but the new rapid pace of cloud deployments cannot come at the expense of security. In a time when risks are regularly introduced through the diffusion of ownership of the cloud, security teams need to develop ways to identify the risks introduced to their network, understand how to measure those risks, and devise and employ risk mitigation strategies.

    This Tufin-hosted webinar will feature Maurice Stabila, CISO of Harmon International, a Fortune 500 company. Maurice is an award-winning, published, and internationally renowned leader in IT security. Attendees of this webinar will gain a better understanding of what risks are persistent in the public cloud, how your organization can measure cloud-specific risk, and gain exposure to some techniques for successfully managing cloud risk.

    Join us to hear an industry expert’s approach to solving these new security problems.
  • Once bitten Twice Shy – (Maybe)!
    Once bitten Twice Shy – (Maybe)! Mark Penberthy FBCI Recorded: Sep 26 2017 31 mins
    One would think that catastrophic incidents of global proportions would cause organizations globally to exercise extra vigilance in ensuring that these events do not recur, particularly in their proverbial back yards!

    Surprisingly, as we continue to analyze events which have caused untold damage and disruption to organizations, we have to ask ourselves; are they becoming less frequent and why do we seem to see history repeating itself?
  • Is Your Data Safe from Ransomware?
    Is Your Data Safe from Ransomware? Gregg Ogden, Senior Manager and Don Foster, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing Commvault Recorded: Sep 26 2017 45 mins
    Data Protection in the Age of Ransomware
    Ransomware Attacks on the Rise

    Ransomware happens. Is your data environment optimized to make recovery as fast and painless as possible?

    Watch this webinar to hear Commvault’s top experts in Ransomware discuss a prescriptive approach for how your organization should be prepared if a massive ransomware attack gets through your defenses.

    In this webinar you will learn about:
    - Working with Media Agents
    - Recovering Clients and Applications
    - Protecting your Data Environment
  • Policy Management Part 3: Stewardship and maintenance
    Policy Management Part 3: Stewardship and maintenance Michael Rasmussen, The GRC Pundit, GRC 20/20 Recorded: Sep 26 2017 37 mins
    How should you manage and maintain policies? GRC Pundit, Michael Rasmussen discusses the act of keeping policies current in a world of business change, risk change and regulatory change.

    • Policy enforcement and assessment of compliance
    • Policy governance, steering committee and the role of the policy manager
    • Policy metrics and improvement
    • Policy maintenance and updates
    • How technology enables the management and maintenance of policy
  • Defending your endpoints from attacks starts with effective patch management
    Defending your endpoints from attacks starts with effective patch management Thomas Hemker, CISSP, CISM, CISA Director Security Strategy, CTO Office Symantec Recorded: Sep 26 2017 42 mins
    Like many other attacks, the high-profile cyberattacks this year (Wannacrry, NotPetya) have exploited vulnerabilities for which patches and updates already existed.

    Register for this short webinar for an overview on the biggest attacks of the year and learn more about how Symantec Patch Management provides visibility and compliance across today’s heterogenous environments to protect against similar attacks in the future.
  • DFLabs IncMan Product Overview
    DFLabs IncMan Product Overview Oliver Rochford, VP of Security Evangelism; Mike Fowler, VP of Professional Services Recorded: Sep 26 2017 32 mins
    Learn how DFLabs IncMan can help you automate, orchestrate and measure your incident response and security operations.

    By joining this webinar you will have the opportunity to discover DFLabs IncMan and how our solution can help you to:

    - Minimize Incident Resolution Time by 90%
    - Maximize Analyst Efficiency by 80%
    - Increase the amount of handled Incidents by 300%
  • Why sales people fail...and what you can do about it
    Why sales people fail...and what you can do about it Nigel Dunand Recorded: Sep 26 2017 42 mins
    •Sales cycles dragging on?
    •Not getting in front of enough on-profile prospects?
    •Frustrated by prospects haggling on price?
    •Tired of hearing the same old excuses from your sales team?

    If you manage sales people, and any of these types of challenges resonate with you, then sign up for this webinar.

    •Learn the importance of having a system for selling, and coaching your people to stick to it.
    •Find out why selling features, advantages, and benefits wastes everyone's time.
    •Discover how closing for a decision, YES or NO, can improve your sales teams effectiveness and efficiency.
  • BCI Cyber Resilience Report 2017
    BCI Cyber Resilience Report 2017 Gianluca Riglietti CBCI Recorded: Sep 25 2017 26 mins
    The BCI Cyber Resilience Report is an analysis of cyber security incidents experienced by organizations across the world, and how they respond to them. These types of incidents are not rare occurrences with two-thirds of organizations experiencing at least one disruption during the previous year, while 15% report at least ten. Furthermore, one third of respondents report cumulative losses in excess of €50,000, while 13% put this figure in excess of €250,000.
  • The Keylight Platform 2-Minute Overview
    The Keylight Platform 2-Minute Overview LockPath Recorded: Sep 25 2017 2 mins
    Our award-winning Keylight Platform is used by organizations across industries, to automate business processes, manage risk, and demonstration regulatory compliance – all in an effort to achieve audit-ready status.

