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Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

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The unexpected nature of natural disasters and other disruptive events means that preparation is key to managing disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Join the business continuity and disaster recovery community for live and recorded presentations discussing best practices for business continuity planning, disaster recovery programs and business continuity management. Learn from BCDR experts to develop your critical infrastructure and gain insight into tactical solutions to your BCDR issues.
    • Backup, Recovery and Data Protection

    • Upcoming Apr 21 2015
    • Data is an integral part of every organization, be it a small business or a Fortune 100 enterprise. Ensuring your data is protected from a system downtime or a natural disaster is imperative to the overall health and success of your organization. And as we’re witnessing the rise of workplace mobility, data security is a larger than ever concern in 2015. With cloud, virtualization and on-premise options on the table, how do you craft the most cohesive backup and recovery strategy for your organization? Hear the answer from a line-up of industry experts in this summit.
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    • Network Management

    • Recorded: Feb 17 2015
    • In 2014, we witnessed the hyper-growth of unified communications, wireless technologies and mobility as a means to greater organizational efficiency through reliable voice and video communications, fast and secure networks and Bring-Your-Own-X implementations. In addition, application networking services and software-defined networking have created an even bigger challenge for IT professionals to ensure availability of these newest initiatives, while ensuring performance and security. In 2015, effective network management is more critical than ever in achieving and sustaining organizational growth. Join this summit to hear industry experts share their vision on the year ahead and provide best practices on preparing your network infrastructure to withstand the ever-growing needs and demands of today’s IT world.
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    • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Management

    • Recorded: Feb 11 2015
    • Whether it’s a natural disaster, epidemic or system outage, your organization must be prepared to withstand a disruptive event and continue operations without the loss of data, human resources or infrastructure. This can only be accomplished by thorough business continuity planning and carefully selected disaster recovery solutions. Is your organization prepared? Join this summit to evaluate your BC/DR plan and learn how you can be prepared for the unknown.
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    • Risk-Based Security

    • Recorded: Jan 7 2015
    • Understanding and effectively managing risk and threat intelligence is key to making the right security investments and defending your organization’s network, data and people. A risk based security mindset allows security teams to move from reactive to proactive security against evolving threats which can seriously undermine an organization's bottom line. This summit will focus on how to leverage risk-based security tactics and cutting-edge technology to effectively secure your network in an age or rapidly evolving threats.
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    • Back-Up, Archiving and Disaster Recovery

    • Recorded: Dec 3 2014
    • The ever-increasing dependency on technology and the big shift to the cloud has created a far greater set of risks related to any type of disruption or failure. Without your data, you are out of business. How can an organization recover their IT operations quickly and efficiently after a major disruption? Join this summit to hear industry experts offer best practices for mitigating risk and explore backup and archiving strategies vital to an effective disaster recovery plan.
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    • Risk-Based Security

    • Recorded: Oct 8 2014
    • With security attacks becoming more sophisticated seemingly by the day, the threat landscape is changing constantly. Recent high-profile data breaches have caused CIO’s and CISO’s all over the world to re-think their security strategies and adopt a more risk-based approach. In this summit, industry thought leaders will share best practices for adopting a risk-based security strategy, identify today’s most prevalent risks and security controls you can implement to ensure business continuity and stay one step ahead of today's threats.
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    • Critical Infrastructure and Disaster Recovery

    • Recorded: Sep 16 2014
    • In 2013, 20% of companies reported taking longer than 30 hours to recover IT operations after their last major disruption, according to the State of IT Resiliency and Preparedness study conducted by Forrester Research and the Disaster Recovery Journal. As the industry is constantly evolves, BCDR professionals often look to their network for information on how to better handle these disruptions. Join industry thought leaders as they discuss how to update your BCDR strategies, manage risk, keep your critical infrastructure up and running when disaster strike and how to manage your data growth.
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    • Sustainable Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    • Recorded: Jun 19 2014
    • In our world of constantly increasing risks, the value of business continuity to an organization cannot be measured. Learn how to optimize your continuity plan and be better prepared for any unplanned risks that your organization may face. Featured thought leaders will give you practical advice around Business Continuity Management (BCM) and how to implement it in your organization.
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    • Hackers and Threats

    • Recorded: Jun 3 2014
    • It seems like every week brings another network or data breach, leaving a new crop hundreds of thousands of people vulnerable now that their sensitive data has been stolen. As more of our clients and associations are trusting us with sensitive data about their organization or even their personal lives, staying ahead of those who are looking to steal that data has never been more important. The Hackers and Threats summit will take an in-depth look at the threat-scape through the eyes of the experts at the forefront of protecting organizations and consumers from network and data breaches. Industry Thought Leaders will share best practices on detection and recovery along with actionable insights you can use to make your organization safer today.
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    • Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery

    • Recorded: Mar 19 2014
    • Disaster strikes without notice. No matter how effective an organization may be at crisis management, nothing beats having a system in place that allows you to prevent threats and remediate them in real time. Minimize the risk to your organization, employees and customers by learning about Business Continuity Management (BCM) and how to implement it from experts who have done it best.
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