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Enterprise Architecture

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best practices for achieving enterprise IT efficiency

The Enterprise Architecture channel presents the next generation of enterprise IT: recognizing the strategic importance of the data center to make companies more nimble and competitive. These presentations will help demanding IT professionals achieve flexibility, scalability and performance with reduced risk and complexity.

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How Rackspace Makes OpenStack Production-Ready Christian Foster, Director of Marketing for Rackspace Private Cloud; Justin Shepherd, RPC Distinguished Architect As companies explore how they can leverage OpenStack to advance their business, they often ask if OpenStack is really “production-ready.” Through co-founding OpenStack, running one of the world’s largest OpenStack clouds, and managing OpenStack private clouds for enterprises, we know what is takes to make OpenStack production-ready. In this session, Justin Shepard, a Rackspace distinguished architect, will discuss what it means to be "production-ready" and how we designed Rackspace Private Cloud Powered By OpenStack to run production workloads. Register today to join this insightful and informative discussion. Read more >
Mar 31 2015 3:00 pm
60 mins
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