    Learn more about LockPath, the Keylight Platform, and the full family of apps by visiting us at www.lockpath.com.
  • VRM Roadmap: Navigating to an Effective Vendor Risk Management Program
    VRM Roadmap: Navigating to an Effective Vendor Risk Management Program Sam Abadir, Director of Product Management, LockPath Recorded: Sep 22 2017 17 mins
    In this webinar, LockPath's Sam Abadir answers 5 questions on the road to reaching an effective vendor risk management program:

    • What encompasses Vendor Risk Management?

    • Who needs to know about Vendor Risk Management?

    • How does someone approach building a VRM program?

    • What does that approach look like today?

    • What will that approach look like in the future?
  • Cómo afrontar los retos de Cloud, GDPR y Ransomware
    Cómo afrontar los retos de Cloud, GDPR y Ransomware David Sanz Commvault Solution Specialist Recorded: Sep 22 2017 49 mins
    Muchas nuevas tendencias y realidades están acaparando los medios especializados en el sector de las TIC. Todos los actores relacionados de alguna manera con este mundo aseguran tener mensajes, productos, servicios o cualquier tipo de oferta para cada uno de los casos. La realidad suele ser más compleja, y con frecuencia los mensajes son inconexos.

    Tendencias como la nube (en cualquiera de sus formas) y retos como la adopción de GDPR y el riesgo de amenazas de tipo ransomware pueden parecen a priori muy distantes entre sí. Sin embargo, la realidad es diferente.

    Al fin y al cabo, estos tres conceptos están basados en datos. La nube nos permite mover, acceder o servir nuestros datos de una forma diferente; GDPR nos obliga a tener una visibilidad completa de todos nuestros datos para poder identificarlos, eliminarlos o presentarlos según demanda este marco legal, y por último el ransomware es una amenaza que secuestra y pide un rescate a cambio de devolvernos nuestros datos.

    Los datos, por lo tanto, están en la raíz de estos retos, riesgos y oportunidades. Esto significa que una gestión y protección eficientes de dichos datos van a permitir estar mejor preparados para afrontar estas situaciones. Por ello, la visión unificada de Commvault aporta un valor diferencial.

    Acompáñenos en este webinar, donde analizaremos:

    •Cómo aplicar esta visión para mitigar los riesgos asociados con los ataques cada vez más frecuentes de ransomware
    •Qué valor aportamos tanto a aquellos que quieran mover sus cargas a nube pública como a los que están transformando su modelo de IT interna hacia el “As a Service”
    •Cómo ayudamos a estar más preparados para el cumplimiento de GDPR gracias a nuestro indexado de contenido y conocimiento detallado del dato corporativo
  • Out with the old, in with the new: changing perceptions of Business Continuity.
    Out with the old, in with the new: changing perceptions of Business Continuity. Chris Rhodes (Senior Consultant, PlanB Consulting) and Gordon Brown (Senior Consultant, PlanB Consulting) Recorded: Sep 22 2017 39 mins
    Chris and Gordon argue that a lasting tendency to focus on outdated or improbable threats, risks alienating millennials and may even de-value the BC profession in the future. Take, for example, loss of staff due to a winning lottery syndicate, or even the ever-prominent focus on loss of premises. Whilst we cannot rule out any eventuality, is this really the kind of subject matter that will excite prospective millennial BC professionals?
    Talking from their own experience and looking at the 2017 BCI Horizon Scan Report, they discuss the current threat landscape, arguing that with growing digitalisation and increased cyber risks, never before has there been such exciting prospects for young people in BC.
  • The Four Requirements of a Cloud-Era File System
    The Four Requirements of a Cloud-Era File System Storage Switzerland, Nasuni Recorded: Sep 21 2017 63 mins
    File systems are the heart of most organizations. They’re how critical unstructured data assets are stored, organized, and shared. But with files exploding in size and quantity as well as the cloud offering potentially cheaper and more scalable storage than traditional NAS, a new set of requirements is needed. Is your file system ready? Find out in this live webinar.
  • Strategies for the CompTIA Security+ Exam: SYS-501
    Strategies for the CompTIA Security+ Exam: SYS-501 Matt Salmon, CyberVista Lead Instructor Recorded: Sep 21 2017 58 mins
    Are you considering in earning the Security+ certification from CompTIA? A new version of the Security+ exam debuts this fall - version SYS-501. In this webinar, cybersecurity training provider, CyberVista, dissects the structure of the new Security+ exam. We will explain the 6 Domains that comprise the test while also providing valuable strategies for test day.
  • 4 Hybrid data storage strategies for healthcare providers.
    4 Hybrid data storage strategies for healthcare providers. Marc Keating, Director of Technology & Alliance Strategy; Darren Miller, Manager of Engineering Test & Performance Recorded: Sep 21 2017 54 mins
    Healthcare providers have specific and unique requirements around storing and accessing sensitive patient data and meeting HIPAA compliance. But this shouldn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the cost and scalability benefits of the cloud. In this webinar, we’ll discuss four common questions healthcare providers ask when they’re thinking of moving to the cloud and the corresponding strategies to employ a hybrid cloud approach.
  • Mainframe: VMAX 950F, the platform of choice for innovative enterprises
    Mainframe: VMAX 950F, the platform of choice for innovative enterprises Paul Scheuer Recorded: Sep 21 2017 53 mins
    Come hear about the latest and greatest that VMAX All Flash has to offer for mainframe datacenters. The VMAX950F is our most recent addition to the family for 2017 and is the leading array of choice for mainframe and open systems consolidation. Additionally, it’s the only mainframe storage with zDP, space-saving. SNAP-based internal data protection.
  • FirstNet/Band 14 & the Future of Public Safety Networks
    FirstNet/Band 14 & the Future of Public Safety Networks David Rush, Senior Product Manager, Cradlepoint Recorded: Sep 21 2017 37 mins
    There’s a lot of buzz among public safety agencies about the potential for FirstNet (First Responder Network Authority) and a nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN) to ensure first responders have optimal levels of operational capabilities during natural disasters and other emergencies.

    AT&T has won the bid to build out this network, and states now have the opportunity to opt in or out. However, how it works today is a different story than what it will look like in the coming months and years. Other key factors to consider include Verizon’s announcement that it will build its own public safety network core.

    Join David Rush, a senior product manager at Cradlepoint, for a live webinar on Sept. 21, 2017, as he explains and navigates FirstNet/Band 14 and other elements of the still-evolving public safety network landscape.
  • From Managing Risk to Creating Value – Compliance Week 2017
    From Managing Risk to Creating Value – Compliance Week 2017 Joe Filer, Senior Vice President, CISO & CPO, Harland Clarke; Sam Abadir, Dir. of Product Management, LockPath Recorded: Sep 21 2017 47 mins
    Join LockPath’s Sam Abadir and Harland Clarke’s Joe Filer in this session from Compliance Week 2017, as they discuss how to how to go from managing risk to creating value, including:

    • Ways to quantify the business value potential of compliance decisions.
    • The difference between metrics and risk-adjusted metrics.
    • How to transform a team or department from a necessary cost to a competitive advantage.
  • Enterprises under fire - how to manage risk and response
    Enterprises under fire - how to manage risk and response Kaspersky Lab Recorded: Sep 21 2017 87 mins
    On Thursday, 21 September, from 14.00 to 15.30 BST/15.00 to 16.30 CET, Kaspersky Lab will be joined by senior business and IT experts at the Kaspersky CyberSecurity Summit 2017, to debate the top threats facing enterprises – and what they mean for CISOs in terms of incident response, business continuity and risk management. Participants will leave armed with clear, actionable intelligence.

    Speakers: Duncan Brown, Associate Vice President, European Security Practice, IDC; Christian Toon, Chief Information Security Officer, Pinsent Masons LLP; Roderick Clayton, EVP and Co-lead, Global Issues and Crisis, Weber Shandwick; Juan Andres Guerrero-Saade, Principal Security Researcher, Global Research and Analysis Team, Kaspersky Lab; and Alessio Aceti, Head of Enterprise Division, Kaspersky Lab.

    The event will be moderated by Geoff White, Television news reporter (BBC and Channel 4 News) and investigative journalist.

    The cyberthreat landscape is becoming ever more complex and destructive. Over the last 12 months, attacks targeting enterprises have increased significantly in both number and range – with a measurable impact on operations, revenue, customers and reputation.

    In this summit, experts from IT and business will discuss the most dangerous cyberthreats targeting enterprises, how to stay protected even when breached, as well as threat intelligence, incident response, the legal, insurance and communications challenges – and more.

    Participants will be able to join in the debate and ask questions. They will leave armed with clear, actionable intelligence.
  • APT33: New Insights into Iranian Cyber Espionage Group
    APT33: New Insights into Iranian Cyber Espionage Group Stuart Davis, Director, Mandiant; Nick Carr, Senior Manager, TORE Detection & Analysis Recorded: Sep 21 2017 49 mins
    Recent investigations by FireEye’s Mandiant incident response consultants combined with FireEye iSIGHT Threat Intelligence analysis have given us a more complete picture of a suspected Iranian threat group, that we believe has been operating since at least 2013. 
    Join us in a live webinar as we discuss this threat group whom we asses to be involved in a long-term, resource intensive cyber espionage operation motivated by the prospect of collecting strategic intelligence, including information related to the aviation and energy industries, which would ultimately benefit a nation-state or military sponsor.
    Register today to gain deeper insights into this threat group!
  • Operationalising Threat Intelligence
    Operationalising Threat Intelligence A.J. Nash, Intelligence Services Manager, Symantec Sep 27 2017 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Gathering data on cyber threats is one thing – creating useful intelligence out of that data, and then making that intelligence actionable is another. An effective system of gathering, analysing and operationalising threat intelligence can often mean the difference between just in time, and too late. But how do you tame the deluge of data?

    In our upcoming "Operationalising Threat Intelligence" webinar, we discuss:

    - Being proactive vs. reactive
    - Technical vs. adversary intelligence
    - Informational vs. actionable intelligence

    Sign up for our webinar and learn how to operationalise threat intelligence to better protect your organisation from emerging threats.
  • [Panel] Protecting Data in the Age of Ransomware
    [Panel] Protecting Data in the Age of Ransomware Josh Downs, BrightTALK; David Cook, Eversheds Sutherland; Jonathan Wright, Commvault & Jason Kent, AsTech Consulting Sep 27 2017 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    - Protecting Data in the Age of Ransomware -

    2017 was a bumper year for Ransomware; with WannaCry & notPetya grabbing headlines around the world and instilling fear in the hearts of security professionals around the globe.

    With GDPR regulations on the horizon and potentially huge fines for badly protected and breached data, security professionals need to improve their defensive stature and ensure that their organisation's data is fully protected from end to end.

    This roundtable discussion will discuss how to best protect your data so if it falls into the wrong hands, you won't end up on the front of the worlds' papers!

    Topics for discussion:

    - Why ransomware should still be top of your list of concerns in 2018

    - Methods to protect your organisation's sensitive data

    - Steps to take if your organisation does suffer a damaging breach
  • Q&A with David Thorp - Executive Director of the BCI
    Q&A with David Thorp - Executive Director of the BCI David Thorp Sep 27 2017 1:30 pm UTC 30 mins
    What does the future hold for the BCI?
    Discover with David Thorp, Executive Director of the BCI, how the leading institute for business continuity and resilience plans to contribute towards shaping the future of the business continuity and resilience industry.
    How will it widen its international network of professionals and organizations, and further develop thought leadership, research, and resources for the benefit of the business continuity and resilience community.
    This webinar will allow you to ask the questions that are most important to you, and have a first look of the BCI’s upcoming changes.
  • How to Simplify Network Security with Automation
    How to Simplify Network Security with Automation Ron Kehoe CISSP, CISA, CISM, GCIH Senior Solutions Engineer & Karen Crowley, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Tufin Sep 27 2017 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Automation is a journey that begins at the Firewall and then extends to your greater network. For the greatest results, you need to start small and build on your success.
    Join us as we take you on the Automation Journey with Tufin automation expert, Ron Kehoe.
    Simplifying Network Security with the Automation Journey
    September 27th
    11:00 EST
  • How Governments Can Adapt - Making Digital Transformation a Reality
    How Governments Can Adapt - Making Digital Transformation a Reality Keith Dawson - Principal Analyst, 451 Research, Michael Mueller- Director - Solutions Management, CenturyLink Sep 27 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Can government institutions use modern tools and technologies to become more flexible and responsive to their constituents? What should they be looking at, and how should they adapt to the challenges of data security, privacy, and reliance on legacy systems? Digital transformation is an ambitious project for any organization; government decision-makers are hoping it will provide a path to broader citizen engagement, empowered employees, and new digital infrastructures that will provide better access to data and services.

    In this webinar we will discuss the results of a survey on the challenges and imperatives of digital transformation, including the perspectives of government managers on their technology and operational challenges and expectations.
  • Information Centric Security – The Convergence of Data Protection Technologies
    Information Centric Security – The Convergence of Data Protection Technologies Michael Timms, Regional Product Manager, Symantec Sep 28 2017 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Cloud integration is no longer an advantage, but a necessity in today’s business landscape. But with sensitive data constantly shuttling between on-premise servers and third-party cloud services, existing point-based security products can no longer effectively track and secure the ever-flowing stream of information.

    Current data security models rely on hardening your network and data centre, but cloud integration requires data to move beyond the perimeters of your infrastructure – leaving your data exposed and vulnerable.

    In our upcoming “Information Centric Security – The Convergence of Data Protection Technologies” webinar, we discuss:

    •Why the cloud requires a new approach to data security
    •How to bridge the gap between DLP, Cloud and Users
    •How to eliminate key management issues through automation
    •How Symantec Information Centric Security works to protect your data wherever it is

    Join the webinar to gain the latest insights into data security in the cloud generation, and how to protect your sensitive data throughout its life cycle, wherever it may reside.
  • Moderne Endpoint-Sicherheit - Selbstverteidigung für Fortgeschrittene
    Moderne Endpoint-Sicherheit - Selbstverteidigung für Fortgeschrittene Christian Husemeyer , Systems Engineer, FireEye Sep 28 2017 7:30 am UTC 45 mins
    In unserem Webinar “Intelligente Endpunktsicherheit: mehr als nur Vorbeugung” vom 19. Juli 2017 haben wir aufgezeigt, worauf Sie achten sollten, damit Ihre Sicherheitslösung Ihre Endpunkte lückenlos schützt.

    In unserer Live-Demonstration gehen wir einen Schritt weiter und zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie sich im Falle eines Angriffs verteidigen oder Angreifern sogar zuvorkommen können.

    Erleben Sie, wie mit innovativen proaktiven Erkennungs- und Präventionsfunktionen von FireEye Bedrohungen gehandhabt werden und wir professionellen Angreifern zuvorkommen, die herkömmliche Sicherheitslösungen auf Endpunkten immer häufiger erfolgreich umgehen.

    Christian Husemeyer, Systems Engineer bei FireEye, gibt Ihnen praktische Einblicke in:
    •Moderne Endpoint-Sicherheit: nicht nur Malware sondern Angriffe erkennen!
    •Automatisierte Abwehrmöglichkeiten gegen fortschrittliche Angriffe
    •Optimierte Untersuchung und Bereinigung von Angriffen
    •Aktives "Hunting" - wie komme ich Angreifern zuvor?

    Dank der Kombination aus EDR-Funktionen (Endpoint Detection and Response) und zusätzlichen Virenschutz- und Exploit-Erkennungsfeatures steht Analysten nun ein zentraler Endpunkt-Agent gegen ein breites Spektrum von Bedrohungen zur Verfügung. Das bedeutet mehr Transparenz für bekannte und neue Sicherheitsrisiken, sodass das Ausmaß und der Schweregrad eines Angriffs in kürzester Zeit genau ermittelt und aktive Gegenmaßnahmen eingeleitet werden können.

    Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anmeldung zum Webinar.
  • Introduction to Being an Incident Responder
    Introduction to Being an Incident Responder Eric Sigler - Head of DevOps @ PagerDuty Sep 28 2017 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Best practices to succeed during major incident response

    What do you do when the unexpected happens and causes customer-impacting downtime? It’s of the utmost importance that you are prepared and can get our systems back into full working order as quickly as possible. It’s crucial to have a well-defined strategy to come together as a team, work the problem, and get to a solution quickly.

    Drawing from the experiences of thousands of operationally mature teams, this incident responder training will help you gain the understanding required to help support your team’s success when mitigating customer-impacting issues.

    Join us to learn:
    •What is incident response?
    •The roles involved in incident response
    •How to incorporate learnings from previous incident responses
    •Skills for success
  • It’s Not Either Or … It’s Both & More
    It’s Not Either Or … It’s Both & More Martin Fenlon MBCI Sep 28 2017 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    You cannot see in total light or total darkness; there will always be shades of grey. This webinar will explore the relationship between business continuity and organisational resilience by addressing key issues such as:

    -At what level of authority and influence in the organisation (if any) is there oversight of all the resilience activities so that synergies can be exploited, unnecessary redundancies eliminated and duplication avoided?

    -How and how often do the managers of these disciplines talk to each other about the combined contribution of their separate programmes that support organisational resilience?

    -How is the personal resilience of individuals being developed so they will be able to perform their roles and responsibilities in the event of a disruption?

    -What value does the validation phase (exercising and audit) add to resilience programmes?
    This webinar will provide an overview of the business continuity life cycle and suggest the needs to integrate this capability with wider organisation resilience activities. This supports a cyclical and ongoing discipline consistent with our understanding of organisational resilience as an evolution, not a “fix”.
  • The Increasing Risk of DDoS Attacks – Are You Adequately Prepared?
    The Increasing Risk of DDoS Attacks – Are You Adequately Prepared? Tom Bienkowski Director of DDoS Product Marketing Arbor Networks + John Pearson Founder and Chief Strategist IP Networks Inc. Sep 28 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The data is crystal clear. DDoS attacks are dramatically increasing in size, frequency and complexity. Unfortunately, many organizations have been severely impacted by DDoS attacks simply because they either assumed they would never be the target or they thought they had adequate protection in place. Join IP Networks and Arbor Networks - the industry leader in DDoS attack protection products and services to learn:

    -The latest trends in DDoS attacks
    -The importance of proper network visibility for anomaly & DDoS attack detection.
    -Best practices in DDoS attack defense; including an intelligent combination of in-cloud and on-premises attack protection solutions - which offers the most comprehensive form of protection.
  • Black Cloud Network Security With Software-Defined Perimeter
    Black Cloud Network Security With Software-Defined Perimeter Josh Flinn, Principal Solutions Architect, Cradlepoint Sep 28 2017 4:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    How do you ensure your organization’s data is protected — even over public Internet, with more devices and users than ever before needing connectivity? Create a Virtual Cloud Network that the public Internet doesn’t even know exists.

    You can’t hack what you can’t see, which is why black cloud security through Software-defined Perimeter services is the best way to secure IoT devices that live on today’s Elastic Edge.

    Join Josh Flinn, a principal solutions architect at Cradlepoint, for a live webinar on Sept. 28, 2017, as he explores how Cradlepoint’s NetCloud platform creates completely secure, private, invitation-only IoT networks in minutes.

    Attendees will learn how SD-Perimeter:

    + Offers LAN-like performance to remote users on virtually any device
    + Secures all transactions with an invitation-only network
    + Micro-segments users, groups, applications, and resources with simple policies
    + Is enabling customers to simplify their network architecture
  • Risk-Cloud-Crypto
    Risk-Cloud-Crypto Donald Parker, CISSP, CCSK, ITIL, MCSE Sep 28 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The three emerging pillars of cybersecurity include Risk Management, Cloud Security, and Cryptography. Cybersecurity can't be implemented efficiently without risk management. The cloud is taking over and here to stay. Cryptography is the clue that holds it all together.

    Donald Parker, CISSP, CCSK, ITIL, MCSE

    As a Sergeant in the US Army, cybersecurity instructor, inventor, author, and consultant to the Federal Government, Donald Parker has dedicated his entire career of over 23 years to the Information Technology industry with a special focus on Information Security. Mr. Parker has taught CISSP and other cybersecurity classes all over the United States and abroad, including Holland, Germany, and Guam. He holds a US patent for a physical computer security device that he believes will provide the greatest defense to one of the greatest threats on the Internet, Bot Networks. He has also developed a mechanical cryptographic cipher. Donald has authored a book on passing the CISSP exam and has published an audio version of the book online with over a million downloads. He has helped federal agencies and fortune 100 corporations comply with the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. As an independent consultant and small business owner for the past 10 years, he successfully completed more than a dozen short to midterm contracts. The knowledge gained from more than 25 different public and private sector environments has afforded him a birds-eye view of this exciting new field. Many of Mr. Parker’s customers and students refer to him as a one-man band in the since that; he can identify the laws, regulations, requirements and policies that an organization must comply with and actually implement the security controls necessary to demonstrate compliance. Donald has developed a STEM program to teach kids and young adults cyber security basics and prepare them for capture the flag competitions.
  • Azure, AWS move toward the edge: have they gone far enough?
    Azure, AWS move toward the edge: have they gone far enough? Marc Keating, Director of Technology & Alliance Strategy; Darren Miller, Manager of Engineering Test & Performance Sep 28 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    While Amazon and other cloud vendors shouldn't predicate their businesses on huge data centers in the middle of nowhere, most IoT applications that require instantaneous response and user interactivity shouldn't be in the cloud, either. With AWS' recent announcement of Greengrass, and Microsoft allowing customers to run its Azure cloud technology directly on their own infrastructure, more organizations are making a move to the edge. So, what does this mean for your business? During this webinar, we'll discuss the future of the edge and how your organization can best leverage it.
  • Cut Cord: How Viacom's Master Controls Were Left Exposed
    Cut Cord: How Viacom's Master Controls Were Left Exposed Dan O'Sullivan, UpGuard Analyst Sep 28 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Learn about Viacom's critical data exposure.

    Exposed in the leak are a vast array of internal access credentials and critical data that could be used to cause immense harm to the multinational corporation’s business operations.

    Dan O’Sullivan, the analyst who first broke the story, will go through the details of the discovery and the significant impact of this data exposure.

    For the original article: https://www.upguard.com/breaches/cloud-leak-viacom
  • Three Case Studies in SD-WAN Deployments
    Three Case Studies in SD-WAN Deployments Lloyd Noronha, Head of Global Marketing, Viptela Sep 28 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    This webinar will discuss case studies from customers across healthcare, financial, and manufacturing that underwent transformations to SD-WAN technology. We will walk through the major issues that drove the transformation, and the migration journey for each customer. Beyond significant reduction in WAN Opex, there are common themes of challenges that SD-WAN solves across industries. These include resiliency for critical applications, agile change control, secure isolation of critical assets, and building a cloud-aware infrastructure.

    Webinar Highlights:

    · Key WAN problems for three customers in healthcare, financial, and manufacturing
    · Different drivers for SD-WAN (M&A, Bandwidth shortage, long times for change control, lack of app visibility)
    · Difference in choices of Hybrid WAN architecture
    · Walking through the testing process, pilots and full deployments
  • Business Continuity Management in an international travel group
    Business Continuity Management in an international travel group Wolfgang Mahr Sep 29 2017 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Business Continuity Management in an international travel group: when holiday paradise turns into a disaster site.

    Business Continuity Management (BCM) protects organizations from the impacts of business disruptions. Threats may originate from various origins and may hit an organization without their fault. Effective protection is achieved by following established methodologies such as the BCI Good Practice Guidelines and/or international standards – providing a predetermined level of operation during a crisis.
    Within the tourism industry, much higher requirements prevail: on top of the classic requirement to protect the organization, it has the responsibility to care for the wellbeing of their travelling customers. The focus in on those travelers who already being on their journey. These requirements dictate that two intertwined projects need to be realized, significantly increasing the complexity of the BCM approach.
  • Meet DataCore: Data Infrastructure for Next-Generation Data Centers
    Meet DataCore: Data Infrastructure for Next-Generation Data Centers Carlos Nieves, Director of Marketing, DataCore Software Oct 3 2017 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    We think differently. We innovate through software and challenge the IT status quo.

    We pioneered software-based storage virtualization. Now, we are leading the Software-defined and Parallel Processing revolution. Our Application-adaptive software exploits the full potential of servers and storage to solve data infrastructure challenges and elevate IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business.

    DataCore parallel I/O and virtualization technologies deliver the advantages of next generation enterprise data centers – today – by harnessing the untapped power of multicore servers. DataCore software solutions revolutionize performance, cost-savings, and productivity gains businesses can achieve from their servers and data storage.

    Join this webinar to meet DataCore, learn about what we do and how we can help your business.
  • How to Prepare for Phase 2 HIPAA Compliance Audits
    How to Prepare for Phase 2 HIPAA Compliance Audits Joseph Kirkpatrick, Managing Partner, KirkpatrickPrice; Sam Abadir, Director of Product Management, LockPath Oct 3 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office for Civil Rights announced on March 21, 2016 that Phase 2 of HIPAA audits have officially begun. A year later, more than 200 desk audits have occurred, however covered entities and their business associates are still struggling to know what to focus on and in which areas they are lacking safeguards.

    In this webcast, KirkpatrickPrice’s Joseph Kirkpatrick and LockPath’s Sam Abadir will discuss the lessons learned from HIPAA enforcement actions to date and what to expect from the OCR in 2018. Attendees will discover:

    • Trends from Phase 1 and 2
    • Key takeaways from Phase 2 desk audits
    • What the delayed on-site audits means for 2018
    • What you can do to proactively prepare for that inevitable knock
  • What’s Your Path to NVMe?
    What’s Your Path to NVMe? Storage Switzerland, Tegile Systems Oct 4 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    NVMe and NVMe over fabrics promises to change the flash and networking industry. NVMe enables storage systems to tap into the full potential of flash storage and NVMe allows those systems to deliver in-server latencies. NVMe will fundamentally change storage. Are you ready? Join Storage Switzerland and Tegile for this webinar as they provide you with a path to NVMe.
  • Automate or Die without Dying
    Automate or Die without Dying Oliver Rochford, VP of Security Evangelism Oct 5 2017 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    How to safely automate incident response without impacting operational integrity.

    Eager to learn more about incident response automation? In this webinar, you will get to learn expert insight on automation in security operations and incident response, and the reasons behind its renewed emergence as a main topic of discussion among cyber security professionals.

    Automating security operations and incident response in a safe and effective manner is admittedly challenging. However, it still remains highly desirable, considering that manual processes are not suitable for responding to increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

    Attend this webinar to find out how you can overcome these challenges, and automate incident response processes without impacting operational integrity.

    Presented by DFLabs’ VP of Security Evangelism and former Gartner Analyst, Oliver Rochford, the webinar will address the three automation challenges when considering automating threat containment:

    The 3 Security Automation Challenges:
    1. The SecOps team can assess the impact of the threat, but not the impact on production
    2. You can automate the actions, but not the decision
    3. IT Operations do not trust automation
  • The No. 1 Ransomware question you should ask now.
    The No. 1 Ransomware question you should ask now. Marc Keating, Director of Technology & Alliance Strategy; Darren Miller, Manager of Engineering Test & Performance Oct 5 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The victims of ransomware attacks span all sizes of companies across industries. From multinational banks to massive healthcare institutions, no company is safe. How prepared is your organization? During this webinar, we will share our top tips for recovering your business' data and apps with minimum downtime, as well as the critical question every enterprise should ask amid rampant ransomware attacks.
  • Why do corporate breaches continue to succeed?
    Why do corporate breaches continue to succeed? Robert Johnston, CISSP, Adlumnin, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer Oct 5 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Corporate breaches continue to succeed because attackers can steal the legitimate identities of your employees and use those identities to attack your infrastructure. Far deadlier than malware based attacks, identity based attacks can go undetected for months or years because perpetrators impersonate the methods used by your various privileged accounts as if they were that user. Attackers have changed their methods from the now outdated malware based attacks to the evolved identity based attacks. Learn how analytics, deception, and data streams are saving the security industry, or would have at least saved the Democratic National Committee.

    Robert Johnston, CISSP
    Behavior Analytics, Active Defense, President & CEO Adlumin.com, Technology Entrepreneur

    Previously Mr. Johnston worked in the private sector as a principal consultant at CrowdStrike, Inc as an incident response expert conducting engagements against nation state, criminal, and hacktivist organizations across a variety of industry sectors.

    Previously Mr. Johnston served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. As a Marine Officer he was the Team Lead of 81 National Cyber Protection Team, Cyber National Mission Force and the Director of the Marine Corps Red Team. He is an accomplished leader and technical expert within the cyber security community. Mr. Johnston is a 2008 United States Naval Academy graduate with a degree in Information Technology.

    He has published multiple projects and articles in industry relevant magazines and peer reviewed journals. An avid speaker within the cyber security community (ISC)2 awarded him runner up for the best up-and-coming cyber security professional in North, Central, and South America and the winner of the 2015 Community Awareness Government Information Security Leadership Award. Mr. Johnston can be followed on Twitter at @dvgsecurity.
  • Microsoft Ignite 2017 Review: Top Trends You Need to Know
    Microsoft Ignite 2017 Review: Top Trends You Need to Know Sushant Rao, Sr. Dir. Product & Solutions Marketing & Augie Gonzalez, Dir. Product Marketing - DataCore Software Oct 5 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Interested in hearing the top trends we’ve observed at Microsoft’ Ignite 2017?

    We have you covered. Join us as we recap the top trends and highlights of the news and interesting tidbits from Microsoft Ignite. It’s the next best thing to being there! If you were able to attend the event, this is a good chance to compare notes with us.
  • Machen Sie sich bereit für GDPR!
    Machen Sie sich bereit für GDPR! Michael Jordan Oct 10 2017 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Die EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO) dient der Verbesserung und Vereinheitlichung des Schutzes von personenbezogenen Daten und betrifft Unternehmen in aller Welt, die Daten von EU-Kunden verarbeiten und vorhalten. Quantum bietet die bestmögliche Infrastruktur dafür: vom leistungsstarken Tape für die Offline-Speicherung von Daten über die optimierte Deduplizierung für eine maximale Datenreduktion bis hin skalierbaren Shared-File-Systemen.

    Wir stellen Ihnen unsere Lösungen vor!
  • Soyez prêts à vous conformer au RGPD!
    Soyez prêts à vous conformer au RGPD! Stéphane Estevez Oct 10 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Le Règlement Général sur la Protection des Données (RGPD) est le changement le plus important jamais apporté à la loi sur la protection des données en trois décennies. Il entrera en vigueur le 25 mai 2018 et s’appliquera de la même manière dans les 28 États membres qui connaissent aujourd’hui une forte disparité des régimes de protection des données.
    Le RGPD va renforcer les exigences concernant la gestion des données personnelles : consentement à l’acquisition, rétention, sécurité, stockage et protection. Découvrez le RGPD dans les grandes lignes pour comprendre l’impact de ce nouveau règlement sur votre organisation. Quantum vous dévoilera également les bonnes pratiques à mettre en place en matière de stockage des données pour être conformes au RGPD qui entre en vigueur dès 2018 